49ers @ Vikings live blog

Quarterback Brian Hoyer throws a pass before the 49ers preseason game against the Vikings

This is the live blog for the 49ers’ “dress rehearsal” preseason road game against Vikings. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room.

4:48 DT DeForest Buckner and DE Aaron Lynch are wearing uniforms and probably will play tonight. FS Jimmie Ward and CB Will Redmond are wearing street clothes and will not play tonight.

5:05 Jaquiski Tartt is starting at free safety instead of Lorenzo Jerome. I’ve always felt Tartt is a bad fit for free safety. He’s a better strong safety. We’ll see how he does tonight.

5:06 The Vikings will receive the opening kickoff.

5:09 Viking go three-and-out. Reuben Foster tackled Dalvin Cook for a five-yard loss on first down. Sam Bradford fumbled the snap and got sacked by DeForest Buckner on second down.

5:13 Kyle Shanahan finally calls his first deep pass of the preseason, and it’s a 46-yard bomb to Marquise Goodwin for a touchdown.

5:15 The play looked like a “Yankee” concept, with a play-action fake. Goodwin ran the deep post, Vance McDonald ran the square in and Pierre Garcon ran an orbit motion (fake reverse) behind the QB and RB.

5:23  Eli Harold gives the Vikings and automatic first down when he commits a neutral-zone infraction on third-and-1. But the Niners force a punt after they sack Sam Bradford twice. Arik Armstead recorded the first sack, and Elvis Dumervil recorded the second one. That’s three sacks during the first two possessions for the Vikings. Great pressure by the 49ers.

5:30 Joe Staley left the game with a knee injury. Seems minor.

5:32 End of the first quarter. Brian Hoyer has completed 8 of 8 pass attempts for 128 yards and 1 touchdown. Carlos Hyde has rushed 5 times for 13 yards. Matt Breida seems to be the No. 2 running back. He has rushed once for 2 yards. Joe Williams has not played yet.

5:33 Also seems like Aldrick Robinson played more than Jeremy Kerley during the first quarter. Did you guys see the same thing?

5:35 On third-and-4, Carlos Hyde runs a Texas route and catches a 24-yard touchdown pass over the middle. Classic West Coast Offense play. 14-0 49ers. Hyde has 3 catches for 45 yards, and he is playing on third down. The Niners are using him as a three-down back.

5:45 The 49ers defense allows 14 yards and just one first down before it forces the Vikings to punt. Trent Taylor returns the punt 10 yards.

5:49 Niners go three-and-out. Hoyer sails a play-action pass over Jeremy Kerley on first down, and telegraphs a short pass to Vance McDonald in the flat on third down. Carlos Hyde had his first good outside-zone run of the game on second down. He gained seven yards around the right side. Trent Brown and Garrett Celek had good blocks on that play.

5:50 Circling back to the 49ers defense last series on the field — it seems the 49ers subbed out NaVorro Bowman on third down, replaced him with Jaquiski Tartt and played Lorenzo Jerome at free safety.

5:57 The 49ers force the Vikings to punt from the Minnesota 40-yard line. On third-and-11, Bowman was not on the field. Reuben Foster and Jaquiski Tartt were the linebackers.

6:02 On third-and-4, Goodwin blows past cornerback Trae Waynes down the left sideline, but Hoyer underthrows the deep pass. Goodwin slows down to track it and drops the ball. Those two need to work more on the deep pass down the sideline.

6:10 This time the 49ers defense forces the Vikings to punt from their 38-yard line. The Vikings still have not advanced the ball into 49ers territory.

6:15 On third-and-7, George Kittle misses a block in the backfield and a blitzing linebacker sacks Brian Hoyer. Niners go three-and-out. The offense has struggled since the first two drives of the game.

6:21 Bradford leads the Vikings to the 49ers 6-yard line, but the clock runs out on the first half before the Vikings can spike the ball. Niners lead 14-0 at halftime.

6:21 The 49ers pass rush was effective, but the pass coverage was not. Bradford completed 17 of 21 pass attempts.

6:22 Carlos Hyde was effective as a receiver, but not as a runner. He averaged 2.7 yards per carry in the first half.

6:35 Niners start the second half with the ball. C.J. Beathard is the QB.

6:36 Niners go three-and-out after three straight runs by Matt Breida, who clearly is the No. 2 running back. He gained 6 yards on an inside zone run on first down, 3 yards on another inside zone run on second down and no yards on a toss play to his right on third down.

6:44 On third-and-10 from the 49ers 40-yard line, Aaron Lynch reaches out and hits Case Keenum with one arm, Keenum throws the ball downfield and almost gets intercepted by Keith Reaser. Middle linebacker Brock Coyle was injured during the play.

6:45 Earlier in the drive, Ahkello Witherspoon got beat for what would have been a 12-yard gain, but the receiver dropped a low pass.

6:47 The Vikings make a 58-yard field goal. They now trail the 49ers 14-3.

6:50 On first down, Beathard throws an accurate pass to Louis Murphy, but a defensive back pops the ball out of Murphy’s hands the Vikings intercept the pass.

6:53 This time the Vikings miss a 48-yard field goal. Aaron Lynch drew a holding penalty on second down. If he stays healthy, he should replace Dekoda Watson as a defensive end in the Nickel defense by Week 1.

7:01 Nick Rose makes a 55-yard field goal, and the Niners lead 17-3. Matt Breida had three carries for 18 yards during that drive. Beathard completed 1 of 3 passes for 13 yards and took a sack.

7:11 Backup QB Case Keenum leads the Vikings 75 yards for a touchdown. He was 6 of 8 during that drive. The Niners have allowed the Vikings QBs to complete 79 percent of their passes. Not good.

7:12 Akhello gave up two catches to Michael Floyd during that drive.

7:16 On third-and-23, Beathard dumps the ball to Raheem Mostert, who follows a good block from George Kittle and runs 87 yards for a touchdown. Moster might make this team as the No. 4 running back. That was a great play. Niners lead 24-10.

7:18 Jerrick McKinnon returns the kickoff 108 yards for the touchdown. 24-17 49ers.

7:21 On the final play of the third quarter, Joe Williams gets tackled for a 1-yard loss by Tyus Bowser, who was not blocked during an outside zone play to the 49ers’ right.

7:33 Raheem Mostert scores a 4-yard touchdown on an outside zone to the right. 31-17 Niners. Mostert has 130 all-purpose yards.

7:35 Seems like four running backs will make the final roster: Hyde, Breida, Williams and Mostert.

7:42 Vinnie Sunseri gives up a 16-yard touchdown catch to tight end Kyle Carter. 31-24 Niners with 6:09 left. Case Keenum has completed 10 of 14 pass attempts, and his QB rating is 142.6. The 49ers DBs can’t cover anybody in this game.

7:55 Joe Williams runs the ball four times for 11 yards during this drive. Is it possible the Niners will cut him and he’ll end up on the practice squad? Niners punt. Chiefs start from their 37.

8:11 The Vikings score a one-yard touchdown run as time expires in regulation. The Vikings are down by one point and they’re going for two points.

8:13 Vikings quarterback Taylor Heinickie scrambles into the end zone, and the Vikings win 32-31. Stay tuned for my Periscope postgame report, which starts now.

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  1. Interesting. Maybe we get to see Uncle Buck, Armstead, and King Solomon all on the field at the same time. He who lives without discipline, dies without honor! Go Niners!

  2. Yes I’m with you on that razor , would love to see all of them hit on all cylinders#80 ,,,, agree we should win this one . Hoping for more points than that though . He ( shanny ) needs to show us something , and his team .

  3. I’m still pissed at Vikings for that lucky Brett Favre last second miracle in 2009.
    It’s time for some starters to step up or step the hell out! Let’s go damnit!!!

  4. Grant – You truly are Nostradamus. Way to coach Kyle up!!!!!! Nice play action with the ghost with Garcon and the bomb for the TD. You are hot!!!!

    1. Tartt has earned a look. You want to ease rookies in if you can. Let’s see how Tartt looks. This defense is absolutely flying around the field right now.!

  5. Agree Franchise, one more series and get them out of there. Give the 2’s and 3’s a fair chance to compete for the roster spots.

  6. Kinda wishing I put some money on the niners going over 4.5 wins for the season. I wouldnt be shocked if this team finishes 9-7 or even 10-6. Call me a homer.

      1. I was in Vegas last month. Maybe I can lay some money down in tahoe next weekend. I think the niners have more talent than the media gave credit for.

        Chip Kelly was disastrous last season. The defense was made to look extra lousy with all the defensive snaps.

  7. Get #15 out…We don’t need any Edelman injuries. A veteran like Pierre doesn’t need extra reps. Get his ass out Shanny

    1. Okay… Second score. Let’s bring CJB in with the first string then begin pulling starters by mid/late 2nd quarter.

  8. Score now ,take the deep shot now , protect the team , here. Go with that roll out we all remember Montana for , and put it in the end zone

  9. Alright sit the starters , agree no injuries please , let’s see some one fighting for a rooster spot ,and give them a fair shake . There is still a lot to figure out . Wr ,te ,lbs,dbs,and the biggest question offense line

  10. 19 was in more than 17.

    This team will compete. Hyde looks exceptional as a value piece running routes, probably not as good a pure runner as Williams (not even close), but he’s a vet with speed, power, and good hands. Running backs with good hands have always been noteworthy under Shanahan offenses.

      1. Yep. Ain’t this a pleasant surprise! Good to see these concepts returning to the red and gold. Been too long!

        Whaddup Bro

  11. OK, I’ve seen enough of the starting offensive. Hoyer could not be much sharper, though this stretch outside running is not quite in sync.

  12. You hope for competence and continuity, so this is a nice evening. It’s Preseason, but liking it pretty much so far.

  13. Is it me or do guys with the high white socks look faster/more athletic? Maybe it’s an illusion? Foster has the look

  14. Like the energy of the defense. Everyone is flying to the ball. I think they listened to the arse chewing last week.

  15. Tartt playing touch football , two handed , guess that’s a plus , anyone seeing this . If he’s trying to imitate Thomas , he’s failing miserably , any thoughts guys

  16. Stafford looks like an accurate throwing Gabbert. Nothing longer than 7 yards. No wonder his comp. percent was over 70!

  17. Of course as soon as I say that he throws two long ones! Good defense by Robinson but he’s got to get turned around. Some officials would have called PI on that one.

  18. I shocked tartt made a tackle , and didn’t get hurt , had Bowman helping him , he is the weakest link on safety postion in my mind .

  19. Bowman had a hard time changing direction on that short dump off to the running back. Achilles isn’t there yet. Maybe it gets better and loosens up as the season moves on.

  20. This game is supposed to be broadcast on a local station who has instead chosen to do nonstop storm coverage. Appreciate the updates on this blog.

    1. Glad you’re OK Houston. D looks good, getting plenty of pressure. Hoyer looks sharp. Garcon and Hyde are being featured in the passing game. Running game isn’t quite there yet.

    2. Thanks. My house is fine but there r a lot of people in the Houston area who have been greatly impacted.

      Did Buckner play?

    1. catching the deep ball is like picking fruit – get your hands up and reach for it, and if the DB interferes it is easier for the deep judge to call P.I.

  21. Hope your ok down there Houston. Have friends in Austin. So far they’re surviving but they’re not encountering even a tenth of what your dealing with.

  22. Can’t wait to see that defensive line get comfortable with each other , than we will see how crazy the going play . Yeah they look Great .

  23. If Hoyer can play like that, I will not mind if Kaep is blackballed. Looks like the defense is playing NINER FOOTBALL.

  24. Seb, seriously, what does Hoyer playing good have anything to do with whether Kaep is being blackballed or not? The Niners cut him because he is not very good. Get over it brotha!

    1. Juan, you should commend me for my total fandom of the Niners. Frankly, I tout Kaep just to needle you. ;p
      Glad to see the Niner offense come to life, and the defense was stout.

  25. In terms of energy and focus, the first half had much of the feel of a regular season game. Beautiful stadium…

  26. The main concern I have/see so far is the hit and miss running game — it’s critical to the success of this offensive scheme. If Hyde can’t threaten with the punishing run, Hyde or whoever, set them back on their heels, Hoyer is going to have pressure and problems . Is it Hyde or the O-line or a combination of both?

    1. O line issues and installing a new system. Maybe a touch of Hyde, but a top flight O line would be opening holes–efficient pass attack helps.

  27. Grant, with Breida being the first back in for Hyde, and Williams being a 4th Rd pick this year. Do you think this spells the end for the vets Hightower and Bibbs?

  28. Foster leads all players in tackles, 8 tackles, 5 solo, 1 TFL. And about 4 or 5 highlight hits! The kid moves like a big cat, pouncing on prey!

  29. Hoping the 2nd half doesn’t bring injury and an off-the-rails performance. Bring on the 2nd and 3rd strings!

    1. He’s a bust dude..should have gotten J Adams…he was a one game and combine warrior..still stand by my stance he was a horrible pick

  30. Injuries will play a huge part with the success of this season with the lack of depth of talent, which is not unexpected in the first year of a rebuild. It’s quite obvious the second the 1’s are off the field. Lol! Looks like Minn has the same problem!! Nice tackling on that 75 yarder!! Nice downfield blocking by the receivers!

  31. Personally, I like Rose as a K, P, and on kickoffs over Pinion and Gould. Every coach has their blindspots. Harbaughs was loyalty to bad assistant coaches, and to bad vested veterans. Anyone have an opinion on what Kyle Shannahans might be?

  32. Is Hightower suited up for this game? Not able to watch it as I’m at work, but looking at the stats and twitter feed he hasn’t been involved. Neither has Bibbs. Those two ere the first guys in last game, but this is the dress rehearsal. Not looking good for either guy making the team?

  33. I’m basing this purely on stats from the game, but looks like the RBs will be real contributors in the passing game this season.

    1. I agree
      Coffee’s for Closers® says:
      August 7, 2017 at 9:44 am
      Our RB’s and FB combined will have over 100 receptions this season with our top receiver pulling in around 65.

  34. Mostert looks great but he’s playing against guys that will be bagging groceries in a few weeks. Practice squad Grant?

  35. Joe Williams is invisible..I cut Hightower..best rbs look like Hyde,Braita and Mostert..Seems like Williams is in the doghouse..

  36. Mostert to the practice squad . That’s the best there . What else Hyde still the runner we looking for , looks good catching the ball . A couple of runs to give him props. Magnuson to the squad . Whats up with the receivers , Everytime I think I got it figured out .Mc Donald trade keep the others . Paulson, kittle ,celek , what you thinking about offensive line ? Quarter back play looks good ,both. Only question is 2-or-3

  37. Well there second is better than ours . Now play all them seconds and third and fourths . Next week .cause they didn’t look that good .props to the first team .

  38. So, tonight’s game was another exhibition of:
    – Good run D and passing game.
    – Bad pass coverage and running game.

    This has been a consistent theme this preseason. Don’t see much reason to think the regular season will provide a marked difference.

  39. Depth is an issue. Thursday I’d play the 3’s and maybe the grounds crew! Healthy will be the main objective. I think KSJL has seen enough to make their roster decisions.

  40. Good night and to anyone that is dealing with TS Harvey and the aftermath in Texas, I wish you and your family Godspeed. Stay safe and stay strong.

  41. If Vikings QB Heineke is an example of an NFL 3rd string, Kaep will definitely never work again in this league.

    1. The TV commentator were commending his gutsiness. Guess he got wracked in a previous game.
      He also won the game on a last second 2 point play, just like Kaep in the Rams game. Both QBs showed a lot of leadership, and winning games like that is something to be admired for, not dissed.

  42. Grant: Good point in your periscope session regarding Hightower. No one else will claim him so just release him and if they need another RB during the season, he’ll very likely be available (like Harris from last year).

  43. Cowboys lost Anthony Hitchens for half the season. I wonder if Ahmad Brooks could also play middle linebacker, and if the Cowboys would want him. Hitchens is a good LB, and they don’t want to overwork Jaylon Smith.

    Does anyone have a strong opinion on who the top 4 guards on the 49ers are in order? I’m hoping Beadles gets supplanted. I keep hearing on Locked On 49ers that Magnuson is pretty athletic and a good fit in this scheme.

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