49ers vs. Rams live blog: Third quarter

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers’ Week 9 game against the Rams. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

2:45 Bennie Cunningham returned the kick to the Rams’ 26.

2:46 Tre Mason gains 27 yards up the middle on the first play.

2:49 Scott Wells is flagged for holding on second-and-4. Austin Davis scambles and throws the ball away two plays later on third-and-11. Johnny Hekker punts the ball into the end zone.

2:56 Marcus Martin is flagged for a snap infraction on third-and-7, and the 49ers waste their first timeout on third-and-12. Michael Crabtree dropped a pass on second-and-7.

2:58 Kaepernick throws a bubble screen to Crabtree and he gains 7. Lee punts. Austin returns it to the Rams’ 18.

3:04 Davis pitches the ball to Cunningham on third-and-10 from the 35 and he loses 3 yards. Little Schotty thought of that play? 49ers’ ball at their 24 after the fair catch.

3:12 Marcus Martin gets beat by Aaron Donald on first and 10, and Donald sacks Kaepernick for a 9-yard loss. Kaepernick fumbles the snap on third-and-17 but he falls on the ball. Lee punts it into the end zone. Greg Roman was calling a good drive — runs and play-action rollout passes. As soon as he called a straight drop back, the Rams sacked Kaepernick and ruined the drive.

3:16 Mason gains 5 yards up the middle on first down and the third quarter ends.

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  1. Why is Bruce Ellington not in to get a reverse or screen thrown to him? Is Lamichael James 2.0?

    Crabtree has to make that catch.

    1. Justin Smith isn’t supposed to have more tackles than Borland. Justin Smith’s job is to keep OL off his backers. So Borland’s 10 tackles are a direct reflection of Smith Doing his job.

  2. When have they ever come out of a bye week on fire? I would take the raiders O-line right now. Staley is a sack waiting to happen and Iupoti is too.

  3. Rams have sacked Kap for 7. I think they only had 7 sacks this year. and probably most of them were on Kap from the last time they met.

        1. No they’re not having their best day but our “mobile” QB has done nothing to help them out so far either.

  4. So running game is looking good so we say screw it lets pass more. Lets do a 5step drop leading to a sack and out of field goal range. Smh

  5. Dink & dunk, screen pass, vary the runs, space the wideouts and get rid of that obnoxious 5 wide, run & shoot clutter!! Roman should stick with peewee football with that sandlot alfalfa chub!!! Seems like a lovely guy, but he’s out of his league.

  6. You know what was very telling? Once Alex smith arrived in kc under Andy Reid’s tutelage, he remarked how niners don’t have a subset of plays designated as pressure beaters and that’s what derailed kaep in the Super Bowl. fire Roman!!!

  7. So Krapernick is in full disaster mode now. I am starting to wonder if the draft next year will be OT first round, and OG second round. If the OL doesn’t start to gel very soon, we will be going nowhere. You can’t win with a OL this bad.

  8. Kaep is having one of those inconsistent games today. The offensive line is having their typical pass blocking issues (7 sacks and game still in 3rd qtr). Could be the Bye week rust?
    We need to get a grind-out win today live to see another day and hope the offense can get sharper next week.

  9. Offensive line is doing great, play calling is terrible! Kaep isn’t bailing them out with his delayed decision making and sluggish long arm telegraphed delivery

  10. Pocket aware Brady would’ve shuffled his feet, bought some time while keeping his eyes down field and delivered a strike!

  11. Don’t worry, after this loss, kaep will get back to the laboratory and dissect his weaknesses by doing some bicep curls & wind sprints! Roman & him need to get together and subscribe to luminosity by working on some sudoku puzzles. Baboons are working out the wrong muscles!

  12. Ready for pitchers and catchers to report. This is hard to watch. I’m just glad I don’t fork out the money to watch them in-person. Yesterday was a rip off! It will be great to get all of the LB’s back, but they cannot block and the QB is far from intelligent. He can run, he can throw, but he can’t play quarterback.

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