49ers waive Kyle Williams and Perrish Cox

The 49ers just announced that they have waived wide receiver Kyle Williams and cornerback Perrish Cox.

Here is a written statement from general manager Trent Baalke: “Decisions like these are always difficult, especially at this time of year. Kyle and Perrish have represented the 49ers organization very well, both on and off the field. We appreciate their dedication and contributions and wish them all the best.”

The 49ers have filled one of the open roster spots with linebacker Nick Moody. Which player do you think will fill the other open roster spot?

  1. Thank God. He should have been released the day after he single-handedly lost the Giants game 2 years ago. Kyle Fumble Williams, R.I.P. Now, let’s throw the ball to guys who can catch it and try to beat N.O. this week!

    1. I’ll give you that he pretty much lost it for us, but singlehandedly? Alex Smith going 1/13 on third down conversions had a hand in it as well, don’t you think?

    1. Me, I will fill the next roster spot. My position is QBA (Quarterback’s Assistant) I will line up next to CK and yell when I see a receiver open.

      1. I’d be interested to see how far along Ed Reed is in his rehab. Obviously he fell out of favor in Houston. But he played well down the stretch for the Ravens last year even with the injuries. If Eric Reid is out for multiple games, I may rather have another Reed in there over Dahl–who played ok against the Panthers, but is beyond limited.

    1. I would say Manningham until Patton gets back. I know it exposes him to injury but if required he can be a fair catch machine like KW was…

    2. That is a serious question. My opinion is that they kept Williams on the roster until they saw whether LMJ could handle the punt return duties – since he had big problems doing so in the preseason last year. And when LMJ did a very nice job and looked secure back there, then they let Kyle Williams go. But not impossible that LMJ will turn out to be prone to fumbling punts, and if so, then what do you do? I thought Perrish Cox looked good in the preseason, but he’s gone now, too.

      I’m perfectly okay with releasing Kyle Williams, but he’s never been anything but a good guy and given it his best and doesn’t deserve the scorn he’s received from some knuckleheads. I hope after another year of recovery from his injuries he has a career somewhere.

  2. Williams is not a surprise, but Cox is kind of a shocker. I guess since ST was his only value, Dan Skuta bumped him. The bigger question is…why cut ANOTHER WR? Does this mean that Michael Crabtree will play on Sunday? I know the plan had been late November/early December, but 1) he ‘s been working on his conditioning and cutting for a while now, and 2) the playoffs may be on the line for us this weekend.

    We’ll see! JH didn’t seem to rule it out as a possibility when he was last asked.

  3. Kyle Williams thanks for the 3 or 4 heart attacks you have given me over the years. The only man alive that actually dives for punts.

  4. Once again, who evaluates the WR talent on the Niners? Jenkins? Williams? Baldwin? Lockette?
    Maybe Jordan is right, maybe we should have tried harder for Gordon. Are we really trusting them to make a good decision drafting an unproven college wide out again?

    1. Bay

      We blew it by not getting Gordon. Our wideouts have tge speed of tight ends. We stretch the field with a tight end that jumps for passes for no reason and then does not jump or dive for passes that he should. VD wont sell out for a deep ball, and hes our only deep threat. Yet we have 17 2ndround picks NEXT year???

    2. The 9ers took A J Jenkins over Alshon Jefferies, WOW! Although it does not make a difference until Kap starts to throw to all of the receivers!!!!

  5. I guess Morris’ play on STs has really impressed the 49ers coaches. I thought he’d be a goner before Cox. Good decision though – the one they should have made with Cooper at the beginning of the year.

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    1. Bay, restaurants: you can’t go wrong with Commander’s Palace in the Garden District. NOLA (a little cheaper than Emeril’s other places). If you can get pre-game sunday brunch reservation at Brennans, it’s the original home of Banana’s Foster. Probably should make reservations at these places before you leave. Always a great time in NO.

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      1. Hard to go wrong in NOLA with restaurants. YELP is a great resource for something that will match your taste and budget for the evening. But for me, a trip to the French Quarter isn’t complete without a visit to Pat O’Brien’s on Bourbon Street for a Hurricane. Really amazing beverage.
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        Have a great time in Nawlin’s, y’all!

    3. Have a great time Bay. I’m not sure what Prime wrote. it must have been pretty bad.
      We can joke and have our differences but it’s all in good spirit fun to get us threw the week.
      Just because we don’t see eye to eye doesn’t mean we’re not fans.
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      Oh vey!!!

    4. Is K-Paul’s still open? Good Cajun, but I usually prefer Creole. For music I listen for a little bit of blues mixed in with Nawlins Jazz and Dixie Jazz. Let the good times roll.

      1. Thanks Jack. I hope so too. This year the size of our group went from 2 to 5. Five guys in the French quarter with bars that stay open all night is NOT a good thing.
        The weekend will be filled with lots of good food, good music and hopefully a Niner win. As usual I will take tons of pictures.

      1. Crabs- That only shows Kap missing big time, came right to him, Reed should’ve retired. He did not play well in the SB either.

      2. Crabs, it was an over throw. He played ok.

        I lived for 15 years in the Baltimore area and follow the Ravens. Reed is a shell of himself. But we are just splitting hairs here. I understand your point.

      3. Bray, Shawn – Don’t guess, watch the tape like I did before you try to correct me.
        Reed had 5 solo tackles…SOLO! He deflected a pass, had a key interception and they won the Super Bowl. He provided leadership on sideline the entire game also (watch soundbites)…..Enough said

      4. I watched it Crabs, don’t guess. Can’t argue about his leadership but we’ll have to agree to disagree about the good game part. His tackles were mostly 15 yards downfield, and Kap threw one right to him. The Ravens released him and then a team who really needs a FS released him too. He should have retired and saved face. Enough said.

  6. And so now that Cox is gone, what’s the plan in case Dixon or James get hurt or blow it? I can’t think of a reason Kendall Hunter wouldn’t volunteer, he only gets a few touches a game…

      1. I said the same thing to a buddy. I think we have a great chance in this game because we can run the ball.
        Our pass rush is what scares me. No pressure in this game and Bree’s will light is up.

      2. This game could either be like the Nebraska-Michigan game or the Florida State-Wake Forest game. It mainly depends on which Niners team shows up on Sunday.

  7. I would to see more formations were they stack receivers and use motion with some sort of misdirection. I’d also like to see Kap throw deep for the hell-of-it, maybe we hit it or get a PI.

  8. Would it be too crazy to use some trick plays? Pass to a lineman, fake FG, or snap to running. Something out of convention from what they have been doing. Funky formations!

    1. The good news is that their weakness on defense bodes well for our run game. Now if only Roman will be able to understand that as well.

  9. I wish the 9ers could have received something in return for these guys. Seems like someone would have traded a 6th or 7th rounder. I don’t even think we get compensatory picks when we release them this.

  10. Hella tight A$AP! you are from the 209? born and raised and somehow still whew in Stockton. I think the 49era should be able to still out Muscle the saints.

    1. Yea bro. 209 Stockton born & raised !! Port City has seen better times but ill always love my city. Its home. & im with you.. If the Niners are going to win next week they have to impose their will on the Saints & run in down their throats.

      1. A$AP,
        You ever hit up Yasoo Yani’s Greek food in downtown? Or Moo Moo’s burger barn off 8 mile? There is a killer taco truck off of French Camp. Good stuff. I went to an Arena League 3 game once at the Stockton arena, it was pretty funny. The cheerleaders looked like the ones from the Longest Yard remake. I have some good friends that grew up and live out there, it’s not as bad as people make it out to be.

      2. BigP no ive never been to Yasoo Yanis but ive heard about it and have definitely wanted to try it sometime soon. I love me some Moo Moo’s tho. & yea there are a couple taco trucks that are insanely good.. Mostly on the south side. & really ? Ha ! I never been to a Stockton Arena game. Just concerts.. Although i heard they are not that bad. Only been to Stockton Ports games. & yea ppl exaggerate sometimes, but all those homicides are getting rediculous. I have a friend whos cuzin was shot in the knee so the shooter could steal his gold chain.. He’s in a wheel chair now. My gf’s bf was shot wit a shotgun a few years back. Blew his arm & leg off. But yea all that just depends who you associate with & where in Stockton you are at. If you dnt look for trouble.. It most likely wont find you.

      3. My team played at Billy Hebert twice last year. It’s pretty bad. Entire blocks of buildings are fenced off in Stockton.
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    1. Not that I wanted them to lose, never, but the Niners seem to play better when they are doubted and not given much chance to win.

      We’ll see if that continues, it should be a great game Sunday night.

      1. Like I typed above, this game has a Stanford-Oregon feel. Can the 49ers defense dictate the tempo to the NO offense, and can the 49ers offense stay on the field on 3rd down?

        I expect Davis to play, and if he does their 22 package should do some damage.

        Regarding your question on who gets activated, that depends on the health of Celek. If he can go, I think they leave it open go with 52 for a week or 2 like last year. No sense elevating a guy just to sit him on Sunday.

      2. I don’t like the idea of Davis or Reid playing in this game. 2 concussions within 11 months, and 2 months respectively……

      3. Not what I meant. Oregon and Stanford approach offense about as different as the Saints and 49ers.

        Stanford won by controlling the LOS and the play clock.

        That’s the only way SF wins. Stay on the field on offense and reduce possessions for the Saints.

      4. The 49ers won’t dominate the Saints.

        No one expected the Rams to thrash the Colts this past Sunday either. Never say never Grant.

    1. It could get ugly for the 9ers if Reid is out! I have zero confidence in Roman’s play calling ability. Grant did anyone comment on your Friday’s post before the Carolina game? It was scary accurate and I think a couple of people may owe you an apology!!!!

    1. I enjoy the convos too which is why i eventually started to comment myself. Ive gotten to know some without ever talking to them. Prime Time is a douche. Oneniner is a diehard smither. Crab15 is a real funny dude. I always enjoy his comments. Jack Hammer is a smart guy. He knows football. & everyone else is kool too. & theres another guy named NorCalMafia who is like a Prime clone.. Also a douche. At the end of the day tho , we all have an opinion , & we all love the San Francisco 49ers !

      1. A$AP ….Thanks man! I’ve been reading the comments here for the past two months and I’m a little familiar with some of the regulars, but thanks for the warning :)

      1. And this is Claude’s basement clone invention. One who never talks football. It just copies and pastes and trolls around looking to argue.

  11. Kaepernick is not progressing. He’s stagnant, but he’s young and I’m not ready to give up on him. Either the lights come on at the Superdome, or the playoffs could be in the balance….

    1. Kaep is getting some invaluable lessons this season. Last year was great but it came too easily for him. Every young QB needs to take some lumps in order to grow – it is difficult to truly know how much work you need to put into something until you struggle with it. Now he knows (or should know) the mental side of his game needs a lot of work – no doubt he’ll work hard to improve this aspect of his game. Certainly don’t give up on him just yet.

    1. The 49ers have 7 TD rushes in the past three games.

      The Saints have 6 TD rushes all season.

      Completely different styles of play.

      1. Does it really matter how many passing TD’s it is? The goal is to score TD’s. The 49ers are a running team so they have more rushing TD’s. NO is a passing team so they have more passing TD’s.

        Plus, I don’t think anyone is going to mistake Colin Kaepernick for Drew Brees anytime soon.

        1. Of course it matters, the Niners scored no TDs last week.

          Think of it this way. Foles has thrown 10 TDs the past two games and he plays for a run first team and he doesn’t have better receiving weapons than Kaepernick.

          The 49ers’ passing scheme has major issues.

      2. Stop the presses! Foles threw 3 TD passes against the Packers. Is that supposed to be impressive? When did that defense become the equal of the Panthers?

        The passing game of the 49ers does have issues, and if they weren’t a balanced team those issues would cause much more concern.

        1. The 49ers scored 9 points against the Panthers, the second-fewest points a team has scored against the Panthers this season. Is that supposed to be impressive?

          The Bucs scored more points against the Panthers than the 49ers did. But Roman is great!

      3. Not a good argument Grant. The Bucs faced a weak defense and a team that has been run through the mills since the Martin-Incognito fallout with likely more misfortune coming their way in the near future. The Niners meanwhile faced an underrated defense in the Panthers.

        1. You misread what I wrote. The Bucs scored 13 points against the Panthers two weeks ago, 44 percent more points than the 9 points the 49ers scored against the Panthers last Sunday.

          How did Mike Glennon pass for a TD against the Panthers and Kaepernick didn’t??? Come on, Roman.

      4. Who said Roman is great?

        This is Harbaugh’s offense, and every play call goes through him to get to the QB.

        Hey, you’re the one who tried to make Foles throwing 10 TD passes against the Raiders and Packers impressive.

        1. 10 TD passes is 9 more than 1 TD pass, I think.

          If Harbaugh vetoed every play, the 49ers would never get a play off. Roman has to do better.

      5. How did Mike Glennon pass for a TD against the Panthers and Kaepernick didn’t???

        Simple. Glennon goes through his progressions while Kaep still has trouble in that area. I am not putting the entire blame on Kaep, but this does need to be taken into consideration along with Roman’s inept play-calling.

        1. Kaepernick has strengths as a passer and his strengths far outweigh Glennon’s strengths. It’s not even close. Roman and Harbaugh need to play to those strengths.

      6. Again, how many running TD’s did Philly have the last 2 weeks?

        Who cares about how it is done as long as it is done? The 49ers failed to score a TD yesterday so that now allows some to finally say I told you so. I get it.

        And yes, Roman needs to do better, Kaepernick needs to do better, the receivers need to do better, the o line needs to do better, and the running backs…actually they did pretty good when called upon.

        1. Who cares? The 49ers’ offense has gone TD-less against two good defenses. The Niners are swimming uphill because of their pass scheme and play calling.

      7. You asked why Glennon could throw a TD pass against the Panthers and Kaepernick couldn’t to which I responded why. I agree that with what you said but my point is valid as well. Kaep needs to learn to get past his first read if he wants to get to the next level.

        1. I agree, but he can still be way better than he was last Sunday. The coaches aren’t playing to his strengths right now.

      8. So it was the play calling that caused an offsides, 2 drops, and an offensive PI on consecutive plays.

        It was the play calling that caused Hunter to fumble.

        It was the play calling that caused Davis to drop the pass.

        It was the coaches fault for running the ball out of the endzone instead of taking a knee. Gotcha

      9. The only area that they haven’t is his capability to take off and run with the ball. Excluding Davis, we don’t have the personnel on offense to utilize Kaep’s rocket throws. That I think falls more on Baalke than the coaching staff.

      10. Exactly Jack. The team needs to clean up the miscues on the field. The play-calling was bad, but those mistakes were what ultimately cost us the game on Sunday.

      11. I actually agree with Grant on this one. The WCO, I do not believe plays to CKs strength. I stated this couple of summers ago. CK seems to thrive throwing the ball down the field and that is contrary to the WCO philosophy.

      12. “The Niners are swimming uphill because of their pass scheme and play calling.” or “The coaches aren’t playing to his strengths right now.” Now those are some low hanging fruit comments.

        Kaepernick was 11-21 on his aimed passes Sunday. 5 of those 10 incompletions were drops. 1 of those would have put them in position to win the game, and who knows what happens on the drive if Manningham doesn’t drop the ball on the sideline that would have given them a first down on the second play of the 2nd quarter.

        As I said in my piece today, the QB and coaches get too much blame for losses and too much glory for wins.

      13. undercenter,

        The 49ers don’t run the west coast offense. Never have under Harbaugh. There are some west coast concepts, but this is more of an east coast offense.

      14. Didn’t you and I have a conversation about that couple of summers ago, and you told me it was a hybrid WCO? My memory…….

      15. Good memory under! We did, and like I said there are some west coast concepts in there, but every offense now has those.

        I’m thinking of doing a piece that wil explain it better.

      16. Grant and Jack,

        I think you are both right because there isn’t one reason for the problem. Harbaugh’s comment about it being the team was cliché but it was correct. Kap is not playing well, but he’s not horrible either. The playcalling is not all that inspired at times but they just won 5 games in a row before last week. It’s and up and down league from week to week.

        I will say that I am concerned the offense has become too predictable at times. It seems like the personnel groupings are tipping off run or pass at times which was a problem last year according to Dahl when he came over from the Rams. I heard Cosell also say that the passing game is really gone basic which we already knew but doesn’t exude confidence that it will improve anytime soon.

        Have they scaled back the passing game for Kap to only include one read? Is it a case where he just isn’t able to handle anything more at this point? Are the playcalls so long that he can’t even get the verbiage out and truly focus on what he’s seeing at the line? All questions that I’ve had for a few weeks now and am wondering about.

  12. Sad to see Willaims go but he had his chances but, like Jenkins, didn’t capitalize on them. Can’t say that I am sorry to see Cox go though.

      1. I meant about what he fought through while on the team Razor, ranging from injuries to death threats after his gaffe in the 2011 NFC Championship game. Like I said though, he had his chances and didn’t capitalize so he had to go.

  13. This will be a tough game, and I guess NO will be favored at home. However…One thing I am willing to bet the mortgage on…No way the Saints put up 48 on us the way they did to the Cowpokes last week.

    It may be wishful thinking but I think the Niners can win this one. After all everybody (including Grant!) picked the Saints to beat the Niners last year as well. We all remember how that turned out….

    I predict Niners 32 Saints 28.

    BTW: Grant do you still think Dallas is going all the way??

  14. For all of you who want Harbaugh to replace Roman like his brother did last year with Cameron I have one question: How is that working out for him this season?

    1. I’m disappointed in Roman at times, but no midseason change. Let’s get our WRs healthy, coach CK7 up, and tweak the gameplan to add more screens, slants, and WCO stuff so that Colin has more checkdown options. That will help build confidence and rhythm.

    2. Very true Jack but the Ravens are also suffering from losing Boldin and Pitta along with getting really poor play from their Oline. The SB winner hangover is alive and well.

    1. Let’s keep the optimism low. There are some players that have felt fine shortly after sustaining a concussion but suffer a setback before the next game. I won’t breathe a sigh of relief until after the doctors clear him.

    1. That’s just positioning. If he pleads guilty they just sentence him. If he dances briefly his lawyer may be able to negotiate a plea bargain.

    1. Courtesy Eric Branch:
      “The 49ers have had 18 full drives without Davis this season. The results: 11 punts, 3 interceptions, 2 fumbles, downs, touchdown.”

      1. That should have been the poll question. If VD does not get hurt, do the 49ers win the game?

        Of course that would not have generated the passion from the likes of Deputy Balls and friends…..

      2. I assume you are using that stat to reinforce the belief that a healthy VD would not have tipped the balance in favor of the 49ers?

      3. Ha! There you go MidWestNiner……

        Would the 49ers had won against the Panthers if Mike Shanahan was the offensive coordinator? Ha! Let’s keep it going…

      4. Before I post what I am thinking I have to ask a question. I didn’t get to see the game, so was Kaep not looking for Davis or was Davis being well-covered by the Panthers secondary?

      5. It is a valid question Razor. Even with a 50% healthy Michael Crabtree, it would have given the Panthers three primary targets to defend and also another first-read option for Kaep, which could have affected the outcome of the game.

      6. Sure, Davis hadn’t been a big factor to that point in the game. But that’s the thing with a guy like him; all it takes is one play to completely change the game. Without him, there was a distinct shortage of guys with that kind of ability.

    2. @ Razor:

      Passion? I’m not the one who got so excited he used an exclamation point. I also wasn’t the one who suggested that it was laughable to disagree with me.

      Also, please go back and re-read my message and show me where I suggested that merely being a member of the majority exempts one from being a dumba$$?

      1. Is it really worth it to you Deputy Balls to rehash a bunch of horsesh!t? Over an exclamation point and a poke at fun with you? If you say you did not suggest that, ok, I stand corrected, and I promise not to bring up politics again. Can I go now with just a warning or are you going to wright me a ticket? Relax.

  15. Meanwhile, in Kansas City, A. J. Jenkins is yet to make a second catch! His stats are one catch in 6 targets in 9 games for 6 yards!!

  16. Speaking of Niner castoffs getting jobs, Scott Tolzien will be getting his first ever start for the Packers this Sunday. Good for Scott, this is his dream job and I hope he does well. Remember when everyone called him Baby Brees?

  17. I know I’m getting ahead of myself but thinking about the draft. What do you all think we do 1st round? I personally think it’s a no brainer, that we go for a WR. The only problem is who? Watkins is clearly the best and biggest play maker but he will go top 10-15. Do we have the fire power to trade up that much? Not impressed with Lee and Evans isn’t the style of wr we need. Or with the expected departure of Carlos Rogers, who’s owed 6 mil I believe, do we go with a CB. Personally I like Verrett. Coaches may rely on culliver to get healthy or wright to rewind time, I don’t think that’s wise. What do we do

    1. I don’t believe that we can even consider the draft until we know the team finishes Adam. Though minute, there is a possibility that the 49ers miss the playoffs and will be picking during the mid 1st round range instead of late part of it.

      1. And on a side note. Very pessimistic statement coming. Maybe the niners are better off not making playoffs, IF they continue playing the way they’re playing. With how our team is playing we have next to no chance at a SB. And not making playoffs gives a better pick. Of course if we improve in the areas needed (passing) then we have legitimate shot. I’m not saying to tank, I’m just saying, as a team this year we have declined, maybe due to injury but we need to improve to have a chance at the SB.

      2. With how our team is playing we have next to no chance at a SB.

        I wouldn’t say that Adam. Look no further than the Ravens from last season. They really didn’t have much to brag about during the season, but that definitely changed during the postseason. And missing the playoffs doesn’t guarantee the team a quality pick either. It may guarantee a better spot and bargaining chip but not a quality pick.

      3. The only reason I say that is because of our last ranked pass offense. In today’s football you have to put up points. Of course we put up points vs the bad teams we’ve played but when we play physical defenses our passing completely shuts down. Of course this can change, and I sure hope it does. But with 185 ypg passing ( roughly, idk exact number) we will not win it all.

      4. Razor- I know that. There is plenty of time for the offense to get on track. I’m just speaking about how we are playing as of now

    2. Adam,

      You can’t take a defeatist attitude when the the team is 6-3. The loss is painful but we are one week beyond the half way point of the season. Lot of football left to play and if recent history has taught us anything, it’s about how you are playing near the end of the season that determines your chances at winning a Championship.

  18. Not sure if anyone has mentioned but what about seeing some LMJ in the slot? I’m not sure about his wr skills but with only AB, manningham, and Baldwin at wr who do we use as a slot guy? I’m one who wants to see this guy get his touches in space. He’s had that break away speed. Could be used like a mccluster. Just a thought.

  19. Another post, sorry, boring night classes.
    LMJ BETTER take over kick return duties. I said it before last game that Dixon had no business returning kicks. He had that one surprising return vs the worst team in nfl history but that means nothing. He made an idiotic play on Sunday, it’s clear he lacks to speed to return kicks, and decision making. You can return kicks from 5-9 yards deep if your fast enough, but not when you run 4.6-4.8. C’mon man.

    1. Didn’t LMJ had a key return last year against the Patriots last year? I wonder why Dixon was returning the kicks last game…..

      1. He did. If I remember correctly, it was a 60ish yard return, and the winning TD to Crabtree was the next play.

        He returned kicks the rest of the year after that. I don’t have any stats for it, but I remember being often frustrated with him for trying to return kicks deep out of the end zone and getting stopped short of the 20. Hopefully he’ll have resolved that habit if he ends up being the KR.

  20. None of this should be a surprise other then CK has not made enough individual effort plays running or down field (preferably).

    The loss of Crabtree was huge. We knew MM would be out half the year last April. Thus we assumed VD would stay healthy, play WR and we though or at least some though AJJ and KW would emerge. All misses.

    The front office did not do what it needed to do to bring in talent high in the draft at WR or free agency. The WR position has been a huge miss for this front office. Let’s face it Crabtee was a question until the end of last season.

    Nonetheless, we are where we are and it is a perfect storm. Should we have drafted a stud WR to match Cratree the past two years?? Hindsight says yes. How would they develop? God knows. Keenan Allen was available and he is looking nice. We took Tank and Vance. Both have yet to contribute. Maybe a playoff push.

    I don’t have coaches tape and I can’t believe a word out of the Niner press Conf. I can only read into what the writers and anouncers say plus my own logic. The office scares nobody. We are playing Sing ball punch in the mouth and run. However there appears to be tougher mofos out there. We need a passing game to come alive I the next three weeks or the season is over.

    1. Fortunately, a football teams’ fortunes aren’t static. There’s a very good chance the 49ers play a much better game against the Saints on Sunday.

      One thing most are forgetting, the 49ers are the kind of team the Saints don’t match up well against. Just as the 49ers, at least lately, don’t match up well with team like the Seahawks and Panthers.

      I’m not saying the 49ers will win, necessarily, but I will be surprised if the 49ers don’t give the Saints all they want on Sunday. In fact, I’ll take the 49ers 27-24 over the Saints.

    2. Oregon,

      The Niners are 2-0 against the Saints in the past 2 seasons. The Saints are less than two weeks removed from a loss to the Jets. Each week is different in this league.

    1. NFL Network recently showed that Bowe’s numbers this year are some of the lowest in his career.

      I guess that squelches the notion that some QB’ make others around them better.

      The truth is that there are only a very small number of QB’ in the league that are elite enough to make others around them better.

      We don’t have that QB in Kap, at least not yet. But given the fact that he’s basically played one full season I feel the best is still to come.

      By this time next year CK should be on the cusp of being very special. And in two more seasons he may be among the elite.

      1. That’s also due to the scheme AES. Andy Reid had only 4 receivers go over a 1000 yards in his 14 years in Philly. His offense is about spreading the ball around and normally a RB is the #1 or #2 leading receiver at the end of the season.

      2. AES the QB does not have to be “elite” to make others around him better. He just has to be able to distribute the ball enough to all the backs and receivers to make the offense difficult to defend. That will then make other players game more versatile and therefore better.
        I don’t think Alex Smith has made the Chiefs players better, but he definitely has made that offense better by getting everyone involved.
        As we are seeing, our offense is pretty easy to defend because its either a run by Gore or a pass to one or the other in Vernon Davis or Boldin.

  21. moot point.
    if Mr. Harbaugh fails to bring home the Lombardi trophy
    then all of the Niner roster changes are meaningless.
    moot points.
    Not “points well taken” but
    moot points.

    gobble, gobble, gobble
    moot, moot, moot.

  22. still in pain after that stupid game….

    haven’t lost faith in ckone……but faith on going to the SB is no more…….and JH can go fark himself.

    I am not buying what JH is selling anymore……either he wins a SB with the talented roster they gave him or just go away.

    this is the first 49er head coach which i don’t look forward to his press conference……its always full of B.S…….

    I am tired of all the personnel changes, the releasing and signing of players this year has been a freaking waste of time and show the coaches have no clue or are way over thinking…..

    1. This team was 6-2-1 at this point last season. Injuries have hurt this team this season so far… And drunk driving.
      But everyone was worried about the secondary early this year, and they have balled this season. Now put in MC this full season and I’d bet things look different. VD going down early in that game Hirt this offense big time. The point I can see about the signings is, this team with the draft picks its piled up the last couple of seasons should have a solid backup in these important positions in case someone goes down like last week. They shouldn’t have to lose that much when a player goes down. I called it early in the year and I’m still saying it. They will struggle in the regular season then catch fire at the end and win the superbowl. This team is to talented

  23. oneniner,
    Which players that have been released do you feel should still be on the team?
    The only player that I would have kept was rookie QB Daniels but having said that, he basically only looked good against 2-3 string players in pre-season.
    Now, bringing in the former Cards QB was a complete waste – that one was baffling.

    1. its not about one player…….I can’t recall ever seeing the team go through so many player transactions in one year…….

      I also think the weak backup QB position has some kind of effect on ckone……..he needs a student/disciplined QB behind him aka Alex….JH can’t do it all…..

  24. Should the 49ers put Reid on IR? I think I would error on the side of caution and shut him down, even though his replacement is Dahl…..

    1. Reid seems to be doing fine, concussions are tricky though. The thought of playing Brees without all our DB’s is a little worrisome.

      We really need both Davis and Reid on Sunday.

      1. Who you telling? The more I think about him laying motionless on the field two times in two months gives me pause. He’s a talented promising young man, and from what I hear, an even better person. I’d hate to jeopardize his long term health. I think it may be in his best interest as well as the teams….

      2. I think we may need to sit Reid this week. We can’t afford to risk his career long term. Dahl didn’t play too bad last week. Dahl hurts us in run support but he got beat over the top against the Titans. He’s suspect in run support but he may be okay against the saints because our front 7 should be able to control their run game. We definitely need Vernon back this week.

        We can and will win this game. I’m not concerned about their offense scoring a ton of points. Our defense alwYs keeps us in games late unless. Our offense does not move the ball. We will run on the Saints at will. Need to keep our defense fresh.

      3. Just like other injuries, people react differently to concussions. Reid has quickly become one of my favorites, if it is a real risk to play him this week, he needs to sit.
        I just don’t like the idea of Dahl being the back end. Reid seemed to be in the right place almost every time. Brees kills out of position DB’s.

    2. The doctors’ protocol is based on neural performance, not any set times for recovery. As the patient moves through various levels of measurables they’re passed through to the next test, or not. They have to pass all the evaluations before they’re released to practice. Then, I believe there are still a test or two before released to play in a game. It’s mostly out of the player’s and coaches’ hands. I imagine that the teams keep a close tab on players’ medical records for a count of the number and type of concussions, because there is evidence of cumulative effects. They’ve also begun compiling Base Line test data on every player to try and detect any deterioration over time, much like OSHA stipulated for hearing in loud work environments.

  25. Did anyone see how Davis got his concussion. It didn’t seem like he was hit on the helmet nor did his head snap back in whiplash. Just trying to figure out what part of that hit caused his concussion. I may have missed it.

    1. I wasn’t real clear on that either. I know that was a bad pass from Kap. Put VD out of position to run after the catch. That was a fumble as well. Our offense stunk!

    2. His head the turf. You couldn’t tell at full speed, but x-mo you could see it pretty well that he slapped the side of his head pretty hard.

  26. Has any one read Don Banks article in SI today? He asks what has happen to Colin K?
    He relies on Dilfer’s views quite a bit and points out the loss of wide receivers from last year. He also thinks the injury to Crabtree was the most significant in the NFL.

  27. Lets see if I got this right. Kyle Williams was cut, all NFC teams have first crack at him first. No one took him. Then AFC teams have a second crack at him. The Chiefs picked him up, they have the best record in the entire league. Every team in the NFL passed on Williams except the last team who picked him. Talking about lucky.

    1. Neal,

      You don’t have it right. The waiver order is based on the record from the previous season just like the draft, meaning the first team that could claim KW did.

  28. The 49ers rid themselves of a rapist,baby killer. Now,the team has some leeway to talk about being a team of character. Except for steroids and guns and drugs…

      1. I think Stan’s reference was to Cox getting waived. I find it interesting, since I think Stan is a Raider Fan, that he’d bring up deportment…from a Raiders fan? Almost 50 years of rosters full of some pretty gnarly dudes. Warren Wells anyone? Also, I think Stan just doesn’t like Harbaugh, so he loves to take shots. He’s way more lovable than Alex(Feeling no embarrassment) though!

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