49ers v. Jaguars live blog: First quarter

This is the live blog for the first quarter of the 49ers’ Week 8 game in London against the Jaguars. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

10:06 The 49ers lose the toss and the Jaguars defer. They want a piece of the 49ers’ offense.

10:07 Kyle Williams fumbles but he recovers it at the 49ers’ 24 yard line.

10:09 On the second play of the game the Jags forget to cover Bruce Miller split out wide and Kaepernick throws a quick pass to him and he runs for 43 yards. Those Jags.

10:12 On second-and-10 from the 19, Frank Gore takes a handoff from the Pistol and runs up the middle for a touchdown. 7-0 49ers. Greg Roman set up that run by calling quarterback-keepers from the Pistol last week. Good play-calling.

10:16 Justin Todman fumbles the kickoff and recovers it and Kassim Osgood tackles him at the Jags’ 9.

10:20 Jones-Drew gains 11 yards around the left side on first down. Next play, Eric Reid knocks away a pass for Justin Blackmon. Jones-Drew gains three yards on second-and-10 and the Jags take a timeout to get this one right.

10:21 Henne completes a 14-yard pass to Shorts in front of Carlos Rogers on third-and-seven.

10:22 Rogers commits holding on the next third down. Automatic first down. Gus Bradley is going after Carlos Rogers.

10:25 Henne can’t convert the next third down. On third-and-8 he checks down to Justin Forsett and Bowman tackles him after just a three yard gain. The Jags punt it into the end zone. The 49ers had almost zero pass rush on that series.

10:29 Will Blackmon gets flagged for a 31-yard pass interference on Anquan Boldin on first down. Next play, Frank Gore gains one yard up the middle. Next play, Boldin calls timeout to prevent a delay penalty after Kaepernick killed the play with five seconds left on the play clock.

10:34 Bruce Miller drops a pass and then on third-and-9 Kaepernick rolls left, pump fakes a defender and makes him jump, then sprints and dives for 9 yards and a first down. Two plays later, the 49ers burn another timeout just before the playclock expires. Those pesky second-and-9s throw Roman for a loop every time.

10:39 On third-and-five, Kaepernick rolls right and hits a wide open Boldin for 21 yards. Two plays later, Kaepernick runs a QB sweep to the left, dives and hits the pylon with the football. Touchdown. 14-0 49ers. Three A++ plays by Kaepernick on that drive – the scramble, the pass to Boldin and the touchdown run.

10:44 The Jaguars go three-and-out. Henne misses a swing pass on first down. Kyle Williams returns the punt to the 49ers’ 28. The Jaguars seem to have given up already. The backups probably can come in soon.

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