49ers v. Titans live blog: Fourth quarter

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 7 game against the Titans. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:25 Locker scrambles for 16 yards and it’s first-and-goal from the 4. Locker’s first pass is incomplete. Locker’s second pass is complete to Washington but Harbaugh is challenging that puppy. Cain’t put nothin past him.

3:27 But the refs confirm their ruling. Washington caught it. The 49ers can’t challenge any more calls in this game. Third-and-goal from the four. Locker drops back and Brooks sacks him for a nine-yard loss and the Titans will attempt a field goal. It’s good. 24-3 Niners with 12:23 left.

3:30 Donte Whitner has a knee injury and is out for the rest of the game.

3:35 49ers go four-and-out. Gore carried the ball twice, once for six yards and once for two. Kaepernick took a sack for a loss of two and then threw a ground ball at Vernon Davis on third-and-10. Andy Lee punts. Titans’ ball at their 23.

3:39 The Titans go three-and-out and punt. Justin Smith sacked Locker for a loss of 8 on second-and-five. Williams makes a fair catch at the 49ers’ 44.

3:49 The 49ers go three-and-out. Andy Lee punts. Titans’ ball at their 14.

3:51 Locker completes a screen pass to Wright and he runs for 20 yards and Eric Reid is injured on the play. He’s on the ground and appears to be grabbing his ankle. Now he’s limping off the field.

3:52 Next play, Locker completes a little screen to Johnson and he takes it to the house. 66-yard touchdown. 24-10 Niners. Johnson probably wouldn’t have broken that one if Whitner and Reid were in the game.

4:02 The 49ers go five-and-out after Kyle Williams drops a pass. Reynaud drops the punt and Kassim Osgood recovers it in the end zone. 31-10 Niners.

4:14 Locker throws a 26-yard touchdown to Walker to cap a 10-play drive. 31-17 Niners. If Reynaud hadn’t been on the Titans they’d be in this game.

4:17 Bruce Miller recovers the onside kick. 49ers’ ball at the Titans’ 35.

4:21 Kaepernick takes a knee. The 49ers win 31-17. Back at you shortly.

    1. I agree. He is mediocre at his position and a turnover-about-to-happen. As we all know, he cost us a trip to the Super Bowl. They should never have brought him back.

  1. Incomplete incomplete incomplete incomplete. That’s how this offense is with a lead. Pass on obvious downs and can’t complete one. Just pathetic!!! Sad and just boring to watch

    1. LOL. They have now scored 30+ points in 4 straight games since ’98, all wins, and you’re going to complain about being bored? C’mon man

  2. A$AP, I guess ST just put the game away.

    Agreed though…we should’ve sustained that drive on offense. Actually, we got lucky because KW fumbled that!

  3. I personally don’t care if we win by 1 or 100 as long as we win. To read some of the comments on here, you’d think we are losing by 10. A win is a win. No key injuries, Offense is showing they can run the ball with Kaepernick, and this team continues to roll.
    Why try and find something to complain about?

    1. yes, i mentioned in August that Reid would get good shot at the DROY award, just my prediction based on many factors, mainly my love for the physical tools he possesses. The announcers mentioned him and Kiko Alonso for the Bills as front runners.

      Im really impressed with the rookie , most of all his balls skills.
      3 ints
      0 personal fouls, if im not mistaken.

  4. Niners need to work on the Discipline. Cannot be suckered into any altercations. Show how tough you are when the ball is in play and leave it at that. The 80′s Niners almost never took the bait.

    1. agreed, one of my biggest concerns during those 2 losses ( that seem like a lifetime ago) was the penalty’s. Delay of game, holding, pass interference…….but by far the worst of them all…….so many unsportsmanlike for 15 yards a pop! those are stupidity and lack of discipline penalty’s. Knowing that teams cannot out muscle our 0-line, they bait them into those self inflicted wounds, and being big dumb line-men, they take the bait!
      Now that i got my rant out of the way, im glad to see us doing a better job at eliminating some of those penaltys! They absolutely kill you, just look at the one on the Titans for the low hit on Kap…..instead of an interception its a 49er first down, and the game was pretty much over after that….in hindsight of course.

  5. The Titans are just giving Grant something negative to write about. He’ll find some way to blame SF for not really winning this game but being gifted another win.

    1. Grant’s negativity has pushed me away from this blog. In the off-season, i find myself hard-up for some good football talk. All of you great bloggers help me through those tough times :)

      But with all the in-season action, i cant stomach Grant’s putrid and constant criticism ( some deserved, but most just over-kill) of the team i love so much.

      1. Yup, if you only look at numbers, 2.6/ypc isn’t too impressive. I like the whole package. Jack, did you see Frank’s downfield block on CK’s TD run? Won’t show up on a stat sheet.

      2. That was a beauty Brotha. The 49ers offense dominated when they needed to. The defense struggled a bit, but was helped out by mistakes/penalties by Tennessee. That’s what happens though when you’re not as good.

        This game should have two sets of grades, the first 2 1/2 quarters when it was a game, and the last 1 1/2 when it was time to get on the plane.

  6. 31-17 win. And it still wasn’t very pretty. Niners need to stop woth their conservative play BS. It has cost us games in the past. Need to play to score until the game is over.

    1. They led by at least 14 the whole second half, scored 30+ for the 4th straight game for the first time in 15 years, and have gone from 1-2 to 5-2. Their style of play is fine, unless you play fantasy football and have their offensive players on your team.

      1. I don’t have niners players for that exact reason. We get up we run and try to eat the clock. When we face teams with a good offense it can and most likely will bite us. No lead is safe in the NFL. Sitting at 5-2 after 7 most likely 6-2 after next week. Yes, I love it but it’s what we should be. Our offense scares me against a team like NO that will put up points.

      2. totally agree with jack on this one. Adam 707, this is who the niners are, good D, special teams and power running! Im not complaining at all. Slapping 30+ on teams every week for a month straight is nothing to thumb your nose at. We dont have the personnel to throw 40-50 times a game and were still waiting to get our #1 and #3 WR’s back on the field! so im not sure what you upset about? Yes, Kap is killing me on my fantasy team (among others) but the offense is clicking, Kap is effective and explosive ( td run today, VD deep on play action previous weeks). He’s still developing (and looking better than all young QB’s other than Luck) and he will have CRAB, MM and QP back before the play-offs.
        I’ll give you this Adam, the passing game will need to improve before we can beat teams like the Saints, SeaHawks and Broncos. I believe it will with the addition of the WR’s mentioned above, as well as the benefit of the running game and the D.

        2 of the 3 phases are running on all cylinders, and the 3rd is still being fine tuned.

    2. Adam707,

      You gotta be kidding me right? We need to continue to do what we’ve done the last 4 games. Dominate both sides of the football. Jusk keep being bullies!

      1. Our defense and special teams has dominated. Giving great field position to the offense. Still quite clear the offense is struggling to keep it together. Has a good drive here and there but has not been consistent at all

      2. “Still quite clear the offense is struggling to keep it together.”

        What? First 5 possessions:

        12 plays 65 yards FG
        3 and out
        8 plays 80 yards TD
        6 plays 45 yards TD
        12 plays 79 yards TD

        Looks like the O put it together just fine today.

      3. I don’t want streaky, I want consistency and 3 TD’s and a FG in 4 possessions is the definition of consistency.

        Sure the last quarter and a half was boring, but anyone who has watched this team since the start of 2011 should know what to expect when they are up 24-0 halfway through the 3rd quarter.

      4. My concern is that we go quarters without getting a point, hell even a first down. 3 and outs happen to much for my liking.

      5. 1 Adam 12,
        you come off as a moron when you make statements like,
        ” My concern is that we go quarters without getting a point, hell even a first down. 3 and outs happen to much for my liking.”

        Especially after we just won our 4TH GAME IN A ROW and scored 35, 34, 32 and 31 points in doing so. Tired of the troll like mentality. Enjoy the win support your team.
        Or go root for the Chiefs. Their QB has gone 4 our of the last five games without throwing a TD….

      6. Call me a moron/troll for having an opinion? Ok. Have said many many times I “love” the win and love were 5-2 but the offense concerns me. May not concern you and that’s fine. I’m not gonna insult you for it. Wanna debate? Go ahead and comment. Want to result to childish name calling? Don’t reply to me.

      7. This was a nice solid win. Things slowly coming together. The Offense did well when Kap throws to Boldin and Davis, and MacDonald.
        Everything else is 50/50.
        That’s going to be the storyline until something happens to change it.
        I think that’s good enough to beat most teams, may not be enough against Seahwaks or NO.
        But we have time to evolve and figure it out…

      8. Adam,

        Ignore that BS. After the Texan game I got the same thing for saying Kaepernick didn’t play well by going 6-15.

        I get your concerns, but they really didn’t show up today. Previous weeks yes, but not today.

  7. Nice job by the Niner coaching staff trying to lose the game at the end. Thank god for the special teams TD. Offensive line must get an F for run blocking (Kaepernick’s runs aren’t traditional runs). Great game for the first 2 and a half quarters, then hog slop.

      1. Great point Jack. Running up the score is how you injure a star player and lose all hopes for the season. I’m hearing some whining about NO’s offense.
        This defense has done one heck of a job shutting down every offense in the league and keeping this team in it. Our two losses came after the offense stalled out for 3 quarters.
        They’ve done all that has been asked of them. I’m not worried and I’m going to enjoy every single win this team produces.

  8. Adam707,
    Wow, you make for a tough audience (lol).

    Yes, the game had a few lulls no doubt, but the game was well in hand by the half-time so there was no need to do anything fancy.

    CK looked about as comfortable in the pocket as I’ve seen in some time. Good game planning by GRo to have CK keep the defense off balance with having CK take-off on some designed runs.

    Defense did a good job. The last TD to DWalk was a gimme. We missed on a couple of would-be Int’ that were muffed.

    The Special Teams came up with a big play with the kick-fumble recovery for a TD.

    Not a pretty game as you say Adam, but neither has the last 4 games that we’ve scored over 30 points in.
    Still waiting for the team to play a complete game, but I must say that we are getting close to it.

    1. Love the win but it’s clear were still not clicking on offense. Not consistent. Yes we have 4 straight wins, but vs teams with a combined record of 11-17, none of which have a winning record. Maybe I’m a negative nancy but I’m not as impressed with the wins as everyone else. And I’m sure not looking at the inflated 30+ points in 4 straight stat. The 30+ scoring is mainly due to our defense and special teams. Love were 5-2 soon 6-2. Just wanna see this offense get better.

      1. Yeah our defense helped Kaepernick run it in from 20 yards out behind Gore’s block. And our Defense helped Gore run it in twice too. Seriously…… Smh…..

      2. Adam707,
        We can’t be faulted for the teams we play or their records unless we actually lose to them.

        Three weeks ago we were harping that CK was looking uncomfortable, confused, lacking confidence, bad use of time management and running when there was no pressure on him.

        Well, I’ve seen an improvement in all those areas. And what is promising to me is that these improvements are taking place while we are winning and getting key players healthy.

        As someone mentioned earlier, Aldon Smith is out, PWill missed a couple of games, Crabtree and Manningham have been out all season and we are now winning.
        I think all things considered, I’ll take this win and the direction our team is going whether the wins look ugly or not.

  9. Niners back on a roll. Glad the sky is no longer falling. We look like a top five team again. Now we stay healthy and await Aldon, Crabs and Manningham.

    Observation. For the first time ever, the defense is playing almost at its 2011 level. Only dif is that this offense is winning by double digits….

  10. It looks like hitter could be our awhile, we have tons of injuries but some of these young players will be awesome, jags are putrid but hope we get a victory and we can start to heal!

  11. Message for Colin (5 – 2) Kaepernick:
    We both controlled the clock and had 19 first downs.
    Looks like we each picked up a first rushing TD.
    Passing completion rate? ….. 67%/62% (me/you)
    Total team yardage? ……366/352 (Chiefs/Niners)

    Looks like you had a little trouble towards the end:
    4/out… 3/out… 5/out….
    But hey, as you like to say: winning is all that matters.
    So let’s each take our ugly win and put it in the bank, huh?

    1. Lucky your defense pulled it out. Alex threw an INT at the end trying to give it away. Missed two wide open receivers downfield too. Same coat tail riding Alex…..

      1. Alex has played well. He’s a big reason for the turn around story of the league. He’s hardly coat-tail riding. To suggest so makes you look silly.

        Was that his first INT of the year? I’m not sure.

    2. I think the way to beat Denver was illustrated over the last two seasons by SF. It’s nice to see Smith succeed and continue to give back to SF with his wins. 1 more win baby and I think you’ll see a ig move by SF to trade a pick for a star.

    3. I feel bad for Alex That you use his name in your blog name with your childish comments. Alex was a classy football player and I wish him the best and hope to see him in the super bowel. Go Niners

    4. Glad to see you admitting to not being a 49er fan. Why would a 49er fan say this: “”Looks like “you” had a little trouble towards the end.”” Do 49er fans say, “you” when regarding their favorite team?

  12. The One thing I liked about today’s offense is the use of the read zone. It’s important we still use it a couple times a game. It forces defenses to game plan during the week and like we saw today it still works.

  13. I really would like to see more throws to McDonald and Baldwin. The more options the offense have the harder it will be to stop.
    Also, I don’t know if we can count on Mann. And Crab coming back.

  14. Greg Roman should get a game ball tonight. He called a great game today with the balance of run and pass. Would have been nice to see more of Baldwin or VMac but the stars showed up today and a result was a great road win.

    1. Prime, I agree with you. What I really like about the game plan was the coaches allowing ck to run and the mixed the play calling. Ck looked very comfortable back there and appeared to have fun. Now we need crab and manningham to get back. Go niners

      1. To me he looked confident and that may have been the reason for the struggles. I thought it was interesting that Vernon gave up his game ball last week or the week before to give to CK. Clearly they want him feeling good about his game and showing confidence. It showed today with him making good decisions of when to run and when to throw. I thought he looked tentative prior to today.

      2. You are so right he just did not look right for a few games and it’s nice to see him play with more control and swagger.

  15. Maiocco just said on Twitter that Whitner and Reid seem to be okay. Dodged a couple of bullets there. I’d be curious to know what Whitner’s pass defense QB rating is this year. It was pretty bad this year. He seems to be having a better year this year, and still playing the run well. I wonder if some of that is Reid playing so well, and not going for highlight plays like his predecessor – and maybe not being in position to help because of it?

      1. That is a HUGE differential – something like 120 last year. Only big change is Reid replacing Goldson. I find it hard to believe it’s only coincidence.

  16. Niners are rolling straight to the playoffs….

    Many thought the Titans would challenge us at their place. Riiiiiiight.

    30+ points in four straight games — first time since 1998… Good luck trying to stop us.

    Hey… I thought Gore was done, Cohn-man?

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