49ers vs Buccaneers live blog


This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 7 home game against the Buccaneers. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

11:43 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  • RB Carlos Hyde
  • QB Christian Ponder
  • CB Marcus Cromartie
  • OT John Theus
  • TE Je’Ron Hamm
  • DT Glenn Dorsey

11:44 Here are the Bucs’ inactives:

  • QB Ryan Griffin
  • RB Doug Martin
  • CB Johnthan Banks
  • OT Leonard Wester
  • OG Caleb Benenoch
  • DE Robert Ayers
  • DT Clinton McDonald

11:45 Click here to read my preview of this afternoon’s game.

1:02 The Buccaneers win the toss and choose to defer.

1:09 Colin Kaepernick rips a 24-yard pass down the middle of the field to Vance McDonald. Two plays later, Mike Davis runs into the end zone from four yards out. 7-0 Niners.

1:17 Quinton Dial stops Bucs’ RB Peyton Barber for no gain on fourth-and-1 from midfield.

1:21 Kaepernick throws two incomplete passes outside the numbers and the Niners go three-and-out.

1:28 Jameis Winston completes a 12-yard pass on third-and-13, but this time the Bucs choose to punt on fourth-and-1 at midfield. After the punt, Niners’ ball at their 13-yard line.

1:35 DuJuan Harris runs the ball the first-four plays of the drive and gains 31 yards. Then the Niners take him out, the offense goes backward and the team punts a few plays later. Harris is the best running back on the team. He should play every down.

1:39 On third-and-5, Winston throws a pass that is tipped by Tramaine Brock and intercepted by Gerald Hodges, who returns the interception to the Bucs’ 17.

1:42 On first-and-10, Kaepernick scrambles to his left and throws a wobbler to Shaun Draughn for a 17-yard touchdown. 14-0 Niners with eight seconds left in the first quarter.

1:47 The Bucs return the kickoff six yards. They have played an incredibly sloppy game.

1:59 On second-and-goal from the 4, Winston steps up in the pocket and throws a touchdown pass to Mike Evans, who was being covered loosely by Nick Bellore. Hmmm. 14-7 Niners. That was an 11-play, 94-yard drive.

2:08 Colin Kaepernick throws a pass outside the numbers to his left and gets picked off. Classic.

2:12 Winston mouths off to the official on fourth-and-1 from the 49ers’ 5-yard line. 15-yard penalty. The Bucs kick a field goal on the next play. 14-10 Niners.

2:19 On third-and-3, Kaepernick stares down his primary receiver, Rod Streater, and almost throws interception No. 2. After the punt, Bucs’ ball a their 23 with 2:34 left in the half.

2:28 On third-and-9 from the Niners’ 19, Rashard Robinson gives up a touchdown catch to Russell Shepard while Eric Reid covers no one. 17-14 Bucs, who get the ball to start the second half.

2:34 Kaepernick throws a two-yard pass to Draughn who runs out of bounds with 22 seconds left on third-and-8. What was the thinking behind that play?

2:52 On third-and-7, Winston steps up in the pocket and runs into Aaron Lynch. Sack. Winston had a running back open on the right for the first down.

2:52 On the punt, Aaron Burbridge runs into Jeremy Kerley as he tries to make a fair catch and causes a fumble. Bucs’ ball at the Niners’ 36.

2:55 Winston throws an incomplete pass on third-and-4 from the Niners’ 19, and the Bucs make a 37-yard field goal on the next play. 20-14 Bucs.

3:04 On third-and-12, the 49ers’ deer in the headlights playing quarterback takes a sack and fumbles. The Bucs recover.

3:06 Arik Armstead hurts his shoulder and leaves the game on the first play of the Bucs’ drive.

3:11 On third-and-3 from the 49ers’ 5, Winston rolls to his left and hits Mike Evans who beats Rashard Robinson for a touchdown catch. 27-14 Niners. That’s the second touchdown catch Robinson has given up today. Some people may have anointed him too soon.

3:19 Brent Grimes breaks up a pass intended for Aaron Burbridge on third-and-10, and the Niners punt.

3:28 Now Rashard Robinson is hurt. He seems to get to hurt a lot. Three times in seven games.

3:31 And now Aaron Lynch is hurt. I think this team has officially quit on this game and this season.

3:36 And now Nick Bellore is injured. How many 49ers want to keep playing?

3:37 The Bucs miss a 50-yard field goal, giving the 49ers the break they need.

3:52 On third-and-goal from the 10, Kaepernick throws a pass outside the numbers to his left and almost gets intercepted. Then Phil Dawson makes a 28-yard field goal attempt. 27-17 Bucs.

4:04 On first-and-10 from the Niners’ 44, the Bucs push DeForest Buckner right out of the play and Peyton Barber runs 44 yard untouched for the touchdown. 34-17 Bucs. Buckner is a bad football player.

4:07 Kaepernick throws the ball away on third-and-14, then the 49ers punt. Then the Bucs fumble the punt and recover it at their 30.

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    1. 49ers are a joke ! Once proud franchise Camelot now a Circus ! Please Yorks sell the team back to Eddie D ! Very embarrassingood of quality football being shown on the field. Very frustrated Niner fan !

          1. Post of the day, Whine, you’re a great fan. IF we’re tryign to get rid of Jed York, we can’t have FANS in the stadium.

      1. Somebody help me out, didn’t the NFL used to have a blackout rule? 49ers should be blacked out. Where’s my Pats/Steelers game I was promised on CBS?

  1. Players to watch today:

    1) GERALD HODGES: Hodges started through the first 3 weeks, and showed flashes of brilliance, however he also missed a few key assignments that resulted in big plays for the opponents. Unfortunately, Hodges found himself in the doghouse for undisclosed reasons and has played only 14 snaps over the last 3 games. Keep an eye on Hodges as he is the 49ers only ILB athletic enough to make a difference.

    RIGHT ON CUE, ILB GERALD HODGES MAKES THE STOP. Atta boy Gerald, making me look good, once again.

    Stick with me guys, I’ll tell you where the rubber truly hits the road!

  2. Watching Armstead against the run is disheartening… He can’t hold the point even one on one. Looks like he’s on skates and he has little fight to him. Reminds me a bit of Kentwan Balmer only taller.

  3. I am pulling for Blair to get snaps at OLB. The guy is versatile and staff should see what he has nothing ventured nothing gained.

    1. Agree but he rarely sees the field. Makes one wonder how much confidence they have in him although they sure pumped him up in TC.

    1. What a stark difference it makes having an athletic ILB like Hodges. If he can keep himself from making the mental mistakes, he’s a stud!

    1. The 49ers could easily have lost Harris by playing yo-yo with him, on and off of this roster earlier this season in favor of 2.1 Yards per carry- Shaun Draughn!

      Epic FAIL by Chip and Baalke!

  4. Players to watch today:

    3) MIKE DAVIS, DuJUAN HARRIS & SHAUN DRAUGHN: The 49ers will be without El Guapo today, and will lean on the rest of their stable of RB’s against a Bucs defense that ranks near the middle of the pack in rushing defense. I’d like to see Harris get some opportunities today as I am baffled that he hasn’t been afforded that opportunity considering Draughn’s pedestrian 2.1 YARD AVG. I was adamant before the start of the season that Harris was the far more explosive RB compared to Draughn. Harris was the better RB last season, and by a fairly large margin, and, though I understand the dynamics of having a backup RB with a skillset that compliments Hyde, if I were in charge of this roster, Harris would have started the season as the 49ers #2, followed by Davis, and then Draughn. I’d even be in favor of promoting KELVIN TAYLOR in place of Draughn, because I know who the 49ers have with in Draughn, and I think there is a good chance Taylor has a higher ceiling.

  5. If kaepernick is gonna make it real obvious who he’s going to throw to help might as well yell out which receiver it is and save Tampa D some time.

  6. Not sure what’s worse, Chip’s dumb, predictable offense scheme or Kap’s inability to read a defense and throw an accurate ball

  7. It’s early, but one thing to keep in mind guys. Grant has seen Gabbert and Kap run this offense more than any of us. And Grant said, without question, Gabbert is the better QB running Chip’s offense.

    It’s too early to make a definitive statement about these 2 QB’s, one way or the other, but if Grant is wrong with this one …………………………………….. what can we trust?

    1. We can trust we have 3 backup QBs on this roster thanks to Baalke. Once he’s kicked to the curb maybe then this franchise can find its long-term answer there come draft day (or not).

    1. MWNiner, you’re giving the 49ers defense a C+, despite 2 early takeaways (including a 4th down stand) while the Bucs have barely crossed the 50 yardline?

      Say what?

    2. Offense is a D when you got no WR to throw to
      Defense is an F when Reid can’t cover as usual, and Reid was kneeling by Kap once again.

    1. Trust me, Ian Williams would make a huge difference for this defense, especially in base. However, we still need our OLB’s to to put some pressure on Winston.

  8. I can honestly say NICK BELLORE is one of the worst 3-4 ILB I have ever laid eyes on. Slow, short, poor angles, poor instincts & average tackler.

    This defense has NO CHANCE with that guy roaming the center of the defense.

    1. What adjustment? Score 0 points in the second half and your QB throws worse then ever? Reminds me of the San Rafael Bulldogs losing big each game. Meanwhile, Marin Catholic shut out another team. 49ers should be lucky to not play Marin Catholic the high school team, they’d lose.

      1. Actually, that was a containment issue Grant. It looked like a bit of a hold but I do agree, Buckner has got to disengage from the blocker and contain the edge.

        However, Buckner has not been grading out as poorly against the run this season as you seem to think. The biggest issue is, by far, our NT, and ILB’s, once again.

        BELLORE is a JOKE, plain and simple!

        1. Like I said, Armstead and the DL is getting manhandled in the run game… Just because you don’t want to believe it doesn’t make it incorrect.

      2. glad i’m not the only one that noticed Armstead and Buckner getting pushed around. For much of the season I attributed it to inexperience; being slow to recognize their assignments in the run defense. And that may still be the case but they (especially Buckner) are often standing almost up right or are dragged down to the ground on most run plays.

  9. Once again Kaep, showing he can’t throw to the sideline. Followed by the kind of run defense we have come to expect.

  10. Jacquizz Rodgers is the sixth consecutive rusher to go 100+ yards vs 49er run D. And he was out of work a few weeks ago.

    2011 run D historically good. Broke many records. 2016 Run D historically awful. What a collapse.

    1. 100+ runners in a row: Fozzy Whittaker, Christine Michael, Ezekiel Elliott, David Johnson, LeSean McCoy, Jacquizz Rodgers reports Eric Branch.

  11. All #7 is, is a running QB with a tremendously slow wind up throw. It’s ridiculous he has not been picked off more this half

  12. If Winston gets hungry, he’s certainly got enough time in the pocket to make a sandwich. He’s got so much time, he could probably make himself a Reuben, deep fried! SMH!

  13. Hey Grant, how about a Justin Smith interview on the state of this ‘defense’. That would make for an interesting read I’m sure.

  14. OK, I’ve been defending Chip, but what the hell was that? Are you kidding me? That’s what he calls a 2 minute drill? Give me a break!

  15. How incredibly stupid are these players and coaches? 3rd and ten, call a 4 yard pass and run out of bounds to stop the clock. If you didn’t intend to try for a 1st down, stay in bounds to run the clock down.

    1. Switch, that was quite possibly the worst play of the season full of bad plays.

      I’m embarrassed to the point that I am going to find something else to do with the rest of my Sunday afternoon, and that’s a rarity!

      Peace out!

  16. Like I’ve said many times, time to blow this whole team, coaching staff and FO up and start over… This once proud franchise is embarrassing to watch.

  17. Chip just demonstrated he does not trust Kap to not turn the ball over in a 2 minute drill.
    The report is Balke is not going any where. So this maybe as good as it gets for the Niners.

  18. I know its not Chip’s style, but does he ever get into anyone’s face? The guy is as lifeless and emotionless as his team. Now is the time.

  19. If they don’t fire Kelly after this season it will be a loooong couple of years. They’re so bad I don’t believe they will ever buy in to his system

    1. Can’t fire him. Way too much guaranteed money to him (and Tomsula). Just gotta hope Oregon job opens up so Knight can take back Chip and his simplistic, inane offense

  20. Clearly, Baalke did the impossible: this is a Frankenstein team made of spare, defective parts without the monster’s redeeming qualities fashioned in the York dynasty model.

  21. There’s those 2nd half adjustments… Give the ball to the other team and disappear. Could Ponder really be worse? Hmmm….

  22. I love how Eric Reid just stands there watching the ball go over his head on that TD.. Takes too much effort to jump I suppose.

    1. Are there any 6’7″ stiffs from Oregon that Baalke can draft this year? Or maybe he’ll trade down and take a couple of guys coming off ACLs

    1. The Yorks might buy out all banner flying companies west of the Mississippi…just to prevent anti-9er banners from flying.

  23. That’s a wrap folks! Grades for the game is a G across the board. For GARBAGE! Thank you Jed and Balke for this gift every weekend!

    1. G for Garbage? I give it a Z across the board and Bubba Paris going to be crying on Channel 2 again. And they thought of not putting on the Pats and Steelers game to subject us to this game?

  24. What good is this strategy of tanking the season to move up in the draft when our GM has no clue with drafting. BTW, Crabtree and even V. Davis (not his picks) are having a good season, guys Balke felt were not necessary. Oh, and D Walker too. Walker was expendable due to V. Davis. V. Davis was expendable due to V McDonald. And we all know what an all-pro career McDonald has put together.

  25. D-Line coach Azz giving up huge holes today. Major Azz holes.

    Is there such a thing as a negative number year for a rebuild?

  26. Next year Kaep bails on his team rather than stay and ball. He can only improve his position by sailing into the sunset waving his 49er legacy good bye leaving the organization to pick up the pieces.

    1. Kaep leaving will be a happy day. I might be forced to live with the election, but to see Kaep leaving the Bay Area will make me the happiest fan ever.

    2. That would make Seb happy… Seb is certain Kaep will be back in another uniform, destroying the 9ers every time he plays them. Book it.

      1. Cassie, maybe you are watching a different game than I was. There were no wide open receivers, especially after Torrey went down. Vance was Vance.

        The only bright spot was DuJuan Harris, who should have been playing the whole season. He actually made defenders miss and would gain yards after the initial contact. Of course, you know I have been touting him since preseason, but what do I know….

        Kaep started out great. It sure was nice to see him roll out and hit Draughn while on the run. Maybe they should have done that more often. I actually saw them run a sweep. I even saw kaep run a naked bootleg. Then, Tampa made adjustments, and the Niners could not respond. They would rush 4, get pressure, and blanket the receivers. I even saw them rush only 3 and dropped 8 into coverage. Then they blitzed on the blind side, and Kaep was blindsided. All in all, it was checkmate from the second quarter on.

        Yes, Kaep did not do well, but he was forced to throw into tight windows, and he was forced to run, which he did very well. With that Niner defense, it did not matter who the QB was.

        Chip is still not utilizing him properly and has given him little support.

        With Wilson and his knee, Palmer with his age, and the Rams needing a decent QB, all three could out bid Baalke, and haunt the Niners for years. Twice a year.

        The only silver lining is that Baalke may be fired soon. He is responsible for this dumpster fire.They should have started Skov and Cromartie, but now seem content to lose for a high draft pick.

        Sigh, when Chip went timid and did not go for it on 4th down, I knew they were content to lose. I guess I will put all my energies into eviscerating Baalke, and blaming him for this mess. Bellore was hot garbage, and seemed to run out of his lane and blocked the other defenders from tackling the ball carrier. O’Neil need to be fired ASAP, But Baalke will doom the Niners as long as he is the GM. I wanted Skov, Hamm and Cromartie to play, but Baalke blocked them, with predictable results. Hope to see more Harris. Glad they used him like I wanted, as a kickoff returner.

        In hindsight, obtaining the services of a decent FA would have been smart. Baalke could have easily outbid the Raiders for Sean Smith, but was too cheap. If he had obtained Smith, they would not have needed to spent a third and fourth round picks on CBs.

            1. Cant answer or is it because you realize the storm was like I said, a flash in the pan? A one trick pony?
              But no, you keep saying he will rise again? Horse bleep!!!!

        1. LOL. If Colin was a true leader he’d go to Chip and tell him it’s time to bench him and give Ponder a chance.

          Isn’t that what you kept saying when it was a different QB in there?

  27. That No. 32 of the Bucs reminds me of Alstodt as he’s just SMACKING his way. I see another defender falling like a fly for the 49ers. They got bad endurance on the defense to keep getting hurt.

        1. Because no decent D coordinator will ever work for Chip. That is why we got stuck with O’Neil. Bad QB play, Ha! I thought Chip was the QB whisperer. Chip should accentuate his QBs strengths, not their flaws.

            1. Chip-Trent turned down overtures from Mike Nolan for the DC job. Manusky was also looking for work at the time.

              Neither a Fangio, but I’d take em.

  28. We say the same things every game. Bad QB performance, bad play calling, unbelievably bad run D, and bad roster.

    We have the worst owner, gm, head coach, d coordinator, QB, WRs,TE, and we have stupid penalties.

    Oh and uninspired play. Chip couldn’t lead a fly to a pile of crap.

    1. It wasn’t like there were valuable options at any position. You can blame Chip and say he couldn’t lead, but in the first game, the team had 1 penalty on offense. In the second game still much of the same. Now that the season is lost, the players quit. That isn’t the coach. That is the players. They are grown men.

    2. Good one #80, that’s a good one, couldn’t lead a fly to a pile of crap, oh man, fell out of the chair laughing. Thank you my friend.

  29. That’s what you do on 3rd and 2, Chip?????????? What a dumb azz!!!! I HATE finesse football and this team isn’t capable of anything else. What a dumpster fire. THANKS JED!!!

  30. Is the ref’s flag stuck in his pocket? I saw clear holding on that last play? Stupid officiating is helping the 49ers!

    1. Yeah, me too, we just gave up 7 on the other end. Yep, makes sense to not go for it as the DUMMY coach that we have with NO BALLS!

  31. Chip opting to kick even though his defensive can’t stop a pop warner team…can someone in the press please ask Chip what game he’s watching?!

  32. So far, 230 yards rushing given up. Buc Fans are having a ball. Too bad our opposing fans can’t get the message that a LESSER FILLED STADIUM makes the York family lose a lot of money.

  33. This team is comically inept. The front 7 on D is abysmal. I’m sure there is some talent there, but Buckner and Amrstead have a loooong way to go before they are decent against the run.

      1. And nor should they. No team should. Until the 49ers show they can defend the run as a team and individuals, why would any team show them respect?

        Armstead and Buckner need to be coached up. They aren’t ready to be relied on against the run. Not without help. And the 49ers have nobody next to them capable of bailing them out. The entire front 7 is rubbish as a collective. Like I said, I am sure that individually there is some talent there (i.e., I don’t think they need to replace all 7 guys per se), but they definitely need to upgrade a lot of it. And while O’Neil has to suffer through a poor talent pool, he is also part of the problem. How much is very hard to tell, but his D struggling against the run is a habit, not an anomaly.

      2. “Buckner is a bad football player.”

        Buckner is a bad run defender right now. But who is coaching these guys up? He’s a rookie making rookie mistakes, and not being corrected. He has talent, but he needs to be coached properly. If he wasn’t doing what they want him to do, he wouldn’t have played the most snaps of any 49er DL to this point.

        I really do wonder how some of these players would look on a decent team.

    1. You can thank Kurt Warner for that. Warners funky release led to thumb problems for him. It is not a coincidence that Kap had to have thumb surgery after working with Hurt Warner.

  34. Kaep is composing post-game talking points on his Surface. Looks like Gabbert is editing. Just kidding… seems appropriate.

  35. Just in: Bubba Paris is crying right now that he has to sit with Mark Ibanez and LIE about what happened to this team! Bubba, Jed York happened, he has to sell the team. Kap, he has to be cut in the worse way.

    4 games< NO, At Ari, NE, at Mia, 4 losses coming up baby.

  36. Teams with capable coaching staffs make adjustments (see Bucs after being down 14). Teams like the Niners just don’t know any better.

  37. What a way to end the game, Kap gets sacked, how appropriate. Well, TB 34, close to 34, 49ers 17, 7 more then 10. I came close!

  38. Oh BTW, Harbaugh (considered expendable by York and Balke) will have Michigan as the No. 2 ranked college in the nation this week.

  39. Well as the old song goes as we have a good chance to draft maybe number 4 next to the other drips, don’t worry, be happy.

  40. I notice the York twins always hanging out together on the sidelines… I bet $1k they’re Jed’s eyes, ears and media leakers…. Never underestimate those twins!!

    1. You never know, they could be plotting the coup that takes the team out of Jeb’s hands and into sane, strong management people.
      We can dream…

  41. In light of the massive problems on the 49ers this may seem light, but what in the hell is Jim O’Neal doing on the sidelines? Could you imagine Vic Fangio intentionally putting himself in a position where he could not see the whole field? We don’t need a defensive cheerleader we need a real defensive coordinator.

    Also, I like Rashard Robison, a nice complementary player, but who in their right mind thought a 176 pound corner back would be able to hold up the entire season.

    What has Baalke wrought?

  42. Time for Jed to hand out the pink slips:
    GM: Check
    HC: Check
    DC: Check

    Battle field promotions:
    Gamble Temp GM: Check
    OC to Temp HC: Check
    OLB coach to temp DC: Check

    Contract extension Ponder (one more season): Check
    Release Kaep: Check
    Job done

    1. Well said, JR, release Kap, top priority along with fire GM, HC, DC, the OC. Keep Ponder…if we draft a Qb as we should have, yes.

  43. Changes for the second half of the season.
    1. O’Neil must go.
    2. O-line needs to be tweaked again.
    3. Rashad Robinson needs more grooming and needs to be replaced.
    4. VMac will never be a viable TE, he is no longer starter worthy.
    5. Shake up the front D-line. Dial needs to be replaced. Purcell should not ever see the field again, and same goes for Tank. Armstead and Buckner will be ok but still need a couple of years away.
    6. Replace Kap with Ponder. Kap, will never develop the nuances of the QB position.
    7. Baalke should be fired!

    1. My changes:
      Fire Kelly
      Fire OC and DC
      Fire Baalke, that should be the top, but fire Kelly.
      Dump Kap and Gabbert right away
      Sell the team, to have a stadium that cost 900 million, you have 1/3rd full, that’s a serious problem! Sell the team, Jed!

    2. The oline is fine. All those guys are not built for this zone blocking read crap! Road graders! This unit has been asked to play away from their strengths.

      1. Prime,
        Players with talent will adjust to different styles because their athletic abilities can compensate.
        Our O-line was getting pushed around when Gabbert was starter. Gabbert’ quicker release helped avoid less sacks but he was under pressure none the less.

        Tiller, Brown, Beadles and Kilgore are not able to pass block and they are not doing a good job in opening running lanes for our RB’ especially in the 2nd half of games.

        My biggest fear is that for Kelly to get the type of players he needs to fit his system might take 3-5 seasons, and the fan base, especially paying customers can’t wait that long.

        Kelly’ system will take too long to develop and it may not be worth sacrificing 2-3 years to get there. But whether Kelly is here or not, this team is bereft of talent and no head coach can work a miracle on the field without talent.

        1. I agree paritially with what you are saying but why does his system take 3-5 years to develop?
          I’m not even sure what his system is and if it works in the NFL?
          Regardless there is a talent problem but now a coaching problem. The play calling is too simplistic and not based on the current players strengths.
          Along the lines of what you were saying, a good coach should be able to develop a scheme that tailors to the personnels strength. Even if there is limited talent, I don’t see Chip getting creative to make it work.

  44. Mark Ibanez: Chip Kelly is running the same stuff he did in Oregon, with Philly, and he’s doing the same thing with the 49ers. Is he bringing anything to the 49ers?

    Resounding no, and insanity is doing the same thing over and over again.

  45. Colin Kaepernick today: 10-21, 107 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 59.0 rating. The Bucs came in with the NFL’s 20th-ranked defense.

    He’s also wearing a black panthers shirt at his post-game press conference.

  46. The 562 rush yards allowed by the 49ers are their most in a 2-game span within a single season in team history (via @EliasSports)

      1. It’s fun to follow Twitter during the games. After the first quarter you’d have thought Kaepernick was turning into Joe Montana based on what some of the media were tweeting out.

    1. The @TBBuccaneers ran the ball 21 times for 169 yards between the tackles today, averaging 8.0 yards per carry.

      From PFF

  47. 49ers’ four seasons before Harbaugh: 26-38.
    49ers in four seasons under Harbaugh: 44-19-1.
    49ers in 22 games after Harbaugh: 6-16.

  48. Grant,

    Take the rest of the night off, don’t bother with the grades. No point.

    If you really want to to grade the team be sure to give Baalke his grade.

  49. For those of us that have been wanting Baalke gone for awhile now this season is actually going pretty well.

  50. Question:

    Are Armstead and Buckner just the products of bad coaching and a horrible scheme or are they more Baalke busts?

  51. I’m so glad that Kelly made the QB switch when he did. Now there’s absolutely no reason, other than to laugh, to spend time watching this mess.

          1. Prime, I hope you noticed that when Kaep rolled out, he hit Draughn for a TD. Too bad they did not do it again all game……

          1. Reminds me a lot of my first season coaching the local Pop-warner team. I kept drawing up these fancy offensive plays and the head coach would look at me and say “they’re 10 years old they can’t run those kinds of plays.” Well instead of our guys being 10 years old they’re just terrible and you can only do so much when you have talent of this level.

        1. I commented above, but I just see the whole team imploding.

          Baalke is mostly to blame, but O’Neil is definitely the weakest coaching link in the chain.

          Rag on Kaep all you want. With this defense, even Joe Montana could not win.

          Kaep did start out well, but Tampa made adjustments. Too bad Chip was not up to the challenge. I hope you noticed that one play that I recommended, the Kaep rollout, succeeded, and resulted in a TD.

          The only silver lining is that Baalke is officially a dead man walking.

          I hope Jed shows some leadership, Kicks Baalke upstairs and lets Gamble be the GM. O’Neil should have been fired last week, and the only person who would be willing to take over the DC position is Tomsula, but he would never come back with Baalke still as GM.

          Just expect more losing. The Bears game will help decide who may get the second pick.

    1. It does not matter who the QB is right now.. This whole organization is embarrassing… It’s time to cut Kaep and play whoever the hell else.. Wearing a black panthers shirt… Come on man.. You are a distraction and a bad QB.. I feel sick rooting for that guy.. I’m embarrassed…

    2. I wonder if there is a line on the chances of Ponder starting a game this season cause I want in on that action.

  52. When the Man Comes Around…

    “And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder
    One of the four beasts saying,
    ‘Come and see.’ and I saw, and behold a white horse”

    There’s a man goin’ ’round takin’ names
    And he decides who to free and who to blame
    Everybody won’t be treated all the same
    There’ll be a golden ladder reachin’ down
    When the man comes around

    Watch out Jed…

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