49ers vs. Packers live blog: First quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the first quarter of the 49ers’ Week 1 home game against the Packers. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

1:23 The Packers call heads. It’s tails. The 49ers defer, so the Packers will receive the ball first.

1:26 Touchback. The Packers start at their 20 yard line.

1:28 The Packers start the game in 11 personnel. Bad call. Eddie Lacy gains one yard on first down, Aldon Smith sacks Aaron Rodgers on second down and forces a fumble but Rodgers recovers it. The Packers punt two plays later. 49ers’ ball at their 27.

1:31 Colin Kaepernick misses Kyle Williams on an out route on on first down, then Kaepernick nearly is intercepted on second down. He telegraphed a pass to Vernon Davis who was running a deep dig down the left sideline. Tramon Williams jumped the route and dropped the interception. Then the 49ers called timeout. Third and 10. No read option yet.

1:34 Kaepernick drops back and no one is open so he scrambles to the left for eight yards. Three and out. Andy Lee punts to Cobb, and Eric Reid tackles him at the Packers’ 18.

1:35 Mike Wilhoite is in for Bowman.

1:38 Rodgers converts one third down to Randall Cobb, who beat Carlos Rogers for an 18-yard gain over the middle. But Rodgers can’t convert the second third down – he throws to Lacy and he falls down. Lacy has had a bad start to this game. He has four carries for one yard. Packers punt. 49ers ball at their 17.

1:40 It’s going to be tough for the Packers to stick to the run game when their offensive line isn’t creating any holes. That’s good news for the 49ers.

1:49 Kaepernick throws a beautiful 20-yard touchdown pass to Vernon Davis on a corner route. The 49ers didn’t get much production on the ground. That drive was all Kaepernick throwing the ball. 7-0 49ers with 2:52 left in the first quarter.

1:58 The Packers abandon their run game, but it works out. Rodgers leads the Packers 80 yards down the field on six throws. He completes a 5-yard pass to Cobb for the touchdown.  The 49ers cannot cover him. 7-7 with 1:05 to go in the first quarter.

2:00 Earlier in the drive, Nnamdi Asomugha gave up a 31-yard pass to Jordy Nelson. Asomugha looked like Chris Culliver on that play, never finding the ball in the air.

2:02 Perrish Cox returns the kick to the 25 before he gets tackled by the kicker.

2:04 Gore gains three yards up the middle on first down and then Jonathan Goodwin commits a false start penalty on second and-seven. It will be second-and-12 at the beginning of the second quarter.

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