49ers vs. Cowboys live blog


This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 4 home game against the Cowboys. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

11:50 As you mentally prepare yourself to watch Blaine Gabbert play another game of football, here’s a college quarterback you and the 49ers should get to know: Mitch Trubisky from the University of North Carolina. He beat Florida State yesterday.

Here’s a video of Trubisky playing Pittsburgh earlier this season:

12:00 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  • QB Christian Ponder
  • WR Keshawn Martin
  • CB Jimmie Ward
  • DT Tony Jerod-Eddie
  • OT John Theus
  • TE Vance McDonald
  • DT Taylor Hart

12:30 Here are the Cowboys’ inactives:

  • QB Tony Romo
  • CB Orlando Scandrick
  • RB Darius Jackson
  • LB Mark Nzeocha
  • OG La’el Collins
  • OT Tyron Smith
  • WR Dez Bryant

12:40 I picked the Cowboys to win this game when the schedule came out, and I’m sticking that prediction. 20-13 Dallas. Expect Cowboys defensive Rod Marinelli to smother the 49ers’ short passing game.

1:23 The Niners win the toss and defer.

1:32 Dak Prescott completes a screen pass to Lance Dunbar, and Antoine Bethea runs him down before the first-down marker on third-and-7. On fourth-and-two, Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey misses a 47-yard field goal wide left. Niners’ ball at their 37-yard line. I would have gone for the two yards.

1:33 Eric Reid dropped an interception on that drive.

1:39 On third-and-7, Blaine Gabbert throws a 33-yard touchdown pass to Jeremy Kerley. Three plays earlier, Gabbert threw a 13-yard pass to Quinton Patton on third-and-12. Chip Kelly is making his receivers run past the sticks on third down today. What a surprise! 7-0 Niners.

1:47 NaVorro Bowman blitzes and sacks Dak Prescott for an eight-yard loss on third-and-4.

1:48 Niners start at their 20 after the punt.

1:56 On third-and-9, Gabbert throws a first-down pass to tight end Garrett Celek who ran a 13-yard route. Good play call by Chip Kelly. Two plays later, Gabert throws a 17-yard pass to Jeremy Kerley. First-and-10 from the Dallas 12 when the second quarter begins. Gabbert’s passer rating is 154.2.

2:00 On third-and-1,  Carlos Hyde bounces his run to the outside and scores from three yards out. Beautiful 80-yard drive. 14-0 Nothing Niners. Funny how much better Gabbert plays when the head coach gives him a competent game plan.

2:10 On third-and-3 from the Dallas 43, Prescott throws behind Brice Butler. Incomplete. Cowboys punt, and the ball rolls out of bounds at the Niners’ 6.

2:16 Tyronne Crawford beats Trent Brown to sack Gabbert for a seven-yard loss on first down. Two plays later, Gabbert checks down to Shaun Draughn on third-and-13 and the Niners punt.

2:26 Terrance Williams beats Tramaine Brock for a 20-yard touchdown catch on first-and-10. Perfect back-shoulder throw by Prescott. 14-7 Niners. Jaquiski Tartt extended that drive with an unnecessary roughness penalty against Prescott on third-and-6.

2:34 On third-and-3, Anthony Brown breaks up a five-yard pass intended for Jeremy Kerley. Then Bradley Pinion shanks a 26-yard punt. Cowboys’ ball at their 42 with 1:50 left.

2:43 On first-and-goal from the 4-yard line, Brice Butler beats Brock for a touchdown catch. That’s the second TD Brock has given up in the second quarter. Score is 14-14 with 12 seconds left. Prescott’s passer rating is 119.7.

2:49 Story of the first half: Chip Kelly had an excellent game plan which the Cowboys were not prepared for. Then the Cowboys adjusted, and scored 14 unanswered points. Now Kelly must make in-game adjustments. Can he?

2:56 Gabbert threw for three yards in the second quarter.

2:59 The 49ers need to score on this drive. If they go three-and-out to start the second half, they will lose.

3:07 On third-and-14, Gabbert throws a one-hopper to Aaron Burbridge. Phil Dawson makes a 36-yard field goal. 17-14 Niners.

3:15 On third-and-9, Prescott completes an eight-yard pass to Jason Witten. On fourth-and-1 from midfield, the Cowboys decide to punt. Touchback.

3:19 On third-and-8, Kelly calls a five-yard pass for Carlos Hyde, and the Niners go three-and-out. Uh oh. Cowboys’ ball at their 24 after the punt.

3:23 On second-and-10, Terrance Williams beats Keith Reaser for an 11-yard first-down catch. NaVorro Bowman injured himself during the play. Non-contact injury. He is down and Eric Reid is kneeling next to him. Brice Butler also knelt next to Bowman, and Glenn Dorsey tapped him on the shoulder as he walked off the field.

3:26 On first-and-15, Ezekiel Elliot gains 23 yards on a stretch run to the right. Rashard Robinson leaves the game with an injury.

3:31 On first-and-goal from the Niners’ 18, Elliott runs through a gaping hole on the right side of the Cowboy’s offensive line and gains 17. Next play, he scores. 21-17 Dallas.

3:37 On third-and-2 from the Niners’ 30, Gabbert keeps the ball and runs for seven yards. First-and-10 from the 37 when the fourth quarter begins.

3:40 Bowman may have torn his Achilles’ tendon. No word yet.

3:41 On third-and-2, Kelly calls a pass down the seam for Kerley. J.J. Wilcox breaks it up. Kerley was not open. Cowboys ball at their 10 after the punt.

3:48 Brice Butler kills the Cowboys’ drive with a taunting penalty after a 9-yard catch on first-and-10. Kerley returns the punt to the Niners’ 45.

3:51 First play of the drive, Kelly calls a deep shot to Torrey Smith, Gabbert misses short and wide right and the pass is intercepted by Morris Claiborne. Cowboys’ ball at their 34. Smith throws his helmet on the sideline.

3:59 The Cowboys are missing two starters on their OL, and still are overpowering the 49ers up front.

4:02 Robinson breaks up pass intended for Butler in the end zone on third-and-goal from the 4. Dan Bailey makes a 22-yard field goal. 24-17 Cowboys with 4:11 left.

4:07 Gabbert has attempted eight passes since the first quarter. Eight.

4:11 Gabbert completes a five-yard pass to Kerley on second-and-11. Niners will face third-and-6 from the Dallas 35 after the two-minute warning.

4:14 Gabbert throws a 9-yard pass to Kerley on third-and-6 and the pass is incomplete. Kerley wasn’t open. Kelly wants to go for it fourth down but can’t get the play in on time and the Niners can’t get lined up correctly, so he wastes a time out.

4:15 Gabbert rolls out, completes a 3-yard pass to Torrey Smith and the Niners turn over the ball on downs.

4:17 On first-and-10, DeForest Buckner suffers an injury after Elliot runs for two yards. The Niners seem very concerned. The defensive players all are kneeling around Buckner.

4:19 Buckner is limping off the field.

4:22 On second-and-13, Prescott completes a screen pass to Cole Beasley who runs for 47 yards. Game over. Stay tuned for grades.

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  1. I’m holding off my usual incorrect prediction until the active list is put out. Then I’ll express my incorrect prediction.

    Seriously, VMac and Armstead need to be spry for a 49er victory.

    1. Cowboys inactive: Romo, Scandrick, Jackson, Nzeocha, Collins, Smith, Bryant.


      I liked Darius Jackson in the draft. Wonder how he’s coming along.

  2. Trubisky looks like Patriot material. They love them Poles. Here’s hoping Kelly opens up the offense and let’s Gabbert become a hero. Go Niners!

    1. I did.

      I stated when Bill Walsh was Pres/GM/Coach he hired quality offensive assts., and that the 49ers should over-pay to attain Sonny Dykes as an offensive asst., to bring their lackluster passing offense out of the Dark Ages.

      However, Baalke only believes in leather helmet offenses with stout defenses, and as of late, his strongsuit has been his weakeness.

      1. But of course, the dynasty 49ers were overtly proactive, while the current 49er ownership is a reactionary group, starting their own PR fires with their incompetence and using gasoline to put it out before a national press corps.

          1. Also, he was promised playing time, something Baalke refused to do. It did not matter who the QB would be if he could not get on the field.

            1. When Kap signed his contract he was assured that the team would retain talented players like Crabtree. Yet Crabby takes shots at Kap. Once a diva, always a diva.

              1. Here’s a fact. Sherman set up camp inside Mr. Crabs head. I’m happy for him, but I’d still like to see him prove he’s exorcised that demon. Kind of surprised the NFL gods haven’t done that, but perhaps they do not want a Raiders – 49ers matchup….

  3. Crabtree looks a lot better on the Raiders than he did on the Niners. Why is that; health, Cooper, better system, David Carr?

  4. Niners should have their way against the Cowgirls defense but then again we’re talking about a finesse offense with 3 backup QBs on the roster…. Niners defense will play better at home but lack of pass rush will do them in.

    23-9 Cowgirls and the call for Baalke’s head gets louder while Kid York covers his ears in a fetal position.

    Another prediction: This will sound like a road game as the Cowgirl fans invade SC.

  5. Kawakami – “12 TD receptions for Crabtree in 20 games as a Raider.”
    Biderman – “and 11 combined TDs for 49ers receivers since Crabtree left.”

    Best WR in 7 drafts seems to be Quinton Patton.

    Dallas 20, 49ers 10.

  6. Oh man, I am bummed. We came back from Sac and were stuck in a trafffic jam that took us 2 hours to travel 1 mile. Saw a white sheet on the ground and 2 ambulances screaming off. lots of twisted metal

    Did not get up early enough, so I missed going to get my growler. Will have to be content with a Deloach pinot.

    Now I am feeling a lot better. Giants just scored 4 runs.

  7. Also, the 49ers own a HOME FIELD DISADVANTAGE:


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    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 3h3 hours ago

    If the early drive into Levi’s is any indication, there are MANY Cowboys fans in Santa Clara today.

  8. Seb. To Gordon Lightfoot’s Don Quixote…

    Through San Bruno, through Mill Valley
    Comes a poster with a plea
    Tilting at the windmills passing
    Who can this delusional person be
    He is old and he likes jello
    He likes Hayne an’ he likes Kaep
    Taken by storm is this strange fel-low
    He has a bad case of the clap

    Reaching for his saddlebag
    He takes ‘The Art of Warfare’ in his hand
    Standing like a prophet bold
    He spams across Grant’s blog with a roar
    Till he can spam no more

  9. One positive is this OL does a great job in pass protection. Gabbert has ALL DAY even on a blitz. Watching Trent Brown block 2 defenders is impressive.

  10. That almost looked like competence on offense. And Gabbert converted 3 3rd downs, 2 with passes longer than 10 yards!

  11. “Chip Kelly is making his receivers run past the sticks on third down today.”

    Well, technically Patton ran to the marker, had to go back a yard to make the catch, and extend to make a 1st down.

    1. You will not give me credit, but I said that they should not blitz a lot, but when they do blitz, the delayed blitz is very effective.

  12. Some may say that the Niners never debate these posts, but when Grant focused his questions of throwing past the sticks, the Niners seemed to be listening.

      1. I also said that they should allow the receiver to catch the ball, but drive him out of bounds. I may seem delusional, but I do make some calls ahead of time.

    1. I’m ok with the last 3rd down play call. You don’t want to make a mistake that close to your endzone. That sack killed the drive.

  13. That was a good call on Tart, it isn’t illegal for the ballcarrier to continue struggling even after the whistle blows and the defenders to continue trying to bring him down, but Tart clearly hit him well after the whistle blew, Fox replayed it with sound..

          1. I disagree Jack. There was 1 whistle you can faintly hear over the very load crowd before Tartt hits him. But the whistles really only started blowing just as he hit him. The refs need to show some common sense there.

    1. Nah, the Niners just aren’t very good and the Cowgirls woke up. I think they came in to SC looking at the last two games where we got blown out and were a tad lackadaisical.

  14. The Cowboys should have zero points in this half. Two terrible calls have fueled their drives. One kept a drive going, when it was stopped and the other stopped a 49er drive. Absolute garbage. And I don’t really want to hear that the 49ers should’ve stopped the Cowboys. While it’s true, they could’ve stopped the Cowboys, they should’ve never had to. Total BS.

    The refs also missed a fully extended pushoff by Butler. Wow. Nice officiating.

    The other comment you always hear is that the calls even out. Sure, eventually, but they probably won’t in this game and they probably won’t be as critically important when they do.

        1. Tartt’s hit was before the whistle.

          Kerley was held and then interfered with.

          The Tartt call would’ve forced the Cowboys to punt and the non-call on Kerley would’ve kept the 49er drive alive.

          Saying that the Cowboys wouldn’t have scored in the first half, if not for those calls was going too far, but the refs have hurt the niners today.

          BTW, saying the refs have hurt the niners doesn’t mean I don’t realize the 49ers could’ve stopped the Cowboys, themselves (which I believe I wrote in one of my posts).

      1. Whine Country,

        I still play golf, just not as well as I once did.

        Please don’t call me a liar, btw. I’ve never insulted you, even though you provide daily opportunities to do so.

    1. Niners just got a huge break from the refs, should be interference on Bethea and first down for Cowboys deep in Niner territory.
      Quit whining over an irrelevant team, and just enjoy the game….

  15. when’s the last time a 49er QB put together a drive like the Dallas rookie just did – 4 yrs? Alex Smith in the playoffs against New Orleans?

  16. Brock needs to do a better job than that.

    The refs aren’t helping, but the 49ers need to overcome it and focus.

      1. They’re not a good enough team to overcome ridiculously bad calls.

        Butler pushed off, with a fully extended arm, right in front of the ref, unobscured. You can say, “they should do better” or “it’s on them”, etc. These things may be true, but that was still a horrible call, that allowed the Cowboys to score a TD.

  17. Don’t blame the refs the Niners defense has great difficulty getting off the field. Been that way from the beginning of pre-season.

  18. I think O’Neil’s days are numbered… The players aren’t playing disciplined and they look unprepared at times. Lack of fire displayed also shows a lack of confidence in what they’re doing. Not very encouraging.

      1. maybe the interception thrown right into his hands he dropped…Maybe he is thinking of his next black lives matter speech instead of watching film..well at least his next role after kneeling with Kap will be on the bench right next to him.

      1. He didn’t even give it a chance to get someone open. What makes Russell Wilson good is that he waits for things to develop or makes time with his scrambling and he does this behind a crappy Oline.

  19. Hate the entire series
    Can we throw on 1st down? How about 2nd down?
    For an innovative offense it is so predictable and conservative at times.

  20. Run defense is getting beat badly. With Bowman out it doesn’t look like it will get better.
    Really need a TD drive. Can we try some throws on 1st and 2nd down?

  21. This team is an embarrassment… Jed York kicked Harbaugh to the curb (like his parents did Mariucci) and now this team is soft as Charmin. Big changes are needed and sadly Jed York will just continue to F this franchise.

    1. Just like the fish that rots from the head down. You would need to be admitted to Kaiser hospital to lie around and watch this York product. Its never going to get a whole lot better under the Yorks. If it starts to, they will fire the head coach.
      This is worse than the Joe Thomas years……worse.

  22. Thank you Trent Baalke and Jed Dork my Sunday’s after this one are free. I will still be a 49er faithful and not hop on another team but I can’t watch this garbage anymore. Our D sucks and we have a happy feet QB who believes he is under pressure the whole game.

    1. Funny, but you know that’s not what I’m saying.

      Not including the effects of the refs on a game is for coaches, not fans. I’m a fan.

  23. Listening to the Dallas fans drowning out the niner fans in their backyard is humiliating. I’m embarrassed as a niner fan to listen to this

    1. You mean when he threw that ball into the dirt in front burbirdge that was the WR’s fault? He’s playing better but it’s more of the same.

    1. +1000…..might be the last time wee seen Bowman..don’t worry Baalke drafted 20 corners and got 1 that can play!

  24. Been waiting forever for a deep throw or a first down pass, and that’s what they do. Gabbert could not have thrown the ball worse.

  25. Opposing teams can destroy the Niners by just running every play. Glad Baalke is “good” at drafting defensive players.

  26. It is kind of surprising that, despite the inept offense and defense, the 49ers are still in this game.

      1. That is better than the 49ers who are missing a: QB; RB; WR corps; run defense; coaching staff; GM; and owner.

        1. Be nice… the have some great players… now Owner, GM, and coaches is s different story…. gotta question a “yes SIR” mentality… Eddie D Sister needs to come to grips and make peace with her brother and ask for his help.

    1. Should have put in Skov.

      Glad they are still in it, and the Niners have saved their TOs for the last 2 minutes.

      Looks like the refs are giving them the game with their non calls.

    1. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your not insulting me when you could. You’re so kind I’m speechless.

      1. Man, it took a while for that to sink in, didn’t it? At least you had a great come back, once you figured it out.

        Just to keep things straight: you’re the one who called me a liar, with absolutely no provocation, beyond me having a different opinion than you. Stay classy, now.

      2. Apparently you missed my previous post because you indicate that it took a while to sink in. I immediately apologized for what I meant as joke and by no means a comment on you personally. My posts seem to be taken as controversial by some on this board, but I note that I am in a rapidly growing group that I think is clearly the majority view of how bad this franchise has become under Baalke’s management. I have never insulted anyone who did not first direct an obvious insult to me and you have never done that. For the record, I did not mean to suggest that you lied while playing golf or at any other time. (In all fairness to me, I am also an ex-golfer and by that I mean that I have not played in many years. I thought that the name you use here had the same meaning, so I was shocked to hear that you took what I said to be an accusation that you lied, when in my mind you had also long ago quit playing.) In the future, I can assure you that if you refrain from insulting me, I will respond in kind.

  27. Not only do we not get a play off before the 2 minute warning and than we burn another timeout to seal the win for the Cowboys,horrible coaching

        1. Maybe Baalke should have poached DeAndrew White,. He would have known the play, since he had been on the Niner squad since the OTAs up until the 53 cutdown.

        1. Because they have, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the worst front office in all of professional sports.
          Who’s worse?

  28. It’s been real guys but I can’t do this anymore wasting my Sunday’s on this garbage while my kids continue to get older I not be able to get that time back.

  29. Way to go Chip. You went back to the same old crap with the game on the lne. Confusion led to a wasted timeout. Get it together Chip.

    1. What do expect from Owners and GMs that hire fired coaches so they say “yes” to what ever they want and won’t foot the bill for the best like the Bay Aera deserves

  30. Kelly and Baalke both can get lost… This team is full of holes and the scheme on both sides of the ball sucks. That last play was very fitting.

        1. Nothing will get better-Nothing- until they sell the team. And we all have a duty of care to help them sell this team.

        1. Well, since the Cowboys sliced through the Niner defense like a red hot knife through soft butter, maybe something different from what unfolded.

          1. Skov is slower than Bellore, Hodges or Wilhoite. Different would have just been worse. You love you some cliche’s don’t ya?

            1. Skov has a nose for the ball. How about that one?

              You want them to stop the run, then are resigned to let them sit their best run defender.

              1. Skov’s not even close to their best run defender. Let him play so we can see your acumen at work. Skov had a nose for the ball in college, in the NFL lets see? What are you basing this off of? College game tape?

    1. Celek played ok as did Hyde. C for those guys.
      OL only gave up 1 sack but didn’t do much in the run game. C-
      Everything else I agree on MW.

    2. Kerley and Celek should get A grades. They were the only bright spots today on offense.

  31. Buckner down! Bowman out! Torrey Smith has disappeared and Gabbert can’t break his addiction of throwing the ball two yards short of the first down marker.

    I will place every loss on Baalke’ lap until he is gone as GM. Are the injuries his fault? No. Is Torrey Smith not getting the ball when he’s open his fault? No.

    Is going into this season thinking that Gabbert or Kaepernick would be the answer to revive the offense his fault?
    And for that reason alone, he needs to go!
    You bet your

  32. Well, it started out promising, but the real 49ers showed their faces after those 1st two drives.

    Offense went super conservative, running far more than passing. Defense got found out once the Cowboys realised all they really needed to do was hand the ball off to the RB.

    The positives for this game (there aren’t many) are Kerley looks like a decent (but not great) slot WR, and the OL continues to be pretty good in pass pro. The pass rush turned up and Robinson looked good.

    The bad was everything else. Most concerning was the atrocious run D, particularly in the 2nd half. Both DL and LBs appeared to be at fault at various times. Poor run fits, poor tackling. The injuries didn’t help, and are also a concern moving forward. Brock was poor in coverage, and most of the rest of the D wasn’t a lot better. The receivers are rubbish by and large and really struggle to give Gabbert anything to throw to. Gabbert’s accuracy issues reared their ugly head as the game progressed (the INT was a horrible pass). And the play calling on offense after the first two series was far too conservative and predictable, which helped turn the momentum of the game.

    All in all, this team is doing a whole lot of not much this season.

        1. The Patriots ran out magic for their back up QB’s today. That wouldn’t have happened with Brady back there. It could be like the pundits predicted a 2 win season. How long before we see a coaching change in the defense?

      1. For this team to win games it will need the D to start stopping the run and the passing offense to be making some plays throughout the game. Without doing that they’ll get beat up every week.

    1. Gabbert came out guns blazing, letting it rip in the first half. Second half, as the game tightened up, it looked as if so did Gabbert….

  33. Chip needs to learn from this game. He needs to make adjustments. He needs to be more flexible. He needed to prepare the team better. The game management in the end showed emphatically what poor game management can do to lose a game.

    Two seasons ago, My goal for the Niners was to be able to get a play off in time.

    Last season, I wanted the Niners to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

    This season, I want just basic competence so that the players know the plays.

    By refusing to play Kaep, I accuse the Niners for trying to lose to get rewarded with a high draft choice.

    1. Shut the F up with this Kaep bull7hit! The defense can’t stop anyone. The only reason it wasn’t 3-0 after the opening drive was the guy missed the kick.

      Changing the QB isn’t going to change a darn thing.

      1. I just want the Niners to try anything and everything in their power to win.

        I agree that playing Kaep would be a desperate move, but I would rather see them try and fail, Than just failing without trying.

        1. Seb, can’t you see they are trying and failing already? There are fundamental flaws on both sides of the ball that a QB change won’t fix. Maybe CK would complete some more 3rd downs? Maybe not? Their scheme and players aren’t working on defensively at all. Mangini’s defense was at least good at home last year.

          1. Wilson, I sure can see them failing. They could not get off a play before the 2 minute warning and kept shooting themselves in the foot.

            Defending not playing Kaep is defending losing.

            I want the Niners to win.

            1. Seb that’s a stupid response. You have to cut that crap. No one here is defending losing, you’re just failing to realize this is bigger than the QB. Lets say he goes in. Now what?

              You’ll start blaming Kelly and the OL for his poor play. You blame the WR’s like all the Gabbert fans are now. You’ll blame the play calling. CK can’t win this when the defense has given up so many points the last 3 weeks.

              The 49ers are out coached and out matched in talent. Yes they need radical change but start with the defense what’s the change needed?

              1. Sorry, Wilson, but I am upset that the Niners lost a game that they easily could have won. After starting 14-0, they went timid, predictable and unimaginative.

                I have stated many times that they should start Skov.

                I said that they should send Bowman on a delayed blitz, and was gratified to see him make a sack.
                That said, I hope Bow can return, his loss could doom the season.

                Chip said Gabbert played a good game. He did well in the first quarter, but he did not play well enough when given the opportunity.

                In fact, I think that Gabbert’s play is hurting the team.

                Niners have talent, but are under performing.

                LOL, just heard Tim Ryan mentioning double moves. Where did you see that mentioned before recently?

              2. Seb a delayed blitz won’t fix the defense. Skov’s not going to fix this defense. If Wilhoite and Bellore are starting over him it should tell you all you need to know. He’s stashed on our PS with no interest from other teams. O’Neil’s system is what we thought it was, junk in the NFL.

                Again you said something obvious Seb. Its like saying the 49ers are going to run the ball. Gabbert should keep it a few times. Yep I said they would run the ball and Gabbert kept it some. I am a prophet because they did and all the coaches and writers read my posts.

                Double moves only work when you have WR’s who can get open. T Smith couldn’t even beat Claibourne of the line. Our WR’s aren’t respected so they’re dropping down and pressing coverage because they have no fear of being beaten by any number of moves they make. Gabbert is hurting the team, I personally don’t think CK is ready to plan and make any improvement here. But go ahead and throw him in and see what happens.

              3. Wilson, like Jack so eloquently stated, the team that scores more points will win the game.

                You can predict the sun will rise in the east, but I will not be impressed. Anyone can do that.

                Previously, I stated that the Niners should not become blitz happy, because it leaves their corners on an island. The other team will burn the Niners if they blitz too much. However, I also said that if they do blitz, they should send Bowman on a delayed blitz.That was pretty specific, and resulted in a big play that helped the Niners.

              4. Wilson, it just tells me that the same people who kept playing Devey are the same ones who do not have the acumen to utilize Skov.

              5. More fantasy Seb on your part. Bowman has been blitzing all season from that position on a delay. Hodges and Armstrong as well. Bowman did the same thing last season so there’s hardly anything special in you saying what the team has already done. Its still obvious and routine.

                Use your own words, we’re not impressed.

                Maybe you should go get your acumen tested just to see if its working? If you really think Skov is going to fix this defense you don’t know near as much as you think. You jump to conspiracy way to fast. If Skov could play he’d be on the field. Don’t worry you may get your wish when Wilhoite or Bellore goes down or needs a breather. My guess is the 49ers add ILB’s this week because we’re so talent deprived and Skov stays in reserve.

        2. What would Kap measurably improve???????? I have seen him throw MANY balls into the dirt..or into the sidelines………..or bouncing off someones head!
          I’m not even talking about how Kap cant read defenses………

          Come on, Seb. The future QB is not on this team, and never will be so long as Baalke is here.

      2. People will keep yelling for Kaepernick when they really should be looking at QBs are available in the 2017 draft because the team does not have an answer at QB on the current roster.

        1. Lets play these games before speculating on the draft. I do not look closely at the draft until the combine. It is way too early to assess college players. They should have played at least 10 games before any realistic assessment can be made. The injury component also make it more than a crap shoot.

          1. Who are you kidding? A storm is upon us, and it is full of crap. The draft is the only thing we the fans can look to.

            1. The draft situation is so fluid and dynamic, everything said now could be wildly unrealistic. Wait until the middle of the season, at least. Anointing top 10 picks based on a few games is a lesson in futility.

              1. Who said anything about anointing top 10 picks? I am taking about the entire draft Seb.

              2. C’mon, so many others are doing exactly that. Kizer is a number one. Watson is the number one. Several other QBs and some monster defensive linemen have been highly touted.

                They also assume that the Niners will pick after Cleveland. I reject that notion, and want the Niners to pick as high as possible.

                Speculating on a draft that will occur over half a year from now is not a smart focus of attention when there is still three quarters of season to go.

              3. Speculating on a QB that lost his confidence and almost threw two picks against bubble players in a meaningless preseason game is not smart either. At least with the draft you can look at all angles.

        2. Baalke has purposely neglected the skill player positions on offense because he’s no damn good at identifying them. And now he’s reaping what he’s sown. or we as fans are.

          The 9ers are irrelevant.

    1. Stop with the Kaepernick nonsense. Gabbert wasn’t the problem today, but he’s not the answer long term, and neither is Kap. This team doesn’t have enough quality WR’s, and now they’ve lost too many key defensive players to be competitive.

      A 3-4 defense is only as good as it’s linebackers and now the 49ers appear to be down to their 4th and 5th string ILB’s. They’ve missed Lynch, and Brook’s continues to make boneheaded mistakes and inopportune moments. And Harold doesn’t seem strong enough to hold up against the run.

      If there is case to be made that Baalke deserves to be fired, it’s his inability to draft WR’s, miscasting Tank Carradine, who’s better suited as a 4-3 defensive end, and Eli Harold’s inability to do much of anything.

      The parties over for 2016, and Baalke should be the first head to roll!

      1. 49 again well said. The smart fans understand this is a rebuild. This roster has limitations at the skilled positions.Yes painful to watch so everyone out there listening: lower your expectations. It’s a rebuild!

        1. That’s not what he was saying last week Prime. He’s changed his tune over the last two losses after making some big claims.Yes the loss of 3 ILB’s seals what many of us already knew to be true. We’re waiting for a rebuild once we get a new GM.

            1. Maybe we should play the SB champs first game each year and call it a season then.

              Whine were you replying to my free pass on Gabbert’s first game in the thread below?

              1. No just the post right before mine. I get in enough trouble without looking into the future. ☺

            2. My comment had more to do with the fortunes of the Vikings last year and the Rams so for this year after bad opening night losses in Santa Clara.

          1. THATS when the real rebuid begins–with a new GM. Baalke has had 6 years to rebuild and he’s failed in every respect.

  34. The 49ers hopes for a competitive season, simply wasn’t meant to be.

    I’m not sure what Buckner’s injury is, but if it’s anything serious, this team has a very good excuse to lose-out moving forward. Losing Bowman, and Hodges, after losing Armstrong in week 2, has put this defense on ice, moving forward in 2016.

    Armstead has played well considering the extent of his shoulder injury, but I wouldn’t be against him going ahead and getting surgery at this point because this team won’t be making any more noise after today’s game.

    It’s time to look forward to the upcoming offseason, because there is no way this team is going to be competitive with this group of WR’s, their #1 draft pick, a nagging shoulder injury for last years #1, and the teams top 3 ILB’s.

    Not gona happen!

    1. Et, tu, 49? What happened to your ebullient optimism?

      Niners can still be relevant, but only if they make drastic changes.

      I think Jed should show leadership, and write an insurance policy for Kaep. Then they have no reason not to play him, especially if they want to win.

      I will state again that Chip needs to make adjustments. Being stubborn leads to losses.

      1. Not gonna happen. Too many key injuries at ILB and not enough talent at WR.

        There are plenty of building blocks to be sure, and I see a foundation moving forward. The OL has been fixed, Robinson looks like a star in the making, and Armstead and Buckner, when healthy, are brilliant bookends on this DL. They need to lock up Vance McDonald long term, because he was dearly missed today.

        But the party’s over for 2016. Were down to our #4 & #5 ILB’s, which is the mark of death for a 3-4 defense, and our 2015 & 2016 1st round picks are both hurt. Armstead needs surgery, and Buckner could be lost for the bulk of the season. And shame on Baalke for the lack of talent at WR, this group is laughable!

        Time to look ahead to the offseason. The 49ers need to find their QB, and they’ve got to fix the WR position.

        1. Nope, I will not give up. Attrition is part of the game.

          How they respond will tell us about the character of the club.

          If they start Kaep, or even just let him play, They could save the season.

            1. Please stop? You think that anyone on a team that has a 3 game losing streak should be guaranteed their job?

              This is the NFL, which means Not For Long.

          1. Seb, you and this Kap thing…………Cmon now…………. are u messing with us? Or are you insane?

            The season is over. It’s banner from the airplane time.

        2. Since you hate PFF go to the link select 2016 and view their figures on OL rankings. 30th in run blocking is hardly fixed and a major problem. Now the OL has improved dramatically in pass blocking but so far its had little effect on improved QB play. Their adjusted line yards puts them at 5th in pass blocking. This offense needs them to run block better.


  35. You’ve all the heard the expression that a certain team can always find a way to win? Not to worry. That will NOT be said about your Santa Clara 49ers. No doubt the team will be able to pull out a few wins like last year and blow the top couple of draft picks. But would that even matter? You don’t SERIOUSLY expect Baalke to make a good pick, do you? You’d have to be brain dead to think that. GREAT DAY for Bay Area sports!!! The Giants win a big one and the SC 49ers lose (I was worried there for a bit)

    1. But…but…the franchise is one of the most profitable in sports since Levi Stadium was built.

  36. I think Gabbert will start Thursday. The Niners don’t want to rush Kap who still isn’t ready to play.

    The week after that Kap or Ponder will be starting. They will have extra time and Chip doesn’t want to ride or die with Gabbert.

    1. Kelly could be coaching Brady and he still wouldn’t put together a good offensive plan.

    1. Me too, but I want Kaep to lead them to victories so I can lord my football acumen over you doubters.

      Defending Gabbert is getting old. he may have started out fast, by slowed down at the finish line.

        1. Scooter, since I hit on 3 draft picks, and hit on surmising that they would elevate Garnett and Skov, my football knowledge can compare well to even you.

          However, if Kaep can become the 2012 Super Bowl Kaep again, it would be vindication, and make all the screeds and disparaging comments look foolish and lacking in acumen.

          1. Scooter, since I hit on 3 draft picks, and hit on surmising that they would elevate Garnett and Skov, my football knowledge can compare well to even you.

            Golf clap for Seb everyone. He ‘nailed’ three draft picks, so obviously he is the football acumen god.

      1. Gabbert didn’t start fast, there wasn’t any tape on the offense so he got a free pass the first game just like last year. Second game in the NFL has Chip’s offense figured out and we don’t have the talent to beat guys at the skills positions.

      2. OK, Seb…………Its time to get TomD directly involved with you. I love watching your blood pressure go way up! (Just so its not lethal…..).

        TomD! Seb needs you! His arrogance has reared it’s ugly head again!

    1. Kelly went too reliant on the run. Early on it was a fairly even mix of run and pass, but by early in the 3rd qtr it was almost 2/3 run 1/3 pass. Need to keep it balanced throughout the game.

      1. Early on they had the QB run with a lead blocker a few times and it worked. Then they got up 14 and never went back to it I don’t think.

        1. Yeah, they went back to vanilla offense. Sad thing is though that they still probably win the game if Tartt isn’t called for a personal foul and Gabbert leads Smith.

  37. Last week I said Chip should be fired. Does anyone agree? I understand that it won’t really happen. He is stealing money.

          1. Chip was at the bottom of my list. I never liked his offense and we don’t have the personnel to run it.

            I worried that the up tempo offense would wear out the defense and could lead to injuries.

            All of my concerns played out today. Thanks for everything Bowman, You deserved so much better.

            1. Same here on all points #80. My fears were increased when he hired Paul O’Neil and Curtis Modkins.

          2. I’ve been impressed with Pederson so far. Gase however, has been a disaster!

            When your fans, and hometown media are asking questions about your offensive identity, or lack thereof, and you’re supposedly an offensive minded HC, you’re not in a good place, so to speak!

            1. When Dolphin fans, and hometown media are asking questions about your offensive identity, or lack thereof, and you’re supposedly an offensive minded HC, you’re not in a good place, so to speak!

              At least Chip has plenty of excuses. The 49ers are rebuilding after a nice run of postseason success. Miami has been rebuilding for how long now?

              Dolphin’s perennial slump:

              2015: 6-10
              2014: 8-8
              2013: 8-8
              2012: 7-9
              2011: 6-10
              2010: 7-9
              2009: 7-9

    1. You weren’t the only one. Just a matter of time before York is forced to make a move only to screw this team and fanbase further with another dumb decision.

      1. You could be right. To be honest, might not be the worst thing for the 49ers either. He’s on a lot of dough for a once great player.

        1. ILB may have shot up to the top of the list containing positions needing to be addressed.

              1. Jamie Collins, Lawrence Timmons and Dont’a Hightower are the headline guys. Next tier guys include Alonso and Sio Moore. Moore is a guy I hope they go for, but will need more than just him.

              2. Which free agents will want to come to this team? Major change starts at the top. Baalke must go for there to be any hope down the line.

              3. Cubus, if Baalke is still around this offseason I will be very surprised.

                Yes, changes need to happen at the top. And the 49ers will need to overpay to bring guys to this team. But they will have heaps of cap space to do just that.

              4. Not a bad idea, but I doubt they will want to go near the 49ers due to the O’Neil defense and the quick paced Kelly offense.

  38. It’s time for the coaches to do the right thing and start playing for the #1 spot…..in the 2017 draft. That seems to be a reachable goal.

  39. Buckner in walking boot and crutches add, that to Bowman injury and an already piss poor defense does not bold well for keeping teams under 40 pts.

    All I am hearing about is Gabbert this and Gabbert that. It isn’t Gabbert fault for the loss. The defense sucks and that’s that. You can’t win without a defense.

    1. Who’s blaming this on BG? He contributed for sure but this is mostly on the defense and play calling. His late INT sealed the loss.

  40. Grant,

    I request that as you do assign grades you do a running week by week grade of Baalke. How his draft pick pan out during the season and showing picks that he passed on that are doing well or poorly for other teams. Thank you.

  41. Sebvelation 11:15

    Then Seb sounded; and there were loud voices in heaven, saying, “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our QB Colin Kaep; a storm cometh, and He will reign forever and ever”

    1. I will be happy to eat crow if Kaep is allowed to play and falls flat on his face.

      However, Kaep is a Super bowl QB, and has the potential to dominate games. Sheathing your most powerful weapon is conceding defeat. The main reason I want to see Kaep play is because he is not Gabbert.

      I refuse to yield.

      1. You are living in the past too much. Other teams have figured out how to beat nullify Kaepernick, and he has failed miserably to adjust to that.

        1. The- ‘other teams have figured out Kaep’ mantra can be said about every QB. That is what defenses do. The trick is to stay one move ahead.

          By sitting Kaep, he is just getting the RGII treatment.

            1. When he had the entire right side of his line act like turnstiles, he was doomed to failure.

              Dak showed how even a green Rookie can look good behind a stout O line.Having a running game that gains 200 yards helps too.

  42. Someone please explain to me what purpose does Torrey Smith serve out there?
    Between him, Bethea, T.Brock, they are robbing the 49ers blind!

      1. He made zero effort on that play, all day and since he’s been in SF!
        I actually thought Gabbert played his best game today. Not enough to win but good to see he is improving.

        1. How could Smith have made and effort on a ball that was thrown behind and away from him? Maybe he should have been looking for the ball more? I could agree to that. It seems like he was expecting the ball in front of him.

    1. Have to spend a minimum amount of cap money my only guess. Brock had one good half of a season and was rewarded for it and has nothing since. Bethea couldn’t cover and can’t barely tackle anymore

    1. You wont get a QB in the first round if Baalke is still around he’s too much of a pvssy to pull the trigger on one that high.

      1. Baalke’s got to go. The jury is in. He’s GUILTY on all counts!

        Count 1: Guilty of being an extremely poor evaluator of offensive talent, with the exception of the OL.

        Count 2: And, aside from Arron Lynch, Baalke’s been deficient at acquiring OLB talent. Sure, he hit on Aldon Smith, but even that didn’t end well.

        Count 3: He’s failed to pull the trigger on too many viable QB’s with NFL potential.

      1. I really want another pass rusher, but they have to address the QB position above all else. DE/OLB is a position they might need to look at in FA as well as ILB. Melvin Ingram would be a guy I look hard at.

        1. I am not sure if they will be able to do so Scooter. Kizer is definitely looking like the eventual first pick, but the other QBs currently do not look to be worthy of a top 10 pick. Garrett also is able to make a difference against the run and the pass, so adding him if he is available could be a big boon.

            1. Not true. I believe the team should draft a QB, but I do not think they will be able to do so with their first round pick. In other words, I think QB prospects like Kizer and Kaaya will be gone before the team picks. Is Waston, Rudolph, or Kelly worth a high pick?

              1. If they can’t get into a position to draft either Kizer or Kaaya, they should trade for a QB. Bridgewater or Garoppolo are the guys I’d be looking into.

                Only if they can’t get any of those 4 guys should they accept something other than a QB with their first pick.

              2. And if they have a top 10 pick and can’t get into position to draft either Kizer or Kaaya, or get Bridgewater or Garoppolo, they aren’t trying hard enough.

              3. If they can’t get into a position to draft either Kizer or Kaaya, they should trade for a QB. Bridgewater or Garoppolo are the guys I’d be looking into.

                Garoppolo makes sense, but Bridgewater could potentially still be out for some, if not most, of the 2017 season. Besides, it is more likely that the Vikings would trade Bradford before Bridgewater.

                And if they have a top 10 pick and can’t get into position to draft either Kizer or Kaaya, or get Bridgewater or Garoppolo, they aren’t trying hard enough.

                Or the asking price is too high.

              4. ‘Or the asking price is too high.’

                Tell that to the Rams and Eagles. Or even the Vikings. Like I said, that is the sort of thinking that led to having Kaep and Gabbert this year.

                When you need a QB, and have a top 10 pick, in a draft that is looking like a pretty good one for QBs, there is no excuse. Use FA to address immediate needs. Do what it takes to get a QB.

              5. ‘Bridgewater could potentially still be out for some, if not most, of the 2017 season. Besides, it is more likely that the Vikings would trade Bradford before Bridgewater.’

                You could be right on both accounts. No harm in enquiring though.

              6. Agree. You also said the team should do what it takes to get Wilkerson during FA? Seems like he could help with stopping the run.

              7. Wilkerson would be nice right now, but I probably wouldn’t have traded the 1st round pick for him.

              8. Bridgewater? the guy with such a terrible injury, he brought his coach to tears?

                ACL player? Baalke will move heaven and earth to get him.

              9. When you need a QB, and have a top 10 pick, in a draft that is looking like a pretty good one for QBs, there is no excuse.

                That works only if the other team(s) is willing to play ball though.

              10. Of course you are right Mid. But how many teams are the 49ers going to be picking behind that need a QB? I’ve given 3 options I think are quite reasonable in Kizer, Kaaya and Garoppolo. So they need to be picking behind 3 teams that need a QB. And there is still a decent chance that Watson goes before Kaaya too.

              11. And there is still a decent chance that Watson goes before Kaaya too.

                From what I understand, scouts are not as high on Watson right now due to his play based on what I have read during this season. That said, it is probably too early to say if a QB will be available when the 49ers pick because the team could luck into a couple of wins that push them out of the possibility of drafting a QB, or an unexpected prospect could rocket to the top of the draft like Wentz did.

              12. Actually Whine, I would say it is worse. With each passing game we see more and more how deficient the talent is on this team.

          1. Gotcha.

            By the way, I’m done defending Trent Baalke. His head needs to roll! He’s simply failed as an evaluator of offensive talent, with the exception of the OL.

            The cupboard isn’t bare. There’s a nice foundation of young talent to build upon. Rashard Robinson served notice today(and I really like the young talent with this group of DB’s! Our OL has been impressive, and I also love the potential of a this duo of bookend 3-4 DL’s from Oregon, once they are healthy.

            But, my god, what a laughable group of receivers the 49ers were forced to roll with this season, thanks to Baalke’s ineptitude for evaluating offensive talent, and WR in particular. And he’s made way too many mistakes while addressing the OLB position.

            Eli Harold and Corey Lemonier? And Tank Carradine as 3-4 lineman (Tank Carradine should be playing DE in a -4-3 scheme)? What a joke.

        1. Watching Alex Smith make poor decisions, and missing wide open receivers, lessens the pain the 49ers offense has inflicted on me.

          Love the guy as a person, wouldn’t ever want to count on him getting the Niners deep into the postseason!

    2. At first thought Edge Rusher with the first pick.
      After week two I thought Quarterback or Edge Rusher.
      After week three I thought maybe an MBL along with a Quarterback or Edge Rusher.
      After today definitely an MBL, Quarterback or Edge Rusher with the first pick.

      At this rate by season’s end there will be 15 positions we should take with the first overall pick.

      With Bowman out and Gabbert being Gabbert we’re basically reduced to BPA with the first pick in 2017… and it will be a high one.

      The best I can hope for from this game is Buckner’s injury isn’t the kind that will nag him for the remainder of his career.

      1. I dissagree Brodie. Keep in mind, the 49ers have been without their best OLB and edge rusher. I went back and isolated Tank Carradine during yesterdays game and he had a pretty decent game and has been playing solid football (as you can see below, Carradine graded out as the 49ers 5th best defender yesterday) and he’s only going to improve as he gets more comfortable at his new position.

        I’m not saying OLB isn’t a position of need, it certainly is. Brook’s is solid, but can’t help but make boneheaded mistakes at the most inopportune times. And Eli Harold, though it’s a little premature to stick a fork in him, doesn’t seem to be developing (another Baalke OLB failure), and he look’s like a marginal NFL player in his 2nd season. While I understand he’s a bit undersized, I’m not sure why they can’t seem to find a roll for Rush, who’s developed a very impressive speed rushing technique, even with Rush’s liability against the run.

        CB Rashard Robinson, 92.3
        DL DeForest Buckner, 82.3
        DL Quinton Dial, 77.3
        LB NaVorro Bowman, 76.6
        OLB Cornellius Carradine, 73.5

        I think, once Armstead gets his shoulder fixed, and Ian Williams and Glen Dorsey are healthy, the 49ers front 7 will be better, much better. Buckner was having a really good game yesterday, before he went down (and has been PFF’s highest graded rookie interior DL through the first 4 games). That pair of Oregon defenders have shown incredible potential as bookend 3-4 DE’s, and have shown the ability to pressure the QB on a regular basis. But, every defender has to be working in tandem in order to be effective, and although this young DL hasn’t quite gelled just yet, it’s going to happen at some point, when this DL get’s healthy and gain experience playing together. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when.

        I think it’s clear now that QB has to be the number one priority, and with the shortage of franchise QB’s it’s a position the 49ers will likely need to fill through the draft. I’d put WR as a close 2nd, and now I think ILB might be #3 with the type of injury Bowman suffered, as he may lose the step he just started to get back this season.

        1. As far as WR goes, I really like Jeremy Kerley. I’d say he’s made Bruce Ellington expendable. I really had high hopes for Eric Rogers, but he was a question mark coming in, and now an even bigger question mark coming off an ACL. Torrey Smith has a role on this team, although he might need to take a pay cut. The jury is out on Burbridge (he’s shown the ability to catch the ball in traffic) but I don’t see him ever becoming anything better than a backup slot WR, so he’s expendable. Recent acquisitions Rod Streeter and KeShawn Martin are likely not an answer.

          However, there is a list of WR’s who would likely thrive in Chip Kelly’s system (if they find a QB):

          1) Alshon Jeffery
          2) Emmanual Sanders
          3) Michael Floyd
          4) DeSean Jackson
          5) Markus Wheaton
          6) Terrelle Pryor

          The 49ers have a lot, and I mean a lot of money to spend. I’d like them to use some of that money to sign a proven playmaker at WR. And after that, I’d like to see them draft a couple WR, perhaps one as high as round 2, and even perhaps back to back WR picks early in the draft.

  43. With the previous comments on playing for the #1 spot in the draft in mind:

    Chip could:

    1) Hand the clipboard to Gabbert
    2) Move Ponder to starter
    3) Release Keep
    4) Let all the rookies start
    5) Attempt to trade for Driskel
    6) Try not to win too many games so the #1 draft pick is reachable

  44. This is probably harsh, but it seems like a number of guys have gone down with no contact. Where’s the vaunted sports science that Kelly brings to this team?

  45. When opposing teams watch the video of this game and watch us unable to stop the run they will start salivating. When you can’t stop the run with 8 in the box all you will see the remainder of the season is teams running down your throat. They will only pass when they don’t have to. We are pretty much screwed.

    To those of you who are hopeful that free agency will make a huge difference next year, you are wrong. It will not. Baalke has a plan he follows. It is a plan that is not working. However, he has shown that he will not step out of the parameters of that plan and spend $$$ in free agency. But, look on the bright side, York gets to pocket 40 million plus this year in money not spent in free agency

  46. BTW,

    I think one of the early turning points in the game was the horribly shanked punt right before Dallas scored their second touchdown to tie the game. That punter can occasionally hit a good punt, but he appears equally capable of laying a turd on the field. Right now I would grade that draft pick as loser for Baalke.

    1. Got that right. Trading vernon Davis was a huge mistake. Get rid of TOrrey Smith, he’s garbage. Get some WRs and get a real QB!

  47. As a Cub fan I have seen my share of crap.

    All I could do was hope for new ownership. An ownership that would spend and hire good people to run the team. Eventually those things happened.

    Denise has to be held accountable. All banners and inflated private parts should have her name on it. How about an inflated member that says “PENISE”

    1. Denise HAS to be held accountable!!! Ha ha ha …. by whom? The only way fans can hold the owners accountable is BY NOT SHOWING UP AND THEN NOT RENEWING THEIR SEASON TICKETS. And you KNOW that ain’t gonna happen.

      How did the Warriors do for twenty years with Cohan? They kept filling the arena. How’d that work out? (it was sheer luck that the Wolves passed up Curry with BOTH the 5th and 6th pick in the draft for TWO other point guards.

      Settle for a decade or two of the football version of the Cohans.

  48. Let’s say at the end of the year, Cleveland has the top pick for their sub QB is doing poorly. Would you trade your pick, say a no. 7 as the 49ers always screw it up to take their top pick?

  49. Before the game I told my son that this was a winnable game and if they don’t win this one the season is over.
    How many games can the nines win considering what they have?
    How many games should the nines win considering what they can gain in the draft?

  50. If Bowman is down for the count I would speculate O’Neil might be considering a general scheme change. Make the base defense a four-three supplement with the three-four putting All-World Eric Reid (he can’t defend the deep pass put Reid in a position of strength he wont argue this is his contract year) in the box on the 3-4 he can trail tight ends around the field. Baalke invested a great deal of energy fortifying both lines. Let’s test Baalke’s line concept there is nothing to lose this is the first year of Kelly’s total rebuild find out who wants or deserves a paycheck for 2017. That is my best guess.

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