49ers Week 16 grades: Coaching

SEATTLE, Wa. – The Seahawks crushed the 49ers 42-13 Sunday night. Here are the grades for the coaches.

Coaching: F-.  For the fifth time this season, the 49ers were flat and unprepared and did not win after winning two straight. That is Jim Harbaugh’s fault. His team is built around being more physical than their opponent. Tonight, their opponent was stronger and tougher and just beat them up. Bill Walsh used to say teams that depend on toughness always come against a team that’s tougher, and then what do they do? The 49ers folded tonight.

Their offensive game plan was bad, too. The Seahawks had given up 5.3 yards per carry over the last eight games, but Greg Roman came out passing – not at the Seahawks reserve cornerbacks – but at Richard Sherman, the best cornerback in the NFL. Huh?

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