49ers vs. Rams live blog: Second quarter

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers’ Week 9 game against the Rams. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

1:48 Frank Gore gains nothing on first down, Kaepernick throws the ball away on second down and gets sacked on third down. Marcus Martin and Mike Iupati whiffed. Rams’ ball at their 25 after the punt.

1:50 Next play, Davis rolls out and throws a pick right to Antoine Bethea. Why is Little Schotty calling passes on first down? Too cute. 49ers’ ball at the Rams’ 35.

1:53 On third and 2, Kaepernick play fakes and rolls right. Rookie cornerback Marcus Roberson follows Kaepernick and leaves his man, Anquan Boldin. Kaepernick spots Boldin wide open and hits him for an easy touchdown. 10-3 Niners. Davis’ interception took the wind out of the Rams’ sails.

1:56 Jimmie Ward tackles Bennie Cunningham at the Rams’ 32 on the kick return.

2:01 Davis scrambles on first and 20 near midfield and spots Kenny Britt wide open down the right sideline. Davis underthrows him by 10 yards, throws the ball right to Perrish Cox. Pick. 49ers’ ball at their 39. Put in Shaun Hill.

2:09 Robert Quinn beats Joe Staley and sacks Kaepernick on third-and-3 from the Rams’ 43.  Andy Lee punts. Touchback. Quinn beat Staley and sacked Kaepernick earlier on this drive as well.

2:12 Austin Davis still is in.

2:14 Davis scrambles and gets sacked by Aaron Lynch on third-and-14 from the 16. Davis overthrew an open Jared Cook over the middle on second-and-9. 49ers’ ball at their 41 after the punt. 2:39 left in the half.

2:17 Quinn beats Staley, sacks Kaepernick and forces a fumble on second-and-2. Rams recover at the 49ers’ 36. Roman called an empty-backfield pass on that play. Why go empty backfield when the offensive line cannot pass protect? Bad play calling by Roman. Five sacks already.

2:21 Davis completes a pass to Kenny Britt in the left flat and he jogs into the end zone untouched for a 21-yard TD. 10-10 with 1:04 left in the first half.

2:23 Ellington returns the kick to the 49ers’ 33.

2:27 Eugene Sims beats Marcus Martin and sacks Kaepernick for a 3-yard loss on second-and-10 from the Rams’ 35.

2:29 Dawson misses the field goal short. Tavon Austin catches the ball in the end zone, runs the ball out of the end zone with no time on the clock and gets tackled right at the goal line. How stupid can you be? All he had to do was down the ball. The officials ruled Austin down at the 1. They’re reviewing the play. Both teams are in their locker rooms.

2:31 The officials rule Austin’s forward progress had been stopped at the 1 yard line. Makeup call for earlier when the officials ruled Frank Gore’s forward progress had been stopped before he fumbled. Should have been a safety.

2:37 49ers played ugly football in the first half. Hard to explain. They’re coming off a Bye. They should be fresher, more crisp.

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  1. It’s kind of pointless to try play action if the playboy QB cant remember which way to fake the ball. He still makes rookie mistakes.

  2. Props to Grant (hough he’s pushing his Tre Mason agenda a bit too hard) … Niners move the pocket, Niners score.

  3. We need to implment some quick throws and sweeps to get the oline moving and have quick throws. Too many long routes and they have the run game stopped

  4. Why go empty backfield when the offensive line cannot pass protect? Bad play calling by Roman.
    Because that sack had everything to do with Kaepernick having no pocket presence or sense of pressure then it did with Staley missing a block. Kaep could have escaped that pocket if he had any clue he was in trouble.

  5. Eugene Sims beats Marcus Martin and sacks Kaepernick for a 3-yard loss on second-and-10 from the Rams’ 35
    I don’t know which game you’re at but Kaepernick stepped up too far in the pocket to be able to still pass and then took too shallow of a route out and ran right passed the defender as he was getting passed Martin. No pocket presense what so ever.

    1. He did move too far up right into that sack. I wouldn’t say its all on Kap. 70% oline 30% Kap. Its cumulative. He’s been it so many times he’s staring to cause some sacks. But you’re missing the point. The dline of the Rams is pushing our Oline 3yds deep into the backfield. That shouldn’t be happening.

  6. In a crowded bar with no sound – sid they say that was unreviewable? If so when is the nfl going to get its act together on reviewable plays??

  7. We need a new Offensive Coordinator. There’s too much talent on that offense for it to continue to struggle like it does.

    1. I’m sure if I looked hard enough I could find you complaining about Kaepernick not staying in the pocket. Now he’s staying in the pocket, he needs to escape it. Lol. Let me give you a basic lesson. When a problem continues for multiple games, seasons, etc. It’s more than likely the strategy the coaches come up with.

      1. He needs to make good decisions whether it’s to stay or leave, that’s my message and has been consistently. Good luck finding something that suggests otherwise.

  8. Buncha low IQ captain obvious neophytes who think the problem lies w/ the offensive line. Fire Roman!!! No rhythm, no identity, no feel for the game. Inability to put his players in positions to succeed.

    1. Execution is important. Like someone famous said if there O’s just plain beat your X’s it doesn’t matter what scheme your calling. We are losing the battle in the trenches. No push at all and the pass rush is 3-5yds deep in the end zone.

      I do agree that Gro can do more like quick screens to beat the rush and short slants. 2 second plays to catch the blitzers out of position.

  9. How do you beat a ferocious pass rush? Dink & dunk all 2nd half. This spread em out crap is leaving the oline vulnerable!

  10. You people are crazy. Not a QB in NFL history can play behind an Oline that can’t pass block and that allows this kind of pressure. Roman may or may not suck. Kap may or may not suck. The Oline does suck and until they provide adequate protection all arguments are pointless.

    1. People see what they want to sometimes. When there are 2-4 Rams in the backfield every play it doesn’t matter what offense your calling. Win the battle, stop the push, contain your man.

  11. Dink & dunk, screen pass, vary the runs, space the wideouts and get rid of that obnoxious 5 wide, run & shoot clutter!! Roman should stick with peewee football with that sandlot alfalfa chub!!! Seems like a lovely guy, but he’s out of his league.

  12. You know what was very telling? Once Alex smith arrived in kc under Andy Reid’s tutelage, he remarked how niners don’t have a subset of plays designated as pressure beaters and that’s what derailed kaep in the Super Bowl. fire Roman!!!

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