49ers vs. Chargers live blog: Pregame

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 16 game against the Chargers. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:25 The fans haven’t showed up yet. How many players on the offense do you think will show up? I say Colin Kaepernick and Anquan Boldin show up. After them, I’m not so sure.

3:28 The 49ers’ top candidate to replace Jim Harbaugh is Josh McDaniels, according to Chris Mortensen. Imagine replacing a coach whose career winning percentage is .705 with a coach whose career winning percentage is .393.

3:59 The 49ers’ inactives are Josh Johnson, Stevie Johnson, Tramaine Brooks, Carlos Hyde, Ahmad Brooks, Andrew Tiller and Joe Looney.

4:00 The Chargers’ inactives are Mike Scifres, Keenan Allen, Ryan Matthews, Greg Ducre, Damion Square, Ryan Carrethers and Cordarro Law.

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          1. Definitely not! Imagine going up against an offense with Gronk and Davis on the same team. That’s scary to say the least.

            1. If they release Davis, is there not a chance he’d end up with the Patriots anyway? They are in a different conference, better having him play there than in the NFC.

              49ers need a backup QB.

        1. You’d only do it if McDaniels gave him the tick of approval.

          But I’d prefer Garoppolo over pretty much any of the guys coming out in the draft this year.

            1. You’d never feel 100% comfortable in a trade for a QB that has attempted just 10 passes in the NFL. It would be entirely about projection.

  1. Gore gives the 49ers Faithful a show to remember.

    Mid…. I will be there crutches and pain and all for the finally next week. I have to see the legend depart in person.

  2. The 49ers’ top candidate to replace Jim Harbaugh is Josh McDaniels
    Holy crap, I think I’d rather hire Dennis Erickson back.

  3. Maybe Gran’ts memory is short or Cubus never went to the stick but that place was empty usually through the first quarter unless it was a Raiders game.

      1. When I had season tickets I went to ONE, one SF/Oak game and sold my tickets every other year. It wasn’t the quality of the people attending it was simply the quantity. I could drive from Pleasant Hill to my spot on the Western Hill parking lot in an hour usually max but it took almost 2.5 hours to make the same drive during the Oakland game.

        However outside of that and a Green Bay game I can remember the stands usually looking less then half full when most games started.

  4. What does it mean exactly if Colin “shows up?” Everyone predicts him to come out and have a big game but that just begs the question, where was that player that last half of the season? Does he really have the ability to turn in on when he wants to? God I hope not because I still have the same question, why turn it on now at the end when it doesn’t matter?

    It would make much more sense if Colin goes out and plays his usual inconsistent terrible way otherwise it’s just forces you to ask, is he only good when it doesn’t matter?

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