49ers vs. Packers live blog: Pregame

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the pregame of the 49ers Week 1 home game against the Green Bay Packers. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

12:03 The 49ers’ inactives are LaMichael James, B.J. Daniels, Chris Harper, Will Tukuafu, Nate Stupar, Joe Looney and Jon Baldwin.

12:09 The Packers’ inactives are Casey Hayward, Morgan Burnett, Nate Palmer, Sam Barrington, Lane Taylor, Brandon Bostick, Josh Boyd.

12:14 Jerron McMillan will start at free safety in place of Morgan Burnett who pulled his hamstring.

12:39 I’m expecting the 49ers to have a slight lineup tweak on defense. Can anyone guess what it is?

12:49 I was expecting the 49ers to flip Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks, but they’re not doing that in warmups. We’ll see how they line up to start the game.

12:50 It appears Kyle Williams is the starting split end, not Marlon Moore.

  1. My Comcast HD box crapped out last night and I can’t get a new one until tomorrow because they are closed today. Anybody have a good streaming site for the game?

      1. The owners of this site refuse to go down. I have seen their domain seized at least 3 times, and they just rename the site and come back. Terrible quality, but I can’t help but smile every time I see the URL. Long live first row sports!

      2. By the way, next time it might be a better idea to deliver the URL a less public way. I don’t know what all Grant is responsible for content wise, but I don’t think anyone would want this site to catch flak for something like this. Just a thought..

  2. Seattle looks like crap but then again they usually do on the road… They snuck up on teams last year but they’re finding it’s much harder now I’m sure… Pete Carroll’s jaw must love him.

  3. Seahawks not looking like world beaters. Their o-line is not doing a great job with run game or pass protection. RW still looks pretty good. D looks solid. Sherman dropped a potential INT. Special teams solid. Carolina definitely in this game. Weather probably the opposite of what they have in Seattle: hot and humid.

    1. their O-line does not impress me. Kinda getting handled by a Carolina front 7 that has been one of the worst in the league for a while. Star Lutelele ( i know i just ruined that last name) been looking like DROY.

  4. Thanks Grant.
    I may have missed it, but has Ian Williams been named the starter for today?

    I’m expecting our defense to be better than last season especially with the emergence of I.W. and the quick learning curve of Eric Reid.
    If Nnamdi can recapture 50% of his former pro-bowl caliber play and our DB’ can capitalize from a better pass rush up front we are going to be beastly.

  5. Pigskin Prognosticators Predict:

    Grant: The 49ers will win 30-27.

    Ghost of Mustard : 49-13 Niners… 30-27??? Nope

    MidWestNiner: 17-13 Niners. I am predicting a defensive struggle for both teams with the Niners coming out on top 17-13. Kaep will throw for 236 yards with one touchdown to Patton along with one pick and take two sacks. Gore will run for 83 yards have a touchdown added to his stats. The defense meanwhile will get 4 sacks and two interceptions.

    A$AP Classic has 38-27 Niners. 11 point spread for A$AP Classic.

    phil fan says: I’ll throw down for 38-30 Niners. 8 point spread for me if we’re counting point spread. Step right up and make yer peerless pigskin prognostications people.

    DRTY49: 33-20 SF. Kapp to Boldin,Davis,Gore gets one,kicker has great day.

    MWNiner: I dunno about a blowout … but Niners by 2 Tds (at least)

    Ribico: 34-21 Niners. 2 scores in the RZ, 2 scores from outside the RZ (Kaep on at least one – despite the bluster Pack won’t have him figured out), add a couple of FGs – 34-21 Niners.

  6. When the Bills took EJ Manuel in the 1st round, did anyone think he’d take his team into the 4th QTR with a lead, opening round against the Pats? He’s not done anything special, but he’s played within the system and kept the Bills in this game. The Bills aren’t looking so silly for taking him now…

  7. Congratulations to Jerod-Eddie for earning his right to play! Well done!

    49ers inactives ~

    QB B.J. Daniels
    RB LaMichael James
    WR Chris Harper
    WR Jon Baldwin
    G Joe Looney
    DT/FB Will Tukuafu
    LB Nate Stupar

  8. the 9ers secondary looks like swiss cheese. Namdi Asomugha looks old and not agile. I hate Matthews the knuckle dragger.

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