49ers vs. Colts live blog: Fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 3 game against the Colts. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:33 Willis has a groin injury and is out for the rest of the game.

3:34 Brooks hits Luck on third-and-nine and forces a bad throw.

3:34 Vinatieri misses the 51-yard field goal wide left. 49ers’ ball at their 41.

3:38 The 49ers go three-and-out. Robert Mathis and Cory Redding sacked Kaepernick on third-and-six. Celek dropped a good deep pass on first down. Lee punts the ball into the end zone. Colts’ ball at their 20 with 11:14 to go in the fourth quarter. Jean Francois has a groin injury and his return is doubtful.

3:47 Rogers commits holding on Wayne on third-and-four. First-and-10 at the SF 48.

3:49 Next play Bradshaw rushed for 7. Next play Bradshaw rushes for 27 and Asomugha is hurt. He’s walking off the field slowly. First-and-10 for the Colts at the 49ers’ 13.

3:52 On third-and-three from the 49ers’ 6 Luck fakes a handoff and boots around the left for a touchdown. 20-7 Colts with 4:13 left. I’m going down to the field. Back at you soon.

  1. Holy god this offense is pathetic. Kaep can’t stay in the pocket. Doesnt keep his eyes down field. No one open. This will be a long season. Yikes

  2. Maybe if Kaep spent less time doing advertising spots and more time practicing, he’d be able to stand in the pocket and go through his reads better.

  3. I’m usually not one to overreact to a game, but this says way more about this team than last week in Seattle. The 49ers just aren’t that good of a football team right now.

  4. When you don’t have any threats at WR, it’s hard to blame the QB. He is timid in the pocket, timid leaving the pocket, and the offense as a whole looks terrible. Can we finally get rid of G Roman? Probably not

  5. Wow, 49ers actually caught a ‘break’ – missed 51-yard field goal.

    Now … let’s do something with the good field position. Touchdown to take the lead … 14-13 … right? … right? … Why do I not feel confident.

  6. The WR’s aren’t helping but this Offensive game plan is terrible. Instead of stupid plays how about we either spread them out or just stay in the I and the run the ball. Why the hell don’t we run Play Action?

  7. I think karma is taking a big bite out of harbaughs but! Kap is skittish
    I have loved the ninners my whole life but this team and situation leaves a bad taste in my mouth! Kap super talented but he and harbaugh are not humble, Humble hearts my arse, Alex smith is very limited as a Qb but i am happy for him and Andy Reid that appears to be the right way not this! But I am a loyal fanatic so go ninners!

  8. a game has not been this frustrating since the Singletary days! Thought we were past that and that coach H was a step above. Last week and this week, no adjustments, no real game plan is making us all mad!

  9. Offensive line is not doing their job. There goes Awry lee with the touchback. What happened to this knuckle punt he was working on?

  10. O line is not getting it done.
    Kap is off and does not trust his receivers. Really missing Crabtree.
    This is going to be a long season.

  11. Andy Lee very very overrated. Overall we are not a very good team, our defense is not very good, and our offense is not having a heart beat.

  12. where is our playbook…….this is rubbish….this is 2 games in a row not playing our kind of ball…….JH and #7 u both suck………we better win this games….

  13. The 49er defense is doing what it’s always done … holding a very average Colt offense to 13 points.

    Look how fast Luck gets rid of the ball … 2 steps and pass. Kaep has lost that rhythm. He does not trust these receivers to go after the ball. The fact that Boldin isn’t getting the ball is a perfect example. He had that rhythm and trust at home with Green Bay.

    1. No receiving weapons and it looks like the league has caught up to everything they do. Roman can’t adapt and Fangio seems to have run his course, like he did at his prior coaching jobs.

      1. My thoughts exactly Big…..Attention Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman, the NFL has caught up with your offensive scheme and is showing it for what it is…a novelty for a few games last season….,this is pathetic…

  14. Another game with no adjustments or creative play calling. Coaching staff has to answer for this. Granted it doesn’t help that there isn’t a second receiver on the team.

  15. seven minutes to go.
    Howzabout a little defense?
    One stop, one score (TD).
    One more stop and we are home free.
    Go niners.

    Oh, no! Another penalty to keep the Colts’ drive alive.!!!

  16. Feel sorry for the D. Pep Hamilton is giving Niners a dose of Stanford football :( Offense really laid a stinking egg today.

    1. No rest for second week in a row… the D was below average but the O surely failed them again… I expected the secondary to get torched and the run D to miss Soap and RFJ this year but the Williams loss is the icing on the cake. This can get ugly in a hurry!

    2. They got worn down same as in Seattle last week. Still too many penalties (although the personal foul on Whitner was a garbage call) but they gave the offense the ball down 13-6 with 12 minutes left in the game. The Colts scoring drives followed repetitive 3 and outs by the O. The defense hasn’t been spectacular but they have been effective enough until the repetitive 3 and outs tire them out.

  17. 9ers exposed. Kap exposed. They are imploding. They have no answer on offense. Guess what the rams are going to do? The exact same thing.
    That’s two horrific play at the QB position.
    We expect that with Alex. We expect a lot more from Colin.

  18. 9ers exposed. Kap exposed. They are imploding. They have no answer on offense. Guess what the rams are going to do? The exact same thing.
    That’s two horrific play at the QB position.
    We expect that with Alex. We expect a lot more from Colin.

    1. Gore actually shows up in the I formation like 80 yards and they stop and go to shotgun and pistol. Piss poor play calling. Team looks like an 8 win team.

    2. I disagree, This is not all on CK! The offense started their position deep most of the game and WR could not separate or get open. I blame this on the coaching and play calling. And our defense was just tired for being on the field all day! The first two penalties that cost us 30 yards and provided Indi an opportunity for a TD changed the whole game as well!

  19. When the game was close and we could use gore in the I formation we switched to pistol and shotgun. I can’t watch another game with pistol crap. Call me when we go back to traditional football under center.

  20. The 49ers offense put up less then 10 points twice in two years with Alex, they’re going to put up less than 10 points twice in two straight games right now.

  21. Now might be the time for us to panic…I know it’s only week 3, but we’re rapidly falling apart here. Our offense is M.I.A. and the defense looks like they don’t care all game. There’s no sense of urgency anywhere, players, coaches, F.O.

  22. My problem with kaepernick is that while he is on the sideline he’s just watching instead of looking at coverages on a notebook the colts are doing

  23. I don’t care for Grant, mostly because he is not even a Niner fan but has a Niner blog. Regardless, he is right and we r wrong. We r not a good team and will continue to struggle. Kaeperick is starting to show softmore slump symptoms. I know r receivers r not good but great QB’s make receivers better by throwing them open. He just seems very cautious with ball now. D cannot seem to get off field on 3rd downs. Good thing we have lots of draft picks.

      1. Yes, and Grant has pointed that out for his readers in this blog. He caught a lot of hell for saying that…and for predicting what we are seeing in today’s game against the Colts: the Niners would lose.

  24. 2013 Draft needs WR and CB Trent Balke addressed neither. Greg Roman needs to go. Kaepernick needs to go back to the kid nobody knew instead of being in spotlight with all the commercials.

  25. Whew! Haven’t seen a game this bad in a long time. Ok, since last week.

    Still no receivers and CK is in a slump. God awful football.

  26. Why now is the coaching staff and in the past the qb fault?oh, look…. Ano there Kaep turnover…. But is sure Roman fault, right?

    1. Bad coaching again…this team is not ready to play. Hit the reset button. I bet Green Bay wished they would’ve played the Niners next week and not 2 weeks ago. The league has found out that the Niners have huge holes…and they will exploit them, as evidenced today.

  27. Forget about Aldon, what was Roman’s BAC during that crapfest? He just called a worse game than Raye or Hostler ever did. Why? Because he had running plays that worked and he didn’t go back to them. I am so angry right now I could spit.

  28. How can a team described by most experts as ‘the best roster in football’ get absolutely stuffed at home by an average / goodish Colts team? Injuries to WRs is obviously a problem, but to get embarrassed like this. WTF?! The Harbaugh magic looks well an truly finished. We look limp, listless and incompetent. Oh, and we were totally and utterly out-coached, again. I hate to say it, but the Chiefs look a far better team than the 49ers at the moment. Sad but true.

    1. Totally agree, I have not liked Harbaugh from the beginning, and now he is being out coached on a regular basis. Remember how Jeff Fisher schooled him so bad last season. Going to St. Louis on a short week is looking very, very bad.

      1. He got us to the championship game and SB in back to back seasons and u don’t like him, or thinks he’s good? I r a friggin’ idiot!

  29. Another disappointing showing by the entire organization. At least I have more in my life than just football or I might be a overreacting fan disillusioned about this team and their potential.
    Football is football. Maybe now the team will take a stance on it’s issues off the field.

  30. Is it possible that Kaep is a poser and not the real deal? I think it’s possible we don’t make the playoffs at all…I didn’t believe the pundits in the beginning, but we’re not just losing, we’re not even competing!!!

      1. Tom brady has no receivers either but still find ways to get them the ball………this sucks…..

        They need to game plan for #7 just like Bears game……..He can’t think on his own……

  31. Well as of friday morning I expect to see the 49ers at 1-3. Can’t stop the run, can’t stop the pass without making penalties, no offense, and being out coached. No receivers, no offensive line, no discipline, …. With Houston coming in two weeks this team better wake up or they could be 1-4 and the season over in early october.

  32. 352 yards rushing given up by the defense the last 2 weeks. Can’t stop the run. Don’t stick with the run. Pretty simple.

    1. Fangio’s window like everyone has said is 3 years. Time to make Ed Donatell the DC.
      As for Kaepernick, teams now have film and he looks confused. You can blame the WR’s but at the end of the day if the QB is unsure of what he sees, check it down and sustain drives and keep the defense fresh. Something that have struggled and recipe for loses.

      It’s still early in the season and but short turn around and a lot of questions. Idlike to hear some of the Kaepernick worshippers take on this game. Lameareafanatic, Razor, Tarzan, what did you guys think?

    2. alot of that yardage comes in the second half of the game after our defense has been on the field way too much because of our pathetic offense.

  33. The window has closed folks. The recent bad drafts are showing now, with no quality back ups. No Wr’s, cb’s or d lineman. Our team is old in key spots. Notice we had no pass rush today…… our coaches have been getting out coached a lot lately. We’ve lost our identity. ….

  34. Who’s got it better than us
    Awful game at least we ran the ballto bad our OC didn’t want to keep doing what was working

  35. I said it last week during the Seattle game, and I’ll say it again: This team, since the Seattle game remind me of the Dennis Erickson days with the Niners. They are impotent at the point of attack, they don’t scare anyone, not even the hapless D of the Colts.

  36. Well this has simply been a horrible game. For mine it is much worse than the loss to the Seahawks.

    My takeaways:
    - The 49ers are best running from traditional formations and plays. Why they went away from it after the 1st quarter today I don’t know.
    - No team should be concerned by the 49ers passing game. No one gets open. Kaep looked jumpy in the pocket all day, but no QB would have looked good today. Baldwin needs to be given a go, because the guys they’ve been using aren’t good enough.
    - The defense got picked on in the 2nd half, but its hard when the offense keeps going 3 and out.
    - The main concern for mine on defense is the Colts were able to run the ball on them. They’ve struggled to consistently stop the run 3 games in a row.
    - Everyone that keeps telling Grant he’s an idiot and doesn’t know anything are looking a little silly right now… us the fans have been looking at everything through rose coloured glasses, but there are some serious issues the 49ers need to solve or this season will be over pretty quick.

    1. Wide receivers were getting open, it was Kaepernick not going through reads. He would look at Boldin, see him doubled, and then just panic.

      1. Kaep played poorly, no doubt, but the receivers weren’t getting open. They were terrible. This was a combination of a jumpy QB and poor receiver play.

      2. Kaepernick is so jumpy in the pocket that he is breaking down when his first read isn’t there. He had guys open today but it’s hard to throw the ball when you’re spinning around in the pocket.

      3. It can be hard to tell whether receivers are getting open as they focus on the pocket, so I can’t say for sure there weren’t receivers getting open. But from what I could see on replays and so forth it didn’t look like they were doing a good job in that department. The commentators also mentioned it a few times, but that can be deceiving.

        It will be interesting to read what you find in your review later Jack.

      1. I got a combined five points from the 49ers today…I literally picked up Zach Miller minutes before the afternoon games started and he outscored the Niner players I had playing today…pathetic

  37. How do you create a team and really not have any receiving help for 3 years. Is that really possible. I can’t say I believe it’s the wideouts. I think Kap is to blame for this game. The man looks fearful back in the pocket. Why we went away from the run, I don’t know.

  38. Scooter, good call on Baldwin. He cannot make it any worse, he better be in Thursday. This colts team by no means is a bad team though also. Without Willis and possibly Aldon for Thursday, it looks bleak

  39. Kaepernick didn’t play well but he had nobody to throw to. I think the way teams are going to play the niners is crowd the box, cover the receivers man to man. No 49er receiver can consistently beat man coverage. Plenty of guys near the line of scrimmage to stop the run and Kaepernick scrambles.

  40. So does our crazy head coach act like a grown up,
    and take just as much time to congratulate the opposing head coach, Chuck Pagano, as he does to chat with his former Stanford QB, Andrew Luck?
    Sure hope so. Man up, Mister Harbaw. Man up.!

    1. Although I agree with the whole thing with Harbaugh, you need to stop being a troll and head over to the Chiefs boards…your precious doesn’t play here anymore

      1. I hope Kaep will wake up and fight. But I can’t stand the people that was so hard blamin AS. Kaep still has more potential, more athleticism… No doubt. But he failed today as some other games AS failed. Is not a matter of being a chiefs fan, just being more balanced in judging what happened in the past and is happening now. The trust Kaep has in Crab Made us lost the superbowl, and today with Boldin covered and probably a horrible gameplan, Kaep wasn’t able to di a lot more. This does not make him worst or equal to AS such as AS , when he was under the same circumnstances , should not be’ called a bust

  41. Kap hit the D lineman in the head with that last pass.

    This game looked like Aldon Smith is not the only Niner player that is not focused. This game was worse than last week.

    1. Unfocused, uninspired football…totally agree this was worse than last week…at least we know that Seattle is a tough team and a tough place to play…there is no excuse for what the Niners did today…

  42. Bill Walsh would not have these 1/2 ass receivers on the field. Really missing Crabtree and Davis. Boldin is a quick fix. Grant might be right that he will be here just one year.

  43. A team with a worse receiving corps, New England, is 3-0. I guess the AS haters were right, it’s the QB that makes the WRs good, not the other way around. The doesn’t seem to be the tune anymore. Except for you Jordo, you are calling it straight.

    1. Ribico,

      I cant defend this QB Play. Kap stinks right now. He thinks he can throw every pass 100 mph in every situation. These young receivers can’t catch his passes. He’s not putting it where it needs to be. He’s throwing some horrible passes. The man is trying to ruin and throw at the same time.

      Our O. Line is crap. They are overrated and they are getting beat bad on every down. Our defenseis broken down and tired. Now we get a chance to find out what type of coach we have.

      1. The coaches successfully game-planned an offense around Alex’s limitations, why they can’t do the same for Kaep is mind boggling.

      2. Rib,

        It’s because Kaepernick is playing so poorly. They need to realize it and go back to playing 2011 49ers football. Pound, pound, field position, pound, play action, pound.

      1. Ken,

        No he isn’t. He’s happy he is somewhere he can . I’m happy he’s not here. We’d be 0-3 with him. No way in hell he would’ve beaten the packers this year.

  44. Stop with the no WE nonsense. In 2011 this team was 2 muffed punts away from a Super Bowl with only 1 WR. This team needs to take the ball out of Kaepernick`s hands and get back to basics. They opened up that way then stopped for some reason.

    1. I thought they did a great job running the ball…it baffles me that they moved away from it…they certainly do need to get back to basics…basic, smashmouth football…

      1. Gore looked pretty good to me today Chess. Hitting those holes hard like he used to when they played traditional running formations.

    2. The lack of WRs isn’t nonsense – it is an issue. But you are absolutely right they need to get back to running the ball, and not from the read-option. The passing game isn’t good enough as option A.

    3. Jack on their one TD drive I saw them run the counter trey other misdirection type runs. I don’t think they went back to that the rest of the game. I was pulling out what little hair I have left.

  45. Kap is human. His confidence / self belief was probably destroyed by last week in Seattle. instead of being relaxed and comfortable in himself, he now looks fearful and unsure. Isn’t helped by the fact the WRs can’t get open. That Crabtree injury looks more and more important. Crab was his security blanket last year. They trusted each other and the chemistry was great. Who does Kap turn to now? He’s showing he’s fragile for the first time. Let’s hope he has the character to get through this. We don’t know how he reacts to adversity yet.

  46. WOW!!! Now i am extremely concern. We do not have the depth in this team on the defensive side and on the offense. Losing Crabtree and VD is basically our entire offense. This team will not win the division for the following reasons:

    CK does not have the wr to stretch the defense
    We do not commit to run the ball consistently
    Our defense does not have the ability to stop the run like the old days.

    We need manningham and Vd back right away.

      1. I live in Singapore and I heard it across 16 time zones. It was more like a giggle than a laugh. Carroll showed the league that the emperor has no clothes; the Niners are a one man team: Boldin. Take Boldin out of the game and they are done.

      2. Matt – We all need to stay from the water coolers and coffee lounge at work. Lay low people, hide your Niner gear and find a hole to hide in until Thursday. The buffoons will be out lookin for us tmrw, lookin to rub it in.
        Lay low -Snoop Dogg

      3. I’m already hearing it Crab…my phone and Facebook page have both been blowing up today…kind of hard to lay low today, especially from Raider and Cowboy fans

      4. Crawl up into a ball and hide in corner of your tiny-ass cubicle and work through all breaks. Look “too busy” to be clowned with….good luck

  47. gimmick football

    i was shocked last year when alex got the shaft and thought it was the worst move ever and thought we wouldn’t get blown out in seattle with alex nor lose a pathetic game to the rams, but hey then they went on a role and we got to the big game so i shut my mouth…. but boy, are we exposed this year.

    we had a good thing going, we had a qb who went through adversity and has just reached maturation along with his team (alex, vernon, gore, willis etc).
    and we throw it all away for gimmick football.

    yeah we went to a superbowl, but no i’m not sure yet i like jim harbaugh and his bad karma, nor am i sure i like kaepernick and his style.


  48. come on people, if you are a fan stick with your team good and bad. we have had it pretty good the last couple of years. This year is not looking so great. Too much talent injured to compete well this year. But Balke is going for continued relevance rather than all in on one season. As far a the A Smith comparisons, ha! Alex was horrible for 6 years, not just 2 of his first 13 games.

    1. 1+

      I have lived through the bad times, the pretty good times, the bad times again, the great times, the bad times again and the good times again.

      Time for everyone to keep perspective and not give up the ship. We have some real problems and there does not appear to be a magic wand at this point but we have the core on this team to rally, especially when Manningham and hopefully Crabtree come back.

      1. But, even we we are out of it at that point we can still rally. Like the 91 season when we didn’t reach the playoffs but played great down the stretch.

  49. Instead of focusing this offseason with sprinters on how to get faster he should have focused more on watching tape and the playbook.

  50. The oddsmakers favor you by 10 points,
    but you end up losing by 20 points.
    Does that sound like a football fight to you?
    Two good old fashioned butt-whippings in the same week.
    My, my, my. Coach Harbaw, we are ready for the postgame interview.

    My name is Alex Smith and I approve of this message.

    1. Got a feeling he may be the odd man out at the end of the season and be on the trade block. To much money in future salaries to risk on a unstable personality, despite being an uber talented pass rusher.

  51. There’s no doubt this was a terrible game, but there is still a lot of season left. This can still be turned around. remember the ’88 49er team? They weren’t very good to start the year, and ended up winning the SB. Same with the NYGs a couple of years ago.

    I’m not telling anyone not to be upset, but to say that everything is falling apart is a little extreme.

    1. The 88 season was tremendous. Exciting game after game and incredible I individual performances. Montana, Young, Rice, Taylor, Craig etc. The video of the 88 season is one of my favorites. Like to think we can duplicate the season now but the 49ers just don’t have that talent. I’m hoping though.

  52. Why do people feel the need to still bash Alex Smith? Whether you like him/his QB play, once he had competent coaches he won. Wasn’t pretty or glamorous, but he won. In the end he brought the 49ers (2) 2nd round draft picks (with 5 more wins). What is there to complain about?

  53. Looks like Aldon is going to seek treatment and won’t be going to St Louis and may be gone for a while. Kudos to the Aldon and the Organization for going this route.

  54. Gore over 7 yards per carry, yet the 49ers abandoned the run. The multi-TE sets worked very well, but they only ran that one of two times. The play callers trying to get way, way too fancy. Remember the comeback vs Atlanta in the NFC championship game? RUN. especially since its working so well.

  55. Being a franchise quarterback is more that gunning the ball at 100mph and taking off when you can’t. Understanding defensive alignments, making the appropriate changes on the fly, going thru your progressions and putting touch on the ball are all things that come with experience. Aaron Rodgers sat behind Favre for 3 years and it did him a world of good. Yeah GB is 1-2 as well, but today’s Cin-GB game was at least watchable.

    Oh the backstabbing coach was so quick to pull AS and trade him. Another year behing Alex would have done Kap a world of good.

    JH would have been better suited coaching the Ravens – at least he could have justified his attraction to shiny things. Hey Jaws, want to postpone the coronation of the best quarterback ever?

    The King of checkdowns is 3-0. We desperately need him to keep this going so that we can get some WRs with that 2nd round pick

    Last week, I thought the F grades that Grant issued the entire team was too much. But today, I will have no arguments.

  56. Worth noting all the years Alex Smith was stuck with bad receiving corps, it was still all Alex’s fault. Now with Kaep as the ‘chosen one’ all the blame goes to the receivers?

  57. I think all of us, including the players and coaching staff need to ex-hale and relax for a day or two or week or two. This has been an incredible ride. This team has gone from being nowhere to being a top team with Alex as the field general, to being Kap’s team. A transition not without a good deal of controversy. I for one was raving about Kap to my folks when he was drafted but was not ready for him to be installed as the starting quarterback. Then Alex got injured. The executives played their hand and decided to go with the player with the gifts over the hardened vet. Thinking that in a perfect world Kap knew enough and had the physical tools to make it all right no matter what the situation.

    Well the what- immature off field mucking with the chemistry and identity of the team, and key injuries; the league allowing very physical play by long armed, speedy cornerbacks in Seattle, has changed the matrix. Essentially our team has been hit by turmoil we did not all necessarily anticipate. All energies that can work against the team concept. And in this environment it can also make for doubting of some of the drafting, trades and free agent decisions. But that’s easy in hindsight.

    WE all need to go back to being GRATEFUL on how far we have come and how fast it has happened. Executives, Coaches, players, fans. This has been a phenomenal rise and we are really, really close. I just think we need to all KEEP IT TOGETHER and hopefully avoid many more key injuries and realize that even 10-6 will probably get us in the dance. And by then Kap will have another 13 games under his belt. Wouldn’t that be double what he has now? What will he be like with a roster with the key offensive specialists at full strength?

    I can’t wait to see it!

    So please be grateful! We have come a long way very fast. It’s only natural that there would be challenges along the way. Character is not necessarily a given.

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