49ers select power back with sixth-round pick (No. 182)

The 49ers got their third running back with their first selection on Saturday, selecting Mississippi State running back Anthony Dixon.

Dixon (6-0, 236) is the kind of big back the 49ers prefer. He was a first-team all-SEC pick after leading the conference in rushing with 1,391 yards and 12 touchdowns. The 49ers picked him in the sixth round with the No. 173 selection.


Dixon is a powerful runner who keeps alive the team’s theme of being “physical with an ‘F’ ” — whatever that means. Backup Glen Coffee was a third-round pick last year. He has gained some weight and expects to be around 10 pounds heavier. Dixon is a serious threat to Coffee’s status as the team’s backup to Frank Gore.


 * * *


Dixon is the oldest of five brothers, he said. His life has been a struggle, as he, his brothers and mother went homeless twice, he said. He is trying to provide for the family. This is a dream come true for Dixon, who said he is a huge fan of the 49ers.


“I’ve watched the 49ers,” Dixon said. “They’re my favorite team. You can ask anybody I know. I’ve been preaching the 49ers. This is a dream come true.”


* * *


Dixon believes he can be an every-down back. Although he believes he was worthy of being a first-round draft pick, Dixon said he just tried to be patient as he went unclaimed through the first five rounds of the draft.


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