49ers vs. Vikings preseason live blog: Fourth quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

7:18 First and goal from the four, Jewel Hampton bounces a run outside to the right and scores. 27-14 49ers.

7:23 LaMichael James has an elbow injury and he’s questionable. Cam Johnson has a shoulder injury and he’s out.

7:28 A fan runs on the field, but he’s tackled at the one yard line. So close.

7:28 Travis Johnson blitzes and sacks Matt Cassel on second and 10. Now the Vikings have to punt.

7:29 49ers’ ball at their 37 yard line and B.J. Daniels is the QB.

7:42 Anthony Dixon jumps over the pile on fourth and goal from the one to score. 34-14 49ers. Daniels converted a third-and-11 with a perfect 22-yard pass to Lavelle Hawkins down the left sideline. There is no way Colt McCoy or Scott Tolzien makes that throw. Daniels also scrambled for a 20 yards. I’d be shocked if he didn’t make the final roster.

7:44 Do you think McCoy will be on the 49ers’ roster for the Thursday game against the Chargers? Why or why not?

7:45 I’m going down the field. Back at you shortly with my grades.

  1. Wow, Baldwin did more in one game with almost zero preparation than Jenkins did in more than a year. As usual, thanks Chiefs for taking our leftovers.

  2. I like Austin Collie as a player, but I think Patton and Moore have done enough to win spots in the top 4 WRs with Boldin and Williams. I no longer think he will make the team.

      1. Add that to the fact that he magically transmogrified AJ into Baldwin, and we have a WR core. The future looks bright.

      1. He just looks so much more NFL ready than Colt looks now. Footwork, throwing motion, coolness all of it look the part. I don’t remember Kap even looking this good in his first and second showings.

    1. Funny you should ask. He just lead a drive down the field for a score by Dixon on short yardage. He kept the drive alive by extending plays and getting first downs with his feet, and with clutch throws. He’s a #3 in my estimation. #2 next year.

      1. Great minds not only think alike, but seem to post at the same time as well. Cue the twilight zone music Ernie….

      2. Hmm. No, Ernie is the old marine from world war two that lives here at the Faith Mission bro…..But I’m willing to play the part of Bert if no one else is available.

      3. Hahahaha I’m the old Marine from Nam, LOL. My wife thinks she deserves a tax break for being married to a NamVet. She may have a point.

  3. Glad to hear about Daniels. I like the way he plays for the short amount of time he has been around. We should keep him and let coach Jim H work with him for a few years.

    1. Yeah, I’m a big fan. Daniels is definitely worth keeping. I’ll stop short of calling him the next big star (like the Tolzien/Nate Davis/Kory Sheets groupies) but he is clearly good enough to be Kaep’s backup.

      1. Compared to what we have you could almost make the argument for him as back up some time this year. Maybe he succeeds maybe he dosn’t but he is well worth taking the chance.

      1. Before saying he’s a beast let’s see him do it against the level of competition he will be playing against in 2 weeks.

      2. I think you’d agree, compared to Dahl, Lemonier is a beast…..It looked to me like Reid won the starting job of Free Safety for the San Francisco Forty Niners.

  4. Just seen your question Grant. I think McCoy did enough to be on the roster for the final preseason where he will compete with Wallace for a roster spot. Tolzien is on the way out.

    1. Agreed. Unless the 49ers get a trade offer for McCoy, I think he’ll be on the roster for Thursday’s game. Tolzien’s spot is looking very shaky.

      1. Yes Wallace does not know playbook but could still win the battle at QB Thursday. That dumb interception by Colt is still eaten at me. He was fooled by an old trick in the book. There goes a trade.

  5. I am seeing a lot of Reggie Bush dancing around when I watch James. As Bush found out, the NFL is much faster. You can’t dance around and expect to get positive yards.
    I’d like to see James cut. It was an experiment along the lines of AJ. James isn’t big enough to be successful in the NFL.

    1. Seriously? Did u watch him play last year? Did u see how he picked up the slack when Hunter got hurt. He is great 3 back and one of the reasons espn ranked the niners as the best backfield in NFL earlier this year.

      1. Agreed, he dances to much but he is still a capable change of pace back. He has proven it last year at the end of the regular season and during the playoffs.

    2. LMJ proved his mettle last season. He’s not going anywhere.
      KHunt will need to show that he can return to pre-injury form. Until Hunter does this, LMJ’ roster spot is a wrap.

    3. Common misconception. James is pretty big for his height. Also, he wasn’t really playing with the first team offense, but he was playing against their first team defense, and they were getting in the backfield a lot. He just needs to learn not to dance too much. He is very talented when he just shoots the gap.

      1. He is listed at 5’9″. That’s generous. He’s more likely 5’7″. 195 LBS. At the end of the season, I’d guess he is more likely 186 lbs.

      2. LMJ is 5’9″ 200lbs. Every team in the league would love his skill set to be on their team, he’ll play big for us this year.

      3. While my comment is awaiting moderation, three sites list Lamichael James at different heights/weights. He’s listed as short as 5’8″ and 194 lbs and as high as 5’9″ and 195.
        Anyone who has played sports knows that season starting weight is always higher than the weight at the end of the season. I figure he’ll be 185 at the end of the season.

  6. Hunter looked good. Good burst, ran with confidence. I like LMJ too, no reservations. He is who he is, and he’s on the 53. Hawkins is bad for my blood pressure. I thought Skuta showed more than Cam. I’m leaning towards Gray over Celek, wasn’t impressed with Celek tonight. Vance is good.
    I can’t tell if Harbs wants to really keep McCoy, or is just inflating his negotiating position. Even with the Int, McCoy probably helped himself tonight. I’m still on BJ sticking.
    Moore gave me something to believe in. Baldwin looks like he knows his business. Patton exceeded expectations. Chad might not have done enough to stick. Did Osgood make any ST plays? Dahl made ST plays.

    1. I was hoping they would target Gray with some passes. I have a feeling they will play him sparingly, then try to sneak him past 24hr waivers onto the PS.

      1. Yes that looks like that is what they are up to. Where as they already let the cat out of the bag on Daniels.
        Honestly though, Cellek is spotty. So on balance, I don’t like the risk.

  7. The days of the drop-back QB may be over in San Francisco. We are a read-option offense now.

    McCoy will be traded or released. The same fate may hold true for Tolzien. Wallace’ running skills may have bought him a season in the Red&Gold.
    BJ is R.Wilson 2.0, and will be snatched off the PS if put there. He must be on the final roster, period. Although he’s a rookie, at the moment I would feel more comfortable with him as CK’ back-up.

    Grant is right about Baldwin, he has great hops and will contest for balls at the highest point. With a little more play-book knowledge and experience in our scheme, JB could become a real steal.
    QP looks like he will bury the notion that the Org can’t draft a star WR.

    VMac is already making me forget D.Walker. He will take some passes away from VD in the 2nd half of the season.

    Lemonier got close to having a couple of sacks. He will get his this season.

    Hey, even my boy Jason Schepler made a good cameo appearance tonight when he was called on (lol).

    Good win, with some very good prospects to look forward too.

      1. This is looking like T Baalke’s finest year. Look at this draft so far. VMac, Patton, Reid, Lemonier, Moody, Daniels. Then their is Tank, Dial and Latimore and a 2014 draft pick in the wings. And now this fixit with AJ to Baldwin.

  8. Everyone keeps talking about the read option. We ran none of it in the preseason (nothing freakish) and I don’t think we’ll run a lot of it in the regular season. It’ll be a handoff or play action. Not a lot of keepers.

    1. I think we’ll see some, but not much. cK can be the pocket guy we need and reduce his exposure to injury. Like RGIII, I think the long term future is run mostly improvisationally.

  9. So, some unanswered questions to look at for Thursday. Wallace/Tolzein high among them. Also:
    Cooper/Morris/Robinson/Thomas/Moody/Cam/Brock/Cox/Netter/Givens/Tukaofo/Jerrod-Eddie/Stupar/Holland (did he play tonight?)/Hampton

  10. I expect negative Grant Cone to write about Coach Jim Harbaugh not playing QB Scott Tolzein tonight against Minnesota…. maybe critize the 49ers for trading AJ Jenkins too soon, he will find some negative slant….

      1. Because He’s NEGATIVE! of course. We always criticize in others what we don’t like in ourselves. Here is a perfect example

      1. With a Wonderlic score of 25, McCoy is not dumb. His body language spoke of doubt and lack of confidence. If this was a plus plus performance, he must of been really, really bad…

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