49ers v. Cardinals live blog: Pregame

SAN FRANCISCO —  This is the live blog for the pregame of the 49ers Week 6 game against the Cardinals. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

11:18 Adam Schefter is reporting the 49ers do not expect Aldon Smith to return to the team this season. “The 49ers believe Smith’s issues run deep,” according to ESPN.

11:20 Ann Killion had a great interview with Alex Smith in today’s Chronicle. Here is Smith on the final plays of the Super Bowl: “On the last play I was on the sideline screaming for a timeout because we had called a play that had no pressure answer. Colin did the best he could with the signal and the throw. I’m sure if the coaches had it to do over again they’d call something with a better pressure answer.”

12:01 Patrick Willis is active and starting.

12:01 LaMichael James is not active. Here are the rest of the 49ers’ inactives: McLeod Bethel-Thompson, Quinton Patton, Chris Harper, Nnamdi Asomugha, Jermaine Cunningham and Joe Looney.

12:03 The Cardinals’ inactives: QB Ryan Lindley, RB Ryan Williams, LB Kevin Minter, LB Kenny Demens, T Bobby Massie, TE D.C. Jefferson and DE Ronald Talley.

12:53 It seems the 49ers are sticking with Kyle Williams as their starting split end.

    1. Nice comment, Bob. Now stick to kids cartoons. Aldon Smith is a bonafide premier pass rusher. Guys like that don’t come around too often. He’s had off the field problems. He will get help and mature. This guy will be worth the big contract. There will be no bargain basement deal. He’s that good!

      1. Do you ever comment without hurling an insult? You know way back when you actually came on here and made decent points, and regardless of whether anyone agreed with you or not, it was worth reading. These days not so much. Why so angry?

      2. Don’t be so sensitive. Grow up! If a little jab makes you so uneasy maybe you should stick to kids cartoons!
        You obviously are new to this blog rookie.

      3. Aldon is a big risk at this point for any team that was potentially interested in him once his contract is up… Bob makes a valid point. There’s no way of knowing whether Aldon can get past these issues and until he proves he has, no team will throw big money at him…

      4. Prime, telling.someone to grow up is laughable.The guy had been thrown off this site, more than Alex than Alex gets sacked in a season

      1. Just goes to show that stats don’t mean a whole lot in football. Houston’s defense and the numbers associated with it is a clear example as to why.

      2. Hammer,
        Like many here have observed and commented on regarding Alex Smith; A win is a win (paraphrased).

        Who cares if last week’s game against the Texans was impressive or not.
        I believe the same theory works for us the way many are making work for AS at this point, “a win is a win.”
        And I’ll take that every day all day over style point!

      3. Good point AES. Alex’s wins never passed the eye ball test but at the end of the day does it matter. Winning is all that matters and the numbers associated with should not matter at all. Throwing for 399 or for 150, who cares, it’s all about W’s.

        For today’s game do we finally get to see CK Kaepernicking?

  1. I thought the most interesting part of the article was Alex’s comments about the last play having no pressure outlet, and the fact that the 49ers were not calling plays during the game to address the pressure they were getting. This does not speak well of Roman, and does not speak well of the coaching staff that was either not aware of this or did not do something about it.

    Glad to see Alex prospering in KC.

  2. Aldon needs to take care of his problems before even thinking about coming back to football. Niners should be thinking the same… Once he’s released from rehab, he’d be in good hands hanging out with Boone – another player headed for doom until he finally kicked the alcohol and turned his young career around. Best of luck, Aldon. Don’t become a what could have been

    1. Sucks when u let them slip away doesn’t it. The front office has fumbled a few times this season. The QB shuffle is starting to look like a circus. Hope we get it together sooner than later.

      1. That was a great pick but letting Cooper go when you have better talent in T.Brock, Eric Wright and a healthy Culliver when he returns only made sense. You can’t keep everyone.

      2. Except they easily could’ve kept him over Cox/Asomugha/etc. Eric Wright has never played as well as Cooper has atm as well

  3. Chiefs 24
    Raiders 7

    My name is Alex Smith and I approve of this message.
    Boyo, boyo, boy.!
    (on our way to 9 and oh)

  4. Haven’t seen a more overhyped team than KC right now. They’re going to have a fine season because of their weak schedule, come playoff time one and done. Good defense. But so many holes in that team.

    1. Only hole they have is at tight end, and wide receivers are kind of weak too outside of Bowe. Other than that they have elite talent pretty much all over.

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