49ers vs. Chargers live blog: Third quarter

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers’ Week 16 game against the Chargers. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

7:15 The Chargers go three-and-out on their first drive.

7:16 The Niners go for it on fourth-and-2 from the Chargers’ 39. Greg Roman calls a sprint-right pass for Kaepernick. He tucks the ball and tries to run but Manti Te’o tackles him for a loss of two. Turnover on downs.

7:21 Leon McFadden has a head injury and his return is questionable.

7:21 The Chargers go three-and-out again. The Niners defense just fell apart without Reid.

7:26 Kaepernick throws over Patton’s head on third-and-8 and the Niners go three-and-out. Patton was running a zero-yard crossing route. Andy Lee punts from the end zone. Eddie Royal calls for a fair catch with no one remotely close to him.

7:30 Chris Culliver gives up a 25-yard catch to Malcom Floyd. News flash: Culliver still can’t defend the deep pass.

7:33 On fourth-and-6 from the 25, the Niners bring an all-out blitz and Craig Dahl gives up a 20-yard catch to Eddie Royal. Reid hardly moves the needle. Dahl really stinks.

7:35 Culliver takes one false step to his left and gives up a touchdown catch to Antonio Gates on third-and-goal from the 1. 28-14 Niners.

7:41 Greg Roman is calling a lot of weak-side leads and strong-side leads in this game. Haven’t seen much of that this season.

7:43 Marcus Martin is hurt again. Good draft pick.

7:46 Kaepernick completes a 63-yard TD pass to Vernon Davis, who runs over a defender on his way to the end zone. He looks healthy and motivated. But the play doesn’t count. Anthony Davis was flagged for illegal formation and Gore was flagged for a chop block.

7:48 Kaepernick scrambles in the pocket, holds the ball away from his body, gets hit, fumbles at the 5-yard line and the Chargers recover in the end zone. Touchdown. But there’s a flag, and Iupati is injured. Staley is flagged for illegal formation. Declined. 28-21 Niners with 3:26 left in the third quarter. After the play, Staley is flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. That’s a 15-yard penalty that will be enforced on the kickoff.

7:51 For the record, Trent Baalke drafted the brittle Marcus Martin over Tre Mason. Which player do YOU think will have a better career?????

7:52 Perrish Cox runs out of bounds at the Niners’ 6-yard line on the kick return.

7:53 Kaepernick sprints 90 yards for a touchdown. He shook Eric Weddle near midfield and dusted him on the way to the end zone. What a beautiful stride. What a beautiful knee lift. 35-21 Niners.

7:58 Cox gives up a 19-yard catch to someone named Inman.

7:59 Rivers throws pass No.3 right to a Niners’ defensive back. This time it’s Culliver. Interception. Credit the Niners’ defensive backs for catching passes thrown right to them.

8:01 Gore gains 8 yards on a counter run to the left and the third quarter ends.

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  1. Now you’ve got that Ellington quick handoff going. Make them think about that and hit the other side on a fake. Let’s see if roman would dare use it to an advantage.

  2. Play calling and use of a speedy WR. Now all I need to see is a screen pass and I will know Roman broke out the Madden 15 this week.

  3. Dontae Johnson does not move his feet well when trying to pursue/break down a ball carrier. Either that or he left his motivation back at the condo, which would be unexpected given his status

  4. Liked going for it, but did not like the call. Should have done play action, throw yo Bolden and if he is not open Miller. Step up in the pocket and run for third option.

  5. Good thing we have this big lead. Niners, Roman and Kaep just don’t know how to score it in 2nd half.
    I would like Kaep to throw a TD pass in the 4th quarter. That’s just a terrible stat to own.

    1. The troll is here. Ya know I’ve never seen you here before until this season. And it’s a year ck regressed, injuries piled up, play calling regressed, harbaugh turmoil. Now that you’re on here today. 4 and out. Not only are you a troll, but you’re a jinx of a troll.

        1. Smart: one who knows the offensive problems are due to numerous issues.
          Idiot: one who blames a single player for the offensive problems.

          Sounds like you Jinx since 2014

        1. Awwww Oregon… Is it hurting you that ck is playing well tonight.
          I know you and jinx since 14 are on the same page. But don’t ruin my jokes. Do you hillbillys know jokes?

          1. Kaep is 10-15 for 90 yards, still holds the ball way too long and scrambles and runs for yards instead of passing to open wrs. That’s a ball hog.

  6. I would expect Harbs to give the Blaine Witch Project some PT in the 4th qtr since the game means nothing. Ellington was held hostage all year by Roman/Harbs….. Maybe Blaine Witch can do some damage too……Free the witch!!

  7. Horrible start to the second half. Not a suprise. Does ck smoke a joint at halftime with roman?
    And the jinx troll is here now so bad things are bound to happen.
    Way to go Jinx since 2014

  8. 23J – Don’t you think the witch needs some playing time?…….Lets see what he’s made of……#7 has played well tonight but we need to see if the Blaine Witch Project has any game….Put him in during 4th qtr

  9. Regardless of the outcome, I’m not gonna feel good about this game unless we show some competency on the offense in the 2nd half.

  10. There are waaaay too many #85 and #15 jersey’s in the crowd at Levi’s……These fools have no clue what’s been going on all season….They are phony fans!!! Complete imbecile’s!!

  11. I’m guessing on the pass interference call the league gave Harbaugh some mulligans to use when he wants to make up for last week’s debacle.

  12. Refs bailing us out again…….BS calls!!….We got screwed all year by these clown refs when the games actually counted….Now we get cheesy calls ….LMFAO!!

  13. Get #7 out of there!!!!! He loves fumbling into the endzone, Rams game now this???……..Time for Blaine Witch Project……..Enough is enough.

  14. I just heard one of the announcers refer to Kaep as “multidimensional”. Unfortunately, one of those dimensions is turnovers.

  15. Ummmmm — look who can’t hit a open receiver. Says jinx since 14….
    Hits VD for a TD.
    Then runs 90 on that a**!
    Lol some unhappy 49er “fans” tonight.

    1. It’s the same kaep who holds the ball and scambles. Everu now and then he breaks a long run but meanwhile the rest of the time the offense sucks

  16. “For the record, Trent Baalke drafted the brittle Marcus Martin over Tre Mason. Which player do YOU think will have a better career?????”

    Good lord…

    1. He has to be trolling, and it’s just pathetic. Marcus Martin turned 21 on November 29, pretty sure he’s the youngest player in the NFL. But yeah let’s judge his whole career on what? A half a season?

        1. Baalke literally took the RB who was widely thought of as the best prospect in the draft a round earlier. You wanted him to double up? One season does not prove that Martin is brittle either.

          1. Hyde is averaging 4 yards per carry. Mason is averaging 4.3 yards per carry. Jeremy Hill is averaging 5 yards per carry.

            Baalke drafted Hyde over Jimmy Garoppolo.

            1. So? And the only reason you brought in Hill was because you knew Mason’s YPC doesn’t prove your point as well as you’d like it to. Worth noting that Mason’s YPC is heavily inflated by a beatdown of the Raiders. Would be at 3.9 ypc without it. Regardless you can find talented RBs throughout the draft, using a third round pick on a center who was the best center in the draft class was the right move.

              1. I preferred Hill before the draft. The Niners traded down to take Hyde.

                Much easier to find a center than a go-to-guy on offense.

              2. Not a go-to-running back, which like I said you could find anywhere. The best rookie RB, imo, went undrafted in Crowell.

    2. Scooter, just remember those words came from the same person who said this;

      “May 9, 2014 at 4:58 pm
      The Giants are going to regret passing on Aaron Donald for Odell Beckham.”

  17. For the record, Hyde will have a better career than tre Mason and we’ll find out about Martin when he strings some games together. Not going to judge him due to INJURIES.

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