NFL’s impressions of the top-50 draft prospects

One of the best reporters in the country, Bob McGinn, spoke off the record with NFL personnel executives and scouts and got their impressions of the top-50 prospects in the upcoming draft.

Here is a brief excerpt about cornerback Bradley Roby from McGinn’s report: “When you talk about quickness, speed, athletic ability, change of direction, he’s got all that. Then he just gets beat every game. It’s mental.”

To read the full report, click here.

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  1. I noticed that Jimmie Ward didn’t make any of his lists. I guess he isn’t considered a top 50 prospect yet, sounds good to me, I’d take him in the late second round for sure.

  2. I saw under the previous blog post, Jack said that Cooks ran two 4.30 40′s (unofficial). If that’s true, I wonder how the scout claimed that Cooks “is more quick than fast” is feeling about that statement right about now.

  3. Cooks, looks very interesting another guy that I think made some money today was Jordan Matthews, on film it look like PSU’s Robinson was faster but it certainly didnt look that way in the 40. Their shuttle times could help clear a lot of this up.
    Scouts may also say Matthews played against a higher caliber of opposition in SEC so it was harder for him to get separation.
    ( I dont believe it as I still think its a top heavy conference.)

  4. Great article Grant thanks for linking it.

    What jumps out most to me is Evans arm length. With his height and arm length, he’d be unstoppable in the red zone.

    Also not surprised by the views on Roby. He’s the most talented CB in the draft and he’s also the most undiciplined. You take him if you believe you can Coach that out of him.

    Cooks just pushed himself up with the times today. More quick than fast? Umm ok.

  5. What caught my eye is that both scouts dump on all the cornerbacks except verett from TCU. I know that there is never a surefire pick at corner because u dont know how a guy will transition but seeing that doesn’t make me feel super confident in taking a CB with that 30th pick. Hopefully we can get a mid level FA on a good deal and take our chances at CB in the 2-4th rounds

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