49ers unveil stadium web site

Think the 49ers were confident of victory in the Measure J vote?

They had a billboard printed up, all ready to be set in place at the site of the proposed 68,500-seat stadium off of Tasman Drive and bathed in light in the wee hours of election night. And they had a web site designed, one click away from reality as the votes were tallied.

The team unveiled 49ersnewstadium.com this morning. The site explains ticket-purchasing priorities and offers renderings of the future arena. My favorite image has Photoshopped fans happily eating noodles in a lounge while fully uniformed players walk through the space in the background. I thought it was a mistake, but apparently the exclusive Field Club section will allow you to watch players go from locker room to field. Wow.

As for the seats, season-ticket holders will get priority. If you want to join the fun, the 49ers are encouraging you to buy season tickets to games at antiquated Candlestick Park this season. Otherwise, you can use the web site to put your name on a waiting list (with a $100-per-seat deposit), presumably for 2014.

FYI: The lower bowl of the new stadium will include more than 45,000 seats; the site calls it one of the largest lower bowls in the NFL. The plans call for no traditional club mezzanine level, meaning that upper-deck seats will be closer to the field. There will be approximately 9,000 club seats, and 150 suites on three separate levels, mostly on the west side of the stadium.

But enough of this nonsense. We need the important information. What would the new press box look like?

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