49ers vs. Bears live blog: Third quarter

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers’ Week 2 game against the Bears. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

7:30 17 penalties in the first half. Another 8 were refused or offset. Is that a record?

7:32 Penalty on the kickoff. Half the distance to the goal. 49ers start at their 10.

7:44 The 49ers drive the ball down the Bears’ 5 yard line but cannot score a touchdown. Dawson makes a short field goal and it’s 20-7 Niners. The first play of the drive was a Wham play for Gore. The third play of the drive was a Power off tackle run to the left. Gore gained 7 yards on that play. It was third and 1.

7:47 Touchback. No flags!

7:48 Charles Tillman is out with a triceps injury.

7:51 Corey Lemonier is flagged for illegal hands to the face on third-and-9. Automatic first down.

7:53 Three plays later, Dontae Johnson is flagged for illegal contact on third-and-7. Automatic first down.

7:54 Next play, delay of game. First and 15.

7:56 Cutler hits Jeffery in the middle of the field for 14 yards on first down. Forte runs up the middle for 2 yards on second down. First and ten at the 44.

7:56 Next play, Cutler hits Marshall who beats Jimmie Ward for 14 yards.

7:58 Next play, Cutler completes a 15-yard pass to Holmes who was covered by Cox.Second-and-five and the Bears burn a timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty.

8:01 The third quarter ends as the officials flag the Bears for a false start. First-and-15 at the 49ers’ 17 when the fourth quarter starts.

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    1. All game this team has moved the ball at will. The sky isn’t falling. They have out having fun. It is not week 2 of the playoffs. It is week 2 of the new NFL season.

  1. Guys, teams are still gonna play 8 in the box. We have all these sets, but it doesn’t look like any of the plays are designed to gO more than 10 to 15 yards downfield. Its small ball which i dont mind at all, chunks of yards keeps clock moving and constant 1st downs. But maybe, just maybe, we should think about going over the top of one of these 8 and 9 man fronts. Go 9Ers

    1. Why is there so much crying in this blog? Seattle lost today, this team moving up and down field, and looks even better than last season. Even Kaepernick is throwing blocks!!! There’s a lot to like tonight.

    2. Great idea Steel. Bears are hanging around. We need to put them away. They are forcing us to put the ball in the air. Their front 7 is hanging in there. We need a big stop on defense and a score.

      1. I think you nailed it. The Bears have figured out that Kaepernick is calling 2 plays. 1 pass 1 run. The Kill Kill Kill and movement presnap is telling the line run or pass. Kaepernick rarely throws from undercenter. Watching the shifting TE and Backs also tips the hand. This team is playing confident their defense is going to shut the Bears down so they do not want to put anything else on tape for upcoming opponents.

    1. I do. I see gore stumble out of the line, then turn right into contact when he had the whole left side of the field open. I think week 8 is a good time to make the shift. I don’t know what back in the league can break through the missed blocks on those three plays. But then I am not an NFL coach so I defer to them.

    2. I do…next season after Gore retires as a Super Bowl champion.

      In fairness to Hyde, he’s had nowhere to go. But still disappointing from him so far after how exciting he was last week.

  2. Bears have been loading the box all game but notwithstanding that the Niners run game is unimpressive tonight. not getting control at the point without holding; not exactly blowing guys off the ball

    1. Actually, I think they are playing not to put anything else on tape for upcoming games. I feel like I am on a seattle seahawkes blog being the only one defending the team. All the chicken little here week 2.

  3. Offensive line sucks. They are playing the worst run defense in NFL and are getting blown off the ball. What is going to happen when they play a good defense… I guess we will see next week.

  4. That drive featured 9 runs for 26 yards (21 by Kaepernick), and 53 yards on three passes (and one sack which lost no yardage).

    But it did take nine minutes off the clock. That’s important.

  5. I dont give high marks for beating up on the little sisters of poor.

    The defense has played well but the offense has failed to put the game away and so the game is still in question. Were playing a team the bills rolled up on our home turf.

    1. yep. Cutler is the kind of “dork with a big arm” that can get hot if you don’t put him away. I remember watching similar guys – Vince Ferragamo, for example – beat the Niners when he shouldn’t have. a guy with a big arm can get hot once in a while and if you play sloppy, you can lose.

  6. Greg Roman cannot call a decent red zone play to save his life. It is like when the niners get inside the twenty, oxygen ceases to feed the man’s brain. Two runs up the middle, really?!

    1. Matt, you must be new here. This is a board that pissed and moaned over a 34-0 rout of the Jets in 2012. Well, the pissing and moaning was mostly over the QB at the time. But it’s fans. That’s what we do. Complain

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