49ers vs. Rams live blog


This is the live blog for the San Francisco 49ers’ Week 17 game against the St. Louis Rams. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

12:15 Here are the 49ers inactives:
WR DeAndrew White
S Jaquiski Tartt
G Brandon Thomas
C/G Marcus Martin
TE Je’Ron Hamm
DE Quinton Dial
OLB Corey Lemonier

Jimmie Ward will start at strong safety in place of Tartt, and Tony Jerod-Eddie will start at defensive end in place of Dial.

12:17 Here are the Rams inactives:
QB Sean Mannion
RB Todd Gurley
CB Troy Hill
DT Louis Trinca-Pasat
T Andrew Donnal
OL Brian Folkerts
T Isaiah Battle

1:00 I’m thinking 2015 was the best year of Jim Harbaugh’s life.

1:23 49ers win the toss and defer. Wise choice, Coach Tomsula.

1:29 Case Keenum overthrows Brian Quick by 10 yards on 3rd-and-11 from the Rams 19-yard line. The 49ers can win this game. The Rams almost always lose after a big win. Look it up.

1:31 Niners start from the Rams 47.

1:34 Blaine Gabbert completes a seven-yard pass to Torrey Smith on 3rd-and-11, and the Niners go three-and-out. That’s the problem with saying they can win a game — the statement implies they can score points.

1:40 First play of the drive, the Rams run a play-action-fake-reverse-deep-pass and Kenny Britt beats Tramaine Brock for 54 yards. Next play, Tavon Austin runs off tackle and gains 13 yards after making about seven 49ers miss. Rams kick a field goal a few plays later, take a 3-0 lead. Keenum isn’t particularly accurate, but the Rams trust him to take shots downfield.

1:48 Gambling Gabbert completes a zero-yard pass to Anquan Boldin on 3rd-and-8 from the Niners 34, and they punt. Play was a bubble screen. Nice play call by Geep Chryst.

1:52 NaVorro Bowman tackles Tre Mason for no gain on 3rd-and-1, and the Rams go three-and-out. Niners start from their 30.

2:02 Anquan Boldin pushes Janoris Jenkins to the ground with one arm and catches a 33-yard touchdown pass on the first play of the second quarter. 7-3 Niners.

2:09 Eric Reid breaks up a pass intended for Jared Cook on 3rd-and-4 from the Niners 36. Punter Johnny Hekker throws deep on fourth down and Bruce Ellington breaks up the pass in the end zone.

2:17 Gabbert throws to Vance McDonald in the end zone on 3rd-and-goal from the eight, and McDonald falls down. Phil Dawson kicks a 26-yard field goal to give the Niners a 10-3 lead. DuJuan Harris had a 47-yard run on that drive.

2:27 Ahmad Brooks gets pushed in the back, then turns around and decks someone who didn’t push him. Personal foul.

2:28 Keenum throws high over the middle for Quick on third down. Quick jumps, and Reid flips him. Incomplete. Rams kick 32-yard field goal. 10-6 NIners with 2:43 left.

2:37 Gabbert throws a screen pass to Mike Davis, but Aaron Donald tips the pass to Eugene Sims who picks it off and runs it to the 49ers three-yard line. When checking it down goes wrong.

2:39 Tre Mason runs it in two plays later. 13-10 Rams. Reid decked Mason as after he crossed the goal line and made him fumble, but the touchdown still counts. Reid came to play today.

2:44 Gabbert throws grounders on 2nd-and-9 and 3rd-and-9. He looks like Jacksonville Gabbert.

2:44 Niners give up a 40-yard run to Bennie Cunningham. Lack of fine focus. Bowman missed a tackle on that run.

2:53 Rams make a 42-yard field goal before halftime. 16-10 Rams with four seconds left.

2:58 Gabbernick is regressing. Passer rating of 66.9 today, has thrown 7 picks in 7.5 games this season.

3:16 Gabbernick completes a 44-yard pass to Ellington deep down the sideline. I have no idea why Chryst doesn’t call more plays for him. Phil Dawson makes a field goal a few plays later. 16-13 Rams.

3:32 The Rams miss a 52-yard field goal wide right. Niners ball at their 42 with 1:13 left in the third quarter. That drive was a bunch of runs and bubble screens.

3:42 Gabbernick throws behind Torrey Smith and almost gets picked on 4th-and-4 from the Rams 39.

3:47 Keenum throws behind Jared Cook on third-and-2 from the Niners 41. Cook was open.

3:59 Gabbert drives the offense down the 8-yard line, but pitches the ball behind Harris on third-and-1. Dawson makes the field goal. Game tied at 16 with 4:28 left.

4:06 Kenny Britt drops a first-down catch on 3rd-and-7. Gabbernick time.

4:10 Gabbertnick  completes a 10-yard pass to Boldin on second-and-11 just before the 2-minute warning.

4:12 Andrew Tiller flagged for a false start on 3rd-and-1.

4:14 Before getting sacked Gabbert spins and throws downfield to Boldin. Gain of 27.

4:15 Gabbert’s pass flies through McDonald’s hands on 3rd-and-4 from the Rams 37. Tomsula punts instead of attempting a 55-yard field goal.

4:19 Kaepernick standing on the sideline by himself with hands in pockets. Can’t he hold a clipboard?

4:21 Britt drops a deep pass on 3rd-and-10 with 52 seconds left.

4:23 Rams punt and pin Niners at their 2. Can’t wait for overtime.

4:27 Niners win toss and choose to receive. Just the break they needed.

4:36 On 3rd-and-10 from midfield, Boldin runs a double move and Gabbernick overthrows him. Rams ball at their 17 after the punt.

4:44 Keenum fakes a handoff and hits Britt over the middle for 18 yards. Eric Mangini’s defense can’t stop a play-action pass.

4:45 Dontae Johnson blocks the field-goal attempt. This game is an instant classic.

4:49 Gabbert completes a screen to Quinton Patton who runs 33 yards to the Rams 5.

4:50 Dawson makes the game-winning field goal. Niners win 19-16. Stay tuned for grades.

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  1. A friend of mine heard a report on late night radio that Jed and Trent offered David Shaw of Stanford a head coaching position with the 49ers but he declined.

    It appears as if what all of us has discussed has already taken affect regarding the 49ers angering the coaching fraternity, and Baalke–we’re going to run the football–iinterupting coaches practices by coaching up the Db’s has worn thin…Expect other to reject their offersl


    January 2, 2016 at 11:26 am

    My Offensive gameplan vs. the Rams:

    Throw out Chryst’s playbook–this is an audition for 2016, OKAY!
    Start with Dylan Thomson…Since Trent Baalke insists on jumping in on Mangenus’s practices to coach the Db’s, let him help draw up the offensive game plan also and first 20 plays–he wants to play defensive coordinator–let him play offensive coordinator also.Let’s really see what Trent has, no more hiding behind the scenes offering advice.
    Remember, we only have one game left to see what they got.

    Go Get Em TRENT, JIM, AND DYLAN….!!!!!! ….WHOOSH BOOM!!!…..OKAY!

  2. John MiddlekauffVerified account

    Heard that Tom Gamble is pushing Chip Kelly in the #49ers front office. Was also told Baalke was never high on him. Lot of moving parts

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 53m53 minutes ago
    I could see the Yorks delaying this, trying to give Tomsula one meeting to save himself tomorrow, but just making it worse.

  3. Jason La Canfora ✔ @JasonLaCanfora
    49ers thinking on Jim Tomsula began to change midweek with firing of Chip Kelly in Philly. Kelly under strong consideration in San Fran…

        1. Weren’t there reports that his practices are grueling? Makes you wonder if most of the players, especially veterans, would welcome that after Tomsoftula.

        2. Scooter,

          Chip’s firing probably had to do with the disastrous personnel decisions he made.

          Kelly would be a very good hire. It would be interesting if he and Baalke will defer some personnel decisions to Kelly on offense.

          I have no doubt Chip is a very good coach. He has been able to translate some of his offensive ideas to NFL and I think he’s smart enough to learn from his few mistakes in Philly.

        3. Kelly is a gimmick guy who wants a fast offense Scooter. It would entail a complete overhaul of our offense.

          1. Not sure about that. It’s an intriguing thought, teaming Kelly with Kaepernick. That’s about all it is for me though….

            1. Same here Razor. But it’s also no secret that Kelly likes having a fast paced and high octane offense, and the only two players that would fit that mold right now are Kaepernick and Smith.

  4. You’re probably right Grant. Harbaugh joined his alma mater, brought it from out of the ashes, mowed under an SEC team, and has gotten off to a good start on the recruiting trail. Oh, and his Wolverines just mowed under Florida while the 49ers continued to be mulch. Best year ever for Harbaugh!

  5. Wow. Just wow. Nothing has changed on 3rd down attempts. If this doesn’t end it for Chryst, I don’t know what will.

      1. He throws a quick out two yards behind the LOS to the slowest receiver in the league. I was so quick, it makes me think that was the play call – hence the reason why I mostly blame Chryst.

  6. 3rd and 8 they throw a hitch screen? Does Geep think we have guys that can separate with speed? Boldin is slower than molasses!

    1. Actually the announcers said Greg Williams was blitzing and the 9ers were calling the correct plays taking advantage of the wholes he providing

  7. I know it is early in the game, but I wonder does it take firing the HC to get this team to play professionally or is raiding league wide practice squads a method to bridge the GM’s poor personnel decisions?

    1. I have my questions about Kelly but he is highly respected by most football people. I just don’t know that he has the social skills to deal with professional players.

    1. Remember BigP Gabbert’s great since he has 85 yds passing at half time. But he has potential and is basically a rookie. ;)

  8. Does Armstead need glasses or does he not understand the concept of taking a good angle to the ball? He’s a terrible open field tackler.

  9. Honestly, I can’t tell the difference. If nothing else, it’s obvious they’re coached by the same people….

  10. Kap may have strengthened his chance of returning to the 49ers next year after that atrocious push-pass by Gabbert!
    What in the heck was that?

    1. My wife walked in on the game and said where’s Kaep? Benched I said she hasn’t watch a game with me for sometime. She said who ever that is at QB they’re terrible. She’s a Broncos fan.

  11. Hopefully there is another gear in the 49ers locker room. Seeing Gabby toss the rock like the Mad Bomber would be a kick. Heck there is about 6 total real time minutes of football to be played dig dip and crank it up.

    1. It first starts with the coaching mindset, and that translates to the field. This offense will never dictate with these coaches….

      1. And poor to Torrey and Vance. It’s almost like they are instructed to take the check down instead of trying to advance on downs. Conservative coaching. To me safe is death!

  12. Kyle McLorg
    Not surprisingly, my source says the players that were around to be coached by Harbaugh miss him

      1. Don’t know Wilson. I think it’ll depend on how much control Jed York and Trent Baalke are willing to give up.

    1. I just don’t see them trading a 2nd round pick to N.O. for the right to pay Payton $8 million a year, or whatever he makes. How much of his success was because of Brees?

  13. Adam just illustrated exactly what I’ve been saying about Gabbert and longer passes. The routes are there but he just doesn’t look for them.

  14. If they got six downs like CFL, they might be able to get 10 yards. As it stands with four in the NFL, no way in hell….

      1. I don’t think that is the case most of the time.
        Maybe a few times.

        Also, the routes may be there, but if the receivers are covered, it doesn’t matter.
        They are using 4 receivers many times and the protection is not good enough against the Ram pass rush.

  15. I doubt this could get uglier. The offense has sealed Tomsula’s fate. I can’t shake the feeling Tomsula was sacrificed by ownership as this years flavor of the month scapegoat.

  16. It was nice to see big Trent Brown swing out to make a block. I don’t think he made contact but his shadow may have blocked the DB’ view.

        1. So much for that redzone improvement.

          I have faith Kap and Gabbert may have a better, decent future.
          Free them from Tomsula and Chryst and the only way is up (I hope).

  17. Napped off on the couch late in the third quarter — just got up to see that this classic may be headed for overtime.

  18. You have got to be f’n kidding me? Punt. You already know you have nothing to lose at this point and you punt from inside the 40 yard line. You can’t make this stuff up.

    Tomsula is the worst coach of all time.

  19. Are you kidding me? You pass instead of setting up Dawson with one more freaking yard? Then you punt? Ha! I’ve seen enough….

  20. Did Baalke just send a message to the “Butcher” not to do anything to win this game?
    Questionable call punting way right there.

  21. Punt?
    Did Baalke step in and told them to punt?

    SF today seems to be making too much sense.
    It’s odd.

    Are they setting us up to something even worse than this season?

  22. I want Tomsula flogged at the 50 yard line. We’ve been too conservative on offense for several years, but now we’re just complete pansies.

  23. two passing touchdowns
    (and yes, 2 interceptions)
    ( 7 receivers in double figures)
    Chiefs 23 . . . Raiders 17
    (oh yes, and 61 yards rushing)

    My name is Alex Smith – 10 wins in a row.
    118 = sixth in NFL in net points
    (Only 2 other teams have 3 or 4 game win streaks)

    KANSAS CITY . . . MOMENTUM, huh ??

      1. Alex Smith carries his team to the playoffs. Ninermd – u mad bro!!!

        The argument has been over since, Alex is a LEGIT NFL QB

        1. Lmao with 125 yards passing???
          Man please. You’ve been around long enough to know that Gabbert on this team looked just like Alex smith. Except Alex smith would never sniff 300 yards. Two picks today and a whopping 156 yards.
          He’s still riding a running game and defense. Mad? Nope he will be sitting home again after next week. And smith fans will blame Reid. Same old song and dance! We have smith right now. No thanks!

  24. If 9ers win, Jed reconsiders, attributes 9er win to Tomsula’s scrappy performance! Yay! Tomsula gets one more year!

  25. 9ers win, Jed reconsiders, attributes 9er win to Tomsula’s scrappy performance! Yay! Tomsula gets one more year!

    1. No it’s not going to happen. Reports are there that Tomsula is GONE. He should be gone just for winnign that G damn game just now. I am throwing my TV out the window right now.

    1. Not going to happen. We tried that before and got no takers. Teams play the draft game well on the 49ers in taking players WE need.

  26. What’s the point in winning this game? The did the same ishh against them with Gore before. Instead of drafting 5th, now we pick 7th!!!!!!! F…….$&$/;$:@!!!!!!! Not happy!!!!!

  27. That settles it. I want Tomsula OUT OF HERE for winning that stupid game like that. Just cost us the draft once again like years ago when he had the 4 and 12 record and OPPORTUNITY. 49ers F’d it up once again. Thanks a lot York. There goes Jared Goff on a team that’s going to dismantle us like Aaron Rodgers. Thanks a F’ing lot 49ers! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! Tomsula GTFO!

    1. Get over it. Some true faithful fans like it when the Niners win.Goff is no guarantee for success. A decent O line is more important.A pss rush is more important. Moving from 5 to 7 is only important to pouty potty mouths.

  28. Well that sucking sound you hear was the 5th draft pick going through the uprights. What a way to continue to screw things up. The Rams so badly need to fire Fisher, he is easily the most overrated coach in the NFL.

  29. Niners actually won !!

    (or should I have said .. “Accidentally” ?)

    Who woulda thunk ?

    Next up … Grants grades !

    Have at it, Grant !

    1. 49ers as a team get an F for winning the game and Gabbert gets an F. He’ll always get an F from me until he’s OUT of there.

  30. That was some misleading 354yds from Gabbert today.

    Yes, that means worse draft position, but at least we won’t be 0-6 in the division.
    Just hope they still fire Tomsula. Quickly.

    1. That’s the problem, Allan. If they were on the fence pending outcome of this game, he might stay. The guys played hard and that will be attributed to wanting to play hard for Tomsula. KMN.

    2. Tomsula just won his job, even though he punted instead of going for it.
      Wish Baalke would be held accountable as much as Jed.

  31. This is a f**cking nightmare! What an idiotic win!!!!!!!!! I have never been so pissed.. Jed will not fire this moron.

  32. I want the Rams moved in LA and I want Fisher GONE! Biggest misleading FAKE and FRAUD for a coach! He gave the 49ers that stupid game. I want Tomsula gone from the 49ers!

  33. Niners really didn’t win this game. They tried to lose it but the Rams didn’t know what to do with it. So Gabbert has — what an 8 game sample? He’s a tease, He’s still rough around the edges. Makes a few great throws and a bunch of “meh” throws. He’s Alex Smith again, only Alex matured and grew into a leader and crazy to say — a winner.

    If Niners do get Chip Kelly, was reported on Fox, I would be curious to see what he does with both Gabbert, Kaep, if he stays, Ellington and Patton. Why isn’t patton playing more? I know he can be a punk but both he and Ellington are shifty and show what they can do in open space. Torre Smith, God love him, is not a good route runner. Boldin can still play.

    The O-Line is got better through the season. Team just need a good coach. The one we have right now is just mediocore and the team is a reflection of him.

    1. Uhmmm. Watching Alex smith he is the same old mediocre checkdown qb.
      He hasn’t improved his teamates around him did. Gabbert is a spitting image of Alex smith. Except Gabbert can hit a pass further than 20
      Yards. Problem is he’s taken the checkdown King title. He’s gotta go. And with the 7th now they’re screwed for a qb. If chip Kelly and ck are their future plans seats will be sold! That I promise

      1. Watching Gabbert, he looks like a rabbit back there. He has a clock, and then he throws it to the check down way too soon. On one hand, you do want to have managable down and distance, but he takes it way too fast. Alex actually evolved his game this year with Maclin and Kelce. He scrambles alot more too.

        As for which coach — I would take Payton. Not sure if we would be winning with class with that guy, with the whole bounty thing. Drew Brees was not a HOF QB until he teamed with him. He was traded to make room for Rivers, so Payton can work his magic on Gabbert, the Niners could have an entertaining offense. Gabbert has the tools, he just needs the coaching. Kaep has the athletic ability but really bad mechanics. Until he fixes those things, he’s always going to be a split second late in the pocket.

        I think Chip Kelly is an innovative coach. I screamed for Kaep to get the boot but if he were the coach, it would be interesting to see what he does with Kaep. As bad as Kaep played, he had a top 10 jersey so he does have a lot of fans out there.

        1. I’ve watched almost every NFL game this year. Smith is the same qb he’s the same checkdown qb. The difference is he has a better o-line. He’s no better than Gabbert IMO. Given the talent both have to work with.
          As far as Kelly. He’s a cancer in the locker room, he’s not a fan favorite with vets, and his gimmick offense and horrible adjustments are not what this young team needs. He’s atrocious. He was horrible when he had talent last year. No thanks!

          1. If I’m Baalke, there’s no way in hell I’d risk my position on Chip Kelly. Hue Jackson makes a lot of sense on many levels….

  34. I’m so ticked off, I don’t want to hear the CBS postgame, which I ask what was the NFL thinking of putting that game on CbS and putting the Raiders on FOX?

  35. SF should have came into this game as if we’re a preseason game. They should have played the backups to see what they had across the board.

  36. I’m surprised by the win ..

    It seems to me .. there was a good play… then
    a stupid play…
    all day !

    But… even still …of all the complainin’
    about our spot in the 1st round …
    there’s nuthin’ more satisfying than a
    win over the Lambs !!
    (at home !)

    “..Who’s got it Better than us..?”

    (Wait .. don’t answer that !)

    1. If the rumors are true it sounds like they realized they made a $10.5 mil mistake in JT when Kelly came on the market.

  37. point production
    six – – – – – Anquan Boldin
    thirteen – – Phil Dawson

    guess who gets the game ball today ??
    not Kaepernick
    not Crabtree
    not Boldin

    still not impressed with those
    3-way postgame press conferences… ok?
    Now go empty out yr locker, fella…

  38. Can’t see how Gabbert goes out and plays the best reproduction of Alex smith on a bad team and he sucks. Alex smith got every excuse in the book for being cpt checkdown, cpt int, cpt incomplete, now smith goes to a team with a good running game, defense and St and he’s this big time winner?
    Lmao oh how time forgets! Does anyone seriously think Alex smith led the Chiefs? Or could lead this years team to more than 5 wins. Gtfooh! 165 yards vs the raiders and 125 last week. Lmaoooooooooo. “Hes” beaten one good team this year and two when they’re qb was out! The playoffs prove how good a qb is…. And mr smith is 1- 3..
    Pack that stat Smithers! Can’t believe we’re even still talking about that bum! I can only hope the ck talk will go away next year too. Smh

    1. Gabbert is going to be gone next year because the 49ers will not resign him next year. Thats why I would take Goff.

    2. Ninermd

      This is about your third or fourth tirade about the WINNING 49er QB from todays game, and yes we all know that you think he’s too much like Alex Smith….and that you don’t like either of them….I’m thankful that you’ll not be the personnel chief for the niners anytime soon. In fact, see you around Spring training…get some help with those anger issues…

  39. Geez

    Did you see that…?…It seems that our old ‘game manager’ just managed his 10th win in a row.

    Wow…irony….now both San Francisco AND Kansas City are on win streaks….

    1. Dont be so boastful. AS threw 2 bad picks, one for a TD. He will look good against a 7-9 team, but he will face stiffer defenses in the playoffs. That KC defense is legit. they would make Dilfer look good.
      I wish AS well, but not am going to deify him.

  40. Shhhh, don’t show this to CFC….

    Kyle McLorg @Kyle_McLorgBASG
    Source: Baalke will handle the new coaching search entirely. York will not be involved in finding the next 49ers head coach.
    12:07 PM – 3 Jan 2016

      1. I’m starting to think his source is Cassie….

        Kyle McLorg ‏@Kyle_McLorgBASG 7h7 hours ago
        Based on what my source told me, Hue Jackson sounds like the guy that Baalke wants though.

    1. If he hired Kelly I’m gonna lose it!
      Should we be optimistic or nervous? What if he brought Harbaugh back? Lmao I’m sure York would have a say in that move.

      1. No, it gave me hope. Those players played their guts out for Tomsula. I may have shaken my head at the brain dead coaching, and Gabbert regressed for a time, but I have never been prouder of how they fought and clawed their way to a victory.
        If they had laid down and given up, I would have been as mad as I was at Patton when he stopped running on the last play of the first half.
        That last win is a tonic against developing a losing mentality.

    2. Razor, then the Niners won. Baalke had his fingerprints all over this debacle of a season. He should be the last person to have full power over personnel and coaching decisions. I hope Tomsula stays.

  41. Have any of you heard of this provision in Colin Kaepernick’s contract?

    “The 49ers would get an approximate $3 million credit on Kaepernick’s 2016 salary based on the number of games he missed this season. … Matt Maiocco

      1. Which? That Colin Kaepernick’s contract allows a credit for the next year if he misses games, or that Maiocco would mention such an esoteric bit of trivia on game day in week seventeen?

        1. The former. I’m not sure what part of his contract would result in a credit of $3 million, which would refer to an expected earning from this season he didn’t end up receiving. Unless Maiocco is including the $2 million de-escalator component of Kaep’s contract.

          1. I think, in some unknown way (to me at least), the comment was intended to let potential traders know that there is a bit of a bargain available.

    1. I hope Kaep resurrects his career. He and Gabbert should have a vigorous competition to see who starts.
      That O line made Gabbert look Kaep-like.
      Pears almost single handedly lost this game.
      I liked the play calling in the overtime period.

  42. My order for coaches:

    Adam Gase
    Josh McDaniel
    Mike Holmgren
    Hue Jackson

    Which means it will probably it will be somebody else.

    1. Is Baalke now able to go to Adam Gase and tell him that he doesn’t need to name Tomsula as his defensive coordinator?

        1. Chicago has a roster that may be worse than the niners and Cutler for all his ability is a head case. I would be happy with Gase.

  43. From Gutierezz:

    In this corner, Baalke’s seat should be hotter than Tomsula’s, unless, of course, this whole Tomsula hiring was York’s idea in the first place.

      1. Yea, they’ve got the wax worms, buy one get one free and the night crawlers are 25% off. There nice & fat too….

    1. I’ve always assumed that the Yorks set the limit on any outside hire that it would have to include Tomsula as defensive coordinator. That’s based on nothing at all but the bad feelings the Yorks have brought into my golden decades.

  44. Hoo Boy! I sure am glad I will get to rub this win into the faces of the pessimists. They will be incensed that the Niners won. So what if the Niners drafted 5th or 7th? This win gives me hope.
    If they plug some holes with FAs and hit a home run drafting, this team has potential.
    The coaching needs an upgrade, and Chryst with the worst offense in the NFL needs to go. If the Niners could lure Mike Bloomgren, Art Franklin or Rhett Lashlee as the new OC, they could actually not have a losing season next season.

      1. Rams swept the Seahawks. Seahawks swept the Niners.
        I am ecstatic that all the posters who wanted them to lose will be sorely disappointed.

        1. They also lost to the Bears and the Ravens. They are a perennial 7-9 team and are always beatable. Not a barometer team by any means. But don’t let me rain on your parade. Enjoy your schadenfreude and the knowledge that your team just lost a significant amount of draft capital.

          1. I am happy the Niners won. The pessimists enjoy schadenfreude when the Niners lose. Being happy that Niner haters are disappointed is not schadenfreude. Its called being a true blue faithful Niner fan.

      2. Both teams seemed more interested in hitting each other after the whistle than winning the game. For the two worst offensive teams in the NFL they lived up to expectations. It was a miracle that the game didn’t end in a tie.

  45. Now that the decision to fire the Butcher has been made how long do you think it will take for them to make the announcement. The right and decent thing to do would be to announce it tomorrow, but I figure York/Baalke will fart around for a few days first and lose valuable time.

  46. Did losing the 5th draft slot really matter? If Cleveland (2) and Dallas (4) want Goff, the 5th pick won’t stop them.

    Its possible the same player the 49ers would have taken at 5 will be there at 7. Stanley, Buckner, Jack and several others.

    1. I would be happy with any of those players. Baalke must draft a starter who can produce right away. We can’t afford another project with that high of a pick in the first round.

      1. I like Buckner, but he doesn’t strike me as a special talent. If Goff is gone, at this stage I’d look to trade down.

          1. With Smith injuring his knee, Mackensie Alexander jumps out to me as an elite level player the 49ers could consider. Not a position of need, but if Goff is gone, he could be BPA and provide that lock down CB many have been clamouring for.

              1. I definitely need to do more homework on him as I’ve not paid much attention to CBs. Just basing this on what I have read about him.

              2. I like Alexander and I’m not saying he doesn’t have first round talent, possibly I just don’t think at this point anyway that he is a player that teams think they will need to use a first round pick to get.

                Skill wise he’s a fantastic cover man, just can’t catch the ball. I’d love him to be an inch or two taller but in College his talent has made up for his average height. Short of making a name for himself at the combine he’s a sleeper mid to late second round pick at this point. That’s if he declares. If he goes back to school and stays healthy he’s got potential to be the #1 CB prospect for the 2017 draft.

                From what I’m reading he’s probably going to declare this year.

    2. B2W, this win showed that Tomsula had the locker room. They very easily could have laid down. That tenacity is exactly what is needed. Tomsula will give them continuity instead of a revolving door.
      As for draft choices, I agree, Stanley or Buckner should both be available. I do not want Jack or Smith. I am done with ACL picks.
      Since Goff will be gone, I think they should look hard at Hogan.

    3. Not really. If I’m write we will rotate between pick five and pick seven with the other teams that have are tied with us with five wins.

      1. If I’m write let’s us hope I’m also “right”, and the 49ers will be drafting either fifth or sixth in the second or third rounds.

  47. Seb sez:

    “….B2W, this win showed that Tomsula had the locker room….”

    Oh! really, web ? … if that’s the case… what
    can you say concerning the locker room ..
    and ..
    those eleven loses ?

    What .. ?

    He .. didn’t … have the locker room then ?

    Seb …

    Think of it this way …

    The Niners gave him two important wins …

    1. His very first game as an HC …in the NFL .. and

    2. … His very LAST game as an HC in the NFL ..

    Both came in Week 17

    (and both came in meanness games)

    I’m s-o-o-o happy for him !!

    1. MW, maybe you do not understand locker room dynamics. Losing a game does not lose the locker room.
      Read Bill Walsh and study how important locker room dynamics are when building a champion. He will succinctly and eloquently describe how to create the winning edge.

      1. Seb why do you assume because someone doesn’t agree with you they don’t understand?

        Tomsula must have failed the Walsh course on locker room dynamics since he built a losing team.

        The team quit on him on road games and got gifted wins by Chicago and St Louis. We didn’t deserve to win last night. Penalties, dropped balls, missed tackles, poor performances. What there would tell you JT has the locker room? This goes back to being liked or respected. They may like him but they don’t respect him.

        Walsh wasn’t concerned about people’s feelings.

  48. Strengths: Ideal size, length for the 5 Tech spot in their 3-4. Strong, drives players into the backfield and can handle double teams without getting blown out of the play. Quick first step. Versatility, can line up anywhere along the line.

    Weaknesses: Technique, technique, technique. Can play too high losing leverage.

    Sound familiar? It should because they’re very similar players, but I think Buckner has better tape and will be a better player….

    1. Mood ..

      I’d be more relieved if ..
      Baalke followed up on his
      bait shop ambitions ..

      Cassie … what happened there ?

  49. I’d prefer Chip Kelly as next HC. Next would be Sean Payton. Distant third is Hugh Jackson followed by Gase.

    I’d prefer Baalke be fired too. If he’s still around, then they need to get some serious help on the offensive side of the ball.

  50. I would be fine with Payton but the 49ers would likely need to give N.O. something in return because the saints aren’t going to do a team any favors by firing him. Another thing to consider is that Payton is going to demand high profile headcoach dollar.

    Kelly (because he was fired) would not cost the 49ers draft picks or cash as would Payton.
    I think that the 49ers go with Kelly because his star is much smaller then Payton’s.

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