49ers vs. Packers live blog: Fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 1 home game against the Packers. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:57 It’s third-and-goal for the 49ers at the Packers’ 22.

3:59 Kaepernick checks down to Gore for a 13-yard gain. Here’s Dawson to kick a 27-yard field goal. It’s good. 24-21 49ers with 14:17 to go.

4:01 Touchback. The Packers start at their 20.

4:04 The Packers go three-and-out. Aldon Smith sacks Rodgers on second-and-seven. Bowman knocks away a pass to Finley on third-and-ten. The Packers punt. Brock was flagged for holding and unnecessary roughness on the play. The Packers’ take the roughness penalty. The 49ers start at their 17.

4:08 Kaepernick completes a short pass to Miller on first down. He runs for a 17-yard gain. First-and-10 at the 49ers’ 34.

4:11 Then Kaepernick loses four yard on a read option keeper. On the next play, Gore gains nothing up the middle and Boldin gets hurt, but he jogs off the field. Third and 14.

4:12 Kaepernick had Williams open deep down the right sideline, but Kaepernick hung the ball up in the air, Shields caught up to it and knocked it away. Lee punts. Cobbs makes a fair catch at the Packers’ 24.

4:19 The run game opens up for the Packers and they drive down the field easily. Lacy gains 26 yards on five carries and punches it in from two yards out. 28-24 Packers with 8:26 left.

4:22 Touchback. 49ers start at their 20. Boldin on the field.

4:25 The Packers don’t cover Boldin on second-and-five and Kaepernick hits him for a 43-yard gain. Next play, Hunter runs through a huge hole for a 23-yard gain. First-and-goal at the nine and Kaepernick wastes the 49ers’ second timeout of the half to avoid a delay of game penalty.

4:27 Gore runs it in from two yards out. 31-28 49ers with 5:47 left.

4:30 Spillman tackles Ross at the Packers’ nine yard line. He should not have run out of the end zone.

4:32 The Packers go three-and-out and now they’re on the ropes.

4:32 The 49ers start at their 35.

4:35 Kaepernick throws a short pass to Vernon Davis on third-and-four and he runs 15 yards for a first down. Next play, Gore gains four up the middle and the Packers call their first timeout. 3:11 left.

4:36 Gore carries it again and gains one and the Packers call their second timeout. Third-and-five at the Packers’ 39 yard line. Gore gains three yards and the Packers call their final timeout. Fourth and two. They’re going for it.

4:38 No, they’re not. Kaepernick tries to draw the Packers’ offside but they don’t flinch.

4:39 Actually, yes they are. Here they go.

4:40 Kaepernick scrambles right and hits Boldin for 15 yards.

4:44 Dawson makes the 33-yard field goal. 34-28 49ers with 26 seconds left.

4:46 Touchback. The Packers have 26 seconds to go 80 yards.

4:48 Rodgers completes a 38-yard pass to Cobb but he can’t stay in bounds. Three seconds left.

4:48 Rodgers gets sacked. That’s the game. 49ers win 34-28.

  1. We need to RUN the ball and run the ball effectively to set up some 4th quarter deep play action. POUND IT POUND IT POUND IT POUND IT POUND IT POUND IT……….

    1. No, there just are no holes. I mean NO holes. Hunter can’t get anything either. It’s the O-line’s lack of push today but we can’t abandon the run just yet. Frank just needs a crease for a big play in the 4th here.

  2. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy- but here’s the good news: Roman can design plays against the new schemes being used against the pistol/read-option. There are going to be some monster pass plays off Kaep run fakes later in the year

  3. Williams should have used his hands on the play. That’s fundamentals – don’t try to catch the ball with your body. Use your hands fool.

  4. Aaron Rodgers is just a so much ease right now. Look at his body language, no pressure, no panic at all. Green Bay is a finesse offense. We have to put him on his back!

      1. No, I am just noting that the Pack are more physical, and are making less mistakes. Their plan is working. The Niners are not as physical, are making a lot of mistakes, and the offensive play calling has been offensive…

      1. Wow Jack, I don’t think I’ve ever been on here calling you any names. Seems a bit immature. But I’m sure you are on a high horse because the only responses you get are from the Blog owner. I’ll let it slide. Lacy is on my fantasy team. Try to follow along before making it personal.

  5. Matt says:
    September 7, 2013 at 2:05 pm
    I suspect Lacy will have 80 yards and 1 td.

    E says:
    September 7, 2013 at 8:03 pm
    It’s weird to predict that a RB will score a TD against this team in the first game of the season.

    5253 says:
    September 7, 2013 at 3:10 pm
    I suspect Green Bay’s substandard offensive line will be overwhelmed by our front 7. 16 carries 41 yards 0 TDs. No knock on your guy Lacy, he just has very little help up front.
    Chicago49er says:
    September 7, 2013 at 8:22 pm
    keep up dreaming homer!

  6. Eddie Lacy:
    one fumble and now…
    his first NFL rushing touchdown.
    Will his running threat keep the niner defense honest for the remainder of the fourth quarter? If so, Aaron Rodgers will preserve/add to the current four point lead. Stay tuned.
    Get set for the handshake, Coach Harbaw.

    1. Alex Smith: 21/34, 173 yds, 5.1 YPA (snicker), 2 TD, 94 QBR
      CK7: 27/39, 412 yds, 10.6 YPA, 3 TD, 129 QBR

      CK7 played against an actual NFL team. Trade-bait played against South Jacksonville High School.

      The 49ers are far, far better with CK7. Alex will hopefully manage his way to an extra 2nd round pick for the 49ers.

  7. Anyone else think the miners oline is the most over rated unit in football ? They are below average in pass protection and can’t get a push in short yardage situations.
    I’m starting to believe Romans creativity is the real reason they are good at running the football.

    1. yes. sounds like Fox’s marketing department came up with the line to hype this game. we don’t earn “best OL” until we win the SB

  8. Earlier in the week I said a team would be down by 4 with 4 minutes left. I predicted the team with the ball at 4 minutes would win the game. Let’s just hope SF can get a stop here.

      1. MidWest – Sorry I missed that…..We need some receivers to step up next week. Seattle will be focused on Boldin next week.

  9. Matt says:

    September 4, 2013 at 7:09 am

    Moving on to the matchup week 1, I believe Eddie Lacy is going to be a great test for SF and prepare them for Lynch the following week. It will also be a great litmus test for the 49ers run defense this year.
    I think Lacy will have a good game and help slow down the pass rush. The winner of this game will be the team that holds the ball in the last 3 minutes. Sf is favored by 4 1/2. That’s about where I think the score will be as well. At three minutes left, one team will be down by 3.

    1. Boldin is $$ right now. Green Bay can not cover him. Imagine Crabs & Boldin on the field at the same time later in the year.

      1. In saying that, you have to be impressed by what he was able to do today. If nothing else, he’ll command some attention this season.

      2. “Cue the overreactions after one game.”

        Why not? Fleener was an All-Pro before he ever played a snap and Tyler Wilson was compared to Brett Favre before he was released from the worst team in football. You didn’t even wait a game.

      3. Fellas its forbidden to tell Grant and Jack that they were wrong. You either get banned or thrown a whole bunch of stats at.
        However I agree, it’s one win. Lets not start handing out gold stars. It’s only week one. Lots of football to go and nothing bigger than next week in SEA.
        Enjoy the win and move up with humble hearts, bah!

      4. Oh wait they already have them. Luckily for us, they let us throw out a few facts between their conversations and analysis.
        I just discredit what’s written. This is a 49er blog first. Grant is just passing through. Maybe Jack will leave with him.

      5. Prime,
        I’m all about the win and I agree with you. I just think it’s funny how Grant tells people they are overreacting to a 13 catch, 208 yard performance by an NFL player, in a NFL game, yet he proclaims Coby Fleener an All-Pro after he ran a 40 yard dash in his tighty whities.

      6. Good point P. How does CK and the offence get better next week at getting the calls in, lining up, and executing the plays in a quicker fashion?
        This could be a huge problem in a noisy stadium and as we seen today, too much time wasted getting everyone lined up.
        Overall CK looked great, Reid played like a vet, Willis and Bowman were invisible. Nnamdi was brutal, and we need another WR outside of Q and VD. All in all a good week one in.

      7. If we are overreacting, its because it seems as if we just got a whole months worth of production out of Boldin, in ONE GAME, from what you have led us to believe over the past 6 months

      8. Prime,
        You are right about the crowd noise, that place is like two horn speakers firing at the field. It’s going to be insane. Communication will be their biggest issue, they had better have a good system in place to get the plays in early and maybe cut back on the pre snap line shifts.
        1. Reid looked like a veteran, very impressive.
        2. Asomugha is about what I thought he would be. Good in press, not so good otherwise.
        3. I agree that we need another WR to step up, but Williams had a few opportunities today and It didn’t work out. He had clearly beaten his man, which is good. CK and VD look much better as a combo. It’s a work in progress.

  10. are you getting sick of him talking about replaying the third down! they should not even offset the penalty to begin with!

      1. LOL! i do not like fighting anymore in my life at this age but i completely agree!!! I just hate him and could not say that about that many people.

  11. Colin Kaepernick has thrown for 412 yards & 3 TD’s with a 129.4 QB rating. Going toe to toe with Rodgers and ballin’.

    1. Great game by Kap! He continues to make strides despite the nonbelievers. Pass rush was lacking today and the run game never really got going until that late drive.

    2. We have some things.. We were up against The 2nd best qb in the leauge. Its gonna happen against rodgers, brady, brees, ryan,n 1or 2 more. We ddidn’t blitz as much as in the pre season but we will be ok.

      1. The run game and defense need some work. There is no excuse that Lacy put up the numbers that he did.
        There were too many tackles and sacks left on the field today.
        Who is the #2 WR?
        Miller needs to do a better job of blocking as does the whole OL.
        We can’t kill ourselves with penalties.
        Nobody in the secondary had better just watch a WR have a tiptoe catch after today.

        A lot to work on.

    3. Midwest, This was an amazing game for us for several reasons:

      We beat a very good NFC playoff team that is going to be in it and they had spend all summer working on their defense to beat us and we still put up 30 points.

      CK, was the man today and gain more experience and his chemistry with Boldin and VD looks very good.

      Defense got a chance to play and get back on a rhythm since there are many new faces and Eric Reid played very well for a rookie in his first game against all pro QB! we will get better and this was a huge win for us against a potential NFC team that we might face in the future

  12. That was a tough battle. Lots of stuff to fix before they face the Chickenhawks next week. Let’s start by fixing the playcalling: getting the call in on time, and keeping a rhythm going.

    1. I am really concerned about the play calling. Kaep will not have the time to audible in Seattle. Too loud. Boldin was huge, but the CBs in Seattle are better. Its going to be a tough one.

  13. don’t need to wait for grades:

    Boldin: A++
    Kaep: B+. He missed some throws, he laser-focused on Boldin to the point where he missed other open receivers. B+ is only because his stats were so high.
    Everyone else: C+. We were routinely outfought, outhit, and outcoached. Only absolute beastly combo of Kaep to Boldin won this game. We cannot be this one sided going forward.

      1. i think you’re going to have to ask that question in a fashion which I can answer – i have no idea what you’re talking about, sorry.

      2. Okay, how about this.

        Your assessment is completely moronic.

        Kaep deserves nothing less than an A. If he missed a throw here or there, fine, but you give him no credit for making a play here or there that normally shouldn’t be made?

      1. without going play by play, Kyle Williams pass was underthrown – hence broken up. on other passes toward Boldin, VD was wide open but Kaep chose to bypass him – i’d guess because he doesnt trust his hands as much as he should, whereas he trusts Boldin’s hands and Crab’s before him. and those guys do have great hands. but we’re going to need more balance than just-throw-to-Boldin over the next 15 games. one man’s opinion, of course.

    1. you are kidding right! CK gets A+ for winning the game with his arm and putting up over 400 yards and 3tds. any qb is going to miss some of the throws.

  14. Guys with all due respect to Alex Smith, Colin K is a whole different type of QB. I mean do you remember a 400 + yard game in the past 8 to 9 years! Niner fans welcome the mighty CK, the amazing QB of San Francisco 49ers.

    1. With all due respect, Alex doesn’t need that much respect. We had 8 years to see what he could. He’s KC’s problem now. Nice to have a passer who is willing to take a chance instead of playing it safe.

      1. Alex looked good today too. I know it was Jax but was still nice to see. Hopefully he does well going forward & makes the playoffs so we get that 2nd round draft pick.

      1. Stats get you into the Hall of Fame, check out Dan Fouts and Dan Marino stats, never won the big one, but great stats got them to Canton..

  15. OK, now I’ll be needing a sedative. GB played hard and well, but I’m soooooo glad we didn’t lose to those chumps. Of course I didn’t have much to do with it.

  16. The tackling in the 2nd half was much improved. But the run defense fell away in the 2nd half. Similar to what was happening last season.

    The passing game was obviously great today, but they weren’t really tested. GB’s pass rush was worse than the 49ers, and they were missing a couple of key DBs. The run game will need to step it up and complement the passing game to beat teams like the Seahawks.

    1. Good thing about the week 2 with the Hawks is that their pass rush will still be lessened. Give us a chance to push their secondary harder than last time. Im glad to see the hawks struggle to beat the Panthers

  17. Grant, you are dead wrong if you think Boldin is too old and won’t be on the team next year. This man is a animal, without him , we would of LOST. Yes Davis played great but we won with Boldin.

  18. Offense has 1 or 2 things clean up…but when they get rolling this IS the #1 offense in the NFL! I know Peyton Manning had a great game the other day, but what we saw today was a pretty “straight forward” offense. We have so many more elements that weren’t displayed today. Kaep was near perfect today and he barely ran the ball. And BOOOOOLDIN!!!! This team is dangerous.

    And the defense? BOSS! Rodgers had a good game, but we still kept him in check and prevented him from delivering killer blows.

    On to the Seahawks!

    1. I agree with your assessment of the Offense. It appeared that SF could move the ball at will. GB wasn’t tired like Baltimore. GB just couldn’t stop some key plays. Kaepernick missed some big plays, but it’s week 1. There should be some mistakes.
      The upside to this offense is scary.

    2. NinerRoc, I agree with you and they were rusty since the starters have not played together that much. This offense can be very scary. Can you imagine if Crabtree was in the line up right now! Boldin is the best WR we have had since Jerry and Owens left the city.

    1. agree with this and your other points…1st game of year, against a solid contender…but this Niner team has yet to show the balance on offense and the kind of shutdown D we’ll need to go…well, you know where ;-)

      1. right now, our D has a multi-game track record of not shutting anyone down. all good quarterbacks. which we’ll see again if we hope to go far.

        maybe i’m just too old, but the old Niner D cut should anyone down. Say, Dan Marino at the top of his game. or anyone else at the top of their game. so could our 2011 defense. c’est la vie. memories. nighty night Niner fans.

      2. No defense is going to shut Rodgers down. Not in today’s NFL with these new rules. That being said, the 49ers need to really improve that pass rush. Hopefully today’s lack of rush was just a aberration. Where was Lemonier?

      3. Fesnyc, we will get better man. It was the first game of the season, and the starters have been sitting on the bench all pre season.

  19. Grant Cohn says:
    September 8, 2013 at 4:45 pm
    Cue the overreactions after one game.

    Look a little closer Shrub. Niners are always slow starters but they came back when they had to and moved down the field at ridiculous speed when they needed points.

    Next week is going to be something else. Gonna take a double dose of BP medicine and listen to the game on the radio on the Streetglide. I’ll have a stroke if I watch it on the teevee…

    1. He earned every penny and if i was Jed York, I would go into the locker room tonight take him out with his wife and tell him pick whatever you want on me for your effort today.

  20. Real nice game for Reid. Had the one missed tackle out on the edge, bit otherwise was solid. Thought he was going to kill Rodgers on that one scramble up the middle in the 4th.

    1. “Thought he was going to kill Rodgers on that one scramble up the middle in the 4th.”

      Lol. Me too. Loved Reid’s aggressiveness on that play. It was aggressive but well controled.

      1. True Scooter. He has some room to improve, but certainly didn’t look like it was his first start. I’m excited to see how his coverage skills get better. Definitely earned his start though.

        Goldson picked the wrong team Mscle. He sold out for the money. That didn’t work so well today. In my opinion, he was always overrated. He’s great at separating the ball from the receiver, but he falls short in coverage.

      1. I completely agree regarding Reid. He looked like a guided missile on a couple of plays. Plus what about the INT on the play where Aldon was offsides. Rogers was just throwing it up because he had a free play, but that was a great play and might have saved a TD. Reminded me a little of the play he made against Alabama a few years ago. Nice to know we have another playmaker in the secondary.

    1. lmao. Good ol’ average Tim Rattay. I remember in 2005 when he outplayed Alex Smith vs the Raiders and everyone made a big deal about it. The Contra Costa Times said “Rattay steals spotlight from Smith!”. It was Alex Smith’s rookie year and a preseason game at that.

  21. You know when guys like Calvin, Fitzgerald, Dez, etc have a great game its because they are number 1 recievers, but for some odd reason on this blog, when boldin has a great game, its we are tto one sided, dont overreact on 1 game, blah blah blah… Bottom line, Kap, an experiment in alot of your eyeys, went toe to toe with Aaron Rodgers. Put up more yards n a better qb rating. But still ppl are still tryna find ways to kill kap. The packers made him a pass 1st qb, and he lit their ass up. So if that was the game film u guys said they had on him, well it backfired big time. He won’t pass for 400 every game but maybe every other team might want him to run just to save face

    1. Pocket Kaep snookered the Pack all game today. Imagine all offseason preparing for the Kaep that beat you last time and then he beats you in an entirely different way. Care to guess how to stop him next time, McCarthy?

    2. +1 You hit it on the head. Kaepernick has done one heck of a job making average receivers look great, but now that he has a HOF receiver, the ceiling has yet to be established.

      1. Average recivers, tell me outside of Atlanta, who has 2 dominant recievers? Ok so boldin iswho i tthought he was, a number 1 surrounded by average recivers and a great tight end

      1. Probably not. If you watched the Carolina game, they did much the same to Wilson. It appears that’s the approach the NFL is going to take against the read option.
        Tolzien probably had very little to do with any success GB had other than what he did by not taking the field.
        The audible I heard today weren’t audible I heard last season. JMO though.

      1. Life long Adam. I love the team. I’m also a fan of football though. I don’t just root for the 53 men on this team, I root for good football.
        Aldon is one of my favorite 49ers. I don’t think he wants to be gifted ay of those sacks. I think he wants to drive each one into the turf. McDonald had that sack and I’m just giving him credit for it.

  22. Speaking of Reid, Dashon would never have made that interception. He would have been in a spear position going for the knockout blow

  23. If the niners bring that sorry pass rush they had to day, and nobody to throw other than Boldin , the hawks will roast them , those wrs where Embarrassing , so much Attention to Boldin and they could not get open garbage , the niners Secondary sucks its going to be along season , they can’t cover at all

      1. Hawks played bad today, but Carolina has a top 10 defense that has played well in the last 4 games of last season and again good today.
        It appears the NFL has an answer to the read option. Wilson was also held in the pocket. Marshawn Lynch couldn’t get anything going. It was very reminiscent of SF and Gore with the exception being Kaepernick and Boldin completions.

      2. The Seachickens were not overly dominant and did not impress today. The win on the road is a positive for them but if you watched that game Wilson was under constant duress through the whole game (sacked twice). He also had trouble setting his feet and throwing from the pocket looking over his lineman. Their pass protection on the offensive line is a weakness & Wilson made it look better because of his scrambling ability. He took some shots and will not last the year if that continues. The Seahawk defense looked good overall but Mike Shula’s dumb play calling helped as well.

      3. I agree with you Nation. I saw a lot of the same. I think some of it might be that the team overlooked Carolina. They are more interested in the matchup next week. I still agree with your assessment though.

  24. To all those could of, should of, would of Pack fans, if we take away four points (on the dead ball penalty) we still win 30 – 28. Bottom line, the Pack are not as good as the Niners. They are better, but not as physical. Couple times in that game we should have gone up by a touchdown or two. The Pack always seem to be having to catch up. Same deal as last year. THINGS ARE JUST GOING TO GET BETTER FOR 49ers. KAEPERNICK, MANNINGHAM, CRABS, JAMES, MCDONALD, REID, ETC. Man, it is scary how good we will be by week 16 if healthy.

      1. +1 The GB Defense = Aaron Rogers Offense. They just have to hope that he puts up enough points to beat the other team’s offense because they aren’t stopping much.

  25. KAEP was great today. Cool and efficient. I was watching the game at the same sports bar in Santa Monica, and the bar was split 50/50 between 9er and Packer fans.

    At first I thought Boldin was just a beast, but then I read the Packers had all their starter DBS inactive.

    Kendall Hunter looks explosive and needs more touches.

    Still KAEP was accurate most of the day, has great pocket presence. You couldn’t tell this was only his 11th start.

    Not to take anything away from his peformance.

    At the same time Aaron Rodgers was killing the famed 9er D.

    Jordy Nelson could not be stopped. That’s going to be a concern.

    If the Niners go up to Seattle and bring the smack down, then they are going to be in good shape.

    1. Great post Midwest! I hope the Press Democrat uses this caption under the picture of the win against GB.
      “If intimidation is your game plan, I hope you have a better one.”

      (Kaepernick didn’t seem to mind the Packers’ aggressive tactics, stating: “If intimidation is your game plan, I hope you have a better one.”)

    2. “Kaepernick didn’t seem to mind the Packers’ aggressive tactics, stating: “If intimidation is your game plan, I hope you have a better one.”

    3. “Kaepernick didn’t seem to mind the Packers’ aggressive tactics, stating: “If intimidation is your game plan, I hope you have a better one.”


  26. Early grades:
    CK (A+) – beat the Pack with his arm today thereby sending a message to the rest of the league; You Can’t Stop Me!
    Boldin (A+) – may be the most physical and sure-handed WR in the league.
    VD (B+) – found to open gaps and was picking up chunks, but get’s a B+ because he missed on a deep route.
    K.Williams (C-) – will need to get more involved in the game planning. Could have had a possible TD except ball hung a little to long giving the CB time to disrupt the pass.
    F.Gore (C) – could not find any running lanes, but GB had a good game plan to stop the run. But he did have a few good runs in the 4th Qtr when we needed to run the clock.
    K.Hunter (C) – showed a good burst but like Gore, there weren’t many running lanes left open by the Pack.
    VMac (C) – made one nice catch, but missed on another pass that was low but catchable.
    O-line (B-) – not exceptional on run blocking today, but did a very good job protecting the pocket.

    Pass Defense (B-) – A respectable push up front but nothing spectacular. A.Rodgers threw for over 300 yrds, but aside from a great sideline catch by J.Nelson, he never got a good rhythm going.
    Run Defense (B+) A good job in not allowing the Pack to break anything long. Lacey ran better in the 2nd half, but had only short burst.
    LB (B+) The ‘heart’ of our defense did very good against the run and did not allow Finley to have much in the middle.
    DB (D) – Nnamdi/C.Rodgers/Whitner had average coverage, but their poor tackling gave up too many YAC. Whitner did make a huge veteran type play in keeping Cobb inbounds to keep the clock running on GB’ last drive.
    Eric Reid (B+) – I separated him from the other DB’ because of his exceptional play. He never seemed out of position and made some good reads as well as tackles in his 1st game.

    ST (C+) – Dawson was not perfect, but he will be an upgrade from Akers. Good tackling from out ST coverage a did not allow GB to break anything for large chunks.

    Coaching (A-) – Great offensive game planning in letting CK use his arm today. The offense did have a few hic’ups with time management which resulted in burning time-outs. We must correct this ongoing problem before it bites us in a close game.

    All and all; good game and a good win.
    Relish this for about 24hrs and then time to move on the beat the c-hawks.

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