49ers vs. Seahawks live blog: First quarter

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the first quarter of the 49ers’ Week 13 game against the Seahawks. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box. Happy Thanksgiving.

5:21 The 49ers’ defense takes the field all at once. The 49ers’ offense takes the field one by one.

5:24 The Seahawks calls heads. It’s heads, and they defer.

5:29 Anyone else catch Jim Harbaugh’s face during the national anthem?

5:31 Carlos Hyde gets tackled at the 49ers’ 13.  Santa Clara ball.

5:32 Frank Gore gains 7 yards up the middle on an inside zone run on first down. On second down, Michael Crabtree catches a 5-yard pass over the middle and injures what appears to be his left knee. He’s walking off the field. He seems fine.

5:37 Kaepernick throws behind Gore on first down. Incomplete. Gore gains 4 yards to the left on a second-down counter run. Kaepernick throws deep on third-and-6 to Brandon Lloyd who is covered by Richard Sherman. Incomplete. The Niners punt.

5:39 Crabtree has a rib injury and his return is questionable.

5:40 Justin Britt is flagged for clipping and the Seahawks go three-and-out.

5:41 Perrish Cox fumbles the punt and recovers the ball at the 49ers’ 31.

5:45 Cliff Avril beats Jonathan Martin and sacks Kaepernick on third-and-5, and the Niners go three-and-out. Seahawks’ ball at their 21.

5:46 Ray McDonald has a finger injury and his return is questionable.

5:50 Wilson rolls to his left and throws a grounder to Tony Moeaki on third-and-3, and the Seahawks go three-and-out.

5:50 49ers’ ball at their 28.

5:54 On third-and-8, Kaepernick throws a strike right to Richard Sherman. Brandon Lloyd ran a stutter and go. Sherman was playing zone coverage, so he was looking and Kap and not fooled by the double move.

6:01 Chris Culliver, playing zone, follows the wide receiver into the middle of the field and leaves Robert Turbin wide open in the flat on second-and-goal from the 13. Wilson hits Turbin for an easy touchdown. 7-0 Seahawks. The 49ers would have forced a three-and-out, but Dontae Johnson was flagged for holding Doug Baldwin on third-and-5. Three plays later, Baldwin beat Borland for a 24-yard catch over the middle of the field.

6:06 Kaepernick completes a 7-yard pass to Stevie Johnson on third-and-4 from the Niners’ 26 and the first quarter ends.

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  1. I need those guys that were around in the beginning of the season to remind me of how good Jonathin Martin is again because all I see is the turd that I thought he was to begin with.

    1. Oh just go and propose to Kaepernick already because you’re so blindly in love with the guy you can’t see how badly he sucks.

      1. Why do you think I’m a Kap homer? That was an awful throw and awful decision. The offensive strategy has just been terrible early.

  2. See, another bad play call by Roman. When will he stop calling plays that make Kaepernick turnover the ball. Worst OC ever.

  3. What the hell is wrong with our offense? The plays are not bad today so far, but people don’t execute. Did Lloyd go out when he should have gone in or did Kaep miss the throw inside by 5 fkn yards?

  4. One more turnover, we lose. We have to take care of the ball. Kap is scared of this team. His Seahawks stats are horrible. More picks against them than any other team in the league!

  5. Jack said settle down, kaep was playing well these past three weeks. Yeah, against some losing teams like the saints, giants, and redskins.
    See how Russell Wilson just threw a TD to a back out of the backfield.
    Maybe we see that in 2016 when kaep finally learns how to be a pocket qb.

  6. Now Reed gets blocked in the back. gets up limping. refs make no call. and our Post Season hopes are shrinking like a wool sweater.

  7. Play calling is atrocious; if I can tell by the formation whether it’s run or pass, im pretty sure the D can. Shouldn’t they attempt to deceive the defense?

    1. I don’t know who the bigger moron is…Kaepernick, who has $120M of the 49ers money, or Trent Baalke for allowing the contract to be offered…..

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