49ers vs. Packers live blog: Fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ Week 1 home game against the Packers. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

3:57 It’s third-and-goal for the 49ers at the Packers’ 22.

3:59 Kaepernick checks down to Gore for a 13-yard gain. Here’s Dawson to kick a 27-yard field goal. It’s good. 24-21 49ers with 14:17 to go.

4:01 Touchback. The Packers start at their 20.

4:04 The Packers go three-and-out. Aldon Smith sacks Rodgers on second-and-seven. Bowman knocks away a pass to Finley on third-and-ten. The Packers punt. Brock was flagged for holding and unnecessary roughness on the play. The Packers’ take the roughness penalty. The 49ers start at their 17.

4:08 Kaepernick completes a short pass to Miller on first down. He runs for a 17-yard gain. First-and-10 at the 49ers’ 34.

4:11 Then Kaepernick loses four yard on a read option keeper. On the next play, Gore gains nothing up the middle and Boldin gets hurt, but he jogs off the field. Third and 14.

4:12 Kaepernick had Williams open deep down the right sideline, but Kaepernick hung the ball up in the air, Shields caught up to it and knocked it away. Lee punts. Cobbs makes a fair catch at the Packers’ 24.

4:19 The run game opens up for the Packers and they drive down the field easily. Lacy gains 26 yards on five carries and punches it in from two yards out. 28-24 Packers with 8:26 left.

4:22 Touchback. 49ers start at their 20. Boldin on the field.

4:25 The Packers don’t cover Boldin on second-and-five and Kaepernick hits him for a 43-yard gain. Next play, Hunter runs through a huge hole for a 23-yard gain. First-and-goal at the nine and Kaepernick wastes the 49ers’ second timeout of the half to avoid a delay of game penalty.

4:27 Gore runs it in from two yards out. 31-28 49ers with 5:47 left.

4:30 Spillman tackles Ross at the Packers’ nine yard line. He should not have run out of the end zone.

4:32 The Packers go three-and-out and now they’re on the ropes.

4:32 The 49ers start at their 35.

4:35 Kaepernick throws a short pass to Vernon Davis on third-and-four and he runs 15 yards for a first down. Next play, Gore gains four up the middle and the Packers call their first timeout. 3:11 left.

4:36 Gore carries it again and gains one and the Packers call their second timeout. Third-and-five at the Packers’ 39 yard line. Gore gains three yards and the Packers call their final timeout. Fourth and two. They’re going for it.

4:38 No, they’re not. Kaepernick tries to draw the Packers’ offside but they don’t flinch.

4:39 Actually, yes they are. Here they go.

4:40 Kaepernick scrambles right and hits Boldin for 15 yards.

4:44 Dawson makes the 33-yard field goal. 34-28 49ers with 26 seconds left.

4:46 Touchback. The Packers have 26 seconds to go 80 yards.

4:48 Rodgers completes a 38-yard pass to Cobb but he can’t stay in bounds. Three seconds left.

4:48 Rodgers gets sacked. That’s the game. 49ers win 34-28.

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