49ers vs. Chiefs live blog: First quarter

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the first quarter of the 49ers’ Week 5 game against the Chiefs. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

1:23 The 49ers win the toss and defer.

1:25 Chris Borland tackles Knile Davis at the Chiefs’ 20 yard line on the opening kickoff.

1:34 Alex Smith completes a two-yard touchdown pass to Travis Kelce. 7-0 Chiefs. Smith was six-for-eight for 61 yards on that drive. Anthony Fasano caught three passes for 32 yards and Junior Hemmingway caught two passes for 27 yards. Ahmad Brooks was flagged for a neutral zone infraction in the red zone. The 49ers generated zero pass rush all drive.

1:37 Bruce Ellington takes off from the back of the end zone and runs 33 yards before getting tackled at the 49ers’ 28.

1:45 On third-and-5 from the Chiefs 13, Kaepernick stares down Stevie Johnson who’s running a quick slant. Kaepernick throws it to him and Ron Parker dives and almost picks off the pass. Phil Dawson makes a short field goal and the score is 7-3 Chiefs. Vance McDonald was wide open in the end zone on the left side of the field but Kaepernick never saw him. Earlier in the drive, Kaepernick threw blindly to his left to Boldin who was running an out route. The Chiefs’ cornerback jumped the route and might have intercepted the pass if it had been accurate. Kaepernick threw a grounder.

1:48 Chris Cook tackles Knile Davis at the Chiefs’ 13 on the kick return.

1:52 Jimmie Ward gives up a 7-yard catch to Junior Hemmingway on third-and-four from the Chiefs’ 19.

1:54 Alex Smith rolls right and completes a 12-yard pass to Anthony Sherman on third-and-12 from the Cheifs’ 24.

1:57 The Chiefs gain 19 yards on back-to-back-to-back runs and then the first quarter ends. The Chiefs face second-and-7 at the 49ers’ 45 yard line when the second quarter begins.

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    1. Prime,
      A.Smith looked very sharp on that TD series.
      Should be a good game but our defense will need to bring the pressure up front.

    1. You can’t blame getting cute for costing us the TD and then in the very next sentence mention how if the execution was adequate it’s a TD.

  1. Man Ward’s instincts that he showed in college just aren’t showing up right now. More than a couple plays where he was slow to react in zone

  2. We need to man up across the board, Mix it up with the number of safeties are free, and blitz. Like everyone has said, force him to throw deep.

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