49ers v. Jaguars live blog: Third quarter

This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers’ Week 8 game in London against the Jaguars. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

11:46 Tim Ryan just said Jaguires.

11:48 The Jaguires start from their 16.

11:49 The Jaguars go 15 plays and 78 yards but they can’t score, Henne misses a wide open receiver in the end zone on fourth-and-goal from the 6. Dan Skuta committed a 15-yard helmet-to-helmet penalty. Tramaine Brock gave up a 12-yard catch to Blackmon on third-and-11.

12:05 Frank Gore fumbles at the 49ers’ 33-yard line and the Jaguars recover. The refs are reviewing the play.

12:08 The refs confirm it was a fumble. Jags’ ball at the SF 28.

12:10 On third-and-11, Henne throws a touchdown pass to a wide open Mike Brown. Tramaine Brock jumped the route on a stutter-and-go and got burned. 28-10 Niners.

12:13 Anthony Dixon returns the kickoff 47 yards. Trade offer are flooding in for Dixon right now, I’m sure.

12:18 Four plays. Four runs. Touchdown. 35-10 Niners. Gore scores the touchdown from two yards out. Hunter had the best run, a 41-yard run on a power sweep to the left. It was perfectly blocked. Hunter ran through a tackle downfield.

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