49ers’ stock report: players on the decline

Yes, if there are blue-chip stocks on the 49ers roster right now, others are clearly faltering. Here are some players who have not been treated well by Mike Singletary’s training camp thus far.

ILB Scott McKillop and OLB Ahmad Brooks: The 49ers have not announced a roster move on either player thus far. But McKillop is almost certainly lost for the season with a torn patellar tendon and ACL in his left knee. Brooks will be evaluated in two weeks to see if his kidney is bleeding; the team may make a decision on his season then. (ESPN’s Mike Sando presents a good medical analysis here.) Training camp always brings its unfortunate injuries. So far, McKillop and Brooks are the biggest victims.

WR Brandon Jones and OLB Travis LaBoy: Unlike McKillop and Brooks, neither Jones (hamstring) nor LaBoy (concussion) is expected to be out for long. But both of these veterans are battling for roster spots, and both were hindered by injuries during OTAs. In other words, they don’t enjoy much margin of error, so even a few days lost could prove disastrous.

QB Nate Davis: To be fair, Davis hasn’t received a ton of reps in team period; it must be hard for a quarterback to find his rhythm in such circumstances. That said, he continues to make the occasional mental error (he let the play clock run to :00 during 2-minute drill yesterday) and off-target or wobbly throw. It isn’t the progress many Niners fans were hoping for in Davis’ second year.

WRs Ted Ginn and Jason Hill: These are two of the 49ers’ fastest receivers, and they certainly will get every chance to integrate themselves into the offense. But Ginn and Hill continue to demonstrate the flaw that has hindered their NFL careers: They don’t catch the ball consistently. Ginn, in fact, has been good for about a drop a day.

OLB Keaton Kristick: Not to pile on a guy who was a long shot from the outset, but the undrafted rookie from Oregon State looks like cannon fodder during the nutcracker and blocking drills. Kristick simply isn’t strong enough to take on the likes of Moran Norris or Jehuu Caulcrick.

T Matt Kopa: The Kristick of the offense. Kopa, the undrafted Stanford rookie, has had a very difficult time neutralizing opponents in mano-a-mano technique drills like the nutcracker.

T/G Adam Snyder: His versatility and professionalism give him a good chance to make the final roster. But Snyder no doubt yearns for more. If rookie Anthony Davis struggled mightily at right tackle, Snyder might have clung to his starting job. Instead, Davis is running with the first team just a week into camp, and Snyder is firmly entrenched with the No. 2s.

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