49ers will show a lot of their cards in third preseason game

49ers running back Carlos Hyde carries the ball during a preseason game


Sunday afternoon, the 49ers will play their third preseason game, which football coaches call “the dress rehearsal.” It’s a dry run for the regular season opener. The 49ers will treat this exhibition as if it’s a real game. Coaches will game plan for the Minnesota Vikings, starters will play the entire first half and substitutes will enter the game for specific plays in specific situations just like during the regular season.

These are five main things you should watch during the 49ers dress rehearsal against the Vikings on Sunday.

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  1. You really should be a coach Grant.lol
    If Kyle doesn’t do what you suggest..
    He’ll be lost….
    You should see if you can get on his coaching staff….like pronto

        1. Why Sebbie! To use one of your many tired cliches, that’s a ‘jaw dropping’ admission on your part. But, you distort the truth. You’ve called out Grant here and there over the last few seasons, casting your long shadow of football brilliance over Grant’s puny toehold on the principles of basic football. In your mind Grant is a good describer, but week in football acumen.

          Now you’re feigning reverence, deferring to Grant–how could you possibly be in his rarefied league?. How sweet, and noble! Not to worry, you’ll come back to bite and slice, because that’s you. You know way more than Grant Sebbie.

            1. Nice! I respect Grant overall. I’m entertained by Sebbie’s love/hate dance with Grant. Note how Sebbie will pat Grant on the head now and then, and follow quickly with a subtle, cutting barb.

              1. Weak sauce. I am not a troll that haunts posters like you do.
                The stench of Baalke will never go away as long as you continue to stink up the site.

          1. Cassie, I am not a butt licking Baalke shill like you are.
            Grant does not need me to praise him all the time. He knows that I am just being honest with all my comments. Sometimes, one gains more insight with the negative comments than the positive comments.
            And no, Grant is on the side line, watching the players. I rely on him to be my eyes and ears. He knows more because he is immersed in football. I am merely a passionate fan of a team I love.

            1. While you hate with a burning passion.
              I also love the San Francisco 49ers, and would never crow about losing because you hated their starting QB.

              1. I don’t hate you Seb. I just think you are dumb when it comes to football. Don’t be so sensitive.

              2. would never crow about losing because you hated their starting QB.

                We’ll see how this plays out with you this season. And yes, in “crowing” I include comparing mistakes by their starting QB (and there will be) with the one no longer on the team (who, as we all know, was mistake free).

              3. You watch Rib, every throw, every play Sebnnoying will be comparing Hoyer to Kap.

                Although I am not confident in Hoyer, I hope he has a break out season not only for real 49er fans, but to show Seb, what it means to be a real 49er fan and not dwell on a guy no longer on the team!

              4. Seb says “No, Prime, you cant call someone names, and not hate him’

                Sure you can and the word hate is something a weak minded fool like you takes too seriously. I don’t hate you, I don’t even know you.

                What I do hate is you continue to tell the blog that Kap is all that and the door is still open, when its clear as day, this new and exciting new regime has said otherwise!

              5. Rib, I was restrained with Gabbert, and rooted for him to win games.
                Yet, I knew that he would probably just bench himself.
                I was resigned to Baalke keeping Kaep sitting on the side line, like they did with RGIII. However, I think Jed’s Mother put down her foot and allowed Kaep to play because Chip wanted him to play. Chip had absolutely no control over the roster, and Jed is a clueless, gutless wonder. Glad Jed finally did something smart and got rid of the cancer in the organization.

              6. Prime, quit embarrassing yourself. Your posts drip with hate, and You do not want to meet me to give me a hug.
                Hate defines you, just like all your posts.

              7. Prime, you are such a lower life form. Your incessant screeds bring nothing to this site.
                Being another Baalke shill, I just expect your kind of posts, because I am not going to hold back about how horrible Baalke is. This aint my first rodeo, so keep talking smack, so I can smack you down.

              8. I’ve extended the invitation many times for you to meet me. But each time you cry and whine.
                Why don’t you man you up and truly smack me down with your bravado behind the key board?

  2. Wishes for Sunday’s starters

    – Offensive rhythm. Longer drives. Move the chains.
    – Run game shows signs of life. Less TFLs
    – Starting D gets off the field
    – Minimize penalties

    – Above all, zero injuries. No worsening of existing injuries.
    – Splash plays by trade bait players.

  3. Football is not a game of plays — it’s a game of concepts. A concept, for example, is two or three routes an offense can run a lot of different ways. Each concept can include multiple plays. An offense has to work to establish these concepts, even during the preseason. And it establishes these concepts through repetition of various plays, running them during games as many times as possible. Bill Walsh’s offenses were great primarily because they used the same few concepts all the time and perfected them. Walsh would use one concept a million different ways, with different personnel groupings, different formations, different shifts, different motions — so it seemed like he was calling a million different plays. But he really was calling the same concept with the same progressions and reads.

    Really good stuff Grant!

      1. Hi Grant,

        What say you to the idea that Hoyer will open up with short/intermediate passes to FB, TE, RB, and WR’s to get the MIN D to back off the box a bit– then starting the Hyde runs? If they start with Hyde off the bat and he’s stuffed like last week’s 1st Q, then passing may be harder to implement?

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        1. The new next best thing is always changing. It’s hard to keep up.
          : -)
          Back in school daze we were encouraged to focus and extend our concentration span. Now people emphasize multi-tasking.

          1. I use to be able to walk and chew gum but one time I stumbled and swallowed the gum, so… However I can still bark at the moon and wag my tail at the same time.

        2. That’s gecko. A drop of gecko oil in your Whine has you climbing walls and blending in quite nicely with your surroundings

    1. ?
      Alex Smith VS Seahawks tonight in Seattle: 7-17 for 44 yards, 2.6 AVG, 48.9 Passer Rating

      Alex is a great person, outstanding teammate, and smart QB. If only his arm talent matched his character and football acumen.

      1. I’m predicting a QB controversy in Kansas City by midseason! Chiefs fans are at their wit’s-end with Alex and Mahomes is obviously the heir apparent. I doubt Mahomes will be ready to start by midseason, but I’m guessing by the end of October (10/30), during their home game VS a division foe, the Denver Broncos, Arrowhead Stadium will begin to reverberate as the sold out crowd starts to chant …. We want Patrick … We want Patrick … We want Patrick!

        1. Who Alex? Trust me, my cousin lives in Missouri and is a huge KC fan. The fans are over Alex. They don’t think Alex can get them deep into the postseason.

          Reid understands this, that’s why he traded up to get a raw QB who can wing the football and energize the fanbase.

          1. The Chiefs have an out after this season. The plan for KC is to opt out of Alex’s contract after this season. They will only take a 3.4 million dead money hit in 2018. If they keep Alex for one more season, he’s going to cost them 20 million against the cap. So the plan was to trade up to #10 and draft Mahomes in the first round, develop him over the course of this season, and start him in 2018 after they cut Alex lose.

            The question is, will the fan base be patient throughout the season, or, if Alex struggles at some point, which he likely will, do the fans start asking for the heir apparent to start?

            1. Alex is efficient in a very dull way. Even when the Chiefs are winning, Alex will lull you to sleep. He just doesn’t attack downfield. Obviously, as long as the Chiefs are winning, they will stick with Alex. But if he struggles at any point, and the team struggles against a division foe …………..

              1. Yes he is not a fans dream. He is a dink and dunker but he also is a good fit for teams that want a manager to supplement a great defense.
                You can win in the NFL this way.

              2. 49reasons

                Let’s see….there is some history about replacing Alex Smith…I think that his last replacement is kneeling out side the NFL offices during the playing of the national anthem…I forget…just what is KC’s record since Alex took over at QB….?….and before…?

                Dink and Dunk seems to win ball games…Darell Lamonica where are you ? It’s gonna’ be an interesting year….

              3. OregoNiner, the Chiefs are no longer content with playing well in the regular season. It’s all about what comes next for the franchise now. They want to win in the playoffs and they don’t think they can with Alex. That’s just a fact. He’ll be gone at the end of the season. Mahomes is their QB next season. Alex had a good run, but he’s a subpar postseason QB. And that’s why Jim Harbaugh, who knows a thing or two about QB’s, rolled the dice (and came up snake eyes) with Kaep, although they should have won a Super Bowl.

              4. Ironic that Harbaughs gamble was in hindsight, his demise and Kaps.
                Once the Ravens showed the league the blueprint on how to beat Kap, that was his demise as well.
                Truly ironic!

          2. Have to wonder if your cousin was one of the Chief fans who cheered when a player was injured during their disastrous season before Smith was traded to the Chiefs.

      2. How about telling the whole story instead of pieces to appease a certain sentiment? NFL.com points out that the Chiefs OL was overwhelmed by the Seattle defense.

        1. How’s this MWD?

          Alex Smith is a serviceable QB (but a dink & dunk yawn fest to watch), who can win regular season games, given he’s surrounded with a good head coach and enough talent on the field, but probably not good enough to win a Super Bowl.

          He’ll give you an average of 2 good games and then a stinker, every 3 games. Yippie.

        1. No QB controversy now, I agree with that. But by week 8 or 9, things could change. Fans are generally more emotional than rational. If the chiefs offense struggles at some point near midseason or later, the knives will be out for Alex.

    2. One poster, 23Jordan said many years ago that Alex Smith would never win a Superbowl – his words still stand true to this day.
      Alex Smith’ football legacy will be: Very smart QB, great manager and field general, able to get a yeam to the playoffs – incapable of winning the “big one.”

      1. AES, a lot of good QB’s, even franchise ones have never and will never win a Superbowl. I don’t think Alex is any different.

        1. Prime,
          Unless you’re the Chiefs. I don’t believe that they signed AS just to win the AFC West and go one and done in the playoffs.
          There’s a reason why Reid wanted Mahomes. Mahomes is the anti – Smith type QB and it’s a clear signal to Alex that his days of dinking and donking may be coming to an end.

          1. That’s very possible but to say a QB cannot win the way Alex plays is not true. You can win with a dinker and dunker if supplemented by a great defense and running game.

            23 A clown thought there was only one way to win in the NFL and that was your QB had to air mail the ball downfield to back off the defense every other play. That simply was idiotic and why we have not seen that type of clown around here anymore.

            Andy Reid is a smart coach and he will make the change when its time. Remember Alex has been in the league a long time and has been a good QB.
            I still think the 49ers trading away Alex when they did was a huge mistake. One guy is still playing and the other cannot get a job. That stings.

            1. “You can win with a dinker and dunker if supplemented by a great defense and running game.”
              ~ Prime

              I agree with you. A QB that dinks and dunks can win games and Alex is a clear example of that. But when your QB is going into his 5th season of dinking and dunking and not sniffing a Superbowl at some point the Org has to strongly consider if said QB has reached his ceiling.
              I like Alex Smith and I hope he can get a ring under his belt, but after 4 years of not sniffing the SB my patience would start to manifest itself in various ways. One, would be drafting a QB with a totally different playing style as my incumbent for starters.

              1. +1, AES. Especially since the Chiefs have provided Alex with everything a QB could ask for. Alex has his strengths, but he’s got serious limitations, and the fact that KC made a big trade up to grab Mahomes sooner than most experts expected, speaks volumes. The Chiefs have an option to pick up Alex’s 5th year, but it will cost them 20 million of cap space. Do they really want to do that when his dead money would be a very manageable 3.4 million, considering they have Mahomes, their clear QB of the future, going into his second season? I highly doubt it.

                The writing is on the wall for Alex Smith. His days are numbered in KC. I guarantee it. I would say that there is always a chance that Mahomes completely busts, but he probably won’t get that chance barring Alex getting injured or benched. There is an off chance that Alex restructures his contract, but even then the team is setting themselves up for a QB controversy going into 2018, and nobody wants that.

              2. Actually AES, if you count his days in SF, he has 2 postseason wins over eleven seasons (2-4 postseason record). That’s 1 postseason win per every 5.5 seasons as a starter. And he’s led some very good teams. That’s simply not good enough.

              3. Even before he was drafted Urban Meyer told everyone that Alex was never going to be a guy to carry a team.
                The Chiefs were a perfect team for him to go to. Good defense, decent running game and a guy who wasn’t going to lose the game for you.

                So now yes, the Chiefs most likely will go in a different direction.

                That’s what the NFL is about. Building a team based on the strength of your personnel and philosophy.
                I don’t know what they will do with Mahomes. Will they bring him in and run a more sophisticated pass offense, or play that WC system Reid has used his entire career.
                The point is to say Alex can’t win a SB is the same when people said Dan Marino could not win one. He was not disciplined enough and took too many chances and never had a real running game.

                To win in this league you need the strength of your personnel to complement each other to the finest detail.
                I don’t think the Chiefs should just look to their QB as to why they can’t get past a playoff round.

            2. Speaking of QB’s, I really like what I’ve seen from CJB thus far. So much of quarterbacking is what’s between the ears and this kid has that part of the equation in spades. He seems to be developing at a rapid pace, and some of it has to do with his competitive spirit driving him to push himself. According to sources, Beathard has logged more than 1,200 virtual reality offensive plays. He’s practically been sleeping in his VR headset. He’s always picking Kyle’s brain whenever possible, and he is simply driven to succeed. George Kittle says he never met anyone as competitive as CJB, and I am starting to believe him.

              1. 49R,
                The last 3-4 games of the season might become known as the Beathard & Kittle show. I would love to see them mimic what they did in college.
                The new regime is planting seeds this season that could begin to flourish by next year.
                My motto for this year is : Patience!

              2. Yes, above all, PATIENCE. Rome wasn’t built overnight. I think drafting Kittle was a very stretegic decision based, in part, to give CJB a receiver he already has established chemistry, and comfort with. And, Kittle fits this offense to a T. That was a Brilliant pick!

              3. Christian Hackenberg looks horrific! The Jets might not win a single game, lol.

                McCown – 38 years old
                Hackenberg – as robotic as they come
                Petty – 3rd string talent at best


              4. And how about Atlanta? Can you say Super Bowl hangover? My prediction is that the Falcons take a big step backwards this year.

      2. lol, That’s most QBs. Hall of Fame QBs haven’t won the Super Bowl. Add in dynasties where teams like the 49ers, Steelers and Patriots have won 3 and 4 Super Bowls in a decade… The opportunities win a Super Bowl come few and far between for most clubs.

        As for Smith, it isn’t always Smith. Like any QB in the playoffs, he can have a bad game. And he’s had a couple. And lots of great, play-off winning QBs have also had bad games. In fact, bad games is (more or less) the state of QBing in the playoffs because you’re usually playing the best defenses and you can’t pad your stats against bad teams.

        But he’s also had his team blow it. He didn’t blow the NFC Championship game. Hell, he did better against the Giants than Brady did. Smith had a 97.6 QB rating. Brady had a 91.1 QB rating.

        Brady had an intentional grounding in the endzone giving the Giants 2 points. He also threw an INT. And Brady had the benefit of WRs who could actually catch, unlike Smith who was burned all day by Williams and Crabtree who dropped more than they caught.

        When the Chiefs lost to the Colts, it wasn’t Smith who gave up 45 points to the Colts squandering a 44-point outburst by Smith and Chiefs. Smith was 30 of 45 for 346 yards, 4 TDs and 0 INTs for a 117.9 QB rating.

        And let’s not forget when he drove the 49ers to two game-winning back-to-back drives against the Saints. Throwing 3 TDs, 299 yards, 103.2 QB rating and a 28-yard TD run…

        Which is why he’s on this list. The top-rated playoff QBs in the HISTORY of the NFL:

        1 Bart Starr+ 104.8 1956-1971 gnb
        2 Kurt Warner+ 102.8 1998-2009 2TM
        3 Matt Ryan 102.4 2008-2016 atl
        4 Drew Brees 100.7 2001-2016 2TM
        5 Aaron Rodgers 99.4 2005-2016 gnb
        6 Joe Montana+ 95.6 1979-1994 2TM
        7 Alex Smith 94.5 2005-2016 2T

        You people and your cliche’s. He doesn’t play QB the way you want it played. But he’s a damn good QB.

        1. Moses,
          That’s a prolific QB lineup. The retired QB’s o this list are HOF’s. And the ones still playing have a shot at becoming HOF’s after they retire.
          Do you really see Alex Smith in this category?
          Again. I like AS but don’t see him fitting on this list.

          1. Yet the Chiefs are ready to move on from Alex. In a league where there is a shortage of quality starting QB’s , the Chiefs are preparing to cut Alex loose at the age of 33. What more do you really need to know?

  4. 1. I agree. In addition to Juice, I think Garcon will get more targets.

    Shanny said that he has called some deep passes. He’s running the outside and inside zone. Play action has been used. His core offense has been implemented.

    The penalties were addressed. Hope so.

    1. His explanation was suspect. Shanahan said Hoyer couldn’t throw deep because the defense was playing single high. That’s the easiest coverage to throw deep against. Just look off the safety and throw vertically down the sideline.

          1. Too bad they have rarely utilized that concept. I have watched many preseason games, and it sure seems like the QBs lock onto a receiver. I did see Tom Brady do it once against the Texans.

              1. Prime, I am observant, and keep my eyes open.
                You, on the other hand, have a closed mind, so it is very believable that you close your eyes, too. Just like you closed your eyes when Kaep made jaw dropping throws that few QBs would ever attempt, much less complete.

              2. So from your television, you are able to see the QB’s eyes and what he is looking at and looking off?

                Kap made jaw dropping throws? But now his jaw drops cause he can’t find a job.
                Nice try.

              1. Trent made him do it! And Paarag whispered in his ear while the OL collapsed and Crabtree “dropped ” the pass! Additionally, the defense didn’t do their job and so poor CK was inches from rescuing the team with his dental rupturing capabilities!

  5. Know what? Good offensive play is moot if those mentally undisciplined morons keep getting those freaking penalties. If they don’t get that straightened out before regular season, we couldn’t beat the Cleveland Browns! Just like two years ago. Don’t get me wrong. I think we are headed in the right direction and I’m looking forward to the regular season. EVERYBODY!!! Give a GOOO NINERS!!!

  6. Good write up, Grant. Looking forward to your in depth dive into concepts. I agree that in this offense, you need to be able to throw an accurate deep ball. Something, Cousins is quite adept at….

  7. The crux of the matter is- Can the O line give Hoyer enough time to be able to throw deep?
    Sure hope so.
    GO NINERS!!!!!!

    1. Sebbie… I could claim you are parroting me, along with others, about the importance of OL play, but I won’t since it’s a maxim of sound football.

      1. The game is won in the trenches.
        Oh no, another war reference!
        I did finally see your comment, but wrote what I did without your assistance. Generally I try to scroll past your comments, because they tend to be tedious and vacuous.
        I am just happy that you actually stuck to football, and stopped with the incessant screeds.

  8. Good QBs alone won’t win a lot of playoff games either. You need a complete package. Rodgers is good but without a decent defense and reasonable good O-line, WRs./TEs and RBs, Rodgers didn’t manage to win that many games in the playoffs. Brees is good but what has happened to the Saints. New England is good because it has a very balanced team. I would consider that Detroit has a decent QB too. Atlanta lost the Superbowl last year because of its defense not because of its offense. You need a balanced team. I would rather has an above average and less expensive QB and put some investments in the other parts of the team.

    1. Yes, a balanced team is desirable, but I submit to you, defense wins championships.
      Pats shut down the Falcons in the second half. Von Miller led the Broncos past Cam. Goal line defense stopped the Seahawks. The Seahawks defense destroyed the Broncos.
      If a defense is good enough, it does not matter who the QB is. Just look at Ray Lewis and the Ravens.

      1. Agree. Unless you are Tom Brady… Look at the roster he had last year. Who are these guys, Hogan, Lewis, and.. I don’t know all the names of these running backs. Even Edelman… I started to follow (and love the Niners in 1980 because of Montana (and Clark, and Lott, and Solomon, and many others), but TB12 is something special… If I do not envy them, I would adore them. Surely, I respect them.

        1. Another salient factor is Bill Belichick. He can take pedestrian QBs and make them look good, and no name players on defense and get them into the SB. Look what he did with Cassel, and he got good value for Hoyer. But yes, the combo of BB and TB is hard to beat.
          Yes, I detest the Cheatriots, but they seem to just win, which makes me even madder. I still think Joe Montana is superior to Brady because Joe was perfect in SBs and TB lost a couple, while also throwing picks. Brady is also the beneficiary of the new rules protecting passers

        2. Its at least as much due to Bellicheat-sharpest coach since Walsh.
          Brady is pretty fine when left alone, but put a pass rush on that guy and he runs and moves like 3rd class mail.

      2. so you now admit that NE D did the job/won the game in 2nd half of SB by shutting down KS offense– or is it still KS’ fault for the SB loss?

        1. Freeman’s missed block on Hightower changed the momentum.
          However, calling for pass plays when in field goal range was obtuse, so KS had a hand in the loss. He was not solely responsible. Quinn should have been more proactive, too.

  9. C’mon Seb, put some vodka in the cool aid and chug it with me!

    I’m not anointing anyone but we fans have had a rough go of it for a while now and I’m really excited about these guys.

    I’ve always respected Harbaugh – I live in San Diego and remember his “Captain Comeback” days with the Chargers. But, I never cared for the way he interacted with the media. Shanny is thoughtful and respectful, and I appreciate that.

    Don’t you?

    1. Yes, KS AND JL are like a breath of fresh air.
      I actually liked JH’s pressers because his job was to say as little as possible. It was amusing to see him grimace as if he were under an inquisition.
      Tomsula burbled away with his interpretation of the English language, while motor mouth Chip refused to answer questions. So yes, KS is refreshing, and it is nice to see some competence. My suggestion to him would to be a little less expansive. He should keep his replies short and sweet. We do not need dissertations. A little self deprecating humor, and he might sound more Walsh like.
      Sorry, I do not like the hard stuff. I will just stick with Pliny.

      1. We agree he is a breath of fresh air.

        In candor, I’ve always been an idiot optimist. I’m always excited this time of year. ?

        I had to google Pliny – looks good. Cheers!

      2. Seb,why should he keep them short and sweet. Rule of thumb brotha, not all Coaches are alike. They all bring their own versions of how to do things. They are all unique. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what this man has said or done in his press conferences. My advice to him… Nothing…. Keep up the good work Kyle!

        1. Steele, I think that was what Bill Walsh advised. I think he thought that the more words spoken, the more chance to parse the meaning of every word.

  10. 10 Pt. Plan in dress rehersal for Reg. Season:

    1. (See) both fullbacks. They do the heavy lifting for the RB so fans need insight into 49er base pkgs. of Kyle Jusczyk and Tyler McCloskey .
    2. Some basic, vanilla, passes to the TE’s like Hikutini and Kittle, although McDonald probably gets the edge for his run blocking.
    3. More of Brieda, Joe Williams. Hyde starts, but I would not play him for 3 Qtrs. in preseason due to his history of injuries.
    4. More of Jeremy Kerley and DeAndre Smelter. We know what the others can do.
    5. Lets see what Erik Magnuson can do with the first unit. I doesn’t have to be in the 1st Qtr., bring him in in the 2nd.
    6. On defense, more of Quentin Dial.
    7. One audible would be nice.
    8. A preview of your hurry up offense.
    9. Dust of a reverse.
    10. I propose the QB turns his head an extra degree–to 16 degrees–therefore, while scanning the sideline for receivers, he can also pick up his coaches hand signal for the next play call, preventing a huddle—then, quickly, snap his head to the reverse and complete a quick slant.

    Go Niners!!!

      1. Who needs Kap when we have Beathard

        C.J. Beathard’s rating under pressure is pretty stellar

        Beathard is showing poise beyond his years through two weeks of the preseason.
        Wentz has a passer rating of 149.0 while under pressure. Below him is Joe Webb of the Carolina Panthers with a rating of 140.5 under pressure. They have Beathard sporting a 135.4 quarterback rating while under pressure through two preseason games.


  11. Atlanta should of won ,they shut Brady down the first half , than failed to make any adjustments in the second , Everyone knows you can’t play him straight up , he is a good QB ,, but compared to Montana ,, ? ? Montana never deflated footballs ,never had his team spy gating , and never complained like that man , ( check out either injury ,) princess TB , is the reasons they wear dresses , the rule changes made by the NFL ,,, favor the offense , points mean tv ratings , bigger than anything ,, until the health of the players ( concussion protocol ,kickoff being moved ) , yes it set up for good QBs to go further , points equal tv ratings , put Brady in the early 80, against LT , Charles Haley , Derrick Thomas ,Bruce Smith just to name a few , no competition in his division ,or lack there of , results (team being healthy ) no I don’t think he is as good as advertised . Now for our team , wish I can see what we really got in CJ B , and I agree with a couple of you ,that we are going to see our second string QB at some point this year . Due to injuries . Want to see him with the 1s , for a quarter ,or so . RBs thinking is it’s an improvement over last year, think we can all agree ( I hope) there are some questions here ,what ones stay ,go ,or PS . Tomorrow’s game should help us in that decision . WRs who will be 5-6 , I haven’t figured that out . Again tomorrow game will help .TEs ,think me and razor/ and a couple of others ,went over this , Now offensive line , interior offense line to be exact . Magnus, looking promising,now. Put him in against the starters ,let’s see what we got , I don’t trust the rest , seem like good backups at best . Defensive looks like it’s headed in the right direction , improvements,and getting healthy again , hope that stays . Coaching/ GM ,, that’s 2 players we let go ,Brooks ,zuthah ,that we could of got a return of some kind on ,( not wise in my book ). Would love to hear any thoughts you guys have ,as far as offense , do you want to CJB / Magnus , against 1st string .other areas of concern . What you think we going to see in the game ? Who ? Where? When? ,,,, Any thoughts ?

  12. “If Edelman is out, the Patriots will need to replace Edelman in the slot. It’s likely a role that will be filled by multiple receivers, especially since they have so many who can do it — even if none can do it as well as Edelman.
    Last year, the Patriots got to the Super Bowl and won it without tight end Rob Gronkowski. So the Edelman injury is hardly insurmountable.”


    So, probably no chance.

    1. Kerley is a VG slot rcvr, would not be surprised if Belichick is on the phone to Chip asking about Kerley’s play, Edelman out for season –ACL.

  13. Well, I’ve had this thought for awhile: if the 49ers can’t generate pass rushing from Harold, they go to Lynch.

    Harold looks eerily similar to Manny Lawson in pass rushing–too weak to engage, so only uses one gear–the outside speed rush.

    1. The good news is, it appears Shanahan and Lynch are just using Harold on base downs to set the edge.

      According to Greg Cossell, Harold was drafted by Baalke to be an edge rusher, but coming out of Virginia, was never thought of as: “that guy.”

  14. When was the last time any Niner fan heard this–The Joe Montana/Young era ?

    Stuart Whitaker of Pro Football Focus recognized the signs of improvement on the 49ers offensive line as they rank first in the league in pass blocking efficiency.

  15. Tank Carradine could be accurately described as a bust pick for the San Francisco 49ers, at least for now. Drafted in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft, Carradine didn’t look great…

    But at 28 and with a new defense under Robert Saleh, Carradine seems to have found his rhythm. His athleticism is among the best on the roster and he’s always had an effective arsenal of pass-rushing moves. He simply rarely got to use them.

    The only problem is he’s basically competing for the same spot on the defensive line as Solomon Thomas, this year’s third overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft. Thomas will certainly be a starter in the near future, but Carradine is working on getting into the lineup.

    “He might get some opportunities. I think he’s damn near an elite six-technique,” Saleh said on Friday. “To be able to create pocket push from an edge, I think that’s where his home is. There’s no shame in that, I think he’s pretty freaking good at it. That’s where Tank’s strength is. Will he get some inside rush? Yes. He had some success with it with Denver. But, as a six, dominating tight ends and being able to transition from run thought to pass on first and second down, I don’t know if you’ll find much better than that in the league.”


  16. Tom d ,,,agree think it’s a good problem now ,,, that’s going to be a heck of a pass rush. Rotation or not . Yes he does look a little revitalized . Agree there too . What you think about 3 tech , is my next question ?

    1. Sorry, 49er since 78.

      Had to get stocked for the game, run errands–just got your question.

      Apparrently, the 49ers like Thomas in the 3 tech more than Tank, and Thomas played the 1,3,4and 5 techniques while at Stanford. Meanwhile, Tank’s dominating the strong side 6 technique on a read and react to the QB. His line coach says he’s elite there and where his home will be.

  17. And than again ,does strong safety play a role , being down more to the box ? Single high safety ,, love these talks . Guys , that’s how to talk about it . Open ,,, and , TomD do you think he’s better Because of one gap ,to be through ? Defensive scheme ? Making him better , with less to do , using a skill ,he hasn’t been able to?

  18. Seb. Liked the thought of Post in 9:17 pm , think that needs to be seen , we need guard’s bad ,, so what is the fix ?

  19. I may have missed it, but did someone do a Yahoo pick ’em league again this year? If so, what is info? It’s been fun the last 4 years or so.

    1. Gabriel says:
      August 26, 2017 at 9:52 am
      Do you have to have a Yahoo account? I tried to sign up but couldn’t get past the first page…

      Coffee’s for Closers® says:
      August 26, 2017 at 10:06 am

  20. Big fight tonight. Does anybody think McGregor has a chance? Conor got knocked out by his sparring partner a couple of weeks ago. Floyd is untouchabIe at times. I think this is the mismatch of the century. Hard to root for either guy.

    1. Mayweather TKO in 8th, which is an aggressive call for him………. boxing conditioning is vastly more demanding than MMA, my $.02

          1. McGreggor would be wise to get in close, and maul , accepting some blows to deliver some himself.
            I think it will go 4.

            1. Good gameplan seb. But 49 other people (actual boxers) haven’t been able to get in close. I expect a little showboating from Floyd before he destroys Conor.

              1. No, there was a previous fight, and I do not remember the names, but the MMA fighter got in close so the boxer could not swing, and with many head buts, both became a bloody mess.

              2. This is one of the biggest joke of a boxing fight in recent history. I cannot believe people are paying $100 for this. You have of the greatest boxer in one corner against a man who never fought any professional fights! If they are not scheming people then this should be so one-sided. I do not like Mayweather but he should destroy Mcgregor easily.

              3. seb,

                Floyd is an all time great.


                “If they are not scheming people then this should be so one-sided.”

                Uh oh, that wouldn’t shock me. What’s better than a huge payday? Three huge paydays.

              4. #80, it would not shock me either if this is a set up. Can you imagine the money to be made by both sides if for some miracle that McGregor wins?! But I think Mayweather has too much ego and money to go with that. And besides, he could have done that with Pacquiao and made more money.

              5. Actually, I just surmised the kind of strategy Conor should employ to keep it even. Do not know who will win, but think it goes only 4.
                Floyd is also 40, so he is not in his prime.
                Of course, they will scheme to make it close, so they can have a rematch.

  21. As we approach the Vikings game…

    Ancient Origins website…

    “Yes, some helmeted Vikings traveled around Europe, West Asia, and even North America raiding and pillaging. It is a myth, though, that their helmets were decorated with horns, antlers, or wings. Ornamented Viking helmets entered popular culture and imagination in the 19th century when writers and artists began depicting the Scandinavian marauders wearing them.”

    I’d go for Purple People Eaters…

    1. Alan Page and Carl Eller! Oh yeah- and that guy that ran into the wrong endzone after a fumble, him too…
      I had an Alan Page jersey in high school. (and I had a Gene Washington jersey too.)

      1. actually, Jim Marshall was really good too.
        Too bad Cedric Hardman and Tommy Hart didn’t get the same press– they were awesome as well.

  22. Got my growler, my food and my couch! Ready for the fight. My brain says Mayweather. My heart says McGregor. I like pulling for the underdog so I’ll go with McGregor and a KO in the 3rd, though I’d like to get my 99.99’s worth and see it goes the distance. I doubt Mayweather can knock out McGregor so if my prediction of a McGregor KO in any round doesn’t happen, I think it will go the distance. As far as the Niner game, I just want to see error free football with no significant injuries. Not worried about the score. Kyle isn’t going to show anything for Carolina to digest. When they are in run formation, they’ll run. When they’re in pass formation, they’ll pass. Very vanilla. Same with the defense. Basic. Keep it simple, stupid, and clean. Get out of there healthy.

    1. Dang, had to do a rock walkway, and it took a lot longer than I thought. Drove past RRBC, and the line was 20 people long just to get in the door.
      Still have time tomorrow, I guess.

  23. This is the more familiar Jared Goff! The one half of preseason play that actually matters, and Goff lays an egg. One of the worst NFL passes you will ever see. And a strip TD? Come on man!

      1. Dig you see Goff pick #80? It was an OMG how bad is that throw? kind of play! And this kid gets stripped and tackled far too easily. I don’t know if he needs to get physically stronger or not? Might be the skinniest armed QB in the league?

        Could be another QB controversy brewing for the Rams. Dickerson calling for Mannion.

          1. And like Alex, he’s on his 2nd NFL OC and system in 2 seasons….hopefully the system merry-go-round stops here for him….

            1. But Goff has one advantage over Alex’s early days– no Mike Nolan to screw up the offense by demanding abolishment of the forward pass and forcing the team to wear leather helmets.

    1. As ‘bad’ as Goff was:

      1. He hung tough in the pocket multiple times despite a o-line that clearly can’t pass block.
      2. He did make some very spot-on, YAC enhancing good throws.
      3. Under pressure he kept his eyes downfield and looked to get the ball into the hands of his playmakers.
      4. He avoided a couple of sacks with his legs while extending the passing play.

      All-in-all, it wasn’t all bad. Rough as heck because he did some things wrong. But I think most of the crapping on Goff is tainted with some homerism.

      EDIT: Also, considering he was on a team coached by Fisher and Jimmy Raye/Geep Chryst Level clowns… You should consider this to be, more-or-less, his rookie year. I’m sure he learned little last year with all the coaching turmoil and incompetency.

      1. I think the Rams will be tough to beat because they do have a talented defense, and Gurley looked good. The Ram’s WRs look like an upgrade from last year.
        Goff will be thrown to the wolves, and he may struggle, but he looked better than last season.

    1. 80.
      In my opinion, it was neither. The first 6 rds were scripted. The announcers kept giving Conner effusive props for landing punches that looked like slaps. Mayweather kept walking right through Conner’ punches because there was no chance of being hurt by them.

      Mayweather turned it on in the 6 rd and the fight was pretty much done from that point. This was a total scripted act from the announcers, referee and of course the fighters.
      For a fight that was highly promoted as boxing vs mma, not allowing Conner to use his mma skills made the match a complete sham.
      That said, I’m a sucker for the spectacular – yes, I paid for it!

        1. I thought Conor could only win if he closely engaged Floyd, and could land a big punch early.
          Once it went past 4, Conor ran out of steam. He was throwing marshmallows.

    2. #80, that was one of the worst fight I have seen and I have been watching boxing since the 80’s. If you blured their faces and showed me the video of the fight I would say this is a terrible amateur fight.

      1. I think Mayweather looking old and slow sunk the fight. I never expected McGregor to look great, but he did better than I thought he would in the early rounds. I think it’s safe to say that Floyd retired at the right time. He was ripe for the picking tonight.

  24. I don’t see why everyone is giving Conor so much credit. He landed some shots but the reality was it was just activity. None of them had any real power to them. The fact that Floyd walked him down told me that he didnt respect Conors power at all.
    Conor did win a couple of early rounds but that was mostly because Floyd didn’t throw anything. Floyd only threw 6 punches in the first round.

    1. Everyone was predicting Floyd would destroy Conor, and it did not happen. Neither fighter shined. Conor deserves a lot of credit to last as long as he did. He beat all expectations for lasting 10 rounds.
      Hopefully, Floyd will realize that he was very fortunate, and that at 40, he is a shell of his former self. Many 25 year old fighters could probably defeat Floyd, because he just does not have a punch, and he could not out run a younger boxer. He was smart to choose an opponent who never boxed before.
      Glad they stopped the fight when they did, because Conor was helpless, and it would have been like beating a dead horse.
      Hopefully, we will be spared a rematch, because it did look like amateur night.

        1. Cassie, I am a sports fan, and sports in general does interest me, even though boxing will eventually collapse due to the inherent dangers and results.
          Some guy died in the ring within the past year. It is hard to minimize the dangers when the whole purpose is to deliver a concussive blow to the opponent.
          I think Football is violent. Saleh extols violence. I also think that football can be played safer, and dangerous aspects can be minimized with better coaching and stricter rules.

    2. Shoup,
      I had a sense that Mayweather could have knocked out McGregor anytime in the fight. There would have been an outrage by fans echoed around the fighting world had the fight ended very early. With so much money involved in this match I believe that promoters on both sides decided (scripted) to give fans at least 5-6 rds of what some people have called a competitive fight.
      This fight was a joke on many levels and the joke is on me for buying the Kool-Aid.

  25. Watched the highlights of some of the preseason games, and was actually impressed with some of the third string QBs.
    If the Niners do not sign the QB I really want, they should look at Kevin Hogan and Joe Callahan, if they are cut.

    1. Gee Seb, who do you really want? Of the two players you singled out by name (only the two you named, not your man crush), who would fit Shanahan’s system best?

      1. Well, since you asked, Kaep would be superior to every present Niner QB, and half the starters in the league. That is who I really want.
        Bortles is not a good QB, but he was named the starter because his backup is even worse. Both Goff and Siemian threw the ball like the DB was the intended receiver. Savage may be replaced by Watson before too long. Jets QBs were drek. Buffalo may have QB problems. I was impressed by Cooper Rush, an early draft crush I touted before.
        The whole premise that Kaep would not fit into KS’s system is laughable, especially since KS had the QBs roll out and run bootlegs. That would be playing towards Kaep’s strengths. To say the Read Option is dead is obtuse, since I see other teams employ that tactic all the time. Seahawks and Boykin used the RO,and he was unstoppable in his first game. If KS wants a QB who can throw on the run, Kaep is the ideal candidate. It does not need to be run every play, but it would be wise to have that option in their arsenal, because it would make the defense scheme and plan to try to stop it. Having a play that threatens to run or pass will make the defense have to consider both, and they will not be able to stack 8 in the box and dare them to pass.
        KS should also want a mobile QB because he can elude the pass rush. KS should want a QB who can shrug off arm tackles because he can avoid being easily sacked. KS should want Kaep, who can score from anywhere on the field because he can out run the safeties. KS is no dummy, and he may want a dual threat QB, who could take the league by storm because he can beat teams with his arm or his legs.
        Kaep may do well with the Niners because they have strived hard to improve the O line. The RB situation has been upgraded with good depth, and they signed battle tested and battle hardened FA WRs, so Kaep may actually have some one to throw to.
        KS may declare that he does not want to bother trying to utilize a QB with Kaep’s skills, but Kaep would give the Niners their best chance to win.
        KS may pontificate that he is wanting to go in a different direction, but Kaep want go in a direction towards the Super Bowl.
        KS may state that that he wants a QB to fit his system, and I think Kaep would be an ideal QB for his system. But I also think that KS could take any QB, and make him better. Ideally, it would be nice to have a QB who fits exactly what KS wants, but in the real world, those QBs are hard to find, and the present QBs will soon show their limitations.
        The previous 2 Niner HCs tried to force Kaep into being only a pocket passer. That was like putting an Abrams tank in a pit. I think KS is competent enough to utilize QBs correctly, and will scheme to their strengths, not their weaknesses.
        KS is blowing smoke to say he is lazy and does not want to even try to utilize Kaep. He is letting his emotions control his thinking.
        I sure hope Lynch will be the grownup in the room, and open that door, because Lynch really wants to win, and Kaep would instantly improve their chances to win.
        Thanks again for the opportunity to talk about Kaep. I assumed you would have been getting sick of me talking about him, but you are a gift that keeps on giving. Of those 2 other QBs mentioned, I think the Packers will keep Joe Callahan, so Hogan may be the best option, since the Browns have Kizer, Osweiler and Kessler.

        1. You really are funny!
          “KS should also want a mobile QB because he can elude the pass rush. KS should want a QB who can shrug off arm tackles because he can avoid being easily sacked. KS should want Kaep, who can score from anywhere on the field because he can out run the safeties. KS is no dummy, and he may want a dual threat QB, who could take the league by storm because he can beat teams with his arm or his legs.”

          Funny he was sacked 36 times per 331 attempts which actually puts him in the top 10 for 2016 sacks and among the highest per attempts. The team did not score very often last year so I’m not sure he helped in that category either. I’m not sure that KS is that big a dummy.

          Before you blame Baalke remember you stated that Kap could do all these things alone. Didn t say he needed help. He could do this all on his own.

          1. East, I cannot help it if the Niner O linemen acted like turnstiles. I think they were ranked dead last in pass protection.
            I did not say that the QB could go out singly on the field, hike the ball and throw to himself. He needed 10 other players to help him succeed. That help was not forthcoming.
            Baalke not only sat on his hands and did nothing, he re-signed DEVEY.

        2. Lots of good recommendations for Lynch and Shanahan, Seb. You putting money on them taking any, hahaha? How long have you been harping on bringing back Kap? How’s that working out for you?
          Freaking Flat Earth Society balderdash.

          1. BT, remember, I am THAT guy.
            I am happy. I previously posted 10 things Lynch should do during the draft, and he did 9 out of 10 things.
            With all the attrition in the league, there will be opportunities, and some QBs will pull a Gabbert and bench themselves. If you think Bortles is better than Kaep, it just confirms your lack of football knowledge.

              1. You are so contemptible, sending out fellow soldiers out on point to take that first bullet because you did not want to die.

              2. Sebbie… Time for you to create another story where you proved yourself yet again–to the astonishment and adoration of many. There was the oil rig story, the rock moving story, the chainsaw miracle, the bar confrontation. Kinda like a Munchausen Syndrome thing…

                Tell us another! That way, you’ll feel better and we’ll be fawning over you. Please…

              3. Sebbie as Piñata… Nice imagery. Has a large target painted on the front and back saying ‘C’mon, I can take it”

      1. I’m hoping for the best. I believe the 9ers will have a good game, but a special teams boo boo gives Minnesota the win.

        Soon the preseason will be a distant memory and we’ll be in mid-October.

  26. I will do an hour-long pregame report on Periscope today at 3:30, and a 20-minute post-game report on Periscope immediately following the game.

        1. I sure hope the team stops giving head slaps like I have been seeing other teams do when one of their players makes a play.
          I noticed the Niners continued the practice, but they are just touching the head, not giving brain jarring head slaps.

    1. John Lynch did. He even took my suggestion and obtained second and third round 2018 draft picks, something many other posters thought was impossible.
      When Lynch put on his Trader Bill Hat, was aggressive, and had fun, I thought he tipped his cap to me.

      1. Yes! According to Sebbie, the GM reads his posts then acts accordingly (Lynch can’t think for himself). Sebbie also asserts that Kaep wants to take a team to the SB, and Shanahan does not.

        Sebbie also auditioned for the King Leonidas part for the movie ‘300’–and got the part, only to have to withdraw a week later to have his wisdom teeth removed.

        “Xerxes: You Greeks take pride in your logic. I suggest you employ it. Consider the beautiful land you so vigorously defend. Picture it reduced to ash at my whim! Consider the fate of your women!
        King Leonidas: Clearly you don’t know our women! I might as well have marched them up here, judging by what I’ve seen.”

  27. Hard to believe those ‘roughneck’ stories of Seb, when he slaps like McGregor while being riddled with ‘haymakers’ on this site ?

      1. MG is a lot smarter than you, because if he had done that, he would have lost millions of dollars. MG is laughing all the way to the bank.

    1. I certainly did not go into the well drilling business as a career move, but my efforts allowed me to pay off all my student loans.
      And no, you all have not laid a finger on me. You may think you landed a haymaker, but it was another whiff, since I am still standing, and posting. Many have learned their lesson and stopped engaging me. In fact, many have begged me to stop engaging the trolls, so they have given up, and realize that their puny efforts just backfire on them. You cannot hurl insults and invective, and not paint yourself as emo and immature.
      Also, nobody on this site has even conjectured how I moved a 3 ton boulder 12 feet, because they cannot think of a way to do it without a crane.

  28. Cousins numbers since becoming the Redskins starting QB are certainly anything but mediocre. We’ll see if he can continue to put up great numbers again this season.

    1. Personally, I am holding judgment until I see Hoyer this season……. I would prefer he manage a QBR of around 90 and allow the 49ers to invest in a #1 WR, Guard, Center and possibly Corner depending upon how Witherspoon develops.

  29. Cassie, don’t forget all the other Seb stories. The protests at Berkley stories, the war protests wherever the hell they were, the “I had season tickets and went to all the playoff games in the ’80’s stories including the “catch” game, and the “I’m a grower” nonsense! I had a friend growing up that reminds me of Seb. Nice guy, but literally the biggest “fibber” (or a word that rhymes with mullsmitter) I’ve ever known. He used to tell people he fought in Vietnam when he was never even a cub scout, along with other elaborate fantasies. His father, who was like my second dad, used to say, “Rick would “mullsmit” the wings off a parrot”! I think that description applies to Seb. But it’s actually entertaining reading, so I hope Seb keeps it up. Maybe he can tell us about being in the Merchant Marines or that he built homes in Ghana for Habitat for Humanity in between walking the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s all humorous and harmless, except for maybe that poor parrot!

    Dx, like I’ve said before, Seb is like the boxer who gets pummeled for 12 rounds and when the final bell rings he walks around the ring with his hands held high in victory, even when it’s beyond obvious that he has been beaten badly. We’ve all seen it. It’s quite sad, but entertaining! It’s evident that we are dealing with someone who is constantly striving for approval, conjuring up trades and lineups and player evals, player history, 10 point plans, and other mundane trivia, all in an effort to prove his football intelligence. Then, after all that mind numbing info, most of which he googles, he continues his idiotic infatuation with Kaep, a mediocre NFL quarterback who will be only known in the annals of football history for his sideline activism, not his play. Having said that, I still like the guy. He’s harmless, never uses derogatory language, though the thesaurus inspired vocabulary is a bit much.

    1. Thanks for the material! I’m putting together “The Ballad of Sebbie Nynah”, sung to the tune of “Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier.” I should have it ready by the second week of the season. Could be done earlier but I have more important things to do…

      The tune…


    2. Juan, I have never never lied about my experiences, because there is no reason to. Believe me or not, I have been tear gassed in Berkeley. One summer, I supplied my college room mate along the Pacific Coast Trail, resupplying him a Tuolumne Meadows, waited until he called from Kirkwood, and walked Desolation Valley with him after meeting up at Echo Lake. I left him at Alpine Meadows, hitchhiked back to my car at Echo Lake, and met him again at Norden. He only made it to Sierra Buttes because school started again, but I did hike part ways on the PCT, not the whole thing. I did help with Habitat for Humanity, but only lent my expertise to the landscape irrigation, and donated fruit trees for edible landscaping.
      Go ahead, keep up your screeds against Kaep. I am counting on him to sign with a team, and take the league by storm, again. These other QBs are proving my point every time they fail.
      Many deride my suggestions, but when Lynch utilized 9 out of 10 things I wrote, I do not need the approval of the peanut gallery. I will continue to make suggestions, because I am hoping they can improve. These last 22 years have been painful, except for a small window during the JH era, when they became relevant again.

  30. Lol!! Can’t wait Cassie!! It’ll be the theme song for the season!! By pure coincidence, I just went to Don’s (the “mullsmitter’s dad) funeral and ran into Rick of course, and the first thing he told me is he is building a house for himself, by himself, back east somewhere. His brother looked at him and said, “your so full of “smit” Rick, STFU!! We all had a big laugh!! Some things never change. Neither will Seb!!

    As for tonight, as I said, play error free, avoid injuries, and escape healthy. The score is irrelevant, but for those who insist: SF 24 MINN 21

    1. Ha! I think the 9ers will play strong, just have a nagging feeling concerning our kick/punt coverage in the 2nd half.

      1. Sebbie… Don’t be so modest! Your anthem is the theme from Shaft…

        “They say that cat Sebbie is a bad motha f……”

        1. Who is the man that would risk his neck for his roughneck bro? (Sebbie)
          Can ya dig it?

          Who’s the cat that won’t cop out when there’re big rocks all about? (Sebbie)
          Right on!

  31. I know this isn’t baseball. But just ****ing DFA Matt Cain. Just DFA him. He’s worthless. 8 run is 2/3rds of an inning. It was a joke.

    Anyway, I just the second great pitching effort in as many days go for naught. Yesterday, no offense. Today, no offense and Cain’s complete **** 2/3rds of an inning. The Giants, despite Moore & Cain, are tied for 3rd in the MLB in Quality Starts.

  32. If Hoyer can continue to play he has been playing, I do not mind if Kaep is still blackballed. All I want is competent play, and Hoyer has delivered.
    That fly sweep was BLOWN UP, lol.
    Niner defense is way improved over last year. Saleh has them playing disciplined, fast and with thump.

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