49ers vs. Vikings preseason live blog: Second quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — This is the live blog for the second quarter of the 49ers’ preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box.

5:54 Christian Ponder finally puts together a nice drive against the 49ers’ starting defense, a 14-play drive, but Matt Kalil kills it with two unnecessary roughness penalties. The Vikings punt and down it at the 49ers’ two yard line. Colt McCoy is their new QB.

6:02 McCoy leads an 11-yard drive and converts three third downs, but he only leads the offense 32 yards and finally throws a horrendous interception to Chad Greenway. McCoy tried to throw a short pass to Patton on a slant but instead threw a five yard pass right to Greenway’s chest. That won’t help McCoy’s trade value. Vikings’ ball at the 49ers’ 28 yard line.

6:08 Perrish Cox commits pass interfence on Greg Jennings in the end zone and on the next play, Ponder completed a one-yard pass to fullback Zach Line for a touchdown. 10-7 Niners with 3:00 left in the first half.

6:11 Lavelle Hawkins returns the kickoff 105 yards for a touchdown and gets flagged for two unsportsmanlike penalties, one for pointing the ball at a defender and one for taking his helmet off. Jim Harbaugh wasn’t pleased. 17-7 49ers.

6:17 Asomugha tips a short, inaccurate pass from Ponder and Spillman picks it off. 49ers ball at the Vikings’ 44.

6:23 On third and 11, McCoy throws a screen pass 10 feet over Chad Hall’s head. Garrett Celek is flagged for holding on the field goal. Dawson will attempt another from 50 yards out.

6:24 He kicks it threw the top of the uprights. 20-7 Niners.

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