49ers v. Texans matchups: Boone v. Watt

Before the 49ers play the Texans Sunday at Candlestick, I’ll break down a few key matchups.

RG Alex Boone: 6-8, 300 pounds
LE J.J. Watt: 6-5, 289

It’s the best defensive player in the NFL vs. the 12th-best guard according to Pro Football Focus. The 49ers have had success running power off right tackle the past two weeks, especially with Boone as a pulling blocker. Will Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh have the confidence to run that plays toward Watt’s side on Sunday, or will they run away from Watt?

On Nickel downs, Watt tends to move to defensive end on a four-man line. Against the Seahawks, he played a lot of right defensive end. Against the 49ers it would make sense for him to play some left defensive end and match up against Anthony Davis. That way if Watt pressures Kaepernick, Kaepernick will have to roll out of the pocket to his left, not to his right, and Kaepernick is a better passer when he’s rolling to his right.

Advantage: Texans

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  1. Harbawling and the 40Whiners should have a easy stroll thru the park next Sunday nite against the Texans. Why?

    Because the Seahawk’s played the rockem-sockem, punch-you-in-the-mouth, knock-down-drag-out football game that left the NFL league’s best defensive combo blitz team, JJ Watt with a bloody broken nose, and Brian Cushing with a head concussion. In over time, the Seahawks deliver the knockout blow to win their 4th strait game.

    Frustrated Texan fans, not to happy with the loss….

    The 40Whiners should get an easy win over the beat-up Texans, unless the home crowd noise proves to be to much for the 40Whiners to win!!

    1. DS – I saw your post on arrowheadpride.com yesterday (MNF open thread 6:47pm near bottom of thread). Exposed again LMAO!
      We know you collect government handout checks, which gives you time to troll around. I give you credit…you are the “Queen of all trolls.” Take your depression pill and start trollin.

      1. No surprise. You knew DS was crazier than cat sh#% when she told us that it’s common for men to dress their Xbox avatars as women. SMH, no it’s not.

        “DS94everXev says:
        March 23, 2012 at 9:05 am
        Do any of you really think that an avatar for somebody needs to look like them?
        Seriously. If you think that, you are stupid. One option is to have a panda be your avatar picture. Does that mean a panda is actually playing? Pure stupidity.
        In some of the best games out there (Fable, Mass Effect) you can play as either a man or woman. And the game changes accordingly. Do you really think people only play as their own gender?”

        Dudes don’t wear skirts and dress like a princess, and they don’t stalk Alex Smith. Put the lotion in the basket already. DS is confused, like Sgt. Lincoln Osiris from Tropic Thunder. She’s the chick playing a dude playing an Xbox chick that doesn’t know what dude she is.


      2. Chicago,
        She’s Robert Deniro from the movie The Fan. CK would have been Primo, but DS couldn’t get anywhere near the showers.

      3. Nick,Bay,BigP,Chi – Lol…DS reminded me of an annoying cartoon character named “Orbity” from “The Jetsons revival” show in 1980′s. Orbity was a fuzzy little alien with big ears and antennae on it’s head. He/she would change colors like a mood-ring and squeal a lot like a baby. Similar to DS changing favorite team and favorite blog site. Cried like a little girl over Alex Smith too.
        I bet the Star Trek loving lunatic will change her screen name again now that she’s been exposed on KC blog. Lmao……DS is the gift of laughter that keeps on giving! Only in America

    2. Man dude get a life and read your own articles. All this trolling does is proves you are deep down worried the Niner’s are gonna knock you out of the playoffs AGAIN !

    3. This gave me a good chuckle. I realize your team was a doormat for many years until they’ve become respectable recently but your gloating after the Houston win is misplaced. Houston whipped your teams ass all over the field on Sunday. You seem to take great pleasure in injuries sustained by your opponent but let’s look at those injuries. JJ Watt cut his nose after demolishing your QB on the sideline when his helmet hit the ground after the tackle. The injury was sustained after inflicting pain rather than getting hit. Same for Cushing. Cushing knocked the crap out of some guy and then hit his head on the ground. Your team was totally dominated physically. You’re midget QB had 91 net yards passing and a QB rating of 49 in that game. Your star CB, Sherman, was manhandled by multiple receivers all day long. In between plays he could be seen on his knees begging Andre Johnson for mercy. Gloating after a gift win where your team was physically dominated only does one thing. It validates the fact that most Hawks fans are clueless about football and years of being cellar dwellers have created a fan base that most in the NFL love to hate. Congratulations, you’ve become the new Cowboys.

      1. AWWW. Good One. See I do not see all the hype about SeaHawks. Yes they beat the Niners. I hope we play them again in the playoffs.

    4. Houston gave that game away. Seattle did play better in second half but still. The offense had very little going until Wilson started scrambling and exposing himself. The defense in the first half got worked by Schaub. Imagine what a QB like Brees or Manning will do. You can delight in a so-so year for the 49ers all you like. Seattle’s biggest obstacles are still ahead of them.

    5. I’m sure you heard that old saying… defense wins games???

      Texans could not score a single point in the 1st, 3rd, 4th or OT/5th Quarter of the game against the Seahawks. Yes the Seahawks O-L played the Texans defense with one hand tied behind their back, sorta speak, with 3 OL starters who missed the game due to injuries. Lets see how the 40Whiners defense stack-up against the Texan’s with ALL their OL starters?? Seahawks are 4-0 vs 40Whiners 2-2, and the Seahawks already beat the 40Whiners in their 1st match.

    6. I’m sure you heard that old saying, “Defense wins games”??

      The Seahawk defense kept the Texans scoreless in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th/OT quarter. Yes, the Seahawk offense played the Texan defense with one hand tied behind their back, sorta speak, with 3 key OL starters who missed the game due to injuries. Lets see how the 40Whiners stack-up against the Texans defense? Remember, Seahawks are 4-0 and the 40Whiners are 2-2, with the Seahawks winning the first match against the 40Whiners.

      1. The supposed best defense in football gave over 500 yards of total offense????? lol really seattle good d and right now the 49ers d ranks higher then the chicken hawks. DOPE

      2. The seahawks gave up over 500 yards of offense you DOPE.,and check the defensive stats 49ers ans seattle neck and neck. Thank you texans for exposing the seachickens weakness.

  2. When Roman was asked on KNBR this morning about his thoughts on the USC coaching job, he stated to the effect that his thoughts are now dominated by J. J. Watts. To paraphrase Samuel Johnson, “when a man knows he is to be confronted with J. J. Watt on Sunday, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

    Niners 24 – Texans 13

  3. The 49ers should expect the Texans to establish the run and they will stick with it. Stop it, and force them to throw where the 49er pass rush can target their immobile quarterback.

    The 49ers should come out and pound the football early and often setting up their play action passing game. Without Cushing, the defensive submission should become apparent earlier rather than later…

  4. It’s so funny to see these Shehawks fans act like they’ve won 5 superbowls and are on their way to a 6th!! I guess they realize the last 2 times they beat us in their Shehawk stadium, is as close as they’ll ever get to winning even one superbowl. Enjoy it while you can, you go girls!!!!

  5. JJ Watt is a great . He is going to make some plays. We can’t afford to run away from him. We have to run at him and try and tire him out a bit. I think Kap running with the football will be very important this week. He needs to be more decisive this week. I think Borne can hold his own against Watt.

    1. Atleast 23Jordan is making some sense, that JJ watt’s is going to be a hand full for the 49ers line. Even though the 6’8 Boone is match up with Watt’s it still going to be a mismatch. They better protect Kap, because this Texan defense can be brutal to the opposing QB, and I still think if you put kap on a tough spot, he losses his composures.

  6. The redskins have released John Potter. I wonder if they’ll bring him into SF and see what he can do. It might even help to refocus Dawson who nearly missed an extra point after shanking the first of his two missed kicks. (It’s hard to consider a 70 yard free kick a miss, but it bolsters my argument.)

  7. JJ Watt is the best defensive lineman I have ever seen play the game for what they ask him to do. I love Cowboy but Watt is at a different level. He will have plays where he can be blocked and he’s still human on occasion. On critical plays where the Texans need a stop, JJ Watt often comes up with a play whether it’s a sack or a tackle in the backfield. The man is truly amazing. If I were the 49ers, I would double team him on every play and make some of the other guys beat me.

    1. The Texan defense is a much better defensive team and their offense is much more talented than St Louis. The Texan HD coach Kubiak and his defensive coach knows how to play the 49ers. They did very well against the niners in there previous meetings. The Texans will implement the strategy that Seahawks and colts used to defend against the 49er’s offense. The Texans has defensive players that can carry out the defensive schemes to keep kap in check. Kap will have another long day against the Texans. Houston wins 35-10.

  8. Week 4 Pick’em Results

    1-Rocket 43
    2-nofear4 41
    3-Crab 40
    4-DRogue 39
    5-Matt 39
    6-JH 39
    7-MWN 39
    8-CFC 39
    9-Nick 39
    10-LtD 37
    11-JPN 37
    12-Lee9 37
    13-Ninermd 36
    14-Pirate 36
    15-23j 33

    Weekly winner: nofear4by4

    Group avg: 38.3

      1. as usual yes you are welcher….

        “Cornerback Tarell Brown was picked on early in the game, but he continued to play aggressively in the passing game – and the running game – in the second half. The smallest 49ers defensive starter finished with seven tackles, which tied Ahmad Brooks for a game high. He also knocked away three passes”……

    1. The Ravens are the only that I know of that wins the Super Bowl and are more interested in reveling in conspiracy theories rather than the win itself.

  9. Last week, Lynch had 5.7+ yards per carry against Houston. The 49ers should have success running the ball on Sunday. Look for them to pound the ball and set the tone for a physical beat down of a banged up Houston team.

    1. A bunch of those yards came on a few long runs that involved him breaking lots of tackles and dragging half the Texans D with him. Not sure you can count on our guys to imitate that.

    1. Nick, do you honestly think that Houston is going to play bad against the 49ers? The Texans are going to play their heart out comes sunday against the 49er’s? The Texans are a very good defensive and offensive team. I don’t think what happened last sunday against the hawks is going to repeat. haha..

      1. capeman,

        Yes, I think Houston will struggle on Sunday. I heard Gary Kubiac on the radio yesterday saying that there are things Shaub can do to minimize his mistakes and there are things they (the Texans) can do to help him. That translates to simplifying their offensive game plan. Look for the 49ers to take away the run and force Shaub to beat them with his arm. It will be a tough game for the Houston offense.

        On the flip side, the 49ers running game matches up quite well against the Texans defense. While the Texans are very good against the pass, they’re in the bottom half of the league against the run. The 49ers should have success on the ground, as long as they stick with the power run game.

        Other things to consider: Houston will be travelling to the West Coast, still reeling from the loss to Seattle, and confidence shot. They’ll get their arse kicked California style.

      2. The team thats going to get their a.s.s kick are the 49ers, guarantee. You give the niners to much props, they haven’t won a game against a good team yet. Don’t tell me, just by beating the lowly Rams last week, the niners are that good? If you think so, you’re in for in for a big surprise against the Texans.

      3. Nick, shut down? You made me laughed ..haha
        You really don’t know anything about football, among all the teams in the NFL getting shut down you picked the Texans? If you think, if Schaub gets hurt or have a bad game the Texans are dead, they have another good Qb (Yates) thats is a very talented and a star rb Arian Foster that will have a good game against the 49ers defense. Don’t you worry about Texans, you should be worried about the 49ers instead.

    1. Good article Jack. In your opinion, what must the offense due to take Brian Cushing out of the equation (if he plays of course)?

      1. Thanks MidWest.

        Part of why Cushing is so productive is that he is usually lining up behind Watt, and I think it is the same thing, you run right at him and make him play physical. They are both very good players, so they are going to still make some plays, but I think this is the way to go about it. Its how I would.

    2. Agree with all that Jack – do you see more of a receiving role for the RBs (Gore, Hunter and James) in the passing game this week?

      Also, how do you think Baldwin matches up as the split end (assuming he starts in this role)? Texans have some good CBs, so could be another week without much production from receivers not named Boldin… (and he may not have that big a game either).

      1. Scooter,

        I think so. Miller has had a couple of games in a row now with multiple targets, and Gore could have made some plays against Indy the week before if given the chance.

        I think the WR’s, Baldwin included could do ok. Their DB’s are good, but they are not like the Seattle corners.

        This is a tough matchup for the 49ers, the Houston defense is pretty darn good, very similar to Indy in many ways.

    3. OMG the Niners have the fourth highest 3 and outs in the NFL? I’m guessing the three teams above them are not very good.

      And we thought those days were over when we shipped what’s his face to Kansas City.

  10. Seahawks fans have got be the most arrogant fans in the world! Their team has never accomplished anything worth mentioning, yet they’re beyond the point of cocky. They celebrate pre/regular season wins like it’s their super bowl. There is a stat that should shut any sea hawk fan up that I’d like to share. Does everyone realize that Jim Harbaugh, in his first two years as a head coach of the 49ers, has accomplished what it’s taken seattle almost 4 decades? 2 conference championship games and one super bowl. Now, after reading that stat, if I was a seattle fan, I would tuck my tail between my legs and keep my mouth shut AT LEAST till I win one stinkin super bowl. LOL Gary Coleman, aka Russell Wilson has looked horrid on the road this season. As fans of a team that has won many super bowls, we all know what happens when your team cannot play on the road in the playoffs. Cherish your regular season wins, seattle, they’re your super bowl games.

    1. Last time I remember the 49er’s won the SB 18 years ago. Now under harbaugh they’re 1-1 in the NFC and 0-1 in the SB? So what if the Hawks haven’t an NFC or a SB yet? This season Seahawks are 4-0. And its very unlikely the 49er’s will go bak to the SB. haha…

      1. Last time I checked Seattle has NEVER won a super bowl! Last time I checked, seattle has been to 2 conference championship games and 1 super bowl since their inception. Also, last time I checked Jim Harbaugh has been to 2 Conference Championship games and 1 super bowl in 2 years. Also, 4-0 means absolutely nothing if you don’t know how to win a super bowl. Yet again, a seahawk fan cherishing regular season wins. You can go 16-0 and lose the super bowl and that 16-0 means ABSOLUTELY nothing!!!

      2. So, you should being saying the same thing the 49ers went to the SB last season, but it means absolutely nothing, because they came short winning the Sb too?

      3. Oh, I can say we lost the super bowl last year. Here, the 49ers blew their chance at a super bowl. But I’m also going to say, “The 49ers have 5 super bowl championship(s)!” It doesn’t matter if they were last year, in the 90′s, in the 80′s or in the friggin 20′s, the fact of the matter is the 49ers have 5 super bowls, the seaderall cheathawks have 0!!! Also, I will state another fact! The fact of the matter is that Jim Harbaugh has done in 2 years what it’s taken seaderall almost half a friggin century to accomplish. So, before you start bragging, maybe you need to eat the whole humble pie, and, wait until your team actually accomplishes something. It’s sooo funny, fans of teams that have never reached the apex of their sport (super bowl win) are always the ones that bring up that the last super bowl win was a while ago. LOL So what! When your last super bowl win was NEVER, why are you even speaking! Under your terms, whoever wins the super bowl this year is not allowed to talk about that super bowl win next year cuz it was in the past. LOL That’s why they give out the trophies, Einstein, to celebrate them in the future. Seaderall=unwarranted arrogance/fans with the football intelligence level that of a friggin fencepost/ped abuse/a coach who chews his gum like he’s done more adderall than all of his players, combined/and most of all, mediocrity!

      4. 49erman says, The fact of the matter is that Jim Harbaugh has done in 2 years what it’s taken seaderall almost half a friggin century to accomplish.

        Harbaugh was very lucky he inherited a very good team from M . Singletary, with good young talented players already in place. Name me some key players before he got to SF that are not a star in the league now? Mike Singletary, just don’t know how to coach and his OC stinks and his coaches stinks. The 49ers only needed the right coaches to get this young talented team to play at the high level.

        If Harbaugh end up coaching a 49ers team that lack young talented players, harabugh won’t be enjoying the success his having for the last two season in SF.
        Give harbaugh two more season, and he will be coaching a college teams in the future.

      5. No offense, man, but your intelligence level is waaaaaaaaay too low for me to waste anymore time. What you just said, basically, is that Harbaugh is a great coach. LOL You’re right, Harbaugh came in and brought a team that was down for a long time, and made them better. Sooooooooo, that means that Harbaugh is a great coach, and, apparently, has done better than seaderall has been able to do in 4, FOUR FOR DECADES! There is nothing else for you say, Einstein. Your team has never done anything worth mentioning, they can barely keep up with a new coach in 40 years. Goodbye, lil troll! And please, please, for the sake of society, get some education, please.. Thank you.. Goodbye, you’re a waste of my time.

  11. I am not worried about the seacrooks……the next 4 games are crucial, just hope ego’s don’t get in the way of a sane game plan….

  12. Here are the standings and results from Week Four of the Quest4Six league:

    1. Amsterdam Invaders: 4-0
    Defeated barnone dmp5 136.18 to 96.12

    2. Team SF 3-1
    Defeated Orenthal Hernandez 97.48 to 77.30

    3. NF_HAS 3-1
    Defeated GreenDart 94.18 to 82.40

    4. Orenthal Hernandez 2-2
    Lost to Team SF 97.48 to 77.30

    5. West Coast Bias 2-2
    Defeated MidWestNiner 118.94 to 106.26

    6. Uaaaatchi 2-2
    Lost to Coffee’s for Closers 128.94 to 97.68

    7. MidWestNiner 1-3
    Lost to West Coast Bias 118.94 to 106.26

    8. GreenDart 1-3
    Lost to NF_HAS 94.18 to 82.40

    9. barnone dmp5 1-3
    Lost to Amsterdam Invaders 136.18 to 96.12

    10. Coffee’s for Closers 1-3
    Defeated Uaaaatchi 128.94 to 97.68

  13. Just a suggestion, but this might be a better pole question Grant:

    Who will rush for more yards on Sunday? 49ers or Texans?

    Both teams have a top 10 rushing attack but are bad at stopping the run on defense.

    1. This has to be a joke. Daniels was setting up as the #2 QB for next season. This move makes zero sense, especially if the team signs Skelton.

      1. Agreed, makes no sense. At one point, I was afraid they might try a later in the season sneak onto the practice squad but when BJD made a case for #2 QB my worries had gone away.
        And Skelton— that really makes no sense!

  14. Note to Colin: you are the first 49er QB to lose a Super Bowl game.
    Please remember that it is incumbent upon you
    to conclude the reason by bringing home a Lombardi trophy.
    The fans are expecting #6 to arrive in February 2014…..

    Oh yeah, please start practicing – suit & tie for the postgame….
    Win or lose against the Texans, you will enhance
    your professional image if you attire yourself like a gentleman.

    The earphones & T-shirt and “street cred” will not help you
    get the Super Bowl monkey off your back, okay…???

    1. I would take a flier on Gordon.
      He’s still young and very talented. He could be a valuable asset especially if Crabtree needs more time to heal, and our other WR’ can’t lock-down the #2 position.

  15. It was a little surprising that the team waived BJ, but he may be back if he clears waivers.

    The signing of Cunningham could be an indication that Aldon Smith may need more time in rehab then originally anticipated.

    Grant, is the team obligated to give an update on Aldon’ progress or is his treatment confidential?

    1. He may need a couple of weeks to get back into shape after a month off. Regardless of how long it takes, I hope he successfully completes his treatment.

      1. I do as well Big P.
        My only concern is to what extent or level of substance abuse did Aldon have.

        The Cunningham signing (to me at least) sends a message that perhaps Aldon will be in detox a while longer than originally planned.

        My 49er team spirit wants Aldon back as quickly as possible, but my heart leans more on the side that Aldon should take all the time necessary to conquer his personal issues.
        I would rather have Aldon back at full clarity then have him back because we need him on the field at around 80-90%.

      2. Remember when Montana was out with his “back injury”. I kept hearing from inside circles that it was something else. Anyone else hear those rumors?

      3. Bay,
        Are you referring to the cocaine rumors? They were rampant. It wouldn’t surprise me, I know Eddie would cover it up to protect his guys. My grandmother was a E.R. nurse at O’Connor hospital in San Jose. She laughed when telling me about the time Montana had cut his finger on a broken glass at some banquet, and came into the E.R. for stitches. She said he was absolutely hammered, in a humorous but polite way. She laughed about the doctors fighting over his signature on the release form, desperate for an autograph! Joe Cool liked to party, and the 80′s were his kind of party.

  16. Chicago49er says:
    October 1, 2013 at 1:02 pm
    Wow, DS or BS is a Alex junkie! What a complete tool. She or it changed teams just because of one player.

    Not surprised on this one Chicago49er.
    All the ranting over any 49er loss during the AS era were usually aimed at others.
    After a couple of losses in KC, he/she will show his/her true colors on KC blogs as well.
    Oh well, que sera, sera.

      1. The 9ers should do the texans a favor knock schaub out of the game, so QB Yates can come in and play Qb for the Texan offense. Won’t be surprise if Yates shread the niners defense apart.

  17. The last few seasons the talent packed Texans have been on my short list of “complete teams.” Last year I considered their talent (almost) equal to the 49ers.

    But now subtract Michael Crabtree, Delaney Walker, Aldon Smith, Chris Culliver, Ian Williams and possibly Patrick Willis. The picture changes dramatically.

    If P-Willie can’t play, all Texas has to do to avoid bonehead mistakes. Even with Patrick its going to be tough. Rooting like hell for the 49ers, but I think Texas takes this one.

    If the 49ers can somehow swipe a victory it will be huge.

  18. Is it just me or does it seem that Grant has it out for the 49ers every week. According to advantages and disavantages we are lucky we won a game. I often wonder why he and his father even writes about the 49ers. They never enjoy the team. I am a life long fan who watched a decade of losing almost every game. I am disappointed with the loses, but I am encouraged with the team. It is entertainment.

  19. bayyareafantastic–are you suggesting joe montana had back surgery to cover up his being in rehab for drug use/addiction?

      1. I knew guys from the bay during that time who swore to me that one of the back surgeries was rehab. Remember too, that the ’82 implosion was accompanied by 10-12 guys on the team battling cocaine use during the season. And during the first LT drug revelations, there was also the well-publicized rumor that a white quarterback was also on coke but was not suspended. So yes, rumors of Joe’s cocaine use were very prevalent during the 80s.

  20. Bay and Razoreater, You’re both right, the Seahawks scooped Qb Daniels off the waiver line. Who’s next to be waive by the 9ers? The Seahawks loved claiming retread players from the 9ers.

  21. The 9ers beat the lowly lambs and suddenly they’re world beaters again? Hilarious!

    The Colts took you behind thewwoodshed in your House and put a physical beatdown on that overrated team.

    Remember Ahmad Bradahaw gashing your D? Good because Foster and Tate will thrash even more.

    The 9ers have a weak secondary that can’t contain Andre, Owen or Hopkins. No way!

    Gore will get shut down like he did against Seattle and the Texans will tee off on Kaep, who can’t pass running to his left. Crush!

    There isn’t 1 matchup advantage in the 9ers favor, not 1.

    A long day by the bay. Texansroll 27-16. No need to
    take the 7 pts. Go Moneyline @+255 and don’t worry!

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