49ers v. Seahawks live blog: Fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 14 game against the Seahawks. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:49 Chris Clemons beats Joe Staley on third-and-11, and Clemons sacks Kaepernick for an 11-yard loss. Lee punts. Osgood tackles Tate at the Seahawks’ 15 and Bowman is flagged for unnecessary roughness for a late hit. Seahawks’ ball a their 30.

3:53 Wilson bounces a pass to a wide open Tate on third-and-5 and the Seahawks go three-and-out. They punt. James makes a fair catch at the 49ers’ 30 but Brock is flagged for holding, so the 49ers start at their 13.

4:01 Clinton McDonald sacks Kaepernick on third-and-17 for a 9-yard loss. Lee punts. Tate returns the punt 38 yards to the 49ers’ 27.

4:08 Wilson’s pass to Kearse is incomplete on third-and-8 from the 49ers’ 13. The Seahawks will attempt a 31-yard field goal. It’s good. 17-16 Seahawks with 6:20 left.

4:12 Touchback. 49ers’ ball at their 20.

4:16 Kaepernick uses the 49ers’ first timeout of the second half facing third-and-1 at the 49ers’ 29.

4:17 Miller runs up the middle for 2 yards and a first down. Next play, Gore runs a weakside lead to the left and gains 51. Wow! First-and-10 at the Seahawks’ 18.

4:20 After a one-yard run by Hunter and two-yard run by Gore, it’s third-and-7 at the Seahawks’ 15 and the Seahawks are out of timeouts.

4:21 Kaepernick gains 8 yards on a QB sweep. I’m going down to the field. Back at you shortly.

  1. Why throw the ball on every first down. I get you want to be unpredictable but c’mon. It puts the offense in a bind when it’s incomplete. Which more times than not it has been

  2. Harbaugh has no control over this team. These stupid personal foul penalties might just cost them the playoffs this year. They lose and they are stuck needing to win out to get in.

    1. 23 Jordan.
      Wait – Didn’t you say when everyone comes back we would see a more dynamic offense? Oh right. What’s your excuse?
      Still — A win is a win!

  3. The silver lining is that Greg Roman should be gone after this season. I don’t see SF sticking with him after this season. He might get a feel goo story and become the HC of Washington

  4. Great stand by the 49er defense, now it’s time for Kap & the offense to make a statement drive. Get creative with slants to Boldin, Crabs etc… Don’t forget about Gore & feed him the rock in the 4th quarter and wear this seachicken defense down.

  5. You consistently stall and don’t move the ball at all your going to give the opposing team opportunities to take the lead in a one score game. Seattle now in FG range after that punt return. This game seems to be slipping. Seattle takes the lead, is the Niner offense capable of driving to win.

  6. this blog is getting really lame….the niners offensive players keep failing to execute, and everyone just pounds on Greg Roman. If it was Steve Young and Jerry Rick out there they would just get it done, and nobody would say nothing about the coaches. The 9ers are playing a good game, against the best team on the NFL.

    Please lets get some positive vibes …………..let’s hold them to a field goal, be down by 1, then no matter what Roman calls JUST MAKE THE FRIGGIN PLAYS!!!!!!

      1. lol, so true ain’t it Rib. I’ll take this win because beating Seattle anywhere ain’t easy. Just ask the rest of the NFL. The offense has to continue to make better strides with the remaining games & show us we can go to Seattle & win. A game like today probably won’t cut it.

  7. Difference in the game is Kap’s pick which might have been 3 points. Come on and make up do it buddy! Is it just me or does the crowd sound quiet do such a huge game?

  8. Well its all on Kap and the offensive line now. He has a chance at redemption. Can he relax and make some decent throws in crunch time. Time to move the pocket. He cant stand in there. Hes getting too much pressure. Did Manningham suit up? If so, I cant tell.

  9. 23J – LMJ absolutely sucks on a kick returns, quick feet but slow for a returner. The best kickoff returners have long strides and don’t hesitate!

  10. They should really mix it up here. Everyone knew Roman was going to call another run to try and shove it down’s Seattle’s throat. How did anyone think that was going to work?

    Seriously, at least attempt a high-percentage pass play off play-action.

    Did you see what Carroll did after getting the ball on a long return by Tate? He went straight to the pass downfield. Killer instinct we just don’t have.

  11. Grant’s Grades:

    RBS – F-, sure Gore had 13 carries for 105 yards but 51 of those yards came on one yard otherwise he had 12 carries for 54 yard, not even 5 yards per attempt. Clearly his legs are gone.

  12. this is beyond frustrating. we just clam up, even at home. let’s run 2 times for 3 yards and leave ourselves a 3rd and long.

    1. oh good lord i hate Roman. this is how we play, at home????? wooohoo let’s play for the field goal. that’s confidence for you.

  13. This is why Roman doesn’t get a HC coach, he’s a huge vagina!! Sack up man and go for the kill you big puss.

    1. i think u nailed it. massive vagina. what a wuss. this is embarrassing. seattle goes home still feeling like they let us win. we go home breathing a sigh of relief we hung with those guys.

      how many different ways can you spell moron with Roman?

    1. That was a terrible call with great blocking from the line. He ran it to the short side of the field. Just terrible design. That play has been there all day from play action. Very glad it worked, but don’t agree with the formation or the side it was ran to.

  14. Someone remind Kap that no matter what happens on this drive to ….STAY INBOUNDS. Don’t do what you did in New Orleans please.

  15. Funny. Joe buck is so stupid he doesn’t realize gore fell on purpose to stay in bounds. And this guys allowed to announce football games.

  16. Going for the field goal here told me everything I needed to know about Roman and Harbaugh.

    Screw this. This was supposed to be a statement game for the home team.

    1. He’s made 20 in a row, all his misses were from at least 45 yards out, and one of them was a 76 yard attempt on a fair catch kick. Basically the truth is the exact opposite of your perception.

      1. You can’t tell me that we come out of that game blazing with new confidence. What we came away with from that game is what we needed and that’s our 9th win to help secure playoff seeding.

        Clearly though, we still haven’t broken through offensively. Like I said though, I’ll take it and look for us to improve down the stretch.

      2. Wow, so here we go with the mud slinging huh? I’m super happy for the win as any one else is. I just think we have the potential to play so much better and just want to see that translate to the scoreboard sometimes.

      1. Yeah, I guess I’m just still sour about how we lost to them the last two times at Seattle and really wanted to pummel them this game.

        I felt like there were plays left on the field on offense. I just feel like we could be so much better.

  17. Great win, but it doesn’t feel that great. Roman and Harbaugh proved to be huge wusses when it counted most. You’re playing at home Robaugh. Grow a pair.

      1. Subia,

        That was killer instinct. By running the clock he had his foot on their throat and slowly took away their life in the game.

  18. Gore! Kap still scares me and Wilson is more polished but we have the win but if we play like this in Seattle, we lose, let’s go!

      1. Rib. Lol. Awesome. Don’t worry. I’m a Charlotte Hornets fan. I was really sad when we traded them for that Canadian Basketball Team.. The Bobcats, but we are trading back next year!!!

      2. Muggsy Bogues, ‘Zo, LJ… I remember some great battles between the Knicks and that team. Those were the days, Pete. Good luck with the new (old) name! ;)

      1. yep, I won that week against the number 3 seed and the next week but the person in front of me in the sixth seed beat his opponent by 4 points. ….The zac stacy garbage yards against us. Sad thing is I’m beating everyone that’s still playing. not bad considering I lost Arian foster, my number 1 pick, blackmon, James ( tampa) ……

  19. They say the 49ers have not won in Seattle since 2011….

    ….but the Seachickens have not won in San Francisco since 2008!

    and still…..
    Wilson: 0-2 @SF
    Kap: 0-2 @Seattle

    The 49ers have to change this come playoff time.

    1. Strange as it may sound, the niners will have to pass the ball to win. The Hawks DBs arent invincible as Bolding showed. There will be opportunities and Kap needs to make the best of them,
      Suck it Carroll & co.

  20. Go Ninersssssssssssssssss. Huge win tonight and sea chickens are going to have chump tonight by the bay! Big time win baby!

      1. Crab baby we WIN this huge game despite all the holdings and mugging of Crabtree. I am so excited, it feels like we won a playoff game. GO NINERS

  21. Cudos to Gore, not fjust for the 51 yd run. But I say when he knew he was going to be tackled he stayed in bounds to start working the clock so Se

  22. Big win that. Surprised so many people were upset about the play calling at the end there – running out the clock and going for the FG was the smart move. Yes, they still had about 30s on the clock at the end, but it meant Wilson had to go for the bomb rather than have time to lead a drive to tie or win the game.

      1. Big Niner that design run for for CK for the first run was a huge play and CK was a MAN running with a Mission. I am proud of CK. In general he played good against the best defense in the NFL. WR dropped too many passes and the officials basically allowed the seahawks to grab the wr all night long. Regardless of what happens this season i am glad to see us beat Pete and his doped up team

    1. Sorry…you beat me to it….

      “I think he’s done.”

      At some point, the “man” who proclaimed this should answer for it???

  23. Hands down my favorite regular season win ever. I hate the seachickens so much. I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of this week. Go Niners!!!

    1. I agree this one was satisfying. Reminds me of beating the Steelers in ’11. Face down a big challenge successfully.
      Continue the march.

      1. I have to say that something is bothering Frank for sure. I wonder if his ankles are still bothering him. Its really sad we were not able to get Frank Gore a Trophy before he retires.

  24. Hey a win is a win. Now we know why they still keep trying to run on a 8 0r 9 man front. If gore breaks free it’s a big gain. But he’s slowed down and the other rbs don’t have his vision.

    Kaplan we not good but he made a play when we really needed that first down. He did it with his legs.

    Seattle is still the more dangerous team.

    Niners have to get better on offense.

    The d can keep them in the game.

    The difference between now and 2011 is gore is a older.

    Maybe this is the monkey off the back for Colin.

  25. FG

    That kind of “offense” will not be a success
    in the post season. If we get the wildcard…

    1. you are not WE, you are a groupie that cheers another team. Colin just made you miserable tonight for winning another game. GO Colin, Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers. Ninersssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  26. Seattle are a bunch of cheating scumbags who are bad for the league. On top of their rampant use of PEDs, their secondary deliberately uses holding as a strategy in which they’d rather take a five yard penalty than give up a big play. I hope Carroll ends up getting suspended a year ala’ Sean Payton.

    1. its very interesting you mentioned that. This is a great strategy since its not called all the time and it is only five yards so they can keep on doing it and the league allows it.

      1. Yes, it is an effective strategy, but it gives the defense an unfair advantage & puts the refs in a position to were they won’t always call it. I wish the league would implement a rule that if a team excessively holds (3 x a game) then the penalties would increase from 5 yards to 15.

      2. I completely agree. I do not except for them to call all the holdings that occur in the trenches since that is football but when a player bluntly holds another player which impacted the outcome of the play then it must be called consistently.

      1. i dont want to take away credit from the seahawks defense for playing hard but this method of play is unfair!!! Just think about it if you are not used to being held so often and mugged all day long in addition to that you have the crow noise so you can not even get a good start on your route most likely the defense will get under your skin!!! I believe this strategy is one of the reasons why the seahawks defense has had success for the past few years.

      2. doubt it, it’s been in the league for awhile – it’s what the Patriots used to get past Indy every year in the playoffs and how they beat the Rams in the Super Bowl.

  27. 23J – LMJ absolutely sucks on a kickoff returns, quick feet but slow on kickoffs. The best kickoff returners have long strides and don’t hesitate! LMJ is a 40 meter guy…..we need a 100 meter guy on kickoffs.

    1. I’m going back a while, but we had that kind of guy in Chris Owusu, but pissed that opportunity away by keeping Kyle Williams instead …

  28. I’m really proud of the Defense. We saw what RW is capable of against NO. Our D kept Wilson and Lynch just enough in check. When CK got the ball with 6:00+ left I was cautiously hopeful.

  29. Where are the doom and gloom naysayers? This game shut their pie holes. They kept saying that SF couldn’t beat a playoff team, that Seattle would dominate, etc. Blah, blah, blah …


    Needed that one in dire straits baaaad!

    That said can Kap pleueeeeze learn how to throw to the RB coming out of the backfield when a play breaks down? Just once……….

    All it takes is one to have him see how effective it can be for sometimes big chunks. At least POSITIVE YARDAGE. The WCO (Joe & Steve) made this a staple of the Offense as a last resort when there was nothing else open

    Coaches pls coach up Kap on this…………….

    Again GREAT GREAT W team, coaches, everyone!

    Special TEAMS was HUUUGE TODAY.
    Having Crabtree back was HUUUGE
    Thank YOU JOE STALEY for coming back today!! Bigtime ++++++

    Iupati WE NEED YOU MAN. Snyder is painful to watch a lot of times

    YEAH 49ERS!!! Keep working O, keep working. How good Kap & the O comes around & if they can peak at the right time determines how far we go in the Playoffs if we can stay on track & get in the dance

    Kudos TBrock & EWright & the entire DEFENSE. Dorsey solid in the middle. Bowman huge huge year. Aldon keep on working..you’ll get there


  31. Nice job on the 51-yarder. Without it you gained
    3.6+ yards per carry on 16 running plays.
    3.6 per —- will not win playoff games, Frank.

    Colin, Colin, Colin.
    one touchdown (for the entire game) and
    one interception and two (2) sacks…!!!
    That 67.5 QB rating is rookie caliber, okay?

    But yet… Coach Harbaw is dashing around the
    locker room giving high fives. Go figure.

    Seattle clinched.

    We still gotta face Arizona (30-10 over St. Louis).
    And our last “ugly win” over the Rams? (23-13)…..

    Carson Palmar was 27/32 (84% completion ratio)
    with a 112.1 QB rating. Ya gotta wonder…. week #17…

    1. Niners will make the playoffs. How far they go still depends on whether Colin can challenge the defense with his passing. They had 10 guys in the box. You gotta throw the ball.

  32. Looks like Grant called the touchdowns correctly before the game. Seahawks = 2….. 49ers = 1 He just got the score wrong. All in all not a bad pregame analysis though.

    Unless Kaepernick catches fire the 49ers are dead in the playoffs. He has really regressed this year. Not the same guy we saw last season.

      1. I’d say you are high on crack if you think Kaepernick is going to lead this team through the playoffs with his quality of play. Have you ever heard of touchdowns? He may follow the team but he isn’t leading it by a long shot. You must be one of those “Smithers”, I love my quarterback good or bad.


    Off the top of my head you have to just go with the play called. You can’t call 2 (3 plays sometimes I hear?) at the line of scrimmage because you can’t verbally audible to change the play

    Forget it….go with 1 PLAY AT A TIME. This will solve the clock management issues & better manage the false start penalties

  34. Did you guys see the seachicken 12 man banner over the stick! This fan base was not loud enough to my opinion and still the team got the W and wiped off that silly smile from Petes face. GO NINERS

      1. Little Dog Syndrome; ya gotta bark louder.
        aka: Avis. You try harder when you’re No.2.
        Seahogs fans aren’t used to front runner status, they’re still over-compensating. Act like you’ve been there before, ya rubes! smh

  35. Watching Luke Willson play reminded me of something. He played with Vance Mac at Rice. Seattle picked him in the 5th round of last year’s draft. The Niners picked Vance Mac in the 2nd round. It will be interesting to see how their career’s progress going forward …

  36. This was a big win over a very good team.
    The defense was very good. Special teams played well, except for one punt return.
    I am concerned about the Offense. I would like to see more variety in the routes run, a couple of deep throws, the use of all the receivers, and some variety in the run calls ( is Gore running up the middle or up the middle?).
    At times the pass protection appears to breakdown.
    I would hope the Niners would put some different red zone plays in because we need to score more TD’s.

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