49ers vs. Bears live blog: Second quarter

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers’ Week 2 game against the Bears. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

6:20 Cutler fakes a handoff to Holmes on a jet sweep and pitches the ball to Forte who gains seven yards and a first down around the left side of the Bears’ offense.

6:21 Cutler has forever in the pocket to throw and overthrows an open Marshall. Cutler looks scared.

6:21 Next play, Cutler stares down Marshall and throws to him late on a comeback route and Perrish Cox easily breaks up the pass. Third and 10.

6:22 Next play, Cutler floats a perfect pass over Patrick Willis to Martellus Bennett for a 22-yard gain. Harbaugh is challenging the ruling.

6:26 Call reversed. Bennett was juggling the pass when he had his feet in bounds.

6:27 The Bears punt the ball into the end zone. Touchback.

6:29 Gore gains 7 yards on a weak lead on first down and gains two yards on a trap play on second down. Bruce Miller gains nothing on a  third down run up the gut. The 49ers commit a delay of game penalty on fourth down.

6:30 The Bears are flagged for holding during the punt return. Bears’ ball at their 13.

6:35 Justin Smith sacks Cutler on third-and-9 from the 14.

6:36 Raise your hand if you expected the Bears to score more than 13 points.

6:36 Ellington fumbles the punt and recovers it at midfield.

6:38 This game is painful to watch. Zero continuity or flow. Over-officiating and ticky-tack calls.

6:38 First play, Kaepernick stares down Boldin who’s running a deep post. Kaepernick throws to Boldin and Chris Conte makes a diving interception. Bears’ ball at their 32.

6:41 The Bears gain one yard and punt.

6:42 The Bears committed three fouls on the punt return. The 49ers accept the holding penalty. The Bears have to re-kick. Wow, this game.

6:44 Borland is flagged for holding on the return. Niners start at their 15. Every play there’s a penalty.

6:45 There have been 125 yards of total offense between the two teams in this game.

6:48 Boldin is flagged for holding, which brings back a 54-yard touchdown run by Gore.

6:50 Kaepernick fumbles and the Bears recover at their 20. Kaepernick kept the ball on a read-option, ran left, took a shot and coughed it up. He has turned the ball over two possessions in a row. He played better the last game against the Bears.

6:53 Cutler fumbles the snap. Lynch could have fallen on the ball at the Bears’ 3 yard line but he tried to pick it up and run it and missed it. The Bears fall on it at their 2. Third and 28.

6:54 Cutler throws deep for Jeffery and Cox dives and drops the interception. The Bears punt from their end zone, but not before they commit a delay of game penalty. Fourth and 29 from the 1.

6:55 Ellington catches the punt at the Bears 48 and returns it to the Bears’ 30.

6:58 Gore cuts back a read-option carry into a wide open hole and scores an 8-yard TD run. 17-0 Niners with 2:22 left in the first half.

7:00 Vance McDonald has a knee injury and his return his questionable. Derek Carrier made a tough 22-yard catch in the middle of the field during that drive. He took a shot from Charles Tillman as he caught the ball.

7:01 Touchback. Bears’ ball at their 20. They lave fewer than 40 yards of total offense.

7:02 Cutler completes a 10-yard pass to Bennett in the middle of the field on first down and it’s the two-minute warning.

7:08 Cox is flagged for illegal contact on third and 10 from the 49ers’ 40. Automatic first down.

7:09 Next play, Forte is flagged for illegal touching. Next play, Quinton Dial is flagged for roughing the passer. Flags three plays in a row.

7:12 Brandon Marshall makes a falling one-handed 17-yard touchdown catchcatch over Jimmie Ward. 17-7 Niners with 13 seconds left in the half.

7:17 Kaepernick throws a deep line drive behind Ellington and the half ends.

7:29 17 penalties and 3 reviews in the first half. Disgusting.

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    1. Im biased but I didnt think it was that bad of a call… the player bobbled the ball while trying to come down in bounds with it. No football move was made and the ball spun in his hands. A good way to look at it is if he had dropped the ball at that point do you think the niners could have gotten a fumble out out of it?

      1. agree ball was moving (the rule) but i’d suggest that the player had substantial control of the ball. anyway, the rule is the rule (for now)

  1. COWBOY!

    Justin will pick up the slack during Aldon’s absence, and will be sure for a Pro Bowl this season barring an injury,

    1. Lol – I live with two boys and a grown man…..if I got offended whenever they checked out cheerleaders I’d have to move out of my own home. :-)

  2. Defence is playing well, Offense is looking bad. We need a drive for a TD.

    The penalties are crazy. Is it the players or the reds?

  3. SMH, why abuse our QB when everything else is working. We just can’t put away teams, driving the ball with authority and the Bears have done nothing but are still in the game.

  4. Nice to see Gore and the defense back to their usual brilliance, but I’m a bit disappointed in Kaep’s play right now. Way too much staring.

  5. Vance McDonald is questionable to return with a knee injury….I’m more worried about this hands than his knees. Carrier may have just moved up to the #2 TE spot.

    1. I’ve always thought we’ve had a big hole in the #2 TE spot since Walker left – maybe Carrier can pick up where he left off. (I’m not a huge VMac fan).

  6. So first the Niners are handed a TD
    by the Bears kicker. Then…
    after a 13-play “drive”… we manage
    only a field goal. Note to Coach Harbaw:
    go ahead and get your offense on track.
    Colin has played ‘for the cycle”
    (fumble, sack, and “dropped” interception).

  7. Sloppy mistakes by Kaep is the only reason this game isn’t 28-0. If he can’t learn to look off safeties he’s only going to throw more of those picks and the fumble was just lazy ball handling.

  8. Are we getting close for the record for penalties yet? I need something to look forward to in the second half. That, and the usual Cutler picks.

  9. Frank Gore is out to prove he still has the juice. The refs are killing us with that ticky tack calls. We’ve made mistakes as well but I’m feeling pretty good with the offense. Kaep is going to his check downs. He did stare down his receiver on that pick but overall our offense looks good. I’d like to see Hyde run more.

    Defense looks a lot better today. You can only contain a 6’4 monster for so long. What about lynch making a play early in the game.

  10. Kap is having an up and down game so far. But the defense and offense should do enough to win.

    Marshall made a fantastic catch to make the score closer but how many of those does he have to make?

  11. Colin Kaepernick meets George Thorogood
    [ one bourbon, one whiskey, one beer ]
    one sack, one interception, one fumble

    That will not cut it against Seattle, fella.

  12. Kap lost the game. Not only the interceptions but he was inaccurate from the beginning first pass to Boldin, second to Crabtree. I’m worried if he cannot be ready for the opening home game of the season when will he be. CANDIDA

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