49ers v. Panthers live blog: Second quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers’ Week 10 game against the Panthers. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

1:44 The 49ers do not get another first down after Gore’s 11-yard catch. Kaepernick throws a low 2-yard pass to Vernon Davis on third-and-7. Dawson makes a 43-yard field goal and it’s 6-0 Niners.

1:49 Steve Smith and Brandon LaFell both drop first-down catches and the Panthers go three-and-out. James returns the punt to the 49ers’ 32. Aldon Smith played his first snap of the game on third down. He lined up at defensive tackle and bull rushed the left guard.

1:53 Kaepernick is called for a 15-yard facemask penalty as he’s getting sacked on first down but the Panthers decline the penalty. Second and 24.

1:55 The 49ers go three-and-out. Roman calls a run on second-and-24 and Gore gains one yard. Highly conservative play call. Lee punts. Ginn returns it 19 yards to the Panthers’ 43.

1:56 Chase Blackburn has a foot injury and his return is questionable.

2:02 The Panthers take a timeout to avoid a delay penalty on third and 15. They were flagged for a delay two plays prior. They’ve been up against the play clock all game.

2:04 Newton throws one right to Brock and he returns it to the Panthers’ 24. That’s the play they drew up during the timeout? Laughable. Big break for the Niners.

2:06 Gore breaks a 13-yard run up the middle on first down and Roman can’t decide what to call on the next play so the 49ers use a timeout at the line of scrimmage.

2:09 Vernon Davis drops a pass near the end zone and the Panthers are challenging because they think he caught the ball and fumbled it. On the replay it looks like Davis catches it, takes three steps and then the ball gets stripped.

2:11 The refs call it incomplete. Big gift for the Niners. Third-and-five at the Panthers’ 6.

2:13 Gore gains four yards up the middle and the 49ers are going for it on fourth-and-1 from the 2. The Panthers call timeout.

2:15 The 49ers don’t really go for it. They try to get the Panthers to jump offside and they don’t. Dawson is on the field to attempt a 25-yard field goal. He makes it. 9-0 49ers with 6:16 left in the first half.

2:17 Vernon Davis is being evaluated for a possible concussion.

2:18 Ginn fumbles the kickoff at the 20 but the Panthers recover.

2:23 It’s the two-minute warning and the Panthers’ have first-and-10 at the 49ers’ 27. Newton has completed two passes to LaFell on this drive – one for 17 yards and one for 10 – and Newton just completed one to Greg Olsen for 14 yards. Bowman tipped it but Olsen still caught it. Newton is lucky that one wasn’t picked.

2:26 LaFell motions to the backfield. Newton hands off to Williams but runs to the right and fakes the option play to LaFell. Williams runs up the middle, breaks a Reid and a Brown and a Rogers tackle and scores from 27 yards out. 9-7 49ers with 1:52 left in the first half. It’s important the 49ers drive the field and score some points before the half ends because the Panthers get the ball first in the second half.

2:33 The 49ers score no points. The half ends. The 49ers are up 9-7. The 49ers dominated that half, but if the refs had ruled that Vernon Davis had fumbled, the 49ers would be losing 7-6. Kind of a mind-blowing.

2:38 The 49ers are 1-for-8 on third down and the Panthers are 3-for-7.

2:39 The 49ers are averaging 3.4 yards per play and the Panthers are averaging 3.9.

2:40 The 49ers are averaging 1.9 yards per pass completion and the Panthers are averaging 2.8.

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