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  1. Biggest surprises (at least to me)
    – Garnett possibly on “season ending” IR
    – Running back and receiver cuts not clearer after game. This has to frustrate Shanahan, who was likely hoping a bubble running back and receiver would emerge to seize the job.

    1. We’re dazzled by a preseason running back’s big plays, but its often the little stuff (blitz pick up, running the right hot route) that determine who gets cut.

      1. Most of Mostert’s big plays would probably not transpire against starters. He’s definitely playing at NFL-53 level and should ideally supplant Williams. However, with the O line looking unprepared for Shanny’s run game, wouldn’t he want one back to be very familiar with his run game. Hightower is Turner’s favorite RB.

        I don’t Lynch is being cut. He’s still young. It was not Brooks vs. Harold — it was Brooks vs. Lynch for the 53.

  2. Two potential starters (Smith, Garnett) out before the season even begins. Has to be a reality check for rookie GM/HC. Few factor depth when predicting win totals.

    1. That’s football. Smith being out only hurts our depth and Foster was going to eventually take his job. In some ways, it works out better, because Foster gets to show his stuff sooner. As far as Garrett, I think that the jury is still out on him. Lynch brought in a new guard for only a 5th round pick in the 2019 draft to replace him, (Laken Thomlinson) who is still young and might turn out to be a better player than Garnett. If the 49ers get injuries at the same rate that they did last year, they are screwed and aren’t going to win many games. The good thing is that they will be drafting early and with 5 picks in the 1st 3 rounds and 7 in the first 4 rounds, in the 2018 NFL draft. 2018 will be the year that the 49ers will emerge as a contender. I’m hoping that Hoyer will continue to play well, this year and beyond. Not having to use a lot of draft capital on a franchise QB means that they can build the other position groups. Shanahan can always pick a QB later and try to develop them, a la C.B. Beathard.

      1. ” If the 49ers get injuries at the same rate that they did last year, they are screwed and aren’t going to win many games.”

        IMHO, they won’t win many games either way. Strength of schedule will determine that, as well as still-gaping holes at important positions, and new offensive and defensive schemes. And every team in the NFC West got stronger this offseason. Niners have been picked 4th in the division.


    “Returning two isn’t just enough,” Shanahan said. “It’s got to be everything else you do. How much can he help at receiver. Is he the punt returner, the kick returner? And what does the rest of the 53 look like.”

    Shanahan not only made a note of the interceptions but Jackson’s experience in the league and his special teams contributions, which could be key to a roster spot.

    Williams’ ball security issues are a concern. Said Shanahan: “If you can’t hold onto the ball, it’s tough to play in this league. He’s had a few of them, so that definitely is alarming. It’s something we have to get fixed.”

    1. More from the above link.

      Shanahan said Tomlinson will be worked in at both guard positions to try seizing a starting role at either one

    2. Sounds to me like the 49ers are setting the stage to put Williams on the PS. Who’s going to want a guy on their 53 who wasn’t on most team’s draftboards and now has a case of fumbleitis.

        1. I don’t think so at this point Brody. After cutdowns, the pats should be able to pick from multiple players with similar abilities to Kerley. He is a good player but not really one worthy of a draft pick with so many similar options available.

        1. I don’t think what Kerley did this preseason matters much. Kerley is an NFL veteran with plenty to see on tape. He led the 49ers in receiving last year, even though there can be a few arguments to be made about that. Did he lead them in receiving because they had no other decent receivers? Maybe. On the other hand, wouldn’t that make it tougher for him because other teams focused on him more? According to some, he had a bad quarterback last year. So Kerley is established as an NFL receiver. He’s steady and not spectacular.

          If Kerley is gone, I suspect Aldrick Robinson will move into the slot. He can play that position and his speed, in addition to Goodwin’s will give opposing defenses fits! This would open a position for Bolden. I firmly believe that Bolden and Bourne will eventually go on to have successful NFL careers, whether it’s with the 49ers or other teams.

      1. I’m sure they’ve shopped him a bit. If I were the Niners, I’d make known that I was shopping Kerley to the most dangerous divisional rival of the Pats, just to get them seriously to the negotiating table.

    1. Niner 53
      QB- Hoyer, CJB
      OL- Staley, Tomlinson, Kilgore, Fusco, Brown, Theus, Beadles, Flynn, Gilliam
      WR- Garcon, Goodwin, Aldridge, Kerley, Taylor, Bolden
      TE- Celek, Kittle, Hikutini
      RB- Hyde, Breida, J Williams, Mostert, Juszczyk
      DL- Armstead, Mitchell, Buckner, Tank, Dumervil,Thomas, DJ Jones, Dial, Blair
      LB- Harold, Watson, Bowman, Coyle, Foster, Armstrong, Lynch
      CB- Robinson, Johnson, K Williams, Witherspoon, Jackson
      S- Ward, Reid, Tartt, Jerome
      ST- Nelson, Pinion, Rose
      Garnett on IR with designation to return mid season.
      Paulsen waived because Hikutini will be picked up if waived, and they need pass catching TEs. Both Celek and Kittle are adequate blockers. Hightower caught in a numbers game. Barkley waived to save a spot for another WR. Blair out competes C Jones. Lynch hangs on by the skin of his teeth.
      Bolden and Jackson won spots because of their play on the field.
      Potential players to be traded away – Beadles, Kerley, Mostert, Dial, Lynch.
      They would possibly be bundled to get as high a draft pick as possible, and traded away to make room to pick up players from the cutdown list. Maybe bundle Beadles, Kerley and Mostert to the Colts for Frank Gore. Maybe send Dial and Lynch to Fangio for a 5th round pick.
      If they manage to trade away 3 players, the Niners should poach a DB from the Seahawks or Cards, an O lineman from the Cowboys, and a player from the Pats, who have good assessment skills.

      1. I will not even hazard a PS guess because there will be over a thousand players to choose from. Hope Mayhew and Peters have been doing their homework.

      2. But, But, what about your man Barkley….You said he would beat out Hoyer, then backpeddaled on that one once you saw which way the wind blew, and restated, “at some point this season I expect Barklely to beat out Hoyer.

        You’re a precious gem, Seb. Coupled with your 200 mock drafts and reneging on your roster predictions, that takes a special kind of loser, and you, Sir, are a liar and a loser.

        1. TrollD, please keep up. I changed my mind about Barkley once he started throwing picks in TC. I have every right to change my mind when confronted with new facts.
          Your infatuation with me is what is really sick, and calling me a liar makes you the biggest loser.
          Of course, your fantasizing about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares is what is the most disturbing thing about you. Please seek help.

    1. No. He couldn’t keep his number while playing at the same time as Mullens. And they weren’t going to give Mullens #83.

    2. I answered your question before I saw that Balthazar already covered it. I wish that it did mean something because I want Bolden to make the team!

  4. Nice going Grant! I love these Periscope reports. I just can’t seem to be able to catch them live. Maybe once the regular season starts, you will be able to do them on a schedule. I enjoy watching the replay but I guess if everyone was watching it, the questions would all go flying by!

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. During Mike Holmgren’s time, the Packers used to pick a QB just about every year. They’d train them for a couple of years and showcase them, eventually trading them for draft picks (much higher picks than they originally were). Holmgren ran a QB factory. He drafted and traded QBs like Mark Brunell (drafted in the 5th round, traded 2 years later for a 3rd and a 5th rounder). Holmgren drafted Matt Hasselbeck in the 6th round and he was eventually traded for a 3rd rounder and the Packers moved up from 17th to 10th in the 1st round. Other teams would know that Holmgren was a QB guru and the player they were getting would be well trained. I think Kyle Shanahan is looked at in the same way. This can be a weapon for the 49ers as a way to improve their draft stock. Once the 49ers can get set and fill all of their holes, (maybe as early as after the 2018 draft) KS might be in a position to do that with QBs.

  5. I was appalled with all the celebratory head slapping. I stand with Sebbie; striving to end this barbaric practice which inevitably leads to head injuries.

  6. CJ there is a lot to like about you, but after the first two games you have regressed. I think its more of a head thing then a skill thing. Last game you were throwing too high and this recent game you were too short. We see how tough you are and we also see how well you hang in the pocket, and you surprised us with your legs, its your arm at this point that comes into question. Still have lots of hope for ya.

  7. Mahomes is going to be a good QB. He had a very good preseason, not perfect but pretty darn good. Now that he has a taste of NFL speed under his belt he can spend this season watching and learning. When he steps onto the field next year as their starter he’ll be ready.

    1. Reid has already fallen in love with the potential he has with this kid. Going to be hard for him to keep him on the bench if the Chiefs struggle offensively like they did at times last year. He should fight the urge to play him but it’s tough when you see just how big the talent is.

  8. Watching to see who Lynch and Shanny bring in from the 1200 plus cuts in the next few days will be interesting. DB and offensive linemen top the list. Reaser and Aaron Lynch need to go. My prediction for this season: 4 wins, 12 losses.

      1. If Hoyer is the QB, I hope never to see a RO, because he cannot execute that play.
        However, I saw it run many times with the Seahawks, and they were successful doing it. Of course, they have fast, mobile QBs. It was also illuminating to see it run in many other preseason games, so despite the pundits declaring it is a passing fad and obsolete, that strategy will continue to be employed in the NFL.

        1. I’ll take KS’s non-RO offense, which averaged 2 more TDs per game than SF’s “fast, mobile QB” oriented scheme last season. Get Sunday Ticket, you are free to enjoy watching those RO teams you enjoy so much.

  9. How Seb picks his 49er players:

    1. Post that Barkely will beat out Hoyer.
    2. Once you see which way the wind blows after a few weeks (Hoyer and Barkley are neck and neck in competition) a restatement of Seb’s position: “Well, at some point this season I expect Barkley to beat out Hoyer.
    3. When it’s clear to everyone who the better QB is (3rd preseason game) backpeddal on you restatement and say I predict that Hoyer will starter position.

    4. Go back to preparing 2018 mock draft # 199, to be submitted sporatically throughout the winter and spring, then when the 49ers pick one of you 2,000 mocked players, claim prophetic powers.

          1. See Seb, you came on this blog with the wrong attitude and bravado.
            Now the board ridicules you relentlessly.
            You reap what you sow DA!

  10. I believe in posting the truth. Some say it’s more tactful to tell a lie to spare the person’s reputation, but since you no longer have one to obsess over, I knew you wouldn’t mind.

  11. The Victor Bolden debate.

    Not since KR/WR, Ron Brown of the 1980’s LA Rams have I seen a more talented kick returner.

    The question is, do we give up a roster spot for a special teams player and possible work him in as a WR during the season.

    Mostert has certainly earned the right to a roster spot….

    So Shanahan must weigh his options with an eye toward the 53, and who impacts it the long voyage, aka, the 2017 NFL season.

    I believe Bolden has earned a roster spot for these reasons:

    1. Good Field position in the NFL can not be overstated…..Imagine going up against the 12th man in Seattle and starting out from the 10 yard line near those backside bleachers…..Remember what a house of horrors that has been throughout the years.

    Well, a player of Bolden’s calliber can clear those bleachers with a decent kickoff return and getting the ball out to the 35, 40, or even take it all the way.
    From the 35 or 40 you are no longer within shouting distance of those bleachers and have only the sideline seats to worry about effecting your snap count.

    Also, we are a rebuilding team. As the season wears on, maybe Bolden could turn into something special, negating the need to draft that position high next season.

    Those are just a few thoughts, and would like to hear your’s.


    If Williams was the undrafted signee and Matt Breida was the fourth-round pick, the 49ers would be releasing Williams this weekend — without question.

    Williams, on the other hand, fumbled twice against the Chargers on Thursday. He isn’t a strong receiver. He hasn’t been consistent. Couple that with the fact that Raheem Mostert is a special teams ace capable of making big plays and the evidence is just piling up against Williams. Lynch’s initial thought process of keeping him off the draft board probably was the right play for the 49ers.

    The question becomes if you keep Williams, will he even be active on game day?

    He also showed up out of shape during spring workouts – after Lynch had already red flagged his love for football.

      1. I hope Bolden makes the team. Same with Pita. The problem is that they would probably have to go with two QBs and 3 HBs to make it happen, unless they move Kerley. Should be an interesting day.

        1. Pita is raw, and a good candidate to make the PS, Think they will risk waiving him. Bolden would probably be snatched up quickly, so they should keep him on the 53.

          1. “Bolden would probably be snatched up quickly, so they should keep him on the 53.”

            I think that’s the case for Pita too. Every team needs people who can get to the QB.

            1. I think there will be many other players who are more polished than Pita. Of course, I could see Seattle picking him up like they did with Garrison Smith.

    1. No Chance, as in ZERO possibility, zip, zilch, nada!

      Williams is on the team! Why so tough on a rookie when we’ve seen this movie play out over, and over, and over again over the years. Some rookies take a while to get comfortable with the offense, their role, and shake their nerves. Jerry Rice struggled in training camp his rookie season, thinking too much. He admitted as much. Came on strong only late in the season. Good thing the 49ers didn’t give up on #80 after 4 preseason games, or however many they played back then.

      If you’re cutting a 4th round pick you pounded the table for, after 4 preseason games, you’ve got problems!

      1. I agree with that. The fumbling is a problem, but Williams has shown a proficiency for picking up this system quickly, and is the fastest back they have, so no way they should cut him imo.

        1. Here’s why I think they risk him to the PS:

          1) Most teams did not even have Joe Williams on their draftboards.
          2) He’s had a lackluster performance during the preseason and is cementing his reputation as a fumbler. This reinforces item 1) above.
          3) KS essentially just called him out in his post game presser for fumbling.

          I think they might be attempting to set up a situation where no one else will want Williams and he can be cut and then resigned on the PS. Always a risk, but I haven’t seen anything from him to warrant a roster spot on this team.

          1. I missed one other reason. Williams is perceived by many as Shanahan’s pet player and I’m sure that is not lost on the other players. What kind of a message does it send to the rest of the team when you preach iron sharpens iron and a meritocracy but then keep a rookie who hasn’t performed. I say risk him to the PS.

            Finally, remember that Lynch didn’t really want Williams and had to have his arm twisted to pick up the phone to call him.

          2. cubus,

            I have to disagree on what we’ve seen from him. It’s been against backups, but his talent has been quite evident to me and his speed is a difference maker. You never want to see somebody fumble but I don’t think you cut a talented player based on that alone. My guess is they will use this year to work on his security problems and likely keep him inactive on game days to start the season.

  13. Sebbie… Are you the groundskeeper for Levis Stadium? If not, did stadium management contract with you to install the turf? It looked horrible last night–just as in prior games.

    1. I have not set foot in that mausoleum, and do not plan to.
      Sod needs time to grow and knit together. Replacing sod after concerts will just keep the same results; that is, more divots.
      Actually, I did not see that it was as horrible as you thought it was. Divots are actually normal, and provide less strain on the knees and ankles when they occur. Rather see a divot than an ACL injury.
      I did not see players slipping and losing their footing.

      1. Excellent point Seb. My problem with this grass surface is that it’s SLOW. But, on the flip side, less knee/leg injuries when the grass is soft enough to break lose. It’s a fine line, and while I’ll admit it could be better, it’s hardly the disaster it’s been in the past. It doesn’t look fantastic, but it plays better than artificial turf, IMO.

        And much better when compared to the Stick in December/January! Of course, the stick was below sea level, and on the coastline of the bay, so it was naturally always a problem late in the year. Yet, they were still smart enough not to install artificial turf!

  14. Joe Staley won’t play in the 49ers’ preseason finale Thursday, but the left tackle’s knee injury is not a long-term concern , Coach Kyle Shanahan on Monday.

    “You could tell he caught it a little bit on the turf,” Shanahan said. “I think it scared him more than anything.

    Turf problems (but not traffic problems) at Levi’s Stadium for soccer matches
    Posted by Mike Florio on July 27, 2017, 9:47 AM EDT

  15. Fans,

    Turf maintenance is such an overwhelming issue that the Santa Clara mayor sued the 49ers for their turf maintenance records……To date, the 49ers have not submitted the records.

    Grass at $1.2B Levi’s Stadium is falling apart for second year in a row
    No one can seem to figure out to grow and maintain natural grass at the 49ers new stadium in Santa

  16. Final 53 man roster prediction which will be wrong but best I can do at this point. I agreed with Eric Branch’s predictions for the most part and stole his template because I’m lazy. I am truly confused as to why Lynch was thrown out there well into the 4th quarter as he has performed very well throughout the preseason, but I’m going to go with him making it at this point because cutting him would make no sense. I’ve also got Bolden making it due to the explosive return skills, but obviously that is far from a given with Taylor also able to be the PR. It’s a toss up between Reaser and Jackson for the 5th CB job and Jackson has been the better of the two in preseason imo. Colbert makes it because he’s flexible being able to play both CB and S, and will be a ST’s fixture.


    Brian Hoyer; C.J. Beathard


    Carlos Hyde; Matt Breida; Joe Williams; Raheem Mostert, Kyle Juszczyk


    Pierre Garcon; Marquise Goodwin; Aldrick Robinson; Jeremy Kerley; Trent Taylor, Victor Bolden

    TIGHT END (3)

    George Kittle; Garrett Celek; Logan Paulsen


    Joe Staley, Trent Brown, Daniel Kilgore, Brandon Fusco; Laken Tomlinson; Zane Beadles; Erik Magnuson; John Theus; Gary Gilliam (Garnett will be listed instead of Gilliam until he is put on IR)


    NaVorro Bowman; Reuben Foster; Ray-Ray Armstrong; Brock Coyle, Eli Harold; Dekoda Watson


    DeForest Buckner, Arik Armstead; Tank Carradine; Elvis Dumervil; Solomon Thomas; Earl Mitchell; D.J. Jones; Aaron Lynch; Quinton Dial


    Rashard Robinson; Dontae Johnson; K’Waun Williams; Ahkello Witherspoon; Asa Jackson

    SAFETY (5)

    Eric Reid; Jimmie Ward; Jaquiski Tartt; Lorenzo Jerome; Adrian Colbert


    K Robbie Gould; P Bradley Pinion; LS Kyle Nelson

    1. Rocket,

      Are the 49ers showcasing A. Lynch for a trade. They played him in the 4th Qtr the two previous games also ?

      V-Mac was showcased similarly to Lynch and was traded.

      1. Could be Tom, but my question would be why? They don’t have much at the edge rush/Leo spot and Lynch has been very good in the preseason.

    2. Ha! Ours are very similar Rocket! I am with you on Lynch because of his consistent pressure. I like Taylor and think Jackson may have thrown Reaser out of contention as well. Colbert’s flexiblity and ST play I think earns him a nod. I had Pita make the squad though too.

      1. Yes very close. Great minds or something like that?

        Pita could make it, but I just see way too many holes in his game at this point. He is a prime PS candidate but could be claimed. I’d risk it but the Niners may not. I think they go with 9 OL due to the injury risk and lack of candidates for the PS.

    3. Rocket,
      Behind Hyde, your RB backups, not counting the OW, have a total of one NFL carry between them (courtesy Eric Branch), and pass pro experience to match, I suppose. How do you feel about that?

      1. Mood,

        Not ideal, but RB is a position where young players can adapt quickly. I am not a fan of Hightower and he’s done nothing to change my mind, so if you keep him at the expense of a younger and better player, it’s a mistake imo. In a year where they are just trying to build the roster and develop young players, I would not worry too much about experience at the RB position.

  17. Final 53

    QB 2

    I don’t think that Barkley is kept on the roster. If anything they pick someone of waivers to put in PS

    RB 4

    Mostert to PS

    FB 1

    WR 6
    11-Kerley – may be traded?
    13 Bolden Jr or Burbidge still a bit unsure one to PS probably latter unless Kerley traded

    TE 3
    14-Kittle – I was clearly wrong here
    15- Paulson
    16- Celek

    Offensive Lineman 8
    20-Tomlinson -Guard –

    Garnett to IR

    DL 9
    33- DJ Jones

    LB 7

    Safeties 5


    51-Gould – Kicker
    52-Pinion- Punter
    53-Nelson- Long Snapper –

    1. # 80,

      If Ozzie Newsome (consistently one of the NFL’s premier GM’s) cuts you, then some credence has to be given to the 49er FO for the same, suggesting the Tomlinson signing could work out.

    1. I wanted the Niners to have traded him back to the Ravens, because the Ravens had a huge need at center, so they might have gotten a draft pick, instead of nothing.

  18. I think Flynn makes the squad over Magnussen because he played center all last game.
    Hikutini over Paulsen, because he has more upside.
    I liked Colbert, but could not find a roster spot for him.
    Hope they do not pull another Garrison Smith and lose out on Blair.
    I think Rose has out competed Gould because he has longer range, and Gould is not known for his deadly accuracy.

    1. Do you think Joan, in payroll is successful in her attempt to become head of Paraag’s
      Dept.? And will this be interpreted by Marathe as a coup ?

    1. Yes, that first fumble was more Mullen’s fault, and his running skills will offset his tendency to fumble. Maybe he just needs to work out more and get stronger, so they cannot rip the ball away.
      I agree, KS will not give up on JW. However, with his fumbling propensity, they may risk waiving him to put him on the PS, and save his roster spot for another TE or WR.

      1. Kyle was very candid about Joe’s fumbles calling them “alarming” and “making it hard to play RB in the NFL”. I still would love to have seen him play against the 1’s like Hyde and Hightower. I think the 5.2 YPC is misleading because he’s playing against guys who won’t be in the NFL this season. I think despite his great talent there must be some obvious wholes in his game or we would have seen him with the 1’s. Pass blocking is probably number 1. He’s cocky, I wonder if he’s teachable?

  19. I surmise that the Niners will obtain at least 5 players from the other teams to help fill out their PS. They should target playerswho were playing behind Pro Bowlers, and players from Playoff teams.

    1. They will pick up 5 players for sure but the guys you’re talking about are second string players not practice squad players. I would say pick players from teams who have a surplus at the positions of need and teams with salary cap issues who can’t afford to keep other talented players on the roster.

        1. I believe the 49ers are still not happy with their DB’s and OG’s…. those areas will be targeted 1st, as Carolina is similar to Denver with it’s stalwart D-Linemen, capable of collapsing pockets, and everyone knows the quickest way from pt. A to pt. B is a straight line thru the guards to the QB.

  20. Matt Maiocco‏Verified account @MaioccoNBCS 28m28 minutes ago

    #49ers announce Laken Tomlinson reported to team and passed his physical. Trade that sends a 2019 fifth-round pick to Detroit is official.

  21. Tomlinson is scheduled to spend a lot of the day working with offensive line coach John Benton and assistant offensive line coach Adam Stenavich so enters the guard competition Friday.

    “They’ll start trying to teach him our scheme,” Shanahan said following the 49ers 23-13 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers…

    “It’ll take until Saturday to get him out on the field with us and we’ll do a little bit Monday. Then we’ll jump into our normal Wednesday and have a normal week after that. It’s a lot to put on a guy to expect him to be ready week one. But we’re going to go at it as hard as we can. We’ll see where he’s at each week.”

    Tomlinson played primarily at left guard the past two seasons with the Lions. But he will see practice time on both sides, Shanahan said.

    “In this league you’ve really got to be both guards,” he said. “We’re going to work him at both of the spots, but wherever he can find a starting positon, that’s where he’s going to try to go.

    1. A report on KNBR showed the 49ers were aware of Cleveland’s pending release of CB, Hayden, before it happened…..The report went on to say that the 49er FO is completely aware of who will be released on Saturday, and are ready to pounce on those players targeted and have underlined them as of now.

  22. Williams’ has a propensity for fumbling. It happened in the preseason. It happened in camp. It happened in college. The question John and Kyle have to ask is, will it happen in the pros.

    There’s a good chance he makes it to the PS. He’s a fumbler that left his college team. I know, his sister, but that was almost a decade before Joe walked away.

          1. No other RB on the roster has a burst like Williams. They drafted him in the 4th knowing there would be some issues to fix and there is but the talent is obvious and I can’t see them cutting him and risk losing him.

  23. So much for the Matt Barkley will be starting this year for the 49ers train. Some people have serious arm chair GM deficiencies. Lol

  24. Wow – all the focus seems to be on the offense. OK, Shanny is an offensive genius (I mean that). That said, I am concerned that our D is being taken as a given. Saleh’s inexperience and our pass defenders are nothing but a big ??? right now. Right now I’m fairly certain that can score enough to get a lead (like Chip did). The issue when we start adding up the wins is can our D keep it. I need to see more before I start placing my bets.

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