49ers’ Pro Bowl summary: Second quarter

The score is tied at 17-17 as the teams head to their locker rooms at halftime. Here is how the 49ers’ representatives fared in the second quarter of the Pro Bowl:


TE Vernon Davis: Made a 9-yard catch on third-and-3 for a first down. . . . A couple plays later, he occupied AFC cornerback Champ Bailey as a blocker on a short pass to DeSean Jackson, which resulted in a 7-yard TD. . . . He was called for a facemask while trying to tackle Lamar Woodley on an interception return, but Woodley’s touchdown was nullified by an AFC penalty. Davis‘ penalty resulted in offsetting fouls. . . . Played on punt coverage unit, and didn’t seem to want a whole lot to do with Josh Cribbs on a 65-yard return near the end of the first half. In the first half, Davis had two catches for 45 yards.


RB Frank Gore: Played five snaps toward the end of the first half. He rushed twice for 4 yards. Ravens’ defensive tackle Haloti Ngata stopped him for a 2-yard gain on a fourth-and-3 play. . . . He failed to hold onto Donovan McNabb pass that was thrown behind him on a third-down play over the middle, but miked-up AFC linebacker Ray Lewis said he would’ve had an interception if Gore had not gotten a hand on it.


PBAndyLee.jpgP Andy Lee
: Held for one extra point . . . Had one punt attempt. From the NFC 46-yard line, he booted a 54-yarder that Cribbs caught at the goal line. Cribbs returned it 65 to the NFC 35.


DL Justin Smith: Played about 10 snaps. There is not much emphasis on the pass rushers to get to the quarterback in this game. The only time he appeared to make a real effort to get to the QB was on a fourth-and-8 when he did a spin move on Alan Faneca and got near David Garrard as he was throwing an incomplete pass with :54 remaining in the half.


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