49ers vs. Chiefs live blog: Fourth quarter

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 5 game against the Chiefs. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:39 Gore gains two yards up the middle and it’s third-and-1 from the 49ers’ 29.

3:39 Hali and Poe knock back Gore for no gain on third-and-1.

3:40 Fake punt. Direct snap to Craig Dahl who rushes up the middle for 3 yards.

3:40 Ellington gains nothing on a fly sweep on first down.

3:41 Kaepernick throws deep and out of bounds for Boldin on second-and-10.

3:42 Kaepernick throws it up deep to Lloyd who jumps and catches the ball over Sean Smith for a 29-yard gain on third-and-10.

3:44 Hyde gains no yards up the middle and it’s third-and-10 at the Chiefs’ 18.

3:45 Kaepernick complets a 9-yard pass to Boldin over the middle. Fourth and 1.

3:45 Dawson makes the 27-yard field goal and the score is 19-17 Niners with 8:42 left.

3:48 Davis returns the kickoff to the Chiefs’ 23.

3:52 Smith completes a 9-yard pass to Bowe on second-and-10.

3:52 Brooks knocks down Smith’s pass on third-and-1.

3:53 49ers’ ball at their 32 with 7:10 left after the punt. 36-yard punt.

3:54 Time to grind the meat.

3:55 Kaepernick play fakes and throws deep for Lloyd on first down. Sean Smith knocks the pass away.

3:56 Ellington runs a ghost end around. Kaepernick hands the ball to Gore who gains 13. Very good play.

3:57 Hyde gains 2 yards up the middle on first down.

3:57 Kaepernick scrambles for 9 yards on second and 8. First and 10 at the Chiefs’ 44.

3:59 Kaepernick completes a 7-yard pass to Derek Carrier on second-and-8.

4:00 The 49ers are flagged for illegal formation on third-and-1 but the Chiefs decline the penalty because they stopped Gore for a one-yard loss on the play.

4:01 On the field goal, the Chiefs are flagged for having 12 men on the field. Are you serious? First and 10 at the Chiefs’ 31.

4:02 Gore runs around the left side for 8 yards on second-and-7. First down at the Chiefs’ 20. The Chiefs take their first timeout with 3:31 left.

4:05 Hyde explodes up the middle for 10 yards on first down and the Chiefs use their second timeout. First and goal at the 10.

4:06 No gain for Hyde on first and goal and the Chiefs use their final timeout.

4:08 Kaepernick play fakes and runs a bootleg to the left and loses 2 yards but stays in bounds.

4:09 The 49ers call their first timeout facing third-and-goal from the 12 with 2:21 left.

4:10 Kaepernick rolls right and throws too high for Boldin in the end zone. Fourth down.

4:11 Dawson makes the 30-yard field goal. 22-17 Niners with 2:12 left. Phillip Gaines was an inch away from blocking that kick.

4:14 Touchback.

4:15 Too funny. Andy Reid calls a pass for A.J. Jenkins on first down. Chris Culliver breaks it up. On second down, Reid calls a shot play to Anthony Fasano, one of the slowest players on the field. That’s the second time Reid called a shot play to Fasano in this game. Smith over throws him and Cox intercepts the pass. 49ers’ ball at the Chiefs’ 41.

4:18 Kaepernick takes a knee. The 49ers will win 22-17.

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    1. You guys know that I wrote in defense of the choice of Kaep over Alex, but I always also mention variables and extenuating circumstances. Alex is not the type of QB that can move a team down field fast. Doing that takes him out of his comfort zone. But in this case he had to take chances with so little time left. An interception under these circumstances is not as bad as one with more time on the clock. A lot of QB throw interceptions under those circumstances. Although that was a bad throw being that his receiver didn’t have a real shot at it.

  1. Seems like a nice enough man, not the guy you want under center when the heat is on. Good luck rest of the year Mr. Smith. Like when you beat Seattle.

  2. Though we’re going to win today, I can’t say that I’m thrilled about it. If we didn’t have Gore and Dawson on the team, then we would potentially talking about why the team lost.

      1. MidWest ..

        if you take away the …. .. “____”
        (insert Grant Cohn-ism here ^ )
        The niners lose the game … !

        C’mon bud … 3 weeks from now ..
        you won’t remember the score .. all you’ll remember is the WIN !!

        Go NINERS

        (yeah… that’s right … I’m a homer … so what ?)

        1. Don’t get me wrong MWN. I’ll gladly take the win but, unlike last week, I don’t feel like we won this game but that the Chiefs lost it instead.

            1. They screwed themselves in their two losses Razor. The refs were terrible, but the bone-headed mistakes from the coaching staff on down is the main reason they are 3-2 instead of 5-0.

    1. Even though the brocons won, im not happy about it. If they didn’ t have Peyton and D Thoma, we would be talking about how they lost….. Wow, whats the point. We do have gore and Dawson, and we won!!!!! Wow, you people kill me daily

      1. The point is that we were going up against a an anemic secondary, run defense, and OL that we’ll probably face all season. We should have demoralized the Chiefs.

        1. I dont see it like that, the pats O is better than ours and look what they did to them, they held manning and the brocos to 20 points as well, so we played this one right, ran the ball converted 3rd downs and made alex smith a passer! Kept that offese thats exploded recently in check. Shoulda coulda wudda!?! Coversly we should be 5-0 if it weren’ t for 2nd half bad play calling…. Just sayin

  3. He’ll no. The Alex Smith I know! Look at those 2nd half stats. Choking when he has to throw more than 15 yards down the field! Check down chokejob!

  4. Both QB’s played terrible today. CK should have had 5 INTs. Alex didn’t test the 49ers safeties once.
    You can tell the 49ers coaching staff is taking the ball out of CK’s hands and going back to the 2011 philosophy.

    1. I’m okay with the that strategy we won. BUT, Roman needs to know when to call playactions and naked bootlegs. Gore should always carry the ball 15 times, AT LEAST. Run him into the ground.

    2. Sort of. V Davis is out and Crabtree played like he was about 60%. Chiefs entered the day on D averaging 5yds per carry. Its the game plan for the opponent vs. moving the ball out of Kap’s hands.

        1. He showed up on the injury reports this week:

          S Antoine Bethea (ankle)
          WR Michael Crabtree (foot)
          RB Frank Gore (back)
          DE Tony Jerod-Eddie (shoulder)
          P Andy Lee (right ankle)
          DE Justin Smith (not injury related)

          1. Once I could be wrong but I remember someone saying the Patriots would put people on it to play with teams psyche. But Crabtree is a troubled character to me.

            1. Its the same injury that sidelined him during the Eagles game. I believe the league has cracked down on all the ways the Patriots massaged the rules. He’s genuinely injured. Go re-watch the Eagles game. He out a bit massaging the arch of his foot. All the beat writers noted his reps at practice or lack of. That would be a pretty intricate play to keep him on the injury list and fake it at practice. It adds up, he only had 1 catch. He’s injured and a decoy. He’s not very reliable health wise.

    3. And that’s going to take the 49ers right out of the superbowl once they have to play outside in the playoffs as the 5 or 6 seed.

    4. Prime- Your a real joke. Best spin meister of all time. 5 interceptions lol. Couple balls were not on target. Defenders had a shot at a couple. The first one would have required a diving catch of a Kaep fast ball. Just because a defender gets their hands on a ball that does not mean it was almost intercepted. The player that had the best opportunity was the pass thrown to lloyd. And in that case lloyd made a great play. Something that has not been seen out of SF receivers for a while. Other QB’s also sometimes throw it up to allow their receivers to make plays but it is only considered a interception ball if it is done by Kaep. Since you pulled that 5 interception figure out of you ***** why not just make it 10?

    5. Alex Smith fails when he tests the other teams safety. The smart guys have said it over and over again on this blog. Alex Smith absolutely can’t throw the ball deep. Smith was 5-12 for a whopping 58 yards in the 2nd half. I guess the dink and dunk wouldn’t even work in the 2nd half. Pressure was and still is a bit much for Alex. Pressure will bust a pipe.
      KAP almost had 5 picks? What a joke. Now we’re playing the almost 5 pick game. Plays over 20 yards….. SMITH -0. Kap- 3.

  5. “Too funny”… As if you, Grant, think you’re smarter than Andy Reid. Now that is funny. What is really funny is that you think A. Smith is better than Kaep. That is funny!

      1. Numbers? Really? How about Intangibles? Or, how about completing a pass to the WR 15 yds or more downfield? Or, comparing a QB who has been playing in the league for 10 years to one who has barely 2 years (regular season games). Let’s talk numbers. Shall we talk playoff wins? Or road playoff wins? What numbers are you referring to?

        1. May I recommend Dal vs. Hou, 2nd half was exciting next to the NO/TBay game along with the Cle rallying game and the Carolina game, totally better then this contest. I wish CK was just throwing the ball, but each week, he disappoints me more and more. I couldn’t stomach the game. I knew some how the 49ers would just cheat to win.

        1. Really, and is E Mr. Erickson of his little 49er forum that doesn’t allow any 49er fans on there, just a bunch of Beavis and Butthead for 49er fans?

  6. Hard fought grind-out win today.
    The Chiefs were a formidable opponent and were in contention throughout the entire game. The huge bonehead mistake of having 12 men on the field at a critical time may have been the clincher for us.

    Not happy with our read-option plays because they’re timing were predictable and the Chiefs were ready for them.
    Pass blocking is still an issue but it made a small improvement today especially giving CK some time to make the big throws.

    For the first time ever, I will not be looking forward to Grant’ grades. His topic of Harbaugh picking the wrong QB cast a dark shadow on his credibility.
    I would rather see the grades by the bloggers.

    1. QB C to a D on the 49ers
      WRs Inc
      TE Inc
      Oline low C
      Dline probably a low B
      LB, stuffing Charles, probably A
      CBs, Mid C
      Secondary C
      Special Team, regretful A to have a K that Ks away potential QBs for having a good day out there.

      This game made me sick.

  7. Let’s see:
    Dal game
    NO game
    Cle game
    Panthers game
    Indy game
    Better results then this game. Thrilling moments from the Qbs. What did Smith and CK do today? put people to sleep. Mediocre. No slinging of the ball. No 300 yard game. Damn, even the Cal/Wash St was entertaining, had I been able to see it on real TV and not some Pac 12 what do you call it channel, but to see 2 QBs of that game throw a combined 1300 yards vs. 2 inept Qbs that only threw like 450 yards combined is unacceptable in the league. Games like this and fantasy football with Colin Kaepernick make me sick.

      1. KY 49er, if you want to go into a restaurant, order something and get less of it and enjoy it, that’s fine with me. That’s the W you can take. But if I go into a restaurant and I order something and I got less of something that I ordered specifically more of that was on the menu, I’d order that entree taken back and give me the entree I want that’s supposed to be served properly. This W was the worse W I have seen to have an inept RB, an inept Qb, INept WRs, inept defense, bad coaching, bad special teams. I saw 2 teams that didn’t care to give us a good game like NO/TB, DAl, HOu, Cle game, Car game, and even Buffalo was more entertaining then this one. I’m sure fans here wanted to see the SD/NYJ game rather then this one on CBS.

        1. Obviously you no nothing about football. Not all W’s are pretty, BUT that W was serve on a silver platter. Thank You Alex Smith. It was not pretty but football is not pretty. That’s why we watch. Turn you TV off if you don’t like it.

          1. That’s why I don’t watch the 49ers until they get rid of Harbaugh and CK, and stop feeding Gore the ball. This is not high school league. I don’t care if you think this Stanford like coaching works because it doesn’t. It’s like building a house that’s going to fall down with bad carpenter work. That’s what Harbaugh is doing, laying out the wrong foundation so that when the playoffs come, there go the 49ers and there goes Harbaugh because no way York fires the people in his back pocket in Paraathe and Baalke.

            1. You’re crazy. Alabama put three RB’s in the league by running this type of offense. College, NFL, it doesn’t matter. You have to run the ball to win. Ask Seattle(pains me to say that but it’s true)

            2. Jim Mora– So you won’t watch the Niner’s til they get rid of Harbaugh and CK and stop feeding Gore. This explains a lot. You don’t watch the games but still chose to comment on how boring they are and how bad the team performs. Many posters absurd comments about the team. BUT AT LEAST THEY WATCH THE GAME. If you want to go whine about how the team isn’t operating according to your personal desires than go talk it out with a shrink. This site is for people who actually watch the the things they comment on not a dumping ground for peoples personal problems.

      1. KC gave that game away next to the Eagles, and I would fire the coaching that designed this game plan only to lose on purpose to the 49ers in giving the game away. I say to the 6 coaches we go up against: you can’t beat the 49ers, you can’t come up with a game plan, you can’t get rid of Harbaugh, then you should all be unemployed to give games like this to the 49ers without a QB throwing 300 yards.

  8. And the stubborn monkey Prime. Who g all along and lacks the character to admit it.

    In the end Alex had to throw further Than a check down to win and he ckoked.

    Dunce list….

    1. That’s why fans like you should be banned if you’re going to behave like a tool on the forum. All CK has to do is stop kissing his bicep, throw more passes, throw deeper, have his WR run further, and get more yards. He needs to be like Brees that reached down and rallied his team to win 37 to 31 today. But no, the 49ers don’t want that kind of win.

        1. 11 more opponents, still can lose 11 times. I’m sure and hopeful Fisher is readying the Rams because if he can’t beat the 49ers, he can join Reid and Kelly in the unemployment line. By the one, my mom says you should get off the computer.

      1. You really seem to have an issue with Kaep kissing his bicep. I’d rather CK kiss his bicep after a TD than watching players get overly excited after just getting a first down.

        Let’s see, a Kaep TD (run) is followed by a bicep kiss. Humm, I can live with that.

        1. You rather see CK act like a real fool in kissing his bicep? Any kind of a celebration to me from any team should get 15 yard penalties. I guess Ck throwing for a high school is better then seeing a QB throwing for a pro amount. Remember, a lot of Qbs that have numbers like CK are not in the hall of fame for a reason.

      2. Hey DS (Jim), did someone let you out of the institution? It’s not your fault, but it’s a disease. You need to get back to seeking professional help.

    2. I don’t really think you can put that on Smith. Reid was an idiot to ignore Bowe, Kelce, or Charles on that drive and instead rely on A.J. (Gravity Always Gets The Best Of Me) Jenkins and Anthony (I Lost In A Race Against Molasses) Fasano.

      1. MidwestDynasty- That’s what I posted earlier. One has to consider the circumstances surrounding a play. Alex had to gamble. The odds of a QB starting at the twenty with that little time left are against him so he has to gamble. It was a bad pass but all QB are never perfect. I would hope that you would consider the circumstances and variables that Kaep has functioned under when you evaluate him as well.

    3. How about Frank Gore and Stevie J? Both guys you said were done or didn’t fit?
      You can have that dunce cap back creepy, I won’t be needing it!

      1. Yep, will be exciting when we have Brock back. If Cox keeps playing like this and Brock can come back and be in 2013 form then we have a really good CB tandem.

  9. Dan Kilgore had a nice game, made some power blocks. He’s better than some think.
    I must have been hallucinating, because I saw Frank Gore running wide for gains. Nah, couldn’t be.

    1. I wish people will give up the thought that Gore is done. I’ve never seen people talk bad about a guy who rushed for 1,000+ yards. I hope he gets another 1000 yards this yr. Love that dudes heart

  10. I must have been hallucinating, because I saw Frank Gore running wide for gains. Nah, couldn’t be.

    Two weeks in a row. But we have to remember that he’s done.

    Passing Cmp Att Yds TDs
    P. Manning 31 47 479 4

    Passing Cmp Att Yds TDs
    D. Brees 35 57 371 2

    Passing Cmp Att Yds TDs
    T. Romo 28 41 324 2

    Passing Cmp Att Yds TDs
    B. Hoyer 21 37 292 3

    Passing Cmp Att Yds TDs
    A. Davis 29 49 375 3

    Passing Cmp Att Yds TDs
    C. Kaepernick 14 26 201 1

    Passing Cmp Att Yds TDs
    A. Smith 17 31 175 2

    So, are 49er fans saying that Kaepernick had a really terrific day and these QBs listed were bad and shouldn’t have been passing and trying to rally their teams?

    1. Who said Kaepernick had a “really terrific day?” And did you watch the Saints game? Brees did more to lose it than win it. Some “fans” man.

      1. At least he rallied his team to win that game whereas the QBs we had were putting people to sleep. I saw some of the pan shots, lot of empty seats in that stadium. Wasn’t no 70,000 strong that’s for sure. I’m sure you were probably near 60,000 at the Who Cares Stadium with the Santa Clara Bores.

      1. Why don’t you play your madden and show me what you think CK can do? Go on, put CK against Alex Smith and see how you can coach both Qbs into throwing high numbers.

    2. When somebody, DS, takes such extreme measures to prove a point that nobody else is remotely concerned with, it’s obvious that DS still lives alone in his same mentally incompetent universe.

  12. Where’s Mud#100/100? You know he’d prepared some rambles to rub in Alex’s smack down of Harbaugh.
    But #99/100 is buzzing ’round the room.

      1. Razor CK played terrible today? How many picks could he have thrown, and he was rattled all 2nd half. You cannot say that CK was the better QB today, and if you can, have another cold one!

          1. What throws? You mean the one where he pivots and hands it off? Gotcha ya!
            Maybe Baalke is scheming towards getting some more weapons for that all inclusive spread offense. You saw glimpses of it today. Should be an all aerial attack next Monday. Hahah!

            1. Plenty of weapons Mr. Sanders. You sure you watched the right game? Do you even know who’s on this team? Maybe you were watching CFL….

        1. Prime I disagree. Ck played well enough to allow us to win. He could have played better and needs to improve but our line was not playing good pass protect on some of the specific plays so i do not blame CK for all the mistakes.

  13. Forget about Alex/CK. Frank Gore has averaged 18.6 carries in 49ers victories since 2011. He had 18 today, and is on a mission.

    1. Which is why I hate being a 49er fan if you’re not going to bother passing the ball. Hey, I got it, why don’t we just stick in our punter as Qb and all he has to do is hand the ball off, period, no need to pass as it’s the Frank Boring show.

      1. The only ones that think Frank Gore is boring are the ones wanting our QB to be Peyton Manning. You know, that QB that sucks in the playoffs.

    2. Frank the Tank! What did I tell you about taking deep strikes to Lloyd? They’ll have something to think about now Hammer!

          1. Chose? I don’t get a pick, I just watch the games but I still am laughing at how you think the 49ers are moving to a spread offense.
            Remember Mr. Eater, the last two victories look very similar to the team in 2011. Don’t mess with a winning formula!

            1. I’m laughing that you don’t think they will continue to use the spread when it’s to their advantage, but I’m laughing harder about the way you talked up Alex Smith over Kaepernick….

              1. Razor find a blog post of mine in the last 6 months where I talk up AS over CK. If you find one I’ll send you $100 cash. If you can’t, you send me $100 cash, deal?

              2. Where is that exactly? Crossroads with a QB who still relies on the run, a one route read and rockstar persona who wears head phones and sunglasses to press conferences. Yeah we are in such a better place!

                Your words not mine. That better place is called Winner. Little Alex Smith and his Chiefs are in a darker place, called the Losers section…..

              3. Come on Razor stay focused. Find the post where I talk up Alex over CK? Or maybe it’s time you try and find more evidence that the 49ers are moving towards a spread offense! Meanwhile our running game and offensive line are steamrolling!

              4. Razor, where is the part I talk up AS? Never mind you won’t find it. Keep pretending or should I say hoping the 49ers evolve to the spread offense.

      1. Razor,

        Yes you did, and like I said they would need to hit it to make a difference and they did.

        That third down throw to Lloyd was nice because Kaepernick at least gave him a chance to make the play. What a catch.

        1. The first throw to Lloyd I thought was even better. I hope they do a couple more of those a game just to keep the opposing D honest.

        2. Jack that throw to Lloyd was as close to a Hail Mary as possible. That was a big play, more fluke than anything but what killed KC was the 12 men in the huddle. That’s on their coaching staff.

          1. Yeah, but he gave Lloyd a chance to make a play instead of just throwing it away and was rewarded with a terrific catch.

            1. Jack, Watch that play over. Look at CKs footwork and the flinch before the throw. It looked like he was throwing it away and the defender made him change his angle.

              1. Yea, Kaepernick just got lucky, like the dagger to Johnson last week. Won’t happen again, and if it does, it’s just plain dumb luck. Yup, uh-huh…

              2. Other QB’s do this all the time. Cutler to Marshall, Stafford to Johnson, Romo to Bryant. If you have a receiver who can go up and get the ball you do this. It was a desperation play and it worked.

        3. Yea, on the second throw to Lloyd along the opposite sideline, he didn’t make the same throw. He didn’t give him the same chance on that one. Had he made the same throw, higher and deeper, I believe Lloyd would have come down with that one too….

        1. Yeah, situationally. I think today showed what their plan was in FA; just have a number of combinations for different games and situations. Nice to see both the FAs contribute today; 3 with Bethea.

    3. Come on Jack don’t make the same mistake that the talking heads make. Correlation =/= causation and it’s clear that when it comes to RB carries holding a lead leads to more RB carries, not the other way around.

      1. tkamB,

        The 49ers have shown a commitment to the running game the last two weeks and the results speak for themselves.

        Getting Gore, and Hyde today, going takes pressure off of Kaepernick and the 49ers D. This isn’t news.

        1. Not sure the penalties didn’t have a greater influence on the losses to AZ and Bears. It wasn’t the throwing and lack of running.

    4. BIIIINGO. And at first I didn’t think he would get those carrys today. I was going to find Roman in his boothe and and……

    5. But Jack Frank is done he can not run or do anything but just rush over 10K and rush over 100 yards for the second game in the row.

  14. Cal/Wash St
    2 Qbs combining 1300 yards passing, I kid you not, check the stats of the Cal/Wash St Qb.

    2 QBs combined for 375 yards.

    Which was more entertaining, to win 60 to 59 or to win 22 to 17 when your opposition gave you the game?

  15. Gee …
    Wasn’t this place nicer when we didn’t have Monkey and Mora
    (the Doublemint Trolls) .. around ?

    The maturity level goes down every time those two post

    1. Gee, wouldn’t it have been nice if Reid and Harbaugh actually allowed their QBs to morph into the Cal Qb and the Wash St Qb, threw the ball, the WRs having sick nos, game came down to a FG, and it was 60 to 59 49ers leading, KC to kick a FG, and they missed from the 19 yard line to end such a thrilling game after 5:30pm instead of 4:30pm? I’d be thrilled to see 2 Qbs throwing 1300 yards out there. But no, we can’t have that for that’s not conservative football. It makes fans like you happy to have no expectations.

            1. Well, least I don’t sleep with a Colin Kaepernick doll. I bet that scares away the girls doesn’t it? The Kaepernick doll to me is probably made up like Chucky the doll from the horror movies, tattoos, Undertaker like eyes, sunglasses from a motorcycle gang, and you probably got the doll to kiss the bicep, right?

              Really, act like a 5 year old, you get treated like one. Next.

          1. Gee, I’m starting to regret that the 49ers won this game. Maybe had they loss you would have jumped off a bridge.

  16. Composure and limiting mental mistakes (what actually cost us the 2 Ls). No drive killing penalties, for a change it was the other team with the dumb mistake. A++ in that regard.

    1. That was cheating to get the A plus for that game was a huge F in my opinion up and down the board. Two high school teams going at it, real bore fest.

      1. Ya know, Mora ..

        MOST people have the brains
        to know when their unwelcome …

        Why is it … you haven’t shown the ability
        to figure that out ?

        Ride the short bus much ?

        1. I can care less. It’s my 3:16 like opinion, don’t like it, who cares? I don’t watch the games, but I know what happened:
          Gore ran the ball
          CK didn’t pass much
          The WRs didn’t do anything
          Defense tried and didn’t give the game away
          Opposition gave us the game, which should get Reid fired
          and Alex Smith will be out of football in 2 years as he will never get a rematch vs. teh 49ers.

  17. I’ve always said Frank needs to touch the ball 15-20 per game. Then someone posted the statistic that when Kaep throws less than 30 times we win. Both of those happened and we won. That seems to be statistically where they both need to be.

    1. One of these years when we do play some real caliber opposition that has better coaching, better game planning, is going to plan to stuff Gore, to beat up CK, and then you tell me how you win games when Gore and our QB can’t do anything out there? Teams like Sea can prepare for both ways, that’s why they’ve stuffed Frank Gore and they’ll do it again next to Denver, next to NEw Orleans, and next to San Diego. Whatever you think works at home for Gore will FAIL on the road for you’ll have the bad weather.

      1. Last yr we beat GB and Car, on the road, in the playoffs, because of Kaep. Same thing would have happened if he would not have stopped running the ball in Seattle. I have no clue why I’m debating with you.

        1. What did Kap do in those games other then run like a chicken? Did he throw 300? Did his Wrs have 100 yards? I got no trust in CK as the Qb. He looks like he belongs in Chowchilla, he kisses the bicep, he puts on shades or talks like a tool to the media, he embarrasses the team. He will never ever amount to Montana or Young that both got the hall of fame, and CK should not ever even be considered for the hall of fame with numbers like that on the 49ers. He will never get back. He will never be the established Qb like Brees, Rodgers, Eli, Peyton, and other Qbs. He will amount to nothing on the 49ers. He did again, amounted to nothing, 175 yards, and you’d put this fool in the PRO BOWL?

            1. Alex Smith will be out of football within 2 years as he’ll never get a rematch with the 49ers that cheated him out of that win. Alex Smith is officially through as AFC West should be given to just Denver and SD that play a lot better then KC and Croakland.

            1. THEN I’M NOT FLIPPING HAPPY IN HOW THE GAME WAS WON, OK? I think the game planning was all wrong to involve just Frank Gore and NOBODY else. I’m amazed a QB like Peyton would throw the ball to 11 different players that a fan like you wouldn’t be satisfied as your QB is lucky to even throw to 3 players, and the stats those players get after a game, those stats are like lesser meat on a bone. I can’t see how any player that plays for CK is happy with the stats they get.

  18. Matt Maiocco or Grant Kohn?
    Matt Maiocco is the better writer. Face it. The press democrat picked the wrong writer.

    I was going to take the high road but I couldn’t resist. Please don’t take offense to this Grant. I enjoy your articles. You just left yourself open.

  19. If the 49ers are committed to running the ball, you know the receivers will complain that CK is not allowed to pass. No team can run the ball and get wins out of it. Harbaugh does not know how to coach if all he knows is Stanford stuff, not NFL stuff. KC should fire Reid after this game. Any coach that loses like that to the 49ers and doesn’t allow his Qb to lead, he should be fired.

    1. Careful buddy, I’m holding out two of my 3rd fingers right now at both the TV picture of CK and the computer screen. That’s OK though. My paper goes right in the recycling bin without it being read as I don’t want to read how good or great or average or whatever this game was that the W was so satisfying to the real suckers that fought the traffic to see it. I just hate the 49ers more then ever when they do things like this. All they had to do was let the QB pass the ball, period.

  20. “The 49ers need a consistent quarterback who doesn’t make big, game-losing mistakes.” – Grant Cohn, October 4th, 2014.

    What, like air-mailing an INT over his TEs head to lose the game today?

    1. Alex Smith should’ve won that game as he was robbed and he should’ve been allowed to pass more. Reid, Kelly, and Harbaugh are 3 of the worse coaches in the league that don’t let their Qbs pass the ball around.

  21. Much as I hate to buy the SF Chronicle, I’m going to see if any 49er made the top 10 sporting stat. I’m assured that CK will be rated next to last with the other QBs, the WR will be far below, maybe Frank Gore is the 5th rated rusher, and we should all be happy with that, right? Just remember, that game is going to come when Gore is stuffed, and CK can’t do anything and then what people?

  22. I think that one aspect that seems to have turned around is the Niner’s actually had some borderline calls go in their favor this game. That along with the other team being the ones to shoot themselves in the foot for once. It did not seem possible that the bad luck streak they were on could last too much longer. It’s about time that Lady Luck started to sit on the Niner’s bench for a while..

  23. can we please seriously stop interviewing CK? I rather put up with Kurt Warner talking about God then to have Ck talking about who he thinks he is next to kissing his bicep. CK needs to wear a suit, leave the glasses at home, quit wearing the ear things.

    NFL better do something about the officiating as the 49ers D got away with a lot of holding and bumping around the KC WRs out there. If the NFl doesn’t want another boring playoffs with the 49ers, they better fix the problems and fast.

    I expect a local blackout in St. Louis next week. Nobody wants to see the 49ers in St. Louis on MNF. guess I better watch Monday Night Raw next week.

    1. Hey, Mora …

      Your TV has ALWAYS come with … not one ..
      but TWO … “censor” knobs / buttons …

      One is the channel selector .. and the other
      is the on/ off switch …

      Once you climb off the short bus
      and hang up your bicycle helmet …
      maybe you should try to find them …

      Think of this exercise as an adventure in learning !

    1. I challenge you since I didn’t see the game, you tell me what made this game really exciting about the win. Tell me how exciting it was about Gore, about CK, about the coaching, show me what was really exciting about this game that I think was a total BORE and that fans would’ve enjoyed the SD/NYJ game a lot better then this.

      1. You honestly didn’t even watch the game? In the immortal words of Pete Carroll, “what’s your deal?”. You know you can still play your fantasy football without selecting 49ers players, right?

        If you are that desperate to see some aerial ping pong you should start watching Australian Rules Football. You’ll love it.

          1. What’s a troll? I’m just giving an educated viewpoint of a terrible game between 2 Qbs that were like 2 trains that crashed into each other and did nothing impressive out there.

            1. Dude, if you didn’t watch the game why are you spending time and blog space trying to make a case?
              You must be a big hit at family functions.

        1. 14 other QBs, or more, did better then Kaepernick. Funny thing, you put Kaepernick against the Cal QB Jared Goff that I knew from Marin Catholic football, I guarantee that kid would make CK look like a real tool out there. Any team that gets the Cal QB Goff, I don’t know if he’d want to go to the Raiders, but he could go to the Rams and Jared I guarantee would be better then Kurt Warner was and bring life back to the Rams.

      2. I come from the school of 3 yards and a cloud of dust. That ish excites. We whooped their arse up front. That’s what was exciting

        1. Just as I thought, you bring nothing to the plate about what was exciting about the game. All you said was like a 5 year old that liked something and doesn’t give a reason for why the 5 year old liked whatever it was. I know what the game was about: Run Gore, don’t bother passing, don’t play CK in your fantasy, defense, coaching, bad officiating, lucky to get win as your opposition gave you game, period.

              1. DS think your shrink would approve of you being back on here? It will take you back to that “bad” place lol.

              2. Defeating a pretender attracts the attention of a troll slut such as yourself. Get out of our house, bitch!

              3. Razor don’t let the little Alien with mental issues get you in trouble.
                DS is troubled….

              4. Bayareacreepatic, the 2 guys you dogged on,Gore and Stevie J were game changers today.
                My question to you pal is at what point do you admit you have no clue about football and stop looking like a horses arse?

              5. Wow prime… For a 49er fan you sure do sound upset today after this win bud. You gonna be alright bud?

      3. I come from the school of 3 yards and a cloud of dust. That ish excites me. We whooped their arse up front. That’s what was exciting

  24. Right you are about Colin Kaepernick. My game today was beyond better then his game. I did give our game to Dallas last week, but I didn’t give it away this week to Tampa Bay.

      1. I’m out of here as well. You 49ers fans should be ashamed of yourselves picking on another fine 49er fan in myself that feels a QB that threw 175 yards out there is NOT among the other Qbs out there. I’m going to watch Al Pacino, Scent of a Woman and think about flame throwers.

  25. What’s all this clamoring about me on the forum? Man, for 49er fans on this forum, you sure fight amongst yourselves quite a lot, especially after a game that the 49ers won. But I do agree that Colin Kaepernick didn’t do anything, and before you get into what I’m saying, read what is on NFL site about how Kaepernick did in the 49ers box score. Then look at the other games and how come Kaepernick did better then the other QBs?

    1. ^ … who the heck cares .. dummy ?

      A “W” is a “W” …

      but then you’re so dumb… you’d bi*ch about a free lunch !

      1. Couple of friends of mine on amateur radio are saying Kaepernick should be sitting on the bench learning about the 49ers system as he clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing. Soon as CK got what he wanted in his fat contract, he lost his desire to play. Somebody is clearly holding CK back from being like other QBs.

  26. Jim “Playoffs*&#$@???!!” Mora is the Zodiac Killer. I can tell by his coded writing style. He’s secretly watching the games and trying to motivate them by low-grading them to ‘help’ make the grades better in the upcoming games. No matter how mediocre they are, JM, they are really in the PLAYOFF mix. Get over it. Give them a C for once. They played a real good team and won.

  27. The only posters here who are more ignorant and stunted than Jim Mora are those who post reactions to him. Unfortunately some of you are feeding off of the same childish emotions. As for Mora, it’s clear he thinks he is watching basketball.

    Now that I’ve violated my own advice, I’ll shut up.

    Today’s game balanced on a razor’s edge all day long. I loved it. I also loved the way the team quit on their coach.

    1. And the ones who think getting along is more important than winning, are the same ones who are trying to sabotage this head coach….

  28. Jim Mora October 5, 2014 at 5:18 pm
    Thinking you’re a real fan much? Real fan to me doesn’t have to accept this kind of win.

    Lmao troll post of the month. Congrats you bet out Mary.

    As for the ck haters. Welp….. This was the Alex smith he’s always been. Scripted plays that fit the short range and low reading ability he has. It’s the same Alex smith. Without a first read without the script he crumbles. As soon as SF adjusted he tried a couple of times to go over the top of the zone and of course failed. That’s what lost his job vs NY in week three a couple of years ago. And when you need him to come through with a throw he’s usually on the money… For the other team. Bitter bitter Smtih fans. Couldn’t have ended in a better way. This should put an end to the ck vs smith garbage and smiths name all together. I’ve held back all week just so the players can do the talking themselves. Welp ck answered and smith didn’t. End of story.
    Like I said before for some of you wanna be 49er fans this was a win win game for you. Welp I’m glad half of your win was an actuall 49er win.
    I hate you all, and remember to always carry sunblock. Wheeeeeeeeeew!
    Oh And for the record. The applause for Alex smith was just as I thought it would be. Nothing like the main band on stage just a courteous clap for the opening band. WE don’t care about Alex F’ING Smith anymore! The END

    1. Alex Smith wrapped it up and put a nice little bow on it. All the trolls can crawl off like the cockroaches they are. The end…

      1. Yep, Alex Smith will be out of the league thanks to the 49ers ruining his career. I hope he writes a book about it and tells the real truth about Harbaugh like Randy Moss just did. Really sad thing to do to ruin Alex Smith like this.

      2. You’d think. But don’t hold your breath. I should have went Claude and skipped this whole week of Alex vs Ck talk. You got onelame and DS with their 3 different names posting trash talk all week and Grant allowing it. I think I’ll get an account with the webzone and get back to MM and MB. Until Grant actually takes a little pride for this blog and his writing.
        Then again I’ll probably still be back. Switching from forum to forum. Lol

    1. Not me. I took one look and nearly gave my dinner back. Thanks for the awful recommendation. I rather go sit in traffic tomorrow morning. You just motivated me into taking a 12 mile bike ride to work tomorrow morning and I’m going to be p’oed tomorrow about this awful game, worse yet from CK, worse yet! 175 yards, I can see a good high school game for stupid stuff like that from the 49ers.

      1. Then go do so. Just be sure you don’t act like you are now or you’ll have a new addition to the face from the QB. Then again, maybe that will help you get your facts straight since ALEX SMITH WAS THE ONE WHO THREW FOR 175 YARDS.

  29. You don’t know who anybody is on here, loser. I want Harbaugh OUT OF HERE as now Fox Sports is on the Harbaugh is out rumor.

  30. Hey Mr. Sanders, I overheard you talking to FakeFan77, here’s an excerpt…

    Too funny”… As if you, Grant, think you’re smarter than Andy Reid. Now that is funny. What is really funny is that you think A. Smith is better than Kaep. That is funny!

    Prime Time October 5, 2014 at 4:31 pm
    The numbers don’t lie!

    Ha!! IDIOT! The number is 3-2 and your boy Alex Smith and his little Chiefs number is 2-3. Your inference with your comment is a symptom of talking up Alex Smith over Kaepernick dysfunction fool!

  31. Grant runs a terrific forum. Power to the 49er fans that can talk about this game. In the words of Jerry Helper from Rob Petrie: that was perhaps a really rotten game out there, worse one yet to have CK throw for 175 yards out there and doing nothing impressive. Worse win yet for the 49ers. If this is how a Superbowl will be won, I feel bad for 100 million that may actually watch it and feel rotten about it.

    1. Wait a minute now….
      Who said they were 49er fans?
      I wished ck had a fast tight end who causes havoc for opposing defenses an catches a bunch of TD’s man just imagine this wr core the running game going again and a top flight TE.
      I wonder if John Lennon could have imagined this.

  32. Gonna start that replay now. I saw some holes Hyde could have cut into but looked like he ran straight instead. That’s a tale tell sign of a rookie. When he gets the patience down, he’s going to be very good. He looked a little better today though. It looked like he wasn’t to patient and stopped dancing so much. He will get it down. Future beast Hyde

    1. I thought Hyde showed some improved patience today, and if he can run with greater patience without losing that ultra-violence, he’s going to be special. He also should be utilized in the passing game more, because that same violence, coupled with his speed, will make him difficult to take down in space.

      The Niners look like they have some great new weapons: Carrier, Hyde, Johnson, and Lloyd have already shown quite a bit, and I’m hoping Bruce Ellington gets a feature game from Rombaugh sooner than later. He’s strong and doesn’t go down easily, so I’d like to know if his skills can work like his cousin’s in Arizona, or Cooks in NOLA.

  33. Best statement from Dump York about how the game went, about as bad as the Allan Brady show. To have a Qb pass for 175 yards and Gore and Hyde running the show and nobody else doing anything, if that isn’t a rotten game, I don’t know what is. 175 yards, doesn’t a high school kid throw for that amount roughly in high school football?

    1. >> doesn’t a high school kid throw for that amount roughly in high school football?

      How would a grade school drop-out know.

    2. Smith threw for 175 yards while Kaep threw for 201 yards. Get your facts straight if you’re going to attempt to make a weak argument.

  34. Hey Mr. Sanders, did you say this? “Why do you think the coaching staff won’t let him throw deep? They don’t trust his decision making”.

  35. Trying to identify annoying posters as past trolls is practically a favorite pastime for some in here. Usually I just roll my eyes at it; if I had a nickel for every time someone was accused of being DS, I could probably…buy a candy bar or something. But this time, I’ll play. This one is too easy.

    We’ve seen the following from Jim Mora:
    -Unhealthy focus on 300 passing yards
    -“Won’t accept” a win because we ran too much
    -Hates Kaepernick, and is fixated on his bicep
    -Nonsensical claim that the 49ers somehow “cheated”

    These were all hallmarks of the posting style of…Darren. He was more prolific on other boards than this one, but I’m certain people here are familiar. If this isn’t him, it’s one heck of an imitation.

    Regardless of who it is, hopefully things get cleaned up. I come here for the community. This is a great group of posters, most of the time. I want that back.

      1. I know that’s a popular opinion, but I’m a skeptic of that particular claim.

        Doesn’t much matter though; in any case, it’s a disruptive influence that these boards would be better without.

  36. This is a disgrace of a blog and a complete insult to so many of the 49er fans that visit press for meaningful conversation. If you state anything you will be blacklisted but others with negative views are allowed to come here and harrass the fans. This is a shame.

  37. Euclidite..

    I’m with you … but I do have to give this latest troll
    some fair warning …

    You shouldn’t try to match wits with the real regulars, here ..
    cuz ..
    you don’t have the ammo …

    I doubt you have the capacity to comprehend half
    the stuff that’s been said to you …

    and for that … I think we should nickname you ..
    “Short Bus”

  38. MWNiner
    Until you win officially win and officially hold that SUperbowl trophy, this team amounts to NOTHING! Same thing when you trolled on Seattle fans over and over until they won that SUperbowl and it shut people like you UP. I’ll tell you why teams win a Superbowl: they do it because of the work that is down amongst the team, the O, the D, and the coaching, in short. That team is respected. That team does not do wrong to embarrass the league.

    But if you take a team like the 49ers that has a coach that constantly whines, to Gore that runs and runs, to a QB that can’t pass, to not benching McDonald, and to all this talk about getting rid of Harbaugh, any Superbowl won will be very wasted and have a black mark on it.

    That’s why for the good of the Bay Area, the 49ers should not win that Superbowl. They want to keep Harbaugh, he needs to clean up his act and throw the ball more.

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