49ers v. Jaguars live blog: Fourth quarter

This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 8 game in London against the Jaguars. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

12:24 The Jags face third-and-1 from their 32 when the fourth quarter begins.

12:27 Jones-Drew goes nowhere on third-and-1 but the Jags go for it on fourth down and convert, a seven-yard pass to Clay Harbor.

12:28 Two plays later, Henne completes a short pass over the middle to Lewis. Patrick Willis strips him, Skuta recovers and returns it for a touchdown. 42-10 Niners.

12:46 Another 15-play drive for the Jags. It’s fourth-and-goal at the 4 and the 49ers take a timeout because this is a crucial moment in the game.

12:48 The 49ers have out-gained the Jags by just 21 yards.

12:48 Henne checks down to Jones-Drew and Brock tackles him immediately. 49ers’ ball at their 4 yard line and Colt McCoy is in the game.

12:53 Hunter takes a sweep around the right side for 33 yards. He has a terrific straight-line burst turning the corner on sweeps. But he hasn’t been effective between the tackles.

1:00 Anthony Dixon runs out the clock with a 2-yard run up the middle on fourth-and-1. Stay tuned for grades.

  1. Well Anthony Dixon returning a kick I think tells us that Kyle Williams has lost his spot on the team. When Patton returns he’ll take his WR spot and perish or LMJ will assume returning responsibilities. Bye bye Kyle.

  2. Man,I love the box you get with DISH. I’ve watched the fumble and run three times,then FF at 300x to live. 20 minutes to now,instantly. And I’m not recording…its just like magic how “the hopper” works.

  3. Niners need to get that killer mentality back on D… 318 yards given up to the lowly Jags including numerous 4th down conversions? Come on D…. No let up.

    1. I rarely complain so maybe you have me confused for someone else…. Just saying that in the last few games the D has gone soft at one point or another and I’d like to see them get back to putting their foot on team’s throats. That’s what you expect from a great defense…

      1. I would imagine injuries are playing a large part of the ‘softness’ you are seeing. Its kind of ridiculous how many of our D starters are hurt. Bye week coming at a great time.

  4. Our tight end is our number 2 receiver, our full back is our # 3 receiver, our quarter back is our number 2 running back. this team is upside down!

      1. No way Rib. Im not sold on them yet. Yea the D is impressive no doubt , but they havent really been playing offensive juggernauts. Anything can happen, but chances are they win one game (if that) then bow out in the divisional round. & i doubt they get home field. They’re getting that #5 seed.

      2. Looking at their remaining schedule, the probable losses are Indi and Denver. I think Denver would have to sweep to get home field back, I don’t see that happening.

    1. Get your bold lettering ready and type the words:

      “I’m an A hole douche that said KC would not win more than 7 games! I was wrong again!

  5. I was wrong about the Chiefs. They greatly exceeded what I thought they would do next year. Tuna and Midwest Niner you were right. THIS FULFILLS MY BET OBLIGATION.

    1. Don’t feel bad, bay. At 8-0, they’ve greatly exceeded everyone’s expectations so far. They’ve already won as many as I expected this year.

      1. Chiefs first 7 opponents won loss record was 15-33. That says a lot.
        I must admit, Alex has played pretty well though. He has improved.

  6. Why the hell did I take the Jags with 17? I thought Harbs was gonna rest his starters once they got up over three scores in the third quarter. Eatin’ ramen tonight….

    1. They probably will lose 3 to 5 games, big improvement over last year, but the Chiefs will be getting a QB in the draft, just a manner of time. Their defense is not going to be good forever.

  7. Looks like Grants team the Cowdungs squeaked by the Detroit Turnovers while giving up 500+yards… The Allas Cowboys, there is no D in big D…hahaha

    1. Check that, Allas just let the Lions drive the whole field with no TOs for the go ahead TD…Monte Kiffin is a genius…not

  8. Question for Coach Harbaw: who looks playoff ready?
    completion % * total passing yards
    Kapurnicus 62.5 165 (6-2)
    Alex Smith 66.7 225 (8-0)
    Matthew Stafford 68.8 488 (5-3)
    Drew Brees ** 76.5 332 (6-1)
    (** see you in three weeks)

    1. LOL…. Who looks playoff ready you ask? That’s too easy… Who’s won 5 games in a row? Who’s scored more than 30 points in each of those victories? Who’s team has had one of the easiest schedules and the other one of the hardest? Speaking of an easy schedule, who struggled today to beat the lowly Browns? Come on Troll…. Certainly you can come up with something better. Oh, yeah **… Who owns them Saints? I’ll let you figure that one out….

    2. Let’s bring in some more stats:

      Alex: 24/36 for 195 yards, 5.4 ypa, 6 sacks for 30 yards lost
      Kap: 11/17 for 177 yards, 10.4 ypa, 0 sacks for 0 yards lost

      The difference in % complete isn’t statistically significant; if Kap makes one more completion he has 70.5% complete (12/17).

      Your stats are incomplete and the sample size is too small. Of course it’d be a lot more interesting to look at stats over a season, and who knows what’d turn up there.

  9. Top 5 best things about today’s game:

    1) We had no major injuries going into the bye week.

    2) Kyle Williams just gave LMJ a spot on the active roster coming out of the bye.

    3) Anthony Dixon is developing into a stud. He’s been boosting his value this year, and today’s kick return only helped his cause.

    4) The 49ers (players AND coaches) are starting to mature into a true championship team. They entered a game that were supposed to win, and handled business from the opening snap until the end of the game. They didn’t get into a struggle. Instead they out-schemed and out-played their opponents in every category.

    5) Kyle Williams just made it easy to clear a roster spot for Michael Crabtree, Quinton Patton and Mario Manningham when they’re activated again. At the very least, he’ll be benched and Marlon Moore will be cut…but I think they both will be cut.

    1. Too bad about KW. I’ve been rooting for him ever since the 2011 NFCCG, but this year he’s just been a non-factor, and sometimes a detriment to the team. (Not sure what’s been going on with the other WRs anyway, seems only Boldin’s done anything significant.) Here’s hoping he can excel somewhere else in the future.

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