49ers’ weak pass rush gives Packers hope

Here is my Saturday column on the upcoming 49ers-Packers playoff game.

GREEN BAY, Wis. — The 49ers can beat the Packers, have beaten the Packers, know how to beat the Packers, should beat the Packers and probably will beat the Packers on Sunday.But don’t count out the Packers just yet. A few factors work in their favor.The first factor is their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. That’s an easy one. He’s still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, he plays behind the second-best pass blocking offensive line in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus, and he faces a vulnerable 49ers pass defense.

Yes, vulnerable. The 49ers’ pass rush has disappeared. Since Week 12, Aldon Smith hast just two sacks and Ahmad Brooks has zilch. According Pro Football Focus, Brooks has been one of the worst outside linebackers in the NFL since Week 12. Before that, he was one of the best outside linebackers, so you have to wonder if he’s playing through an injury. And one former coach told me he has bad pass rushing technique. “No technique,” is how he referred to it.

Week 16, the 49ers gave up a 102 passer rating to Matt Ryan before he forced his final pass of the game over the middle into double coverage and got intercepted. And Week 17, the 49ers gave up a 113 passer rating to Carson Palmer from the second quarter on. Those are long stretches of bad pass defense against quarterbacks who aren’t in Rodgers’ league.

And the 49ers played those games with all of their cornerbacks. Against the Packers, they could be down two. Carlos Rogers pulled his hamstring in the fourth quarter last week, and his replacement at nickel back, Eric Wright, pulled his hamstring in practice on Thursday. Wright’s replacement, Perrish Cox, gave up a touchdown catch against the Packers Week 1.

The Packers use three-wide-receiver formations on more than three-quarters of their offensive plays. Cox will have to play most of the game and match up with the Packers’ slot receiver, Randall Cobb, whom Cox cannot cover man to man. The 49ers will have to use mostly zone coverages, and that doesn’t work against a great quarterback like Rodgers. He can beat zone coverages in his sleep. If the 49ers’ pass rush doesn’t get to him quickly, he’ll complete 70 percent of his passes.

The Packers scored 28 points against the 49ers Week 1 at Candlestick, and 31 points against the 49ers in the playoffs last season. The Packers should be able to score 30 points again, especially at Lambeau Field.

Can the 49ers score 30 points?


The Packers’ defense is terrible. It’s giving up an average of 26.8 points per game this season. And they won’t have their best player, Clay Matthews, this Sunday. Defensive coordinator Dom Capers will have to pull the caper of the year to keep the 49ers from scoring 30 points.

But if he pulls the caper, it might go like this:

Shut down Frank Gore, Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers’ run game like the Packers did Week 1. They held Gore to 44 yards on 21 carries, and they held Kaepernick to 22 yards on seven carries. The Packers still have three behemoth run-stoppers on their defensive line – Mike Daniels, Ryan Pickett and B.J. Raji. So, that part of the caper is possible.

The question is can the Packers stop the 49ers’ passing game? They gave up 412 receiving yards to the 49ers Week 1, and 208 yards just to Anquan Boldin.

Here’s how you will know the caper is on – if the Packers can jam Boldin at the line of scrimmage every play and cover him man to man, it’s on. But if the Packers play off him in some soft zone coverage like they did all Week 1, the caper definitely is off and the Packers have no chance to beat the 49ers.

Boldin is a turtle. He can’t run by any NFL cornerbacks. There is no reason ever to play off him, and yet cornerbacks do it every week. The past two games, the 49ers’ first offensive play has been a quick pass to Boldin in front of a cornerback who was playing 10 yards off him.

Boldin has caught 35 percent of Kaepernick’s completions this season. Boldin is Kaepernick’s first read most of the time. The Packers have to jam Boldin and force Kaepernick to reset his feet and find his second read, the things he struggles doing.

That’s the best the Packers can hope to do – shut down Gore and Boldin. But would that be enough to beat the 49ers?

Probably not.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for the Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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  1. How much can Coach Harbaw help Colin
    improve his progressions, his reads…?
    Bears……………………………………5 to 6 years
    Colts…………………………………………..3 years
    Ravens/Chargers/Lions/Panthers….3 years
    University of San Diego…………………3 years
    Stanford University………………………4 years
    S.F. 49ers…………………………………….3 years
    How many Super Bowl wins? ……………zero
    How many NCAA Championships? …..zero

    The monkey is solidly affixed to your back, sir.

    1. Speaking of monkeys on coaches backs, add:

      Paul Brown (213 wins 104 losses)
      Marty Schottenheimer (200 wins 126 losses)
      Marv Levy (143 wins 112 losses)
      Jeff Fisher (142 wins 120 losses)
      Dan Reeves (190 wins 165 losses)
      Bud Grant (158 wins 98 losses)

      AND………. Andy Reid (118 wins 73 losses)

      All excellent coaches, some in the Hall of Fame, but with zero Lombardi trophies.

      Harbaugh’s career record so far in first 3 years? 35-11-1 (0.724 winning %), 3-2 in the postseason (thus far), 1 superbowl appearance. If this keeps up, Harbaugh will be headed to the Hall of Fame.

      Thus, I’d say Andy Reid has got a bigger monkey than Harbaugh at this point!

      1. Paul Brown won championships in the AAFC before the Browns joined the NFL and has some great records with the Browns before founding and owning the Bengals. Harbaugh can’t hold his jock.

  2. Alex Smith has to be worshiped in KC. Even Shaun Hill used to beat him out of a job.
    Singletary called him anal.
    One in a million.

  3. my name is Alex Smith and I approve of this message.!!

    What was it Grant wrote a few weeks ago?
    The Niners were not putting together any sustained drives?
    Here go the Chiefs from their own 18 yd line:
    1st down – rushing
    1st down – passing
    1st down – passing
    1st down – Alex rushing for 16 yards…!!!
    1st down – rushing
    1st down – rushing
    Touchdown – passing
    (Talk about a balanced offense; oh my!!!)

    1. Hi Alex Smith Fan,

      You seem to be engaging in anti-social behavior, probably as a result of some sort of chaos in your life or upbringing. In a young man such behavior can be expected at times, but your past posts reveal that you are an older person, and if bad life experience has brought you to this state, then I am sorry. These are some treatments that might help, they are available from any licensed therapist:
      Cognitive behavioural therapy
      Cognitive bias modification
      Empathy training

    2. Alex Smith… I know you’re having fun with it. But just curious… are you saying the Niners would have been better with Harbs + Alex. Or Kap + a different coach. Or Alex + a different coach?

  4. Andy Reid has how many? How much longer has he been a head coach? It took 4 tries for Reid to even get to the super bowl from the NFC champ game.

  5. the game is not over yet.
    check with me in a couple hours, okay?

    Chewie: tell me some more about that
    b-e-h-a-v-i-o-u-r-a-l therapy, willya?
    Is is related to behavioral therapy?
    Please advise….

    1. Behavior therapy is what you will need to deal with the Chief’s loss of Jamaal Charles…… or am I thinking of grief therapy?

    2. You are like a bugger that no matter how many times you flick your finger it won’t go away. Please just go away. No one likes you, the 9ers are better off without Alex and his 9 million dollar contract and Alex is better off in KC. You are better off wiped under a table.

      1. But Dude, you can’t believe your lying eyes, especially when they contradict a point being made. Oh, and Boldin is a turtle and Gore’s legs are gone.

  6. 63-yard hookup with Dwayne Bowe.
    Three more points on the board.
    Electrifying. Are we confident, or what?

    Now watch the Chief’s defense score some points.
    Umm, umm, umm.!!!

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong but that last interception by Matt Ryan wasn’t thrown over the middle nor into double coverage. It was a quick slant to the left which Brock jumped, causing the ball to bounce around till it got picked off by Bowman. I guess I’m just being not picky.

  8. Wow it’s such a treat to watch Alex Smith’s great play. I consider the Smith/Kaep debate irrelevant and silly, I liked Smith and I like Kaep….glad to see Smith doing great now Kaep can follow up tomorrow….

    But I am very curious to see if Smith can keep this up the entire game, right now he’s playing a bit over his head but he’s done it before!!

    1. Oldcoach,

      I picked the Chief’s in this game. I counted on Reid having the Chief’s well prepared, and I thought the Colt’s might be a bit overconfident.

      Right now, it is looking good for me. However, I suspect the Colts will make effective adjustments at half, and I think the game will be much closer than it looks now.

      1. JPN good luck. Picking the opposite of me in pro games this year would have gotten you rich. I should stick to the college game.

  9. say hey, Brothaa Tunaa…

    I just “found” Donnie Avery
    for a 79-yard touchdown pass.

    Oh my.
    Is this what they call “silencing the home crowd”..???

    1. Prime,

      Elway used shovel passes extensively his first several seasons as he could not throw a short ball with touch to save his life.

      1. Yeah but it got the job done. Im not sure what your referring to regarding Elway. He was the most uncoordinated QB but all he did was win games.

      2. Just that my memories of shovel passes involve Elway more so than Favre; some folks even claim Reeves invented the shovel pass to help Elway with his short game.

      3. It’s definately a lost art more QB’s should implement in their games. I don’t remember Elway using it only that much. I do remember Favre made it always look so dramatic.

      4. Agreed shovel passes could be used more often, and that was a very nice use by Smith. And there is another nice use (but a bit riskier).

        Elway used it less in his later years. It was a staple when he was younger.

    2. the “shovel pass” first was used by Coach “Cactus Jack” Curtice at the University of Utah with QB Lee Grosscup back in the late 1950′s and early 1960′s.

  10. we are all living vicariously through these athletes.
    Admit it.
    Three TDs…. no sacks and no interceptions.
    QB rating….?…..141 (one hundred forty-one).

    Talk to me Colin.
    Watch my film, rookie.!!

    1. You know, I was watching the Chiefs game, cheering on Alex who is having a great game, then I come on here and read this drivel. It makes me wish for the worst for Alex, which is completely unfair as he seems to be a great guy and I really do hope he has great success with the Chiefs.

      You on the other hand are watching the Chiefs game, cheering on ‘your’ team, and yet you find yourself on a 49ers blog egging on 49ers fans…? Need attention much?

      We get it, you love Alex Smith, want his baby, and hate ‘Harbaw’ for not sticking with your dream lover. So what, are you after some kind of vindication on here when the Chiefs do well? Some kind of pat on the back for ‘being right’ the 49ers should have stuck with Alex? Not going to happen bud, time to move on. Everyone else has.

      I think the saddest part is that you don’t realise how much of a douche you are. In the school yard you’d be the kid getting the snot beat out of him. Actually, you probably were.

      1. not less of a douch than grant, that’s for sure.

        heck, he is calling it like he sees it, and is kinda funny. you guys are too tight

      2. So the answer to my question is “yes.” Guys on this board would rather talk about their feelings. Kind of like love letters to each other. I get it.

  11. Alex Smith the player is playing one hell of a game today!

    Alex Smith the commenter on here is an annoying weirdo. Can we ban this clown already?

  12. Nice run by Luck. It might just be memories of Johnny U but every body looks just a little slower in the Colts uniforms

  13. it’s like smith is playing unconscious right now, way over his head, suspect later in game he’ll start overthinking a bit and have some 3 and outs……i’m hoping he keeps the roll going….

  14. 24 to 10….Chiefs over the Colts.
    Hold onto your hats, gentlemen.
    (you too, Mister Harbaw….)

  15. Niners-Chiefs superbowl….will make for a great story line! Still don’t think that Smith can outplay Manning though….

  16. Kansas City QB Alex Smith – two rushing first downs.
    Talk to me, Colin.
    Talk to me.

    Bet me an eyebrow that I make it out of the first round.
    I’ll bet two of ‘em that you fall to Green Bay, rookie.!!

  17. By the way Grant if it was not for the turtle, you would not be writing this column today, and ask the Ravens if they miss the turtle. Oh and the turtle had alot to do with winning the Superbowl. It was a decent column until that.

  18. Alex is playing a great today, and I do want him to win, no matter how douchey Alex Smith Fan is. The loss of Charles hasn’t slowed them down.

  19. What is up???!!!
    31 to 10….. Chiefs….!!!???
    19 first downs and 323 total yards.
    Alex has a QB rating of 135…
    (some “game manager”, huh?)
    Mister Harbaw is speechless.!!

    Please be sure that Colin is strapped to his big screen.
    Pay attention, rookie!!!

  20. I am a big fan of Alex. But thanks to this tool I am forced to stay off this site because he does nothing but make me want to hang myself. Grant you should really kick that idiot off.

    1. One does begin to wonder if allowing this guy to run amuck won’t make this site un-click-worthy. At some point the bartender has to call for the bouncer so he doesn’t lose other patrons.

  21. Don’t agree with Alex Smith’s taunting today….but y’all do realize that’s the way the Cohn boys and many here sounded like…but worse!!!

    Who was it Jordan23 types that led the relentless onslaught….look in the mirror!!!!

  22. note to MWNiner:
    the helium is tasting/smelling just fine, thank you.!!
    Special thanks to my defense.
    While the Chiefs may not get past Denver,
    you still have the Seahawks in your path…..
    in Seattle, huh?

    1. Please just get out of here. Some of us on here still like Alex. Please just go find a meaning for your clearly sad existence.

  23. Grant:
    I patiently endured years of beat down.
    Your father never made me the team scapegoat.

    So now the underdog rediscovers his bite, okay?
    On the field and on the web, hmmm?
    Equal time for equal pay. Thanks, fella.

    1. Why is everyone so offended by this guy? Guys talk smack to each other. That’s what we do. Unless we really want to talk about our feelings… Smack him back.

  24. Grant:

    You mischaracterized the PFF report on Ahmad Brooks. What they said was that he had a poor December, just like he did in 2011 and 2012, but that he rebounded with great performances in the playoffs in both 2011 and 2012. Funny how you left out that part.

    1. I didn’t see that report, just PFF’s grade for Brooks’ from Week 13 to Week 17: -12.7. It doesn’t get any worse than that over that period. Brooks wasn’t that awful down the stretch the past two seasons.

  25. <3 alex is killing it today, so happy for him. miss this offense. i don't think he hit his prime yet, next 2 years kc is gonna be in the mix with this guy.

  26. Which is the bigger tool: Flipper A.K.A. Caperman or Mr. Stalker. A.K.A. Alex Smith (no I’m not Alex Smith but I love stealing his identity)?

    1. The Packers can’t let Boldin beat them again. They have to make Cratbree beat them. He hasn’t beaten anyone this season and hasn’t caught more than 5 passes in a game. He still is not 100 percent.

  27. MidWestDynasty sez:
    ” Because he brings nothing to this blog. ”

    Jim Rome (he of big-boy smack-talking fame)
    is ready to revoke your pass to the jungle, hokay?

  28. Note to Kaep (and Boldin/Crab):
    Talk about a balanced passing attack:
    four TDs to four different receivers.

    We pick up six more points – anywhere…
    and our defense will do the rest.
    On to the second round, hmm?

  29. Jamaal Charles gets a rest,
    and the Chiefs live to fight again.
    Calling that a win-win situation.

    (Frank Gore sez: +1…)

  30. Oh so balanced:
    (talking Kansas City Chiefs, okay?)

    11 passing first downs and
    11 rushing first downs.
    7 for 11 (third down success ratio)
    400+ total yards.

    (yes, I approve of this message. -Alex)

    1. BTW – I was serious about the therapy. Heck, depending on how the game goes tomorrow, I may need some too (though I am more likely to find it at the bottom of a bottle).

  31. Wow this douche actually makes me want Alex to loose and I really like him. Class Alex smith, classless Alex smith fan.

  32. No matter who you are rooting for. Both QB’s have shown some moxie. Luck with 3 int’s, Smith without Charles for the whole game, just lost his 2nd string RB too.

    1. Chiefs also lost a starting WR to injury as well. Not easy scoring with those injuries, yet if the defense could get a stop, they just might.

  33. Note to Kaep.
    Our offense just put up 44 points.
    Your highest score this season was….
    ah…………………………….42 points.

    So there is no shame for a QB to
    lean on the defense at this point.
    None. (after racking up 44 pts.)

    Can your ‘D’ count on you tomorrow???

    1. Unfortunately, you needed 1 more point….wait, where have you gone? I’m guessing you’ll come back tomorrow if the Niners get down, that’s usually how your type behaves. If not, take care and have a good one old timer!

  34. What a strange game. KC’s D – either they get the turnover or they allow Indy to march down the field. Alex playing the game of his life, yet he might lose.

  35. Um Alex are you ready to be a caddie in January or are you going to be like Montana and Brady and play in February ?

  36. Too soon, Andrew. Too soon.
    4+ minutes left.
    KC has been burning up the clock all day long.
    Just a field goal will do the trick here.
    Umm, umm, umm.

    1. Alex you played a great game BUT it wasn’t enough I was a little better when my team needed me.
      Andrew Luck approves this message good luck next year.

    2. OMG!!!….Did K.C. really blow 28 point 2nd half lead in playoffs?? OMG!!!…..NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!…..2nd biggest playoff choke in history of NFL playoffs!! NOOOOOOO!!! OMFG!!!

  37. Only if smith would have hit that WIDE OPEN receiver in the 4th quarter.
    Lmao. Congrats Alex you made history buddy.

    1. you are an idiot. that running back split out as a receiver look like a kid off the street running down the field wide pen with his hands extended. not the Qb’s fault when the receiver, in this case the 3rd string RB, doesn’t execute.

  38. Kansas City Chiefs .. 44
    Indy Colts … 45

    FINAL !!

    u-hhh Alex (blah blah blah) …
    you can crawl back under your grannie’s bed now !


    1. Rib – Alex played good, as for the jinx troll…..never mind bro, I told Oneniner I would cool it with that ass clown.

  39. I tip my cap to Alex: he played great, and certainly well enough to win. We even had an AJ Jenkins sighting. Not exactly a showcase for defensive talent, but nice to see Alex play well in a big game.

  40. Chiefs fans ouch! With these rules high scoring games will be the norm, Alex played alright but luck is prime rib not a three dollar steak!

    1. I agree. And oh btw. I take back my take back

      Had to do it. I guess I was partly right. Smith couldn’t put his team on his back. That over throw will forever haunt him and kc fans. He hits that pass and its over. I kinda feel bad for him.

      1. Usually, guiding your team to 44 is good enough for the W.

        Luck was something awful and something special tonight. The special turned out better than the awful.

  41. poor alex, feels like he got robbed. whats up with the kc d sucking so hard? the o puts up 44 points and they cant keep up. oh well, their problem. go niners!!!

  42. Goodness, if I had known the game would come down to a shoot out, I would have put my money on Alex based on his New Orleans game. How does Luck throw 3 picks and still win?

  43. Good game. I was rooting for the Chiefs and Alex for a warm up for tomorrow. Today’s game is completely different if Charles doesn’t go down early. Oh well. It was fun. Let’s go niners!

      1. I’m not trying to make excuses. It probably came off like that. It was crazy and unlucky how many guys went down for the Chiefs. Colts really opened it up after flowers went down too. Even so, Smith and the chiefs had an opportunity to close out the game numerous times and didn’t. Game really turned when Smith Fumbled.

      2. Lol. Claude your attitude is making my day also. You LOVED giving him the wins. He blows a 28 point lead in less than a half and now you go back to the hater term. He’s not a 49er so what if I did hate him. Enjoy the rest of your day dummy. Lmao

        Sf49erfan…… Luck also threw Two ints, in the second half. That helped out smith. Things like that happen in football. Smith couldn’t finish the deal. He missed a wide open receiver that would have been an easy td and game over. No excuse for him. He did nothing in that second half.

      3. No. I didn’t mention that kc had players injured. That’s smith’s loss. Plain and simple. You can’t blow a lead like that, and by blow I mean do nothing for your team offensively in one half.

  44. Alex Smith (trusting our defense to wrap it up…) says:
    January 4, 2014 at 4:53 pm
    Too soon, Andrew. Too soon.
    4+ minutes left.
    KC has been burning up the clock all day long.
    Just a field goal will do the trick here.
    Umm, umm, umm.

    Lmao! And you thought smith was going to do something with that time? He missed a wide open receiver. Kind of takes me back to the nfccg. When he missed another wide open receiver. I don’t miss him a bit. Now go jump off the highest bridge you can wobble to. Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaa

  45. Both these QBs earned huge cred with their team mates for their performances. There’s no way I put this loss on Alex. I think it was a career game for him, and I’m proud of both QBs and both game plans. (I guess it was a career game for AJJ too.)

    1. No way. He gets the wins he gets the losses especially when he’s up by 28. He had his shot for just a fg. And couldn’t do that. Oh this loss is on Alex smith.

      1. We disagree, md. It’s happened before, but at least I can respect you as we disagree. There are a select few I can’t say that about.

      2. Hilton had over 200 yards receiving against the Chiefs secondary. But please, continue saying the loss is on Smith.

      3. Letting a team come back from 28 is a huge defensive fail. Even someone of your limited understanding knows that. It’s not like the KC offense left their defense was on the field all game, KC had a 37 to 22 TOP advantage.

        MD, just quit with the mindless hating and let’s move on. AS is done for the year, and our team has a big game tomorrow.

      4. Ribico… Why do you care if I hate Alex smith?
        Huge defensive let down? Oh yes. Same can be said for Indy. Riiight? Now did smith have a lot of chances to put them away? Yep! Did he? Nope! Again some of you said time and time again for years “all he does is win” well he didn’t today. So he gets the loss.
        And one more thing. Why are you butting in my fun with Alex blah blah blah? Back up a bit homie.

      5. Brother that’s why the “all he does is win” comments use to bother me. I believe the Wins and losses stat is severely overrated. It’s what a player does in certain situations. And smith failed when they needed him today. Thx for having some class with the disagreement. Cheers and lets GO SF!!!

      6. >> Why are you butting in my fun with Alex blah blah blah?

        That troll is not in this thread.

        Besides, he’s not a niners, harbaugh or kaep hater. He’s not even a smith fan. He could care less if either team wins or loses. He’s just a sociopath getting his rocks off to the negative responses to his trolling. Why do you insist on fellating him?

      7. Ribico. Whatever it is. It’s been talking crap about my team all season. It’s my time to have fun. And trust its reading these posts. And I’m having fun with your best friend Claude. I know you don’t like that, but the more he posts hate for me, the more I love it. Our season could end tomorrow, so I’m gonna roll with this for tonight.



  47. Alex played a great first 1/2, not so great second1/2. Luck played a great second half, and as Harbaugh would say a fierce competitor.

  48. I didn’t watch any of it, but I can’t see any fault from Smith in the Chiefs-Colts game based on the stats. The loss is on that horrific secondary. It makes me glad that we didn’t spend any money on CBs Smith and Robinson to improve our secondary.

    1. Hey again he gets the wins, he gets the losses. When you build a 28 point lead an even get another gift after a 28 point lead in the 3rd quarter and miss a wiiiide open receiver to seal the game and get called for an intentional grounding call that killed your teams chances I’d say it wasn’t only bad defense. No excuse to lose that game.

      1. You’re basing your argument on Smith missing a WR in the third quarter?! That is weak MD. Smith put put up close to 380 yards in the air along with four TDs and NO PICKS. This was without Charles to give him extra support in the run game. Oh, and did I forget to mention that he ran for 57 yards as well? So how exactly is this loss on Smith when the Chiefs secondary faltered once again?

      2. Tuna…… Take the sack.

        Mid…… And those were in the first half. Rey play two halves. And yes I’m basing his loss on that bad pass plus more bonehead plays he put out in the second half. Champions don’t miss those throws in that situation. That’s 6 and game over. And this isn’t his first time missing an easy score that would have won a game. Dude I’m saying if all he does is win, then all he does is loses too. Again a TWENTY EIGHT POINT LEAD!!!!! AND another gift after they went up 28. He gets his team SIX second half points? Where was indy’s defense in the first half? They were missing tackles all day. Smith had ONE beautiful deep throw for a td, the rest were the basic YAC throws and scores. He was good on his feet today, but again first half hero, second half failure. And he went all season without beating a playoff caliber team. I’ll stick with ck. now let me have my fun with Claude an Alex blah blah blah. :-)

      3. I’ll let you have your fun MD, but the fact remains that that secondary did little to help Smith. This is the third time that Smith did his job and the secondary didn’t. Sure they had three picks, but they also allowed over 200 yards receiving from Hilton. That’s unacceptable. I would hope that Baalke and Harbaugh would blow up our secondary but keep Reid if that happened.
        Ok, I’ll you leave alone for now and enjoy watching you poke at the wannabe Alex Smith (I suck therefore I am). :-)

  49. Alex, as I review that last throw to Dwayne Bowe,
    I will take your overall performance “in a loss”
    over that of Colin K. in last year’s Super Bowl loss
    (and whatever it was he showed us in the last 4 downs).

    10…21…10…3 = 44 points
    30 of 46 (65.2% completion ratio) – 378 total yards
    4 TD (going toe-to-toe with one of the best QBs in NFL).

    We did not “blow” the lead.
    We did not “choke.”
    We will not be eating dead crow, okay?
    We went out strong.
    Hope you can say the same tomorrow.

    1. Is that all you can hang your hat on? Denying reality? Denying that you blew a big lead? You need therapy more than I thought.

      I don’t know how I will be tomorrow, but I will sure as hell accept whatever happens.

    2. Loser talk. Hey while you’re at it look at that horrible throw that should have ended the game. But hey as long as they went out strong. Lmao!!! Thanks you made my day with all of the trash talking you were doing with a 28 point lead. Ending was priceless!

    3. Alex ( I am done in the first round)

      you must be suffering from denial bud!

      “we did not blow the lead”, really losing a game with 28 points lead!
      “we did not choke” this game was a choke in a huge way, you LOST!
      “we will not be eating dead crow ok” the team most likely is not but YOU will be eating dead crow.
      “we went out strong” LOL = a big L and time for fishing
      “Hope you can say the same tomorrow” = regardless of what happens i do not believe we have anything to say to you tomorrow, except GO NINERS

      1. LMAO, Average Al choked and blew. Looks like the Smith groupie is experiencing the bargaining stage of the grieving process.

        Next time, fall in love with a QB whose entire career hasn’t been a disappointment. LOLOLOL!

    4. On a personal level, I am for Alex Smith. He is a good guy. If a guy has good success after leaving a team, that can be for a lot of reasons and doesn’t mean the team made a mistake to trade him. 49ers got some very valuable picks for Alex and saved cap room, so it worked out for everyone.

      That said, I am a 49er fan, and the best thing for the 49ers was for Alex and the Chiefs to lose, so the 2nd round draft pick the get from the Chiefs is as high as possible.

      I think this Alex guy who post here is an example of a weird byproduct of the fantasy football era, where guys are more connected with individual players and their stat sheets than whole teams. If I were a Chiefs fan I’d be pretty bummed right now and no stat line could make me feel that great about their season being over.

  50. Lol there was supposed to be two defenses on the field today Smithers. Quit with the excuses. He gets the wins, he gets the losses. Period. He had tons of chances to put them away with a huge lead. He didn’t do squat in the second half to cement a blowout.
    Keep it coming bitter ck haters.

    1. Calm down ,Bro, since when am I a CK-hater or Smither? That’s silly. Yeah, I get you’re doing your victory dance, but watch your elbows, LOL!

      1. Mid…. Indy didn’t do there job either in the first half.
        Kc’s defense didn’t do their job in the second.
        Indy’ offense did its job in the second
        Kc’s offense didn’t. They play FOUR quarters NOT 2.
        Smith should have to do anything in the second half?
        Wow. That’s prevent posting dude. His job is to score points. Every possession. He put up SIX second half points. Did they pay him to play for a half? C’mon dude. I don’t care who the qb is. You have to put teams away, and he had chances to do so an failed.

        And since when have I ever personally attacked you? I never said if you didn’t agree with me you’re a ck hater. Id call you that point blank if that’s what I thought. Take it easy. I have funk with douches like Claude and one lame for a reason. And #11 is that reason. There are some smith backers that I get and got along with. Easy on the feelings my dude. I’m not looking for more enemies. It’s ok to disagree without name calling with most fans. Ya dig? Cheers have a great weekend

      2. And Midwest….. I’m saying its his fault because the wins were his fault. What goes around comes around. Just sayin.

      3. Kc’s offense didn’t.

        They shouldn’t have had to MD. That is the reason they are going home for the rest of the playoffs.

        My apologies on thinking that you were attacking me. Your statement seemed to indicate that you were calling any supporters of Smith Kaep haters. I misread and that’s on me. Enjoy the game tomorrow and hopefully we’ll talking about how the Niners thumped the Packers by tomorrow night.

      4. And Midwest….. I’m saying its his fault because the wins were his fault. What goes around comes around. Just sayin.

        That I will agree with, though I still lay the central part of the blame on the Chiefs secondary.

    2. He had tons of chances to put them away with a huge lead.

      The defense had plenty of chances to keep a hold of the huge lead but didn’t.

      . He didn’t do squat in the second half to cement a blowout.

      He shouldn’t have had to do anything after building up that big of a lead. That is the duty of the defense and they (especially the secondary) fell asleep on the job.

      Keep it coming bitter ck haters.
      So if you point out the facts that makes you a Kaep hater? Get real MD. If something like this happens to the Niners with Kaep having tremendous stats, I will place the blame on our defense just like you would. Blaming a QB just because you hate his play is utterly ridiculous.

    1. razor …
      isn’t that thought almost the she as hoping
      Justin lands on Aaron and hurts his shoulder (again) ?

      just sayin’

      1. Frigid temperatures can be an asthma trigger. “Cold air seems to predispose people with asthma to have more symptoms,” says Fineman. “Cold air can cause constriction of airways,” says Todd Rambasek, MD, an adult and pediatric allergist at ENT and Allergy Health Services in Cleveland, Ohio. For people with asthma, this can be a dangerous problem.

    1. Right, and it’s not even cold in Philly. 25? Pffft. Come on you high powered offenses, what’s your excuse.

      Still pulling for the Saints.

      1. Def A.

        Would really rather have Philly soften up Seahold in the undercard next weekend. And if somehow they pull off the W and we take care of business, one more game at the ‘Stick!

      2. >>It would be the seeetest destiny of this season to play Seattle for Super Bowl birth.

        I’d settle for a NFCCG at the ‘stick against the Saints if the football gods smile in the right direction.

  51. End of the day Smith played an entertaining game. He is better than I thought he was. But he is still Alex. He is who his record says he is. Three playoff appearances 1 win 2 huge losses.

    1. The west coast offense is perfect for him. He got the benefits of poor play in the first half by the Colts secondary and two key turnovers in the red zone.

    2. Bay I will agree with you completely, I would like to add one thing Smith isn’t just “better” than you thought I would go as far as saying he is whole hell of a lot better than you thought but like Grant I imagine the words I was wrong won’t be heard from either of you.

    3. Alex played well in general however his fumble changed the whole momentum of the game. Just think about this, KC was up by 28 points and they had the advantage of 4 turnovers and still lost.

      1. Chicago IMO the momentum changed when Indy scored so quickly on their prevent defense. That fumble was a boost.

        Old coach. Injuries are no excuse for a blown 28 point lead in the 3rd quarter. That wide open miss and fumble, and intentional grounding call, didn’t help. The colts started pressuring him up the middle after their first td of the second half. That changed KC’s offense big time. Smith never could and still can’t handle pressure. Idk why KC didn’t use more option in the second half, or try to run more but putting the ball in smiths hands most of the plays didn’t help them.

      2. Old Coach I’ll crown really good and great when I see it. Smith played an entertaining no doubt. However his turnover was huge and his miss of a WIDE open Cyrus Grey was a choke.

      3. I think we can all agree that Smith is better than we thought he was, but he’s not quite at that elite level. Every time he gets in a shoot-out he puts up the numbers but he doesn’t quite win.
        This loss was on the D and Andy Reid’s play-calling, and Andrew Luck.
        Luck is special. I was at a sports bar, chatting with Niner fans, and as we watched Luck get hot despite throwing 3 picks, we all agreed that we would trade Colin Kaepernick and Aldon Smith for luck. Luck is that good.
        Plus Corey Lemonier is not too shabby.

  52. You see what ha happened. ……….In my Stewart Scott voice. Lolllllll Sf>Kc. Kap>Alex.
    that said, Reid>Roman. Reids offense made AS look like Peyton Manning today.

    1. Shoot I thought roman was calling the second half of that game for KC. Lol this was my point about sitting on leads. KC’s defense went straight to prevent after the 28 point lead. Indy scored quick, momentum Indy. And didn’t look back.

    1. We haven’t heard from Grant. I wonder if he fell for the old “Lick the lamppost” trick in that cold weather?
      (For those who don’t know, say No! to the lamppost or the screen door)

      1. it has been just miserable for the past few days, constant snow and today we had winds 22 miles an hour and right now its 9f. Tomorrow its going to be dropping to -19with winds of 23 mph! This is the coldest weather i have ever experienced in my life.

      2. Soooo Chi….
        Have you thrown a boiling pot of water off of your balcony or top window yet? Lol
        Saw this video this morning of a guy who did and it was -17. Turned to snow dust instantly. That’s when you know it’s damn cold. Brrrr

      3. Grant Cohn says:
        January 4, 2014 at 6:14 pm
        I made it to Appleton in one piece. My dad and I are heading out to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.
        Glad you had a safe flight although was there really no better choice for dinner?

    1. I think that it will be in the 20-24 range Coach, but I believe the exact spot will depend on who advances in the Saints-Eagles and Niners-Packers games. If either or both the Eagles and Packers lose, they will probably pick ahead of the Chiefs due to having less wins.

    1. Did you see Drew Brees the elite QB under throw a wide open wr for a potential TD! Also several of his passes were just awful!

      1. That’s why that commercial of Brees throwing bombs, irritates me. His arm is average to above average but not good. Kaepernicks’s arm is way stronger.

    2. Does all ck do is win? Lol if ck put up a second half like smith did with that huge of a lead we still lost…….. WOW! I’d think twice about ck.

      1. Let’s hope all CK does is win.

        If our team would blow ever a 28 point lead, surrendering 536 yards, 440 in the air, it sure wouldn’t be his loss.

      2. It would be if he put up 136 yards a game and had a #1 defense and st putting up record fg’s and I continued to say it was his win. While doing so. Lol Again this game today shows why I am not in favor of our team sitting on leads. Momentum is a dangerous thing when it’s going for the other team.

  53. Ninermd I’m going to give you an inarguable truth. If the 9ers score 44 pts tomorrow short of CK throwing 4 pick 6′s in the fourth quarter. There is absolutely no way a 49er loss will be the fault of CK.

    1. Oldcoach regardless the result would be a lost. Unfortunately in this sport you lose as a team and you will win as a team

    2. Old coach. I’ll give you my truth. If everyone( including me) was saying “all he does is win” constantly I damn sure would blame the loss on him also. I NEVER liked that lame saying. Especially when a qb doesn’t catch or tackle every play. I’m having fun with some bitter bitter people.

      On a serious note. I do believe Alex smith isn’t a too tier qb, and I’m very happy with the upgrade Harbaugh made last year. And if CK missed a game clinching wide open receiver and fumbled and didn’t take a sack I’d be pretty damn pissed at him. Especially if he couldn’t help put out more than 6 points in a 28 point lead.

      1. Ribico…. When I stated I didn’t care about Alex smith because he’s not a 49er I meant that. Got called a liar and hater anyways, but I meant it. Yep it’s pretty much having fun with some ghosts of the past and some idiot who has bashed my teams coach and qb the whole season. Alex played one of the best first halves in playoff history. But c’mon you can’t give up a 28 point lead and only. Put up 6 for your struggling defense. I honestly thought for sure he would get them in fg range and his kicker would blow it. What a game though.

      2. ninermd that doesn’t surprise me there are many here like you who give QB’s too much credit in victory and too much of the blame in loss. Take a closer look at the trenches and you will more often than not find the true culprit.

      3. The guy played you like a violin. But he was a good proxy for the anger from those who never liked Smith much in the first place.

        But as the great Herb Caen used to say, it’s friday’s fishwrap now. Here’s looking for a Niner 28 point lead tomorrow.

      4. Old coach….. Couldn’t agree more. Now with that said our Lines better get their acts together quick. I’m hoping the lackluster play of late was just them cruising into the playoffs and now they turn it on. Like we know they can.

  54. Alex played very well. He lost Charles then Avery and still played well. KC’a defense was pretty bad, but a big part of this was Luck. He is amazing. He is going to be a top QB for a long time.

  55. Oh and for the Fleener haters. HE came through in the clutch with a huge 3rd down catch. His number was called and he answered in a clutch situation. Just sayin.

    1. Don’t Crab. Something could have happened to Hof that is keeping him being on here. Grant, is there any way you can find out?

      1. Well, yeah, true dat. He always claimed to be doing really well, so maybe his yacht is parked in St. tropez, and he just doesn’t give a hoot.

      2. Maybe he has a Twitter account or something like that. Maybe Grant or somebody else on could tweet him and ask if/when he is coming back. Just a thought.

    2. I know what really happened to the Hofer. If you must know he made a foolish mistake on this site, left, and never looked back.

  56. Go Saints Go. Want the 49ers face the SeaRoids, but not on 6 days rest after playing the coldest game in NFL history.

    1. Maybe the ghost of Haystack Calhoun will oversee our beef in the trenches.Fred Blassie will consult with Coach and the Sheik will Banshee up our RB’s!!?!

      1. Also the ghost of Mr. Killer Kowalski with his famous “Claw” can speak on the importance of gripping the ball in cold weather (lol).

  57. Note to Alex Smith and Andy Reid:
    You two guys are the salt of the earth. Good people, who are loved by many. You both have proven time and again that you are a good coach and a good QB.
    Unfortunately, you find ways to lose rather than win. Only a horrible team like the Bills and now yourselves find ways to squander huge leads and lose a game that was in your hands.

    And another note to Alex Smith:
    You played a very good game today, but sometimes you have to achieve greatness to win the big ones (games). Greatness is not your forte when you miss a wide open WR on the sideline that could have locked up the win.
    But you are a nice gut nonetheless in my book.

    One more note to coach Reid:
    Don’t ever let off the gas when you have a big lead. You never go into ‘safe mode’ in the playoffs with a big lead unless you want to fall into an ugly category next to the Bills.
    Hey, but you’re a nice guy like Alex and still respected in my book.

    You have a very good style and rapport during your news pressers. Oh, and Alex Smith looks and speaks very professional when he addresses the press as well. It’s just too bad that none of that counts when your on the playing field.

    Last note:
    Can you please come and get the Alex Smith (note to myself, I should have shut my big mouth about month ago) imposter, to find a KC blog next year?

    1. Alex played a good 3 qtrs but fb is 4 qtrs. Alex is 1-2 in playoffs now in 9 years and no Super Bowl appearance. Unfortunately that was Alex’s last legit chance IMO. How can you deny it’s a big failure for a #1 overall pick?

      1. The same thing was said after Kaep replaced Smith last season Crab. I’m not counting out Smith until he retires. He just had his best season despite being in a new system and having new receivers to throw to. For someone who the media and quite a few NFL fans believes to be near or at his ceiling, Smith just keeps ascending.

      2. I hear ya Dynasty….this crappy Samsung Galaxy II sucks…..I need an upgrade…..waiting for AT&T 2 yr contract to expire in 2 months, I’m dumping AT&T (bloodsucking leeches). Beat the Pack!!!

    2. LOL I knew the comments would be good once KC began their meltdown. By the way watching football at your local Costco is fun.

  58. Did anyone else have a bad feeling about that game winning field goal. Sheew! Handle business tomorrow and its off to the Carolina rematch

  59. Yes, I think Saints-Hawks the Sequel will be a much different story. I predict the Hawks come out overconfident, and that the Saints play more contain on the edges. We’ll see…

  60. I’ve been saying all along that New Orleans was going to beat Phili. With a win tomorrow, we’ll get the favorable matchup against Carolina. The biggest obstacle to reaching the NFC Championship is Green Bay.

  61. For some reason I am more worried about this game tomorrow then I would be when we advance. I think the weather makes this a toss up game. I think it takes away some of our strengths and makes us just as good as GB.
    I’m sticking with my prediction that we don’t lose again this season after N.O. But this one makes me nervous

      1. I’ve never made excuses for bad play. Nice try. I’m a team fan, not a player fan. If CK had a bad game ill be one of the first fans to say that. I’m actually worried about our pass rush and slot defender, fumbles and drops. In the valley it got to 3 degrees so far this fall one day. I was crippled with coldness. I couldn’t imagine the weather there and the toll it will put in their bodies. I’m not in elite Football shape, but I’m in pretty good shape, and that cold will have a toll on their bodies.

      2. mark,
        Why are you so quick to put a loss on CK?
        He has not been cuddled when he’s made mistakes throughout season.
        I watched CK play a couple of games in high school and followed him at a distance while at Reno-Nevada, so there is a small affinity with him as a player, but that has not stopped me from critiquing his play this season.

        But to say that someone is setting up their Keaperscuses indicates your CK (and 49ers) shallow fandom.

  62. Just seen highlights of the missed wide open Grey that some are talking about. That was an overthrow by Smith, but it also seems that Grey started reaching for the ball too soon. Had he kept his pace and stayed upright, he might have had a shot at making that catch. I would say that missed opportunity was on both Smith and Grey.

    1. AS never got a rep all week with Gray on that play. The guy is the 3rd string RB and probably was playing DB when the Chiefs first offense with Charles and subbed with Davis were running the ball and working on that play.

      1. Lol my bad. I meant to say Sterling. He picks his packers every damn week on NFC playbook and now on the nfl network. No matter who they play. Homer!

  63. Can’t believe the chiefs blew that game. 41 points should be enough for a team to get a win. Chiefs so called great defense really laid an egg today.

    1. Hard to blame this one on Alex. Only the D can give up that many points. Would have loved to see AS versus CK in the SB

    1. Oh boy. It’s a damn shame he couldn’t hit that wide open receiver that would have sealed the game. But I’m sure these stats will make him and KC fans feel so much better. You are pathetic Onelame.

  64. as for the missed td on the pass to gray, dilfer and hoge noted on nfl prime time that as he ran down the sideline gray turned his shoulders in, rather than continuing to run straight upfield,that is why he slowed down and could not catch the pass
    if you still want to blame smith then lets talk about kaepernick throwing a pass over an open randy moss head in last years super bowl

    1. Lol Sanders and the nfl crew said smith has to make that throw. Like you onelame Dilfer has always been on smiths nuts. Fool please he was breaking up field when that ball was thrown. Absolutely Alex smiths fault. Putting up 6 points in one half doesn’t cut it. Maybe his coach should practice rushing up the middle on him, like Indy started doing. Because we all know he can’t handle pressure put on him. And he showed it again yesterday. To bad for you onelame. Great for me, because I get to see all of your excuses and it doesn’t hurt MY team anymore. Knowing you’re hurting inside makes my day. :-)

    2. mark,
      …”if you still want to blame smith then lets talk about kaepernick throwing a pass over an open randy moss head in last years super bowl”

      Nah, there’s nothing to ‘talk’ about until AS can get his team to a Superbowl.

  65. smith was great today, doing the intangiable things that separate him from a lot of other qbs…look at the step up in the pocket and the turning of the shoulder to avoid mathis on 79 yd td pass..the Montana like improvisation on the shovel pass to Sherman…the step up to draw the defender away from davis, then the step back to allow him to hit davis for the td…would have had 5 td passes today if hemingway makes an effort to block bethea after bowe took a perfectly placed slant pass to bowe…the last pass to bowe was about as well thrown as could be, too bad bowe is lacking in awareness to drag his feet

  66. is the bicep-kissing
    headphone wearing
    suit & tie averse rookie
    ready for near zero degrees…
    and 30% chance of rain/snow?

    The Super Bowl monkey on
    Mister Harbaw’s back will be
    “dressed for the occasion…”
    Little khaki pants & a bare chest.!!!

    If Kaep plays the Alex Smith role,
    then Rodgers will imitate Brees.

    1. Wrong!!!!! In your pathetic world Alex smith is the reason they win games. So he’s the reason they lost. Bet you wished like hell he could have that wide open throw back huh? Just 4 more games and you will be gone, and we will be celebrating #6. Keep on hating. It’s good luck for my Niners!!!! So in honor of the great Rick Flair…

      Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! <=== in ninermd' way of saying it!!!!

  67. Ric Flair + James Harbaugh = _________ ?

    Sarah Harbaugh: ” Who cares? ” ….or
    (” Why am I not surprised? ” ) …..or
    (” Is the season over yet? ” ) …. or
    ( ” Birds of a feather … ” )

    1. Alex Smith + Andy Reid = ________?

      Mrs. Raiderette: “Who cares?”….. or
      (“Early first round exit”)… or
      (“Deja vu from the NFC Championship game couple years ago when our beloved QB couldn’t get it up when it really mattered “)… or
      (“This erection only lasted 2 hours… WTF?”)… or
      (“Hey you looks like you’re wide open for the game winner. Let me show off my arm strength. Ohhhhh shiiiiiiiiit.”)… or
      (“My Luck has just run in .. or out”)… or
      (“Trent Dilfer will turn his back on me tomorrow because I threw for 300 yards”)… or
      (“An extra second round pick and $9M off the 49ers payroll)

    2. 3:48am? Can’t sleep? Distraught? Spent an entire day trying to jack us up and then ride the Chiefs down in flames, then crying all night trying to come up with insults on JH and CK. So, you have no shame?
      Alex doesn’t need to be ashamed, but you do. The most pathetic personality this blog has ever seen.

    3. Hey Alex Smith (imposter).
      It’s not like you didn’t see it coming right?
      Chiefs were 2-5 over their last 7 games.

      True champions are made in December-January, not in September-October.
      File that in your notebook!

    1. According to wunderground.com, it’s 6deg F but feels like -6. Wind is at 7mph. It will be much colder and windier at game time with 15mph steady winds.

      Weather will certainly play a role in this game. I’m going to change my prediction of a high scoring game. This game will be won on the ground. 49ers win 24-20.

  68. Went for a walk in Central Park when it was 9 degrees, and my view is that Kaep has to wear a glove – at those temps, your hand can lose feeling pretty quickly…even playing qb in the NFL, I wonder if his hands stay warm enough on a long drive.

    The weather is going to matter – passing game, ball security, etc. Niners can/should beat these guys but it’s going to be a challenge. Can’t lose the turnover game, key players have to stay healthy, our slot dbs need to step up, and yes we will need a pass rush. I’m going Niners 27-24.

  69. What a great day of NFL Football yesterday.

    I guess they can hold off tearing up the old Pigsty at Hunters Point. We may have one more NFC Championship at the Stick after all.

    It would be a fitting goodbye to the ‘Stick.

    Go Niners. Go Saints. Go Niners…

    1. rick .. it would be the greatest
      send-off for The Stick fer sure .. but ..
      let’s see if Breese has it in him to quiet
      the SeaChicken fans at the Clink first !
      (and then beat them in their own house)

      I got my fingers crossed

    1. Bay, have to ask BOSNINER about New England, I’m in NYC.

      It’s balmy here today – 30s, a cold drizzle is melting the ice.

    2. Ooops… sorry Bay, misread your question. Yeah, in Foxboro last year it was low 30s and sleet/rain. Exactly what it’s like in NYC at the moment… lol.

      Hopefully it was the wet and not the cold that contributed to Kaep’s fumble-itis that game. I’d hate to see a replay today.

  70. Well I certainly hope to be wrong but I’m picking GB to win today. I wont mind losing the point in the pick’em league if I’m wrong. Their running game is strong enough that our defense will be kept off balance today not sure which one to defend and that is all that Rogers will need to pick apart our already questionable and now also banged up secondary. On the bright side it will be easier to trade up for a stud CB with a higher first round pick.

    And me let just get this out of the way, you can kiss the fattest whitest part of my arse if you think that Im not a fan simply because I don’t expect them to win. Im not a koolaid guzzling fanboy that lives in la la dream land and if it’s so absurd to think we might lose then explain why we weren’t 16 & 0 this season.

    1. No need to get defensive CFC, we’re used to picking against the 49ers. I remember you picked Atlanta and ?? what was his name?? Oh yea, Mr. Turner was going to run roughshod….

      The 49ers will win because they are the better team. The weather is conducive to a power running game. The Packers are a finesse team. Gore will have a career day. Harbaugh/Fangio > McCarthy/Capers

      Fanboy koolaid guzzling aside, the odds are against the Packers 2.5 points.

      1. Read a report from a friend who is at the game today and he mentioned that some of the 49ers players warmed up in their short sweat pants and tops.

        We won’t know until the game starts how the weather will effect the players, but one thing is certain, they are in Green Bay to take of business today.
        CFC, I gave my score at the start of the week and I’m sticking to it.
        26-17 49ers

        Wow, Andy Dalton is sapping the life out of the Bengals…

    2. It’s not kool-aid guzzling to pick the Niners in this particular game. This weather favors a run first, defensive oriented team like the Niners. When the national line is -3 for SF, just about every analyst/talking head is picking SF, you have to have some jones against the Niners to not even consider a pick-em .

      Consider your arse kissed.

    3. Picking against them is by own personal win/win. If I’m wrong then I’m happy because we’ve won and I don’t mind losing a point in a pick’em game. If I’m right, well poo but at least I still get that point now in the league and against this group that usually picks me up a slot or two in the rankings.

    4. All good points but when was the last time our running game actually worked in the playoffs? I mean not including QB read option plays. We may have compiled some decent stats running the ball but I don’t recall it ever being the focal point of our offense in the playoffs. We’ve had to rely on our QBs way more than our RBs when it mattered most.

  71. Note to Harbaugh:
    This is not a game for FG in the 2nd Half. It will be like kicking a brick for Dawson and we will need that foot for the next game.
    Also save a TO. In case Packers need a FG end of the game, we need to call a TO to literally slow the game down and ICE THE KICKER. For real.

  72. I enjoyed Ray Lewis’ take on playmakers. Instead of Can Eric Reid hold up vs Rogers? Ray says Eric Reid will have an opportunity to make a play! Gotta love that aggressive attitude.

  73. They should wait until Monday to play. Then, the high temp will be -10f followed by a night of -18f. The present 6f falling to 0f is balmy.
    Dan Fouts says cold DOES count. I cant see how Kap can have a good game. Its going to be a hard win I predict..close. And MANY wobbly duck passes I forecast.

    1. Stan,
      I agree with your take, but it should at least be considered that CK knows a thing or two about the Wisconsin cold winters having spent some time there as a youngster.

      Sure, its much more different now as a player on the tundra field, but I wouldn’t count out CK in any game under any circumstance.

  74. Over/Under

    Kaep: 2 TDs in the air
    Kaep: 250 yards passing
    Kaep: 1 rushing TD
    Gore: 1 rushing TD
    Gore: 100 yards on the ground
    Defense: 3 sacks
    Defense: 2 interceptions

    Bonus: Who will catch the first TD pass?
    Who will pick off Aaron Rodgers first?

    1. Midwest ..
      “…Who will catch the first TD pass?…”

      My guess … Crabtree …

      “….Who will pick off Aaron Rodgers first?..”

      Eric Reid … second pick ? …
      The Quiet Giant …

  75. People keep talking about the cold weather. well, green bay has to play in it too. This game is going to be about the trenches, one cut players, straight away runners. sound familiar?? no finesse today!!!
    we will win!!

    btw, it way worse to play in freezing rain. I’ll take this weather over new England last year any day. go niners

  76. I have no clue, who is going to win the game, the Niners are their worst enemy at times, poor use of time outs, Harbaugh horrible at coaches challenges, not a great pass rush or secondary, over rated O line, poor run blocking and no holes, Roman is brillant and clueless a minute later. With that being said.Niners 35-7 over Packs lol.

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