49ers v. Rams live blog: Pregame

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the pregame of the 49ers’ Week 13 game against the Rams. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

11:37 Michael Crabtree will start instead of Mario Manningham.

11:38 The 49ers inactives are Quinton Patton, Tarell Brown, Quinton Dial, Mike Iupati, Jon Baldwin, Garrett Celek and Tank Carradine.

11:39 The Rams inactives are Daryl Richardson, Daren Bates, Harvey Dahl, Barrett Jones, Mike Person, Jermelle Cudjo and Gerald Rivers.

12:02 It will be interesting to see how Jeff Fisher tries to stop the 49ers’ offense. I imagine he will put 8 defenders in the box, jam Boldin on third down and try to make Kaepernick go through his progressions to win.

12:32 Crabtree is the split end in warmups. Boldin is the flanker.

        1. They were just being hospitable, although they said they remembered us from last year. I’ve never had better service than the service at Commander’s.

      1. Awesome, glad to hear it. We need to break you out of your shell and become a little more adventurous in your ordering though. What did pops have?

        1. Thanks. It almost didn’t happen. We were supposed to go to Commanders on Saturday night but our plane hit a flock of birds leaving SFO and we had to get a new plane. We ended up eating at a diner in Metarie Saturday night.

      2. Scary, I speak for all of us here when I say I’m glad you were all able to get back down without any problems.

        Who are you sitting between today?

        1. Yeah, the pilot announced, “The good news is we took off. The bad news is we hit 8 birds, there is blood all over my windshield, I can barely see and we have to fly back.”

          I’m sitting between Phil Barber and my dad.

      3. THAT’s some scary stuff. We love to build our airports near water on less valuable ($) land, which tends to be wetlands habitats for birds. With encroachment of development on other wetlands the birds have no other place to go. Ongoing problem.

  1. It will be interesting to see how much Crabtree plays today – ease him back into it or get him as many snaps as possible?

  2. I know he’s a time bomb but it’s almost painful to watch Gordon play thinking if we had a chance at him. I don’t know if we ever did or ever cared but I’d almost have felt sorry for opposing DC’s that had to figure out a way to stop Gordon, Davis and Crabtree and still worry about Gore.

    Oh well. A guy can dream.

  3. Lets get on roll! Surprised dial and caradine are inactive! Hope they improve and make important contributions! Hope all are safe and are with loved ones! Put away the turkey, Lamb is being served!

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