49ers sort out their roles post-McCloughan

The NFL is three weeks into its free-agent signing period. The draft is less than five weeks away. And the 49ers do not have an acting general manager.

How will the 49ers cope during this crucial period of time without Scot McCloughan?

–McCloughan headed up the 49ers’ player personnel and scouting departments. The No. 2 in
Baalke.jpgcharge was Trent Baalke, the team’s director of player personnel. Before McCloughan was promoted to the title of GM in 2008, he held the role that Baalke currently fills. Baalke was the 49ers’ West region scout before his promotion in ’08.

Baalke, obviously, slides up a notch into the main role, though it is unclear whether he will take on a new title any time soon.

–Mike Singletary has gotten more and more involved in the draft process. He wanted to be everywhere during the NFL Scouting Combine last month. He is making a ton of phone calls to draft prospects, and conducts background checks, too. Singletary has also been on the road for some pro days.

As the dominant personality in the 49ers’ organization, Singletary’s voice grows even more commanding as the draft nears.

–Tom Gamble has held the title of pro personnel director with the 49ers for the past five years. Prior to joining the 49ers, Gamble was a college scout with the Colts from 1998 to 2004. His name periodically comes up in the rumor mill for jobs around the league.

Gamble’s primarily role is in free agency. When guard Chester Pitts visited last week, Gamble took the lead. His job is to be well-versed on every NFL roster and have a grasp on how/if established NFL players who become available can assist the 49ers.

Paraag.jpg–Many around the league wonder if how much the 49ers will expand the role of Paraag Marathe, who was promoted more than a month ago to executive vice president of football and business operations.

The Eagles in January made 34-year-old Howie Roseman their GM. Roseman’s began with the Eagles as their lead figure in salary-cap matters. Some view the Eagles as a template for what the 49ers might ultimately consider with Marathe.

Marathe is the 49ers’ cap man and their lead negotiator. He also spends game days in the coaches’ box, where he assists Singletary with game management, challenges and rules interpretations. It’s not out of the question to think at some point Marathe could become 49ers general manager.

* * *

Based who who has represented the 49ers in the past at the annual owners meeting, the following group is expected to be in Orlando as part of the 49ers contingent through Wednesday morning: owners Denise and John York, president and CEO Jed York, Singletary, Marathe, and executive vice president of football administration Lal Heneghan.

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