49ers vs. Texans preseason live blog

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the 49ers’ preseason game against the Houston Texans. I will update this frequently with information and analysis.

2:37 The 49ers just announced Colin Kaepernick will not play today. The following players also are inactive: DL Arik Armstead, ,WR DeAndre Smelter, S L.J. McCray, S Eric Reid and DL Glenn Dorsey.

2:54 Five things I’m curious to see:

1. Can DeForest Buckner stop the run? If so, he’ll be a starter and a candidate for defensive rookie of the year. If not, he’ll be a third-down pass-rushing specialist.

2. Can Jeff Driskel compete for the starting QB job sooner rather than later? Or does he need a year to develop?

3. Can Kelvin Taylor run the ball? He seems like a slower version of LeSean McCoy during practice.

4. Can Zane Beadles block? Is he strong? Or are the 49ers’ best guards Joshua Garnett and Andrew Tiller?

5. How does Anthony Davis look? Will he be ready to play right tackle Week 1? Or is Trent Brown better?

3:07 I previewed today’s game on 9.57 The Game. Click here to listen.

3:28 Watching Torrey Smith warm up. Is he the worst No. 1 receiver in the NFL?

3:39 Also curious to see how much Blaine Gabbert plays. If he plays only a series or two, that means he’s the starting quarterback and the competition is over. If he plays into the second quarter, that means he still has to prove something to win the job.

4:03 The Texans win the toss and defer. Smart move. Could be the difference in the game.

4:05 Bruce Ellington returns the kick to the 23.

4:07 The Niners go three-and-out in 41 seconds. Blaine Gabbert missed two short passes to Carlos Hyde.

4:09 NaVorro Bowman misses a tackle on a 14-yard run by Lamar Miller.

4:10 Tramaine Brock breaks up a deep pass intended for DeAndre Hopkins. Texans punt two plays later.

4:14 Carlos Hyde gains 22 yards up the middle on the first play of the drive. Three plays later he fumbles and the Texans return it for a touchdown. Impressive showing from the 49ers’ best skill player.

4:25 Blaine Gabbert hits a wide open Vance McDonald down the sideline, McDonald makes one defender miss and scores. Tie game.

4:27 The 49ers want to use Vance McDonald as a deep threat. That’s his role.

4:34 Nickel back Chris Davis gives up a four-yard catch to Braxton Miller on third-and-9 and the Texans punt. Ahmad Brooks sacked Brock Osweiler on second down.

4:41 Thad Lewis misses an open DeAndrew White on third-and-goal from the 7. Phil Dawson makes the field goal. 10-7 Niners. Best plays of the drive: A 15-yard run by Shaun Draughn and a 44-yard run by Mike Davis. I expect both running backs will make the final roster.

4:42 Gabbert played three series.

4:46 Lamar Miller gains nine yards on a draw just before the first quarter ends. He’s averaging 7.5 yards per carry against the Niners’ starting defense.

4:50 Chris Davis knocks away a pass intended for Braxton Miller on fourth-and-3. Davis has been targeted three times in this game and has given up no catches.

4:51 The Texans are going after Buckner in the run game and Davis in the pass game. Davis is doing much better than Buckner.

4:59 DuJuan Harris fumbles on the 2-yard line and the Texans recover. Thad Lewis was in the shotgun during that play. Makes no sense to line up in the shotgun on the 2-yard line. A smart guy like Chip Kelly should know that.

5:08 The Texans hand the ball off to Kenny Hilliard seven times out of eight plays then punt.

5:13 Two fumbles in the first half for the 49ers. Chip Kelly’s Eagles led the NFL in turnovers the past two seasons.

5:14 Someone named Eric Lee beats Anthony Davis around the edge to sack Thad Lewis on third-and-9. Davis looked slow and sluggish on that play.

5:20 Texans go three-and-out. Nick Bellore sacked Tom Savage on third-and-10. Thad Lewis still in the game with 33 seconds left in the first half.

5:25 Phil Dawson makes a 50-yard field goal just before halftime. 13-7 Niners.

5:43 Tank Carradine hits Tom Savage on third-and-7 and the Texans go three-and-out.

5:48 Dres Anderson catches a 12-yard pass on third-and-14, and the Niners punt. The Texans fumble the punt, but they recover.

6:02 Thad Lewis leads the offense to a three-and-out. That’s more than enough Thad Lewis for one day.

6:04 Bradley Pinion just punted the ball 25 yards.

6:08 Savage throws a seven-yard touchdown pass to tight end Stephen Anderson on second-and-goal. Kenneth Acker gave it up. 17-13 Texans. Anderson was in most of my mock drafts this year. He’s going to be good.

6:10 Thad Lewis limped off the field after the last series. Now he’s limping to the locker room.

6:13 Dres Anderson drops a pass from Jeff Driskel on third-and-3, and the Niners go three-and-out.

6:21 DuJuan Harris gains six yards on an  inside zone run just before the end of the third quarter. Niners face second-and-4 from their 30-yard line when the fourth quarter starts.

6:25 Driskel runs for 12 yards on first down, then throws a pass over Kelvin Taylor’s head on third down and the 49ers punt.

6:36 Savage throws a check down pass to running back Akeem Hunt on third-and-goal from the nine. Kenneth Acker misses a tackle and Hunt scores. The 49ers are challenging the play to see if Hunt stepped out of bounds.

6:39. Ruling stands. Touchdown. 24-13 Texans. Cut Kenneth Acker.

6:53 Driskel runs for 22 yards then 6 yards then 13 yards, but can’t recover after center Nick Balducci is flagged for holding.

6:54 Texans go three-and-out. One more series for Driskel.

7:02 Driskel goes 1-for-3 and the Niners go three-and-out. Driskel seems over-amped. He’s much more accurate during practice.

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    1. Me too Under. Was hoping to see the twin towers dominate the line.
      I’ll be looking for Ellington, Ward, Gabbert,Driskel and Draughn, and the entire oline tonight as players to watch with purpose.

  1. I think it would be start if Kaepernick was held out of the preseason games until he is back to full strength.

    1. Steele-
      Can it be streamed from NFL.com maybe? Not sure. NFL network is broadcasting it; at least on Direct. It’s also on the cbs affiliate here, but that’s a local broadcast.

    2. It’s on the NFL Network channel, and you can sign up for a free week trial of Game Pass at NFL. com and get to see 2 pre-season games. Just make sure you cancel at the end of the week….

  2. Waiting to see which wide out steps up. It is an, as of yet, unproven position. Is this the break out year for Ellington? Will Patton the enthusiastic become the favored possession receiver? Can anyone come even close to filling Boldin’s shoes?

    Waiting to see which line backers step up to adequately team with Bowman. Questions there and possible area of concern.

  3. “Is (Torrey Smith) the worst No. 1 receiver in the NFL?”

    I could care less about the “NO. 1” designation. He’s capable of doing exactly what he was signed to do… stretch the defense, catch long balls, provide locker room maturity. And he’s not terrible at the other routes.

    CK-BG had a 117 passer rating when targeting Torrey last season. I think he’s good at his job. No. 1, No. 2… what ever.

    That said, the 49ers do need a good generalist. They have big but slow. They have fast but not particularly powerful. But they don’t have big+fast+strong in one guy. I thought they might have traded up into the first for Treadwell (big+strong+fast-ish enough) but the Vikings nabbed him.

    1. Curious to see what would happen to that QB rating with more targets. I’m guessing it would go down. Smith struggles creating separation, especially against No. 1 cornerbacks. He’s most effective against No. 2 corners on play-action passes.

      1. Makes sense. With few passes last season, that big bomb vs the Bears throws the rating out of wack. I note the rating because I don’t think his productivity drop off was as bad as national press claims… calling 2015 a “terrible season” and such. The whole O was awful.

      2. Waite – I don’t get that. I can see where Kaps rating would go down with more decision, but I think it Gabbert’s will go up. He has proven to be that next level decision maker. Maybe you mean more deep targets would take his number down where his accuracy might suffer?

  4. Can’t get into town to watch the game today. I have 810am dialed up. I’ll rely on the gang here for how players are doing.

    Actual football (glorified practice that it is) is about to begin. I’m jacked. Go Niners!

  5. I expect to see quite a bit of both check downs and by design passes to running back and maybe TE. I am also looking for a hybrid mix of read option and West Coast with emphasis on ground game. All this is based on Kelly’s history, Gabbert’s characteristics, current receiving talent and Grant’s camp reports. If so this should be a hint to season offense.

    Texan’s have better starters / firsts but SF may have better second squad for some mop up.

    1. I’m guessing the same tune fans sang in 1979. Same horrible 2-12 record as 1978, but clearly the team was improved over the Joe Thomas nightmare.

  6. Alright guys, tell us, who’s tonight’s 49ERS MVP’s, offensive & defensive?

    I’ve got Driskel, and Robinson!

  7. Gabbert to Vance M: would be nice if we hear that about 60 times in the regular season…(tho I wont be taking bets on it)

  8. I predict a HUGE year for V-MAC, provided he stays healthy. He is clearly one of the most valuable players on Chip Kelly’s offense.

    1. I just wonder what they saw in Celek to give him a contract extension if they honestly believe in V Mac.

      The writing on the wall to me says that Mac is gone next year.

  9. Gabbert has not been accurate but his last couple of throws were a bit better. Hope he gets these bugs ironed out quickly.

  10. Not trying to stir up another debate. But I seriously wonder if CK sees that fall by the LB of its not his first read.

    1. Gabbert was in throwing motion by the time the LB started to fall. I think it was a matchup that Gabbert liked pre snap.

  11. And here goes Brooks with these damn offsides already. How hard is it? He must feel
    Overmatched to have to get an edge with early jumps. Great sack but cmon man!

  12. I see a team that looks like they are in very good shape, in terms of stamina, fitness. Mike Davis, Ahmad Brooks, Shaun Draughn, Carlos Hyde, all appear to be in better shape this season.

  13. I thought Hopkins was supposed to be uncover-able in the 1st period? Isn’t that the message Grant was trying to send? Brock has been in his back pocket all QTR!

  14. Ray ray looking good at ilb..
    Blew up one of the guards n stopped the rb..
    Miller is averaging over 7 on our staring D so what is Davis, Hyde n draughn averaging??

  15. Is everyone ready for their favorite team to lead the league in rushing?

    And as I type this they fumble on the goal line, of course. Upon further review, that fumble is on Lewis, IMO!

  16. 4:50 Chris Davis knocks away a pass intended for Braxton Miller on fourth-and-3. Davis has been targeted three times in this game and has given up no catches.

    4:34 Nickel back Chris Davis gives up a four-yard catch to Braxton Miller on third-and-9 and the Texans punt. Ahmad Brooks sacked Brock Osweiler on second down.

    Which is correct about Davis?

  17. Checking in on the game and seeing our run defense is playing up to the standards of O’Neil.

    1. And yet the Texans offense has done nothing so far. 49ers fumbles on offense are the only reason this isn’t 17-0.

      Given the doom and gloom regarding the D, the performance so far should be seen as encouraging rather than a reason for disparaging comments, in my opinion.

          1. Not meaning to put a damper on the OL’s performance, but some key players on the Houston defense are not playing.

  18. My conspiracy theory:

    Kap is not hurt. He is being rested and sought as trade bait for a snicker bar and a box of envelopes.

    1. Not according to Hammer, Davis was supposed to be better than anyone they had at RT. Pundits have been trying to move Davis to Guard for quite some time, however if Brown really takes ownership of RT, I could actually see Davis at guard over Tiller….

  19. Add RB Mike Davis to the list of players who are clearly in better shape than last season!


    160 yards rushing and counting in the 1st half. The Texans are ready to catch their breath, get on an airplane, and get the hell out of Dodge.

      1. Of course. And, O’Neil’s defense has been better than Crennel’s.

        Anytime you get shutout offensively, and defensively you give up over 300 yards in the 1st half, you’re getting your tail kicked!

        Just saying!

  20. One thing I wish Chip would do is implement some I formation plays. They need a few punch you in the mouth plays and If nothing else it would force opponents to have to prepare for it.

    I hate being at the 1 and watching the team line up in a shot gun.

  21. Decidedly better than last year. They have equaled the average PPG from last year. Gabbert had a 95 rating good enough to win some games in regular season.

    1. Stats don’t always tell the story. Gabbert was 4-10. Heath (NFL commentator l) made a good point. With the starters in for the first three drives they were mediocre. Most of the yardage came when the 1’s exited the field.

  22. “Some of these young defensive guys have never played with a lead.”-Ryan
    Gawd, that’s an awful truth. Appalling.

  23. So far the D looks pretty strong. The Offensive line is better and the overall play better. The QB play, however, still leaves a lot to be desired.

  24. Grant still think after a 4-10 performance by GB that them pulling him after three series says something about him being the starter?

  25. One thing we can take away from the 1st half – the 49ers second string players did better than the Texans second string players. So far, looks like the 49ers have decent depth.

    Can’t really gauge much about the 1’s though. The first string D did pretty well, particularly in pass D. The O was only ok at best.

        1. They didn’t get beat badly or miss obvious coverages. They were in position most of the time. I was pleased overall. They gave up a couple of 20yd runs.

    1. Shaky start for Blaine. Could it be adrenaline? I mean, I don’t remember him being that innacurate on his short throws last season.

      1. Meh, I’m really not that interested in the 3s and 4s. How many of the 3s and 4s will see a lot of action this year?

        The 3rd and 4th qtr of preseason can be fun to see the guys that are fighting for the back end of the 53/ PS.

  26. And add Tank Carradine to the list!

    Let’s face it guys. The 49ers may not be the most talented team in the league, but there is no question this team woefully underachieved last season.

    I think were going to realize pretty quickly this season that there’s more talent on this roster than we realize!

    1. Except he doesn’t know how to catch. The ball was coming down to him and he tried to bat it again instead of cradling it.

    1. He’s playing behind the worst OL. Hard to tell without watching the other guys play behind that OL too. Or him behind their OL. I think Chip’s scheme is good for RB’s who can play out of shotgun.

        1. Not sure I agree, OL makes a huge difference. We’ve only seen a few plays. Remember what Davis looked like last year.

        1. Gaskins reminds me of a quote from Leroy Hoard I believe: “If you need a yard, I’ll get you three. If you need five yards, I’ll get you three.”

        1. I like him Razor, Lets see how he develops. Sometimes our desperation from that abysmal season drives us to get too hopeful and unrealistic. He’s got potential.

              1. Exactly what I was thinking. We may end up putting Lewis on IR depending on injury, carrying CK and BG and stashing Driskell

  27. On the plus side(for me, not so much you guys), my cousin(#41 on the Texans) rushed for a 1st down and got a special teams tackle, forcing Treggs out of bounds on a punt return.

      1. Jonathan Grimes. Udfa fro William and Mary. He’s been a Texan for four years. They keep drafting RBs every year and every year he manages to keep his job and stay on the roster.

  28. Driskel showed some command of the offense, directed players where to line up and even waving players in off the sideline. His accuracy hasn’t been so great; maybe pressing or over thinking.

  29. Blair stood out for me. Balducci looked pretty decent, far better than others on same line. DBs looked good for the most part (starters). Armstrong made some plays as did Bellore. Driskel running looked good but he’s supposed to throw the ball, so he needs to improve. Maybe with the 2s?

      1. Yeah on Blair, and they trusted Balducci with a lot of responsibility for a 1st game rook. I didn’t get much of a look at Thomas or Garnett.
        When VMac did his catch and run Baalke was probably hollering: “Where the hell have you been?!!!!

  30. If Dorsey and Armstead are available next week I believe the D will even be better next week. I believe Grant might be right about Buckner he didn’t look great Vs the run tonight, I believe they will use him like they did Aldon Smith his rookie year.

  31. Acker doesn’t really seem to fit the type of CB the 49ers need for O’Neil’s defense. He’s a better fit for an off-man or zone scheme. They should make Seb happy and look to trade him before the final cut downs.

    1. It’ll only make seb happy if they package Miller, Gaskins, Cromartie, Silberman, Al Guido and Dennis O’donnel, with him.

  32. 49ers VS Texans, preseason game 1 standouts:

    OFFENSE: Mike Davis (wow), Vance McDonald, The 1st string OL, DuJuan Harris and Thad Lewis

    DEFENSE: Ronald Blair, Aaron Lynch, the entire 1st string Defensive Backfield, Garrison Smith & Ray Ray Armstrong

    HONORABLE MENTION: Dontae Johnson, Marcus Cromartie, Jerome Simpson & Nick Bellore

    1. reasons,
      Good list
      How about Chris Davis making your list? Maybe he just looked good because of his 3 years of experience out shining the 2nd tier players.

  33. Minus the hiccups that was an entertaining game to watch. Both sides of the ball had bright spots. The practices will become increasingly focused as the preseason progressives. As we all know the third game will showcase the anticipated starters the 2016 rebuild.

  34. Some of the difficulty with the 2’s & 3’s, was the Texans were playing many of their 1’s deep into the game. It was, at times, very asymmetrical as 49er 2s and 3rd stringers were going up against fully-fledged NFL players.

    The nice thing was, they hung in there quite well for quite some time and it wasn’t until late in the 3rd quarter that the Texans were able to start moving the ball. Mostly against guys that will never play a significant amount of regular season football in their lives.

    1. That’s true, I noticed that. I wonder what is up with that? O’brien must not have been happy with his starters during the joint practice Friday. Plus, their 2nd string QB, Tom Savage, looked very solid. He might be better than their $19,000,000/year – QB?

      1. I think O’Brien was trying to establish something positive to build on after a crummy 1st Half, so he kept some guys in there until they got it right. No treachery, the Niners got to see where their 2/3s are in development. It works for both staffs.

  35. We need a QB. I was disappointed that they yanked Gabbert out so early. He needs the reps. I would say the QB competition is alive and well I didn’t see anything that Gabbert did to lock up the position.

          1. Well let’s be honest. Gabbert stood out on how piss poor he played. I mean McDonald made the play on that TD. With the help of a Texans defender. Mike Davis stood out. I thought Tank played well as well. Some others as well. Gabbert is going to be the QB out of default. Our QBs are really bad. This team does not win 5 games this year. Very little chance. These QBs are no better then the Dorsey, Pickett, Rattay days…

            1. Yeah and your point is? We knew this already?
              Gabbert at least has some skill in which to work with. Driskel also looks like a project.
              Let’s keep reminding ourselves for the next 3 years it’s a rebuild and the future QB is probably not on this roster!

              1. Well the point is that a lot of people on this blog believe this team will win at least 8 games. This team is going to have a very difficult time to win 4 games. I was a supporter of Balke for a long time. He should be fired for what he has done with the QB position, Wr position… If we don’t beat the Rams at home I don’t know where are next possible win will be. Driskel gets a pass. He is raw. But he has talent…

            2. Gabbert was really only poor on that first series where he missed hyde twice. Everything else was decent play. He started to get going and capped it with the td, who cares if the lb fell, that’s football. It wouldnand will be interesting to see how he’ll do with more than 10 reps.

              But the fact remains that hes better than colin and he’s healthy.

              1. Rebuild wether you want to admit it or not, Gabbert is. Only for the simple fact he is playing and competing, and he doesn’t have “arm fatigue” I mean cmon man. Until CK hits the field and leads some drives and makes completions and shows he has improved, guys like you need to pipe the comparison.
                And by the way, what the not so cool look is that doo rag on his head on the sidelines? I mean can he at least look and act like a professional? The guys a joke!

              1. So what’s your grade for 4-10, a TD and a couple of scrambles? He didn’t execute as well as Lewis. Lewis got himself hurt running around to much like R Wilson.

              2. C/C-

                I thought his play was herky jerky, kinda like the entire offense.

                They weren’t pretty, but they moved the ball. I thought they were better than the Texans 1’s.

              3. Really Willy? You want an evaluation based on tonight? How bout an F. Will that make you happy?
                I think Gabbert got better as the game went on and that’s a great sign in being able to bounce back!

              4. Kelly’s offense certainly is set up to run the ball well. QB runs also help a lot. If CK had played the same way people would be killing him over it. Gabbert’s getting the benefit of the doubt here. It’s bad regardless of who was behind center. We need better play. Those swing passes and hot reads will hopefully get better because keep this offense moving.

                Things could look worse next week against Denver’s D. I am going to try and get to the open practice this week at Dove Valley.

              5. Prime, he played against a team he saw on Friday. He played very poorly at home against a team without its two best defenders in Watt and Clowney. He had all day to throw. When the games become real and the defenses are not vanilla he is going to struggle big time. The throw to McDonald’ was better but it was a basic throw and read cause the defender fell down. Plus if Chip doesn’t go for it on 4th and 1 on his own 40 on that drive(in the reg season he punts) that play doesn’t happen.. I hope Driskel develops fast cause Gabbert will get yanked after 4-5 games..

              6. How is that giving Gabbert the benefit of the doubt? That was my immediate takeaway while watching the game and it’s actually pretty darn close to what the head coach had to say after.

              7. Prime what’s with you? You’re kinda crotchety. It doesn’t make me happy that we don’t have anyone on the roster to play QB at a proficient level. If CK threw 4-10 and bounced balls off the dirt and missed wide open receivers you guys would be going crazy. Just be consistent. The TD throw was great.

              8. Grant,

                That’s fine. We’re dissecting 1 quarter of the first preseason game.

                Put it this way, Kelly’s first preseason game as 49ers head coach went a heck of a lot better than Harbaugh’s first preseason game as head coach.

                The offense was a mixed bag, but about what I expected. The D did some things decent as well.

                Good start. Plenty of room for improvement.

              9. Rebuild you are getting ahead of yourself. It’s week 1 of preseason. Maybe the Niners don’t win a game all year but for you to speculate after tonight seems a little drastic. Take it easy.
                Tonight showed that this team took a step towards becoming a team. That’s all preseason is about. It’s not about how they will do for the rest of the year.

              10. I was pretty pleased with how the defensive unit played. The OL was much better than last season even into the 2’s. There’s some stuff to be cleaned up but it’s better than last season. Let’s see how they do against the champs next week. Could be a tough week against their 1’s for everyone. I don’t expect the QB’s to look very good next week either.

              11. Well, he missed a couple easy, short throws, but he also showed some toughness by standing in strong and bouncing back to his feet without having to take a TO after a painful low hit to the leg/knee. That impressed me.

                So what’s Gabbert’s grade you ask Wilson73? I believe the numbers say 95.0 QB Rating, according to ESPN. 1 TD, 0 INT. It’s a start. And, aside from a couple piss-poor short throws, I thought the the offense ran smoothly while he was in command.

                I think Blaine was a little over pumped to start the game. First live snaps against a real opponent of the season, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and call it adrenaline overdose, as long as he cleans it up next week.

                NOTE: Driskel sure looks raw. I very much doubt he’s a viable starting QB anytime this season!

              12. 49, you’re really looking hard for something to like. Again just be consistent in your evaluation. Put CK in the same situation and what do you say? He did stand in there and took a hit as well as he threw a good TD. He’s no rookie entering his 5th season so he shouldn’t be getting amped up. Like several of you are fond of pointing out 95 QB rating doesn’t tell the whole story does it?

                I don’t see him or any of our QB’s cleaning things up against Denver’s D next week.

              13. Wilson, I’m not happy with Blaine. You are right, he’s been in the league too long to use adrenaline as an excuse. However, I like the way he fits into Chip’s system, so I am certainly not down on Blaine after a couple poor short throws to start the game. I am still cautiously optimistic Gabbert can be a “game manager” and manage this offense. While his passing leaves a little bit to be desired, his mobility is a real asset in this offense. Once he comfortable in this offense, he may do pretty well.I like him in this system better than Bradford because of his mobility, and Bradford looked pretty good once he got comfortable running this offense last year.

                Besides, I doubt Kap can beat him out this year, and Driskel is far too raw at this point, so Blaine is who we have this season. And I am a glass-half-full kinda guy!

              14. Rebuild…Clowney is NOT one of the Texans 2 best defenders…he’s played in 17 career games in 2 seasons and has 4.5 sacks to his credit and 32 tackles. This from the 1st overall pick of his draft. He’s more Clown than anything.

  36. “4:09 NaVorro Bowman misses a tackle on a 14-yard run by Lamar Miller.”

    He missed it because Wilhoite was getting blown up and into Bowman’s path and he tripped over Wilhoite’s foot.

  37. What’s most important is that he builds on each and every start. As long as Gabbert builds upon this start and improves next week, I’m happy. As a matter of fact, I am happy with a lot of what I saw tonight, but it’s preseason game #1, so it doesn’t really mean a whole lot.

    One thing I am certain of …… this team will be improved on both sides of the ball this year. Are they getting into the postseason? No. Do they have a strong young nucleus to build upon? Yes. Do they need a QB? Probably. Am I glad they didn’t give up what the Ram’s gave up for Goff? Absolutely!

  38. Gabbert being pulled early lends me to beleive that either they are protecting him as the likely starter week 1 and\or Kap’s shoulder status is worse than they are indicating. I know its early, but QB situation is not looking good.

  39. My assessment on the first game.

    The QB competition is still on. Gabbert did not cover himself in glory.

    300 yards offense in the first half was impressive. Huge improvement.

    Niner D forced the Texans to punt 7 times in the first half. I think they did not allow a third down conversion in the first half. Huge progress.

    Niner pass rush seemed pretty good, which made the Niner DB’s job a lot easier. Second half had the Texan starters against the Niner third string, so the Niners overall did well.

    I was pleased to see those plays where the RB takes a few steps one way, lets the defense commit to that side, then cut back on a misdirection play. Just like i pictured it.

    Niners still need to stop shooting themselves in the foot. Way too many unforced errors. They need to play more disciplined.

    Niners do not have 2 mobile QBs. They have 4 mobile QBs. Lewis seemed like he was the best Niner QB until he got injured.

    Niners who stood out to me. Bellore, Chris Davis, Garrison Smith on defense. Vance, Simpson and Mike Davis on offense. Blair and lemonier looked good, too. Think Bellore makes the 53.

    Niners who did not shine. Gabbert and Treggs on offense. Acker and Rush on defense.

    Overall, I was pleased with the game. Chip is going to surprise a lot of people. Going for the 4th and 1 on the 39 was a bold move.

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