49ers vs. Chargers live blog: Fourth quarter

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 16 game against the Chargers. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

8:04 Joe Staley is flagged for illegal formation on third down. That’s the third illegal formation penalty called on the Niners.

8:05 Eddie Royal makes a fair catch at the Chargers’ 11-yard line.

8:05 Chris Culliver is flagged for pass interference on the first play of the drive. 12-yard penalty.

8:06 Next play, Dontae Johnson gives up an 18-yard catch to Royal.

8:07 Rivers throws pass No.4 to the Niners’ defense but Michael Wilhoite drops it. Third-and-9 from the Chargers’ 42.

8:08 Donald Brown beats Nick Moody down the left sideline but drops the first-down pass. The Chargers’ punt is a touchback.

8:14 The Niners use a timeout to avoid a delay penalty on first-and-10 from the 49.

8:15 Brandon Lloyd has a groin injury and is questionable. Bubba Ventrone has a groin injury and is out. And Bruce Ellington has a hamstring injury and is out. He was fun while he lasted.

8:18 Kaepernick avoids a sack and scrambles for three yards on third-and-9 from midfield. Kaepernick still hasn’t thrown a TD pass in the fourth quarter this season.

8:19 Royal makes a fair catch at the Chargers’ 15.

8:24 Dontae Johnson gives up a 21-yard catch to Antonio Gates on third-and-4.

8:29 No one covers Gates, and Rivers hits him for a 21-yard touchdown pass. 35-28 Niners with 5:15 left.

8:32 Cox returns the kickoff to the Chargers’ 45. Funny, I expected the Chargers to show up.

8:36 Roman calls a QB sweep to the left on third-and-5. Kaepernick loses a yard and runs out of bounds, stopping the clock. Good gracious. And he STILL hasn’t thrown a TD pass in the fourth quarter this season.

8:38 Andy Lee punts the ball into the end zone for a touchback.

8:39 Corey Lemonier is flagged for offside on the first play of the drive. Why is Corey Lemonier on the field?

8:40 Cox gives up a 10-yard catch to Floyd on second-and-5.

8::41 Next play, Rivers dumps the ball to Ronnie Brown. Dontae Johnson misses a tackle and Brown gains 9 yards. Next play, he runs behind his left guard for 11 yards. First-and-10 at the Niners’ 45 after the two-minute warning.

8:42 Who is that man wearing No.99? Can’t be Aldon Smith. Must be an impostor.

8:45 Wilhoite gives up an 8-yard catch to Gates on second-and-10. Aldon Smith is injured. Now he’s on the bench.

8:46 Rivers scrambles, Skuta hits him from behind and forces a fumble. The Chargers recover. Loss of five yards. Fourth-and-7.

8:48 Bethea gives up a 17-yard catch to Royal on fourth down. The officials are reviewing the catch.

8:49 They confirm their ruling.

8:52 On fourth-and-10, Cox gives up a 17-yard catch to Inman. INMAN. First-and-goal from the 9.

8:53 Dial sacks Rivers for a loss of 2 on first-and-goal. The Chargers take their third timeout.

8:55 Rivers goes after the Niners’ weakest link — Marcus Cromarte — on second-and-goal. Easy touchdown. Tie game. 29 seconds left.

8:56 Yes, the defense was terrible. But the Niners had 28 points at halftime, scored just 7 in the second half and 0 in the fourth quarter. Once again, Roman got out-adjusted at halftime. The offense has to put the game away when it has a chance.

8:59 Aldon Smith has a head injury and his return is questionable.

8:59 Kaepernick scrambles for 20 yards on third-and-4 from the 34. Nine seconds left. First-and-10 at the 46.

9:01 Kaepernick completes a 4-yard pass to Boldin. Here’s Phil Dawson to attempt a 60-yard field goal.

9:01 He misses wide right and way short. Overtime.

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  1. I’m sorry, I just can’t abide by a QB that has to have the sideline call the timeout to avoid a delay of penalty. I understand that things happen, but he should be aware enough to at least call the TO himself. Is it the red bull syndrome I mentioned a day or so ago?

  2. Can you imagine if Tom Brady was given Greg Romans playbook? It would be like giving a high school kid instructions on how to ride a tricycle.

  3. This last drive just reminds me of the whole season.
    1st down ball should have been caught. Dropped.
    2nd down run up the middle for 1 yard
    3rd down pocket collapses, qb panics takes off for 3 yards.

    Changes are a coming.

  4. Nice…. Fouts was a ball boy for SF back in the day and is a 9er fan. I can dig that. Said he’s torn in this game though.

  5. Is anyone else think this looks a lot like our annual pre season game with SD? Numbers and names I don’t know, penalties all night

  6. I’m really okay with us losing this game. I’d rather have a better pick in the draft. 7-9 would certainly give us a decent pick. Maybe we can get a speedy wideout with some hands!

    1. Yeah, I won’t be upset. But when you’re in a slump you need something to help break you out of it. I was hoping that we might be able to do it this game. I hope this isn’t trans-seasonal.

  7. I apologize for so many wisecracks lately….I’m just venting….I had high expectations, even after the all the key injuries….Don’t hate me fellas/Mary.

    The great John Wooden had the “Pyramid of Success” and now we have Greg Romans “Pyramid of SUCKccess”

  8. Replay shows a player holding a joint for ck. Therefore he ran out of bounds for it. I don’t care. He’s stoned every second half of this year. Smh

  9. This is why Harbaugh needs to go. When is the last time the Niners had a 2 TD lead when the game ended?

    Harbaugh wants to grind. Just put your gddmn foot on their throats and end it! But no!!!!! Another game with a 1 score differential on the last drive of the game.

    Bounce, Harbaugh.

  10. If we lose this game after having such a big lead and given another poor 2nd half showing, I think it will only harden the resolve of the FO to make big changes this offseason.

  11. Defense got overwhelmed but those guys are not starters. Kaep is a starter and didn’t help the cause by running out of bounds like an idiot. Would be nice to have timeouts but if yeah we burned them on the delay of game.

    1. NO CRAB #7 KILLS US AGAIN….FACE IT…He’s gone… to take a page from Bayarea’s book….If Kaeps here next season, I’m not!

  12. The defense was gassed. Why not give it to gore? He knows how to stay in bounds. Bad fumble on patton. Positive is Ellington. If he can stay healthy.

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