49ers vs. Seahawks live blog: Third quarter

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the third quarter of the 49ers’ Week 13 game against the Seahawks. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box. Happy Thanksgiving.

7:10 Halftime will be a true test for the Niners’ offensive staff. What kind of adjustments can they make to generate some semblance of an offense? To think how big this game is, and this is the result???????

7:15 Seahawks’ ball at their 18-yard line.

7:23 Chris Borland misses a tackle and Marshawn Lynch rushes for 33 yards. Two plays later, Russell Wilson throws a touchdown pass to Paul Richardson but Robert Turbin is flagged for an illegal pick on Perrish Cox, nullifying the TD. Three plays later, Steven Hauschka makes a 35-yard field goal and the score is 16-0 Seahawks.

7:27 Carlos Hyde returns the kickoff to the Niners’ 19.

7:39 On third-and-8 from the Seahawks’ 19, the Seahawks show blitz but rush only four, and Alex Boone whiffs on Michael Bennett who sacks Kaepernick immediately. Phil Dawson makes a 40-yard field goal and the score is 16-3 Seahawks. Richard Sherman extended that drive with a 5-yard holding penalty on Anquan Boldin on third-and-4 from the Niners’ 45. The Seahawks committed three penalties on that series.

7:42 Touchback with 1:06 left in the third quarter.

7:45 Marshawn Lynch gains 16 yards on a counter to the left on first down. That play always works.

7:46 Robert Turbin gains 4 yards up the middle on the next play and the third quarter ends.

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    1. You’d be smiling too with a $120M contract under your belt…..and throngs of no nothings that think you’re an ‘elite QB’…LMAO

  1. Part that pissed me off the most was not making a play on the muffed punt. That was a big opportunity.

    Our offense is beyond broken. Come out with Hyde.

  2. I will stop to say what i see as everyone. Where we are playin poorly and so on. our D kept them to just a FG. Plenty of time. Let’s go and try to think we adjust our weak spots…. Better then be happy at the end because we se it comin and wrote first. Come ON!

  3. Why keep taking sacks instead of throwing the ball away? What’s wrong with this guy. He’s just not very smart at all. Throw the DAMN BALL AWAY KAP!!!!!!

  4. Krapernick is one of the dumbest starting QB’s in the NFL. He is just blind, inaccurate, obstinate, and annoying. This team wins despite Roman and Krap.

    1. Niners have only scored one TD in the 4th, now kaep has to lead two scores,
      We need a broken play or a deep ball because kaep freezes in the red zone.

  5. The problem that im in ally seeing now is that Kap doesn’t know how to audibilze out of bad plays and he insists on throwing to his 1st option. I’m sorry to say that he’s just not the guy. No matter how bad I wanted him to be, he just doesn’t have it upstairs. Not all QB’s do have it. He’s just not mentally ready for the elite level in this game.

  6. I saw #7 missing Hyde for an easy 1st down- or more-, but what can I do sittin here in the Middle of a cold Italian night except keep ho pin and root for my niners? I am not related to Yorks

    1. I think the math is against them if they lose. Still lots to play but they won’t go very far with the kind of production that we have seen thus far.

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