49ers vs. Jets live blog

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 14 game against the New York Jets. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

12:00 Here are the 49ers’ inactives:

  • LT Joe Staley
  • DT Quinton Dial
  • OLB Tank Carradine
  • RB Mike Davis
  • DB Marcus Cromartie
  • TE Je’Ron Hamm
  • QB Christian Ponder

And here are the Jets’ inactives:

  • QB Christian Hackenberg
  • OT Breno Giacomini
  • CB Dexter McDougle
  • LB Lorenzo Mauldin
  • RB Khiry Robinson
  • WR Jalin Marshall
  • DL Steve McLendon

12:41 The 49ers are 2.5-point favorites in this game. Meaning Vegas odds-makers won’t even give the Niners the full 3-point home-field advantage.

1:03 The 49ers win the toss and choose to defer.

1:07 Bryce Petty’s first pass is intercepted by Jimmie Ward. Niners’ ball at the Jets’ 7.

1:08 On first-and-goal, Colin Kaepernick rolls to his right and throws a touchdown pass to Carlos Hyde. And the Niners take an early 7-0 lead.

1:12 Phil Dawson kicks the ball out of bounds. Jets’ ball at their 40-yard line.

1:14 Petty misses an open receiver on third-and-4 and the Jets go three-and-out. Niners’ ball at their 19 after a fair catch.

1:18 Carlos Hyde runs for 47 yards. Next play, Shaun Draughn runs four yards for a touchdown. And the Jets have officially quit. 14-0 Niners.

1:24 Roughly 18 49ers sack Bryce Petty on second-and-6, and the Jets go three-and-out again.

1:31 Kaepernick completes a 32-yard pass to Blake Bell. But three plays later, Kaepernick completes just a 6-yard pass to Quinton Patton on third-and-9. Daniel Kilgore suffers a leg injury during the play.

1:33 Dawson misses a 44-yard field goal wide left.

1:36 On third-and-4 from the Niners’ 45, Petty tries to scramble up the middle and gets tackled at the line of scrimmage by DeForest Buckner for the sack.

1:44 Kaepernick hits Jeremy Kerley for 27 yards just before the end of the first quarter.

1:47 On third-and-9, Kaepernick runs backward to escape pressure and gets sacked for a loss of 9. Then Dawson misses a 48-yard field goal attempt.

1:55 Petty throws a pass out of bounds on third-and-4 from the Niners’ 18, and Nick Folk makes a 36-yard field goal. 14-3 Niners.

2:01 Kaepernick overthrows Kerley on third-and-7 form the Jets’ 29, and Phil Dawson finally makes a field goal. 17-3 Niners.

2:03 Hyde has 123 rushing yards on six carries. There is no amount of money the Jets could pay their players to try to tackle him.

2:07 Petty holds the ball a long time and gets sacked by Jimmie Ward on third-and-6.

2:08 Vance McDonald has a shoulder injury.

2:13 Kaepernick takes a sack for an 8-yard loss on first-and-10, then throws the ball away to avoid another sack on third down.

2:24 Ronald Blair and Aaron Lynch sack Petty on third-and-8.

2:31 Halftime.

2:48 Kaepernick throws the ball away on third-and-5, and the Niners go three-and-out. He has completed just 4-of-10 passes for 21 yards since the beginning of the second quarter.

3:01 The Jets inadvertently move the ball to the 49ers’ 3-yard line, but succeed in moving backward 15 yards, then kick a field goal. Expert tanking. They just want it a little less. 17-6 49ers.

3:09 On third-and-6, Kaepernick throws an incomplete pass deep to Torrey Smith who hits his head on the ground and is out cold. Both teams are kneeling on the field out of respect.

3:20 Petty scrambles for 5 yards on third-and-10 from the Jets’ 40, and New York punts.

3:28 Kaepernick overthrows Kerley on third-and-3 and the Niners go three-and-out.

3:42 Bilal Powell runs through arm tackles by Ahmad Brooks and Gerald Hodges to score a touchdown from five yards out. Now the Jets are going for two.

3:44 Petty keeps the ball on the zone read, shakes off another arm tackle by Brooks and scores. 17-14 49ers with 5:04 left.

3:54 Kaepernick completes a pass to Shaun Draughn for 5-yard loss on third-and-15. The Niners have 44 net yards of offense in the second half. Jets’ ball at their 35-yard line with two timeouts and 2:35 left.

3:56 Petty completes a 9-yard pass to Robby Anderson just before the 2-minute warning. Second-and-1 from the Niners’ 39 with 1:55 left.

4:03 Nick Folk makes a 50-yard field goal with 38 seconds left.

4:11 The Jets run out the clock. We’ve got overtime.

4:13 The Niners win the toss and choose to receive the kickoff.

4:19 On fourth-and-2 from the Jets’ 37, Hyde runs up the middle for no gain. Jets ball.

4:22 On first-and-10 from the Jets’ 49, Petty scrambles to his left, stops and throws a bomb downfield to Anderson, who catches the pass at the Niners’ 25.

4:26 Ahmad Brooks jumps offside, the Jets snap the ball, Powell runs off left tackle and scores from 19 yards out. Unbelievable game. Stay tuned for grades.

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          1. Prime, this just shows you know as much about pruning as you do about football.

            Ideally, I never prune oaks, just let them grow naturally.

      1. Didn’t you hear? Baalke is taking all the blame. It is all on his shoulders, and he does not worry about his job. I think he is getting fatalistic, knows he is a dead man walking, and sees the writing on the BANNERS.

          1. Yup, that contract was totally team friendly, but now is toxic.

            His 16 guaranteed to stone hands may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    1. I kind of like QB’s who actually win. Not QB’s who occasionally put up misleading stats in garbage time. If you are delusional enough to think QB is the least of this team’s worries you’re dumber than Jed

  1. Hey Grant seems like the Bears are not as bad as you made them out to be there playing the Lions tough in there dome and even tho the Lions might not be a great team there pretty good while some think Stafford is having an MVP season. The point is you failed to understand the Bears have a better overall roster then the 49ers.

    1. The Bears just lost 20-17 actually it could’ve been tied if it weren’t for that missed PI called on the Lions which would’ve put the Bears in FG range but oh well that’s the refs for you lol

  2. Rich Cimini Verified account 
    First interception by a 49ers cornerback this season. Can’t make this up. #NYJvsSF

  3. I don’t understand this banner thing ??? Why isn’t it a Championship Banner flying ??? Didn’t Jed say the York’s only fly those ???

  4. Welp the Eagles are on pace to finish with the same or worse record then last year lol So much for Doug Pederson saving the franchise.

  5. This season is over. But I do see when this team learns how to play 4 quarters we will be okay. Qb and Wr”s away. Also new DC.

  6. This will save the 49ers Franchise:

    I’m a “don’t get your hopes up” person to a fault, so I’m just going to assume the Yorks will restructure the front office and make Baalke and Paraag Marathe “co-GMs,” with John taking on a more overbearing “advisory” role in the organization. But if the Yorks actually make huge changes and shift power away from the Jed/Trent/Paraag trio, this awful season could bear fruit in ways other than top-two draft pick.


  7. Will Kaep be a world beater in the third quarter? Will he maintain his first half skill level? The five yard jump pass is back!

  8. No surprise Kilgore is down. He’s yet to complete a season. Baalke talks about the importance of the middle of the field, yet doesn’t draft like it ….

  9. Kaep needs to exploit his ability to inspire and shut this game down before the half otherwise the 49ers risk a serious loss. They are a one half team.

      1. Scooter: Been meaning to ask you about Wilkerson; now’s as good a time as any. Jets front 3 are big names – why do you think they are playing poorly this year. Or is it more of an issue with the LBs and secondary.

        1. I haven’t watched enough of their games to really know, but sounds like there has been a distinct lack of effort and commitment.

  10. Maybe a banner can fly over the Press Democrat and the blog can have a new writer… I suppose complaining here is like complaining about PBS. It’s all free broadcasting

    1. For all who do not have the game on TV, the game started with about a quarter of the seats filled. Now it still looks less than half filled.

      Kerley got his hand on it.

        1. He was backpeddling because he was being blitzed. At least he did not throw it short for a possible pick. Glad to see Kaep throw the ball away instead of taking a sack, at times.

          Wonder what his first half QBR is.

          1. LOL, Aren’t you sunshine and rainbows? ;p

            Lighten up. I feel giddy with delight. Hope they can make some second half adjustments.

  11. At some point I would think the 49ers would deactivate Eli Harold in favor of anyone else-another jewel in Baalke’s crown.

    1. I recall when so many people were happy when they took Harold in the 3rd – a guy that had been discussed as a potential 1st rounder. Looks like 31 teams were right about him…

  12. Clearly Boweles should be fired. How can’t he be? This is a game that they should win easy, going up against the 2nd least talented roster in the league and they’re getting embarrassed. Clearly he should have prepared the team in different weather and where are the adjustments!!

    Cleary he didn’t prepare his team for this game. I expect he’ll be fired after the final whistle and told to buy his own ticket home.

  13. I believe Chip will use the Harbaugh formula for the second half. Keep the ball out of Kaep’s hands and give the rock to Hyde.

  14. We have a lot of bad players but Bethea has got to be the worst hands down. I was shocked to find out how old he is,only 32 and plays like 42.

  15. Is it a coincidence that tank and dial are out and the d line looks 1000x better than it has all season. Oline looks strong with tiller in..martin is a joke. On offense Ide keep:

    Oline except martin,
    Hyde, draughn,kerley

    On defense
    D johnson,arik, buckner,dorsey,lynch,rayray,tart,ward, hodges

      1. Michael

        I’m not so sure about Patton…I love his speed and moves, but he’s always hurt surprising, because he’s a tough nut also

  16. A good job for Patton would be designated fumble recovery specialist he could follow Hyde around and be a very valuable player for the team.

  17. Everyone’s so down….I personally thought Vance was a good signing.just keep improving on the hands.maybe a better qb and wrs. To take some coverage away he’s been the one consistent threat.fire balkee

    1. I agree, East. I think most felt we paid too much for VMac not necessarily that it was a bad signing. But I posted earlier today that the salary cap is expected to go up by around $10 mil per year. So, in light of that, the cost seems more fair, imo.

  18. This game thus far exemplifies who Kap is as a player…makes plays here and there during coarse of early part of game but he can’t lead this team and sustain drives when it counts in second half. Niners MUST release him after this season along with Baalke and start this rebuild next year.

  19. If the movie Heidi is on at the top of the hour, maybe the network will leave this game for Heidi (shades of the Heidi game of years ago…a Jets thing)

  20. I was going to say this is what happens when you sit on a lead but the Niners can’t do crap in the 2nd half EVER… That is what I’ll always remember the Great Chip Kelly for. The better team is only 3 points down while Jed and Trent pucker.

  21. 3rd and 17, Kap looks at his first read, then quickly dumps it off. Does not even attempt to scan the field.
    How can you move forward with this guy?

  22. The drive exemplifies Kap…he cant lead and make plays when it counts to finish a game. Kelly beleives the same thing as evidenced by the play calling on that drive.

      1. He started out so well, but the whole team goes full collapse in the second half.

        Still am shaking my head over that 4th down play. Kaep was so alone, he could have easily gotten the first down, but he handed off into the teeth of the defense.

        They still did not roll him out, and the Jets blitzed like crazy, but the Niners did not make adjustments.

        Why, it was almost like they were intentionally tanking…..Jed must be jumping for joy. He will be richly rewarded for losing.

  23. Boy, losses are getting tough. So talk to me. I know Baalke might be out, but Kelly and the Yorks too? What’s going on? To have Kelly out would be a merry Christmas for me after what kelly has done to Kap and to the 49er team.

    Wow, 3 and out maybe?

  24. Why even look at Kaput in free agency if you’re the Jets when you have Bryce Petty…. That’s how bad of a QB you are… Take a knee already!!

  25. Kaput looks pissed…. I have a feeling it has more to do with buying that $3.2m NY condo while realizing he just screwed up his Jets audition… Whoops.

              1. #80, when I say you’re a liberal, I mean you are on the side that accepts the mediocre of the 49ers: a bad QB that disrespects his country, a bad coach in Kelly that allows this to happen and allows his D in Chicago in the snow make snow angels, bad all the way with GARBAGE as you have hope for Kerley, I feel he’s no. 3 material or he should be OUT, Mr. Torrey you got hope on, he should’ve joined Boldin in Detroit for look at Detroit now for the Lions just be having one WR trying, and then look at Crabtree on da Raidas. You accept and are used to failure on the 49ers. My changes are:

                You get rid of Kap
                You get rid of Kelly, now that I hear Oregon hired somebody else it looks like, i still say buy out the contract and dump him.
                You get rid of Baalke
                You get rid of Jed
                You sell the team. Newberry said quote John York mismanaged the team, and I agree 100%, he did> you must be a blind squirrel to be missing all this, Mr. Fan of Jerry Rice, and before you get on me, I respected Rice and every one of the 49ers team with Eddie D, not the York family, Eddie D. Eddie D did NOT mismanage this team, #80. He was a SUCCESS and the NFL should’ve had Better MANAGEMENT for the 49ers, not let the Yorks weasel in like this. A vote should’ve taken place!

                And as Michael Savage would say, the pleasure was yours, and let’s stop playing You Tube games with each other. I hate with a passion what the Yorks have done, and I root for failure because it means, change, and if you saw what Grant put up about possible changes, that my friend is why failure is GOOD to root for on this team rather then going rah rah, let’s win this game. NO way, until I get these changes I want, I root for a loss!

    1. Good name, Red, he just went KER PLOP after this game. But one great side, no Ibanez and Crybaby Bubba Paris. Get some real men on there in Dennis O Donnell and Newberry.

      Jim Harbaugh style should be changed to Chip Kelly style, though he doesn’t wear khakis though.

  26. Jets need to be careful, they look great so far, but don’t underestimate the other losing team and the long hair weirdo Mr. GOOF.

    1. Seriously? He was kneeling next to Kap. He was an injury waiting to happen. Least next year when we get rid of Kap, maybe we can trade him.

          1. Seriously Darren, why is it you only show up when this team is awful…when they were winning you were no where to be seen (thankfully).

            You bring nothing to thid place other than a 3rd flooder.

            You are the living definition of schadenfreude.

            Please, would Nurse Ratched up your meds…

            1. You don’t like it, pop in your good old days 49ers on your DVD in your machine. I gave the 49ers some kudos this week, fella. I thought they were going to win. This was the easy game for them, but like CHicago, they found a way to take a DUMP out there, and I am not going to say oh gee that’s too bad. I’m going to be happy because thank God Jax has 2 wins or we’d be drafting about 7th right now if we won these games, with no Qb for us again like last year. You want drugs, here you go loser:


  27. As a long time 49er fan, it feels fantastic to see Mr. Fool’s Gold, Colin Kaepernick, and all his stupid fans from only a few years ago, completely and utterly fail as I predicted, and great to see Alex Smith lead his team to first place in the very competitive AFC West. The verdict is in: Kaepernick fans were WRONG and Smith fans were RIGHT.

    1. Smith fans should become KC Chiefs fans. Real 49ers fans won’t pine for players that are long gone.
      I put Alex Smith in the same category as Jim Harbaugh; ex coach and players who have forgotten the 49ers and likely happy to no longer be a part of this dumpster fire.

      This team has been bad for two seasons, period. We were bad under Tomsula, and worse under Kelly.
      But let’s face it, the one common thread has been Baalke.
      If Baalke is gone after the season, we may be two good drafts for viability. If Baalke is miraculously still here next year, we may continue to see this type of football for the 5 years. But having said that, I won’t be reminiscing and pinning for Alex Smith – that ship has sailed!

  28. The 49ers are officially 0 for the AFC: Lost to NE, lost to Buf, lost to Miami, lost to the J E T S JETS! INCREDIBLE, and I took a nap this afternoon too. Wahoo, you just made the Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaidas very happy.

  29. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Burn this thing to the ground and rebuild from the FO on down… Anything less would be uncivilized (but yet SO Yorkie).

    1. Bull! Burn it from the ownership on down. Anything else is like leaving a parasite to fester up again.

      1. Just being realistic… I would love for new ownership but unless their private plane crashes or car drives off a cliff it ain’t gonna happen.

  30. This may well do it for Kelly as well. There comes a point where it’s hard to believe that all of these games lost with incredibably poor play in the 2nd half rests solely on the players.

        1. Oregon fired their coach, didn’t they? i have NOT heard anything that Oregon replaced their coach, moron. Did they replace their coach already?

            1. Newspaper said nothing about it, idiot. DOn’t worry, ESPN confirmed it, looks like mommy and daddy York better pay for the contract of the idiot that Baalke hired. Remember when Erickson was hired by the GM we had, and both were shown the door by Dr. Dork? Now we got Kelly, baalke and Jed being shown the door, how ironic is that? I hope though Yorks sell because John doesn’t know how to run a team, like his son! Get off my case about Oregon, I don’t get their paper and the local paper says NOTHING, OK? I didn’t know they hired. It just shows why there should NEVER be 2 types of 49er fans, one in myself that tells it like it is, and the other is YOU that doesn’t accept the failure around him.

    1. We squeaked by, and the Jets were the one team I was worried about. Falcons, no problem there, but the Rams…that’s a game we might win if we’re not more careful. Can’t depend on Dawson again….

      1. You’re the same ol story each week. Getting as bad as Seb. Fire Chip Fire Chip. Yea we get it, you don’t like Chip Kelly. Got anything else in your bag?

      2. The whole team got their @ss kicked especially Keapernick who was worse than usual. Imtjink the majority of the blame always goes to the players on the field. Their is no excuse for letting Keap play another down for this team.

  31. And colin has yet to lead this team to a win since October of last year. How again does he give this team the best chance to win? The offense has actually averaged less per game under him than they did under Blain

    1. You are worried about Brock? Don’t show your face all year only tell me about Brock?
      Go back into your hole 23 welcher!

  32. I don’t see how Kelly can keep his job after today. If that was not tanking than that was incompetence. Either way it’s a travesty to all things football.
    As for Kaepernick, well I’ll leave it at that.

  33. Almost accidently squeaked out the win, but some fantastic half time adjustments by Kelly and staff ensured a hard earned defeat. Good job.

  34. I don’t want to here anyone run there mouth about Hyde. If this guy was on a decent team he runs for 1500 yards. Great Loss today!!!!!

        1. Then how come on 4th down, why wasn’t Kap trying to run the ball? Where was that flashy runner that Kap claims to be? Did he put on the wrong shoes? Did he mistime his knee? Did his girlfriend feed him bad food? Did Kap even use the wrong toilet paper after yelling at Donald Trump on TV? Hyde is nothing but a run first and a can’t catch or rely on player. 49ers need to bring back WCO and scrap this obvious running game. Get some WRs.

          1. Hyde gained 193 yards with no passing offense. Everyone knows he gets the ball… Imagine a team that can actually throw the ball what he could do.

            1. I’m not ready to call Hyde the every day player like Gore. Gore was decent, but he was not G Hearst or Ricky Watters. See, the RBs we had were not about running the game. THey were about catching the ball and turning it into big plays. Even Roger Craig the fullback was reliable. The RBs we have are just run the ball, don’t pass to them. That’s not good play calling. I don’t like one trick ponys on the 49ers with Mr. Hyde.

              1. “Gore was decent, but he was not G Hearst or Ricky Watters.” Darren, you show your ignorance in every post. Gore is a HOFer. Did you see Gore’s receiving TD today? Hearst and Watters were good but not even close to Gore.

  35. I think Jimmy Ward should’ve been flaged and tossed from the game what he did in tackling the Qb out of bounds, really dumb play. Hope the NFL suspends him. Saw a dirty hit today from the Redskin player to Sproles.

  36. Only silver lining is that there’s NO way now Baalke, Kaput and possibly Chip aren’t kicked to the curb… Not unless the Yorks want a riot at their cabana.

  37. Glen, Glen, why are you talking to Jimmy Ward that cost them the game? He should’ve been tossed from the game on that dirty hit. NFL I hope they suspend him.

  38. Calling Dr. John and nurse Denise, where are you? Bring back Car 54 and start cleaning out this team. I hope Falcons put up 50 points next week in the Georgia Dome, another 2 road games, yaaaay!

  39. Very impressed with the effort. Especially with the injuries. We would have won this game if we had an average qb.

    If the Jets were picking their qb for next year which one would they pick Petty or Kapernick?

    Please end our misery.

    Time for Ponder.

  40. Chip Kelly can’t admit there’s a pattern of being a sh*tty 2nd half team (“can only talk about this game”)…. So DONE with this guy.

  41. We would have won this game if we had an average qb.

    Had it not been for Phil Dawson, we would have won the game. That’s why I gave him the game ball….

  42. Does anybody still want Kelly next year? Kudos to myself, Red, Razor and others I may have forgot about. We have been calling for Chip’s head for months. As always Rollo will claim to have been first.

    1. Kelly, no way when you go from a 5 win Tomsula to a so far 1 win Kelly. reminds me of Erickson and the 2 year failure that he was, to go from 7 to like 2 wins and then he was out the door. 49ers need to get rid of Kelly. Now if Oregon in NCAA, I don’t know which school fired the coach, I thought it was the Ducks, but whoever fired the coach needs to buy out Kelly’s contract on the 49ers and get him off.

    1. We need to clean out these fake 49ers fans. Now as for myself, I am a no nonsense type fan that’s going to tell it like it is. That means I point the finger to everybody that doesn’t seem to want to play or contribute. Every single player on the 49ers is a BUM, even Mr. Hyde, to a degree, but Mr. hyde is a run first, no catch RB. The 49ers got no Wr, no decent TE, no Oline obviously, defense is crummy, secondary is a joke to let the 2nd and 3rd QB have their day and our run D is everything as expected from a broken down car. Kap has to go in the worse way, he doesn’t come back, period. Kap needs to get out. I hope if the 49ers are smart, you let the Falcons beat you really bad next week. Stop these phony attempts in winning, you STINK out there. Play for the no. 2 pick in the draft, because we all know Cle might go 0 and 16.

    2. Naw, I am a life long die hard faithful Niner fan. These are trying times, but I will still root for them to win more rings.

      Thankfully, this is flaming out so spectacularly,even Jed is not safe.

        1. That was a team wide loss. He lost his center, starting TE and a number 1 WR.

          Glad Chip admitted that his conservative play calling cost them the game. I bet Dawson feels like he cost them the game, too.

          Defense failed spectacularly, too. They let another PS player run roughshod over them.They made Petty seem like Joe Montana.They were incapable of making a third down stop. Since you hate Kaep so much, I guess you will blame him for not stopping the Jets offense.

          The Niners should have invited the blitz, then rolled away from the blitz, but they insisted on allowing the Jets to contain him in the pocket.

          1. I don’t blame Kap for the loss. I’ve said since all along, he is terrible. Terrible today, last year, the year before that.
            I’m use to it. You are just stupid to not see it!
            You will when he is a back up somewhere next year or very possibly out of the league next year.

  43. Colin Kapernick fans need a cookie, a safe space, and their participation ribbon, where are they? Where’s the ambulance for them?

    1. Kap is bottom level trash. My god that was the worst half of football I’ve ever watched. Balke can join Kap in the dumpster.

    1. Well my F comes from when you give a game like that away when you had the opportunity to win, and of course, there’s my participation grade as once again, Mr. Kap was kneeling down like a knucklehead during the anthem I bet. The only way my grade goes up is if Kap has a 300 yard game and was trying to rally his team. It is very odd for the 49ers that each week after the 1st half, they stink it up in the 2nd half of games.

  44. I bet Mike Shanahan was sizing up the team today. Kelly and Kap looked like Smelly and Krap. It will be nice to have a real offense next year. Shanahan will take a QB or two in the draft. We should have done this last year. Any year with Baalke, Kelly, and Kap is a waste.

  45. It can’t get worse. Oh jes it can!
    Kap got out dueled, out clutched by a shavetail. The Jets are going to sign him now?
    Pffft! So, who else will?
    So he returns.
    Told ya

  46. Great loss by Chip!
    I mean, Chip has the uncanny gift of making the 49er faithful believe that we might actually win a game with spirited play in the 1st half only to lose the game in the 2nd half – genius!
    This team is only playing for one goal: A draft pick at number one or two.
    Their only competition right now is the race with the Browns for a top 1-2 draft choice.
    Today only confirmed my theory of playing good enough to lose. But the purpose is to LOSE. Why else would the offense not continue to run C.Hyde in 2nd half? Why else would Kap completely go off the grid in 2nd half of games? Why else would the defense suddenly forget how to tackle in the 2nd half?

    I knew at the start of the season that this year would not define Kelly’ imprint as head coach. And I said that it would take a couple of strong drafts to put the team back in contention. 2017 and 2018 will make us forget about Chip’ 2016 horrendous inaugural season.
    This draft should garner 3-4 players that will help the team (assuming Baalke is gone), and the next (2018) draft will continue to pickup players to get us over the top.
    Of course, as a faithful since the 60’s, I’m always hopeful.

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