49ers: Singletary has not met with Pacman

Representatives of the 49ers have spoken to free-agent Adam “Pacman” Jones, but coach Mike Singletary was not represent, a team spokesman said.


Team representatives (I don’t know specifically which individuals) attended the memorial service for Ahmad Brooks’ father recently. On that trip, team reps visited several people in Louisiana, including Jones. That is as far as things have gone. The reps visited other players in the area, such as 49ers safety Curtis Taylor.

Jones was scheduled to have a pro-day style workout today in New Orleans. (But even Pacman didn’t attend, according to the Times-Picayune.) (Upon further review, Pacman works out, after all.) Singletary was at the 49ers’ team offices on Friday before hitting the road to attend the 49ers’ 10th annual Celebrity Winter Fest at The Resort at Squaw Creek. The event is a fund-raiser for the 49ers Foundation.


* * *


Free-agent tackle Barry Sims has wrapped up his visit with the Washington Redskins and returning to the Bay Area, where he’ll discuss his options with his wife.


The Redskins are in contract talks for Sims’ services. The 49ers remain in the picture. Sims is expected to make a decision in the coming days.


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Free-agent guard Chester Pitts arrived in the Bay Area last night after making a stop to visit with the Detroit Lions. He is meeting with 49ers coaches and officials today.


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