49ers vs. Seahawks live blog: Second quarter

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers’ Week 13 game against the Seahawks. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box. Happy Thanksgiving.

6:09 Colin Kaepernick’s passer rating is 10.7

6:12 Frank Gore gains 8 yards on a Weak G run to the left on first-and-10 from the Niners’ 33-yard line, but Joe Staley is flagged for holding. The Niners punt three plays later. Seahawks’ ball at their 35. Fans are booing.

6:17 Dontae Johnson blitzes unblocked on third-and-9 from the Seahawks’ 36. Russell Wilson spins and makes Johnson miss. Wilson runs up in the pocket and hits a wide open Tony Moeaki near the right sideline. Moeaki runs all the way down the field and gets tackled at the 1.

6:19 Eric Reid tackles Marshawn Lynch for no gain on first-and-goal.

6:19 Wilson scrambles to the right and Ahmad Brooks sacks him for a 1-yard loss. Third-and-goal from the 2.

6:20 The Seahawks run Sprint Right Option and Brooks bats down Wilson’s pass. Big goal-line stand. Perrish Cox and Chris Culliver saved the day tackling Moeaki at the 1.

6:21 Steven Hauschka makes a 21-yard field goal and the score is 10-0 Seahawks.

6:26 Kaepernick misses an open Stevie Johnson on third-and-11 and the Niners punt. Joe Staley was flagged for illegal hands to the face on the play but the Seahawks declined the penalty. Two plays earlier, Gore ran a counter run to the right and the Seahawks were all over it, stopping it for a 1-yard loss. Pete Carroll always scouts Greg Roman well.

6:28 Andy Lee pins the Seahawks at their 9-yard line, but Chris Borland was flagged for being an illegal player downfield. Re-punt.

6:29 Bryan Walters returns the second punt to the Seahawks’ 40. Borland’s penalty just cost the Niners 30 yards.

6:31 Kaepernick’s passer rating is 7.6.

6:35 On first down, Wilson completes a pass to a wide open Robert Turbin in the left flat, similar to the touchdown pass in the first quarter. Paul Richardson ran deep and cleared out Chris Culliver.

6:36 Tank Carradine stops Turbin for no gain on third-and-1. Hauschka makes a 36-yard field goal and the score is 13-0 Seahawks with 5:40 left in the half.

6:41 Kaepernick throws another pass to Sherman on third down but Sherman drops this one, and the Niners go three-and-out.

6:47 Craig Dahl breaks up a pass intended for Jermaine Kearse on third down. The Seahawks punt. Punter Jon Ryan drops the ball, picks it up and boots it to Perrish Cox, who fields the ball, takes a few steps and fumbles. Ricardo Lockette knocked it out. The Seahawks recover at the Niners’ 40. The Niners are choking.

6:54 Lynch catches a pass in the left flat and gains 7 yards, but he’s flagged for taunting after the play.

6:55 Wilson scrambles and drops the ball on second-and-18. Third-and-22 at the Seahawks’ 48.

6:55 Jon Ryan punts the ball into the end zone with 43 seconds left.

6:58 On first-and-10 from the 35, Kaepernick scrambles up the middle for 5 and the Niners take their final timeout with 6 seconds left.

6:59 Kaepernick pads his stellar stats with a 13-yard completion to Johnson as the half ends. Kap’s passer rating is a robust 26.8.

7:01 The Niners are averaging 2.6 yards per play. The Seahawks are averaging 6.7 yards per play. Which team is better???

7:03 Big first half for Vernon Davis: 0 catches, 0 targets.

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    1. An easy 1. Lmao. Own them. Agian and agian. #12. Hey bring back Joe Montana. Ha. Kap took all ur money.deal with it. Weren’t the 80’s great winer fans. Ha. Love 2 kick your butt agian and agian. Move to buffalo. Sound familiar. (:

          1. Your assumption that a pass would definitely be an interception is chronically pessimistic.

            If they attempt a pass and it goes incomplete, field position is no worse than a run that was unlikely to go anywhere. Complete it, and at worst field position is better.

            But giving up, that sends a terrible message to the team.

  1. Yes we threw the pick. That’s not good. Our game plan is terrible.

    Slants. Utilize TE. Run wide. Roll pocket out. So far Roman has a very vanilla F.

  2. 3rd and 20 a run?…..anyway, Kaep, here a lot of people say you aren’t a pocket passer…would you please start to make some thing happening?

  3. I hope the Niners get blown out 35-0. That’ll get the crowd involved and maybe force Harbaugh’s hand with Roman, or Jed’s hand with Harbaugh.

    Don’t expect this season to go anywhere. Niners are a weak-willed, undisciplined group of whiners (Boldin excepted), led by an adolescent-minded HC who insists on relying on a magnificently stupid OC.

    1. Of course it was. First they screwed us on a terrible defensive holding call that led to the first score. Why not screw us again with a blatant non-call?

  4. I want to see Kaep challenge his offense. Quit Fking standing there like you are a one man team. Go talk. Talk to your OC. Exchange ideas.

  5. Don’t know why people are acting like it’s an either or thing when blaming Kap or Roman, both have been terrible so far today.

    1. E, you’re right. We have no use for Kap if he can’t stand up in big games. He really is starting to look like Romo, only worse. He fears the Seahawks and he plays like he does too.

  6. Hahaharbaugh say goodbye. Take Roman with you. Hopefully Fangio can teach this offense how to handle assignments and execute.

    1. Nope. Another loss. Yet agian. Hey, great home field. Tks. (: Sherman enjoying turkey on the winers 50 yrd line. So funny. Waaa winer fans. Can always go back to the old 80’s tapes#12

  7. Defense is trying to help us stay in this game. We need 7 on this drive for sure!!!! Kap, use your legs son. Keep the drive alive and stap forcing passes. No negative plays!!!!

  8. Hyde no downing the ball in the endzone on kickoffs, for the first time all season. If that’s a player’s decision, or if it’s a coaching decision, no matter, it shows that the Niners are running scared.

    1. I think that greg roman expected Crabtree to gain 5 to 6 yards on that play. He didnt think Kaepernick would throw it behind him. This might be the least accurate qb in the NFL. I thought RW was very overrated until I saw him today. I would trade him for kaep in a heart beat. RW is accurate and mobile. Kaep cant make the simplest of throws

  9. The potential of this Niners team is astronomical. Harbaugh is a nice motivator, just like Singletary, who has a bit better understanding of how to win. But both are essentially the same Ditka-esque Neanderthals, cut from the same cloth.

    #FireRoman #FireHarbaugh

  10. Seattle is just clearly the better team all the way around. We don’t have 50 yards of offense in the 1st half. Where the F is Verno Davis??? That’s right, he running from Kam Chancelor!!

    1. Our offense is performing as it has for the past 3 weeks. The only difference is the 49ers are actually playing a defense that isn’t horrible.

  11. Martin is getting manhandled. The run game is getting stuffed. Kaep has been off all night. All of this equals zero points with 4 minutes to go in the half. Pretty depressing.

  12. Our offense looks HORRIBLE. This s**t is embarrassing. Fans are booing the offense. Beside Borland letting the WR run free in the first, NO ONE watching backs out of the backfield, our defense is doing all they can. I am SICK to my stomach watching our offense. Being a former LB and watch backs freely run out of SEAS**TS backfield is driving me NUTS

  13. Roman does not read defense and does not throw to the wrong spots, sorry. And don’t blame OL for the (3rd? 4th?) missed pass, please

  14. Is it just me, or has EVERY other viewer of the Niners recognized what a liability Perrish Cox has been on special teams?

    I think maybe the coaches should have seen it too.

  15. Roman has no imagination. We dont run screens. Rb screens or WR screens or TE screens. We run up the middle instead of toss plays. Back shoulder throws. Im here predicting each boring play. We arent playing like we want the playoffs.

  16. That’s the kind of night it’s been…Hawks punter drops the ball, still gets it off, and then they get the special teams fumble. Wilson drops the ball, gets it back. 49ers aren’t exactly helping themselves so far, but the balls are all bouncing the Hawk’s way so far.

  17. Where are all the people on this blog who in July/August were predicting a 13-3, 12-4 or 11-5 season for these 49ers? There were a bunch of you, save Grant who, I recall, was a bit more circumspect in calling for a 10-6 campaign.

    9-7 or 8-8, no playoffs, Harbaugh/Roman gone, and that visionary pair of York/Baalke contemplating the future of these 49er from Santa Clara, while drafting the likes of AJ Jenkins, LaMichael James, and Ward. Go Giants! Go Warriors! And the hell with that “beautiful” stadium in Santa Clara.

  18. Looks like ckone didn’t even prepare for this game. Why can’t u freaking get out of da pocket if u not comfortable in it.

    F…k Roman. just grow some f…kin balls and do whatever it takes to move the f…kin ball

  19. Down 13-0 at half with Montana, Young or even Jeff Garcia i’m not worried………I’m very concerned fellas……Hell, JT O’Sullivan would give me more hope right now.

  20. This is the worst we have looked in 3 years, and against a good but not great team. Seattle, like us has little offense. They have a better QB, but we are just poorly coached on so many levels.

    1. Not a great team. Hmmmmm. Just beat the best record team 19-3 now you 19-3. Oh ya the reigning champs. #12. Own you Santa Clara winers (:

  21. Roman is a decent college coach. He’s not NFL material. Harbaugh’s biggest fault is not recognizing it and dealing with it. Harbaugh needs Fangio and a good offensive coach. Leave the rah, rah to him.

  22. We should’ve know our offense would play like this. Look how we’ve played this year. Especially in the 2nd half. Guess what..? It’s the 2nd half.

  23. Well, one more Seattle score will put a bow on it. Also, the Niners are so not ready for Prime Time this season. The Chicago game, the Denver game, and now this turd…..

  24. I Dont care how terrible our defense is, 19 points is a game we should win. Our offense is to blame for this loss again……. Everyone….. This ish is terrible.

  25. I’m done with our offense. Kaepernick/Harbaugh/Roman/Baalke. They need to figure this stuff out. Our offense is atrocious. Fire whoever.

    I live in KY, University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville HATE each other. You can lose EVERY other game, BUT that’s one game you need to win. SAN FRAN needs to build their OFFENSE to win this game and this game only.

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