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  1. Grant,

    Excellent inside info., thx.

    However, now that both teams, offensively, are mirror images of one another, the 49ers may still have the worst receiving corps in the NFL.

    So we have to compare defenses. I will defer to the legion of doom and their DC over Oneil and our wasted # 1 picks who line up in a 3/4 as space eaters, offering little to no pass rush—what wasted # ones by Baalke…The Dynasty 49ers picking lower got Stubblefield, Bryant Young, Charles Halely who really brought the heat.

    Baalke drafts 2 top ten linemen (space eaters) who defer to supplemental draft picks (brooks) or 7th rounders (Lynch) for a pass rush–Brilliance….Then pays 40 million for a WR (Smith) who never touches the football, and was ranke 48th in the fantasy drafts this year (brilliant, Trent).

    I’m including the 12th man in may analysis, legion of doom, and underrated defensive front; the fact that the 49ers have lost 9 of their last 10 road games, a mediocre Gab’s and this is Custer’s Last Stand.

    1. Speaking of top 10 draftees, Trent, can we ever have a Pro Bowler when your selections are that high?

      The Dynast 49ers selected a player at # 8 who goes down as, argueably, the best Free Safety in NFL history, Ronnie Lott….Many of you are to young to remember that Walsh pick.

      1. Grant, I agree with you on all points except the final score.
        S.F. 31
        Sea. 3
        The Niner offense will have a decent day. Hyde will rebound from last week, assuming he doesn’t fumble. Kerley will be used heavily over the middle short. Also, Sherman is beatable when he doesn’t have Safety help. If we complete passes over the middle to Kerley and Vance, it will leave Sherman on an island. Advantage Torrey.

  2. Tuna,

    I have an idea…Fax Trent and Jed. Tell them you bought three 49er Jersies: Buckner, Armstead, and Torrey Smiths.

    Tell both you spent well over 300.00 in support of the team. I’m sure they will appreciate a suck as- like you.

    1. The Seahawks still do, however, boast the league’s No. 1 defense in fewest points and yards allowed. They haven’t coughed up 20 points to the 49ers at CenturyLink Field since 2008, and the 49ers have been shut out twice there since 2004.

  3. Worst thing they could do would be to make assumptions on the capability of players that are listed as questionable. The Seahawks offensive line woes are familiar, but the 49ers have yet to benefit. I thought Michael was averaging 5 yards a carry, and you forgot to mention who will be matching up against Graham. 31-13 Seahawks

    College Gameday had a nice piece on McCaffery today. Hope the 49ers can get him….

  4. Tom, Stubblefield and Young, both 1st round picks ( 26th and 7th). Only Haley was not a 1st rounder (4th rd, 96th overall). Get off Seattle’s nuts, they played the Rams and Miami, not exactly top O’s or D’s for that matter, im sure the seattle D didn’t become great overnight either. While I agree Balke should be gone, I would like to see this D more before I call it a failure

    1. Sac,

      Being honest here, you’ve got Ray, Ray Armstrong on IR, who beat out Wilhoite (now our starting reserve.

      Armstrong was a converted Safety–good in coverage–Wilhoite’s weakness.

      Armstrong beat out Wilhoite because Wilhoite is often found in the wrong hole, or blocked into the wrong hole and is a pass coverage disaster.

      I’m simply offering game day analysis, what are you doing?

      1. Also,

        It’s clear that Carolina focused on only our run game. Shut down Kelly’s inside zone read with 8 in the box because we don’t have a playmaker at WR, and you shut down the Niners……Hyde had 34 yds. rushing…..

        Seattle’s # 1 Ranked D will copy Carolina’s winning formula.

  5. Am I the only one getting redirected to a site that says I need to pay to subscribe to the online content?

    I mean, I like reading Grants opinion but I’m not going to pay for it when every other local option is free.

  6. Tom, so the team upgraded at linebacker. What im doing is letting you know from your previous comments that the Dynasty didn’t get those players late, and that the Seattle D maybe top stat wise, but they still lost, and to see who they played in those two games. If you want to compare, compare from common teams played. Seattle played the Rams and Miami, again not offensive juggernauts. Common team here: Rams, who the Niners beat 28-0.
    Then onto Carolina, arguably the best team in the NFC, who imho the team in the first half held their own against. Im just not all doom and gloom(yet).

  7. God I hope not Tom, Seattle is a dropped pass from being 0-2. And I would venture to think that the Niner D is better than Miami’s and LA’s. I’ll agree with you on copying the formula, but I don’t see Seattle scoring anywhere near the points Carolina Scored. I like the young DB’s on the field, also there is no 6’5″
    pass catcher on the Hawks, that along with a gimpy Wison, gives the team a chance. But that’s why they play the game.

  8. Wilson has had another week for the ankle to improve so although I doubt he’s 100% he’s still likely better then last week. Neither of our QB’s can do figure 8’s even when they are 100% healthy so Wilson being hobbled only makes them even in that department, it doesn’t give SF the edge.

    “And he most likely will face Niners’ third-year cornerback Jimmie Ward, one of the best young players on the team. ” o.O Wow, that’s just plain shameless. I can’t even begin to count how many times you’ve bashed Ward and I’m only talking about in the last game alone.

    No team is going to face trouble against our DB’s. Our corners can make bad ankles look good.

    I see two teams that are actually pretty close right now but only because one is suffering from injuries. Seattle will have the advantage still because they have a better QB then either of our 2 and they’re at home. I’m expecting a close fought game with Seattle edging it out by less then 3.

    1. No team is going to face trouble against our DB’s. Our corners can make bad ankles look good.

      Is now a bad time to say the 49ers secondary is rated as one of the better ones so far this season? I provided a link to that information earlier in the week.

      1. I think that’s indicative of better coaching, MWD. I think the secondary and offensive line have benefited the most from the coaching changes….

      2. Is now a bad time to point out that rankings after only two weeks are pretty meaningless. What isn’t meaningless is that in week 1 we faced a bad QB that played, badly and in week 2 our secondary was shredded.

        1. Hey CfC (a.k.a. Constantly-Fuc_ing-Complaining), is it a bad time to point out that it’s meaningless to simply say that “in week 1 we faced a bad QB that played badly”, and that “in week 2 our secondary was shredded” without any kind of context to back it up and make your point?

          The 49ers made Case Keenum look bad on Monday night? These things don’t happen in a vacuum! The 49ers had the Ram’s QB confused all night long, and had consistent pressure in Case’s face. The 49ers defense made him so uncomfortable, Keenum told reporters he was “seeing ghosts.”

          Same thing for the Panthers game. Where’s the context? I don’t care what kind of scheme you are using, or how much talent you have in your secondary, if you let the opposing QB get comfortable in the pocket, and give them all day long to find open receivers, your defensive backfield is going to get “shredded.” That’s the same for 31 other teams dude. On top of that, Cam dropped a few “dimes” on some very well covered receivers, who came away with receptions that, more often than not, usually fall incomplete.

          Again, I know you like to be negative, and I know you are one of these people who aren’t happy unless you are unhappy! But if you are going to continue to drag this forum down with your negativity, maybe you can at least do it with some context, so you don’t come across as a total crybaby?

          1. And the same applies to MWD.

            “No team is going to face trouble against our DB’s. Our corners can make bad ankles look good.”

            That’s weak sauce dude! I don’t know what team you are watching or following, but this secondary has talent. Again, if you can’t pressure the opposing QB, it doesn’t matter who is playing in your secondary. That’s a fact!

            1. You might want to go back and read MWD’s comment again, cranky pants. He was countering CfC’s statement about the DBs being bad.

            2. 49 you do get that this is a blog of opinions and you don’t get to police everyone that disagrees with your Polyanna view right? I tell my kids all the time don’t fight reality. You’re entitled to watch and see the 49ers in a positive light. Those other guys don’t need anyone to defend them, but they both often see through the misplaced hype or misplaced ire. Fans don’t have to overlook their teams flaws to be fans. We love them flaws and all. Last year people went all polyanna about Tomsula’s team. By game 6 those same people were going crazy because the difference expectation and reality is dissappointment. Some of us prefer to limit unfounded or blind fanship. I want the 49ers to win tomorrow I think we’ll score 14-19 and beat the Hawks who score 10-15.

          2. With posts like this it’s not me that’s dragging down the forum. You need a timeout, clearly somebody missed their nap today. If you could only see how badly you represent yourself with your little tirades here. You think you’re proving your point but in reality all you do is make yourself look bad.

          1. I guess I should amend Week 3. Wilson is a good QB. I was thinking about his injuries, but the fact is he is accurate. But what kind of pass rush will we mount?

            1. George, I hope the Niners do more stunts on the left side.

              I also hope Armstead can tackle the QB when he has a free run at him. Looks like Buck is a keeper, he has played more snaps than most of the team.

              I hope the front 4 get their hands in the air for a tip, since RW is so small.

  9. Our offense will hinge on the ability to punish defenses for stacking the box (or charging the box at the snap). This is the question for the whole season. If Gabbert can, we will have a run game this season.

    This game will hinge on which team hits the big pass play and turnovers.

    Which quarterback is more likely to hit on a long pass play…
    A) Gabbert vs the Seahawks secondary?
    B) A limpy Wilson vs the 49ers secondary?

      1. Grant

        I say that the niners will rise up and smack the ‘hawks 30-22…chiefly on the strength of the team wanting to get back to football and getting off the the politics of race relations, and backup QBs….set up some trap plays for Kam Chancellor, and some misdirection for Richard Sherman…a steady diet of short passes until they back out of the box….

        1. Yeah, you got to hold on to that spirit, you got to hold on to that pneuma. That’s the last thing to go, that’s the final hiding place, it’s the final fig leaf!

      1. The Niners have been better in the red zone this year but they have to get there first. Seattles’ window closed last year. Right now they look like a 8 and 8 team at best.

        1. Right now they look like a 8 and 8 team at best.

          Problem is, when they play the 49ers, they look like Invaders…Fighting, Invaders…Marauding.

          Set ablaze the campfires alert the other men from inland
          Warning must be given there’s not enough men here for a stand
          The Seahawks are too many too powerful to take on our own
          We must have reinforcements we cannot fight this battle alone…Forgive me; > )

  10. Grant …

    It’s refreshing .. (to say the least) .. to
    see your “snark” .. directed at the opposing
    team .. (for a change) … thanx for that ..

    Final = 23 -12 Niners

    1. “and probably seeing that this is helping to unite his locker room in many ways, too.”

      When did Kawakami become beholden to the 49ers?

  11. Good stuff Grant!

    Have you heard any more about Lockett, and the extent of his knee injury. Either way, like you said, this is a far better matchup for Ward, who didn’t play poorly last week, but simply couldn’t matchup up with Benjamin’s size! As a matter of fact, Jimmie Ward is PFF’s 3rd highest rated CB through the first 2 weeks, despite last week’s nightmare matchup (not to toot my own horn, but the irony is that Kelvin Benjamin was one of my 2014 draft crushes, and I was hoping and praying Baalke would find a way to draft him)

    It sounds like it’s your opinion that Russell Wilson is already beginning to slow down and that he isn’t the same elusive QB he once was, even if his ankle(s) were healthy. Am I right?

    I think Baalke had Wilson in mind when he drafted the twin towers. I’m not saying Armstead and Buckner were drafted as a direct counter measure to Wilson, but there is no doubt in my mind that Wilson’s 5’11” height was at least a small part of the conversation when it came to drafting those 2 first rounders. As a matter of fact, it was on my mind as I was also hoping Baalke would draft Carl Nassib (6’7″) in the 3rd round if they missed out on Buckner, or went a different direction in round 1 (Ramsey?) instead.

    If Aaron Lynch were available, I would bet my life savings on the 49ers plus the points this week!

    1. 49, Your draft crush on Benjamin was well deserved. He’s big, has great hands, and he shows up in big games. I said Sunday that nobody can guard him one on one. Ward did well, but he couldn’t stop the circus catch. He matched him step for step. The only thing I worry about this Sunday is Graham. A lot of ideas were floated on this blog last week on how to stop Olsen. None of them involved Bethea. Lets hope O”Neil learns from his mistake.

      1. I was hoping for either Benjamin or Evans in that draft. If Benjamin stays healthy he will be a great pick for Carolina.

        1. Benjamin is a huge human being and is one heck of a tough matchup. Any team would be lucky to have him.

          However, Ward has been excellent since the midway point of last year. He was a top 5 rated CB over the second half of last season, and through two weeks this year is right up there again.

  12. I was about to compliment Grant on writing an entire article without mention of Colin Kap. Then I caught a glimpse of his twitter. The obsessed derangement continues.

    Interesting article nonetheless. I would add that Russ W had problems completing passes over the Miami D line. Our D line is larger and taller. I say there are at least 4 tipped or batted pass attempts and 1 resulting in an interception. I hope we can pressure and sack but that has been a problem since Cowboy retired.

    Seawussies are not the same team without Marshawn Lynch. The question then becomes how do the Niners score? We cant win if we dont score.

  13. Well, I said before the season started that this would be the year that we finally get a win on the seahags.
    The hags are primed for a 49ers victory, but they also know the formula for beating us. We still don’t have a QB that can make a difference in a close game.
    While Grant has listed some of the deficiencies with the hawks offense it’s their defense that will likely beat the 49ers tomorrow.

    The hawks may no longer be the owners of the division but still have the horses on defense to stampede over our offense.

    1. AES, 4 TDs from what you even agree is not much of an offense seems unlikely. Sqwaks D won’t return that many pick 6s or fumbles into the end zone.

      14-6 Niners.

  14. BTW, I’m jazzed. I’m out of market in NYC. I signed up for NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV streaming service so I won’t have to watch Niners on grainy pirate feeds or hang out all day in sports bars.

    1. Rib,
      My pause is that the seahags are due for a breakout scoring game and I’m not sure if the true identity of our young defense is closer to the performance against the rams or the panthers.

      If the game is close in the 4th qrtr, then I see Wilson having the better chance at pulling out a win then Gabbert.
      Either way, I give the nod to Seattle on this one.

  15. Kizer has a lot of positives, but he’s now 1-3 on the year. The poor play of the D is a big part of why, but part of the reason is Kizer’s accuracy can be patchy. He missed some important throws on that last drive.

  16. There was no comments in this article about Seattle’s defense and especially their secondary. Remember them? I think Gabbert gets picked off once and he throws complete but short on third down most of the time. I also think Hyde gets stuffed most of the game. Niners will have a handful of three and outs, with a few good drives mixed in.

    Niners fan, but I think the outcome is Seahawks 20, Niners 13.

      1. Yes, you are right. I’m just pointing out however that the Seahawks defense may give them some very favorable field advantages that even a gimpy offense can take advantage of. Hopefully I’m wrong. I always find your articles very insightful.

        1. Thank you. That’s a good point you bring up. It seems like the Seahawks always find a way to score 30 against the Niners in Seattle.

      2. I really would like to give you credit for this article but I’m not and here’s why, first off we still have Blaine freaking Gabbert and more then likely we’ll be kicking FGs because no matter how many injury excuses your trying to make for the Seahawks they still have the LOB vs Blaine freaking Gabbert LOL So NO there’s no real advantage but hey nice try Grant. Now to the most important reason why the 9ers have so much trouble at the CHEAT-LINK is because of the 13th man(Refs).

  17. Holy Crap, thanks for that article! I haven’t laughed about anything 49ers related as hard since Jed promoted Tomsula to HC, and I’m bleedin’ black-red-gold.

    Seachickens could start their Cheerleader Squad and would still be winning double digit.

    1. Funny how Grant makes it seem like Russell Wilson needs a Cain to get around LOL I watched some of the Rams game and he seemed to move around pretty well I mean honestly the Rams do have a good defense it’s there offense that’s horrible

  18. Oh the old injury excuses.
    And this is before any games played vs each other. Basically a whole new roster, new coaching for SF so how do we know yet if they just match up better vs Seattle? LA does! And they’re not good.

    1. Notice how he doesn’t mention that the 49ers are one of the youngest teams in the NFL going up against a veteran team like the Seahawks not to mention our best pass rusher(Aaron Lynch) is not playing. Not even Jim Harbaugh with Willis,Gore, J Smith etc could win at the CHEAT-LINK LOL

  19. Niners win 24-23. Seahawks score more times but the Niners have more points.

    Still, it will be a dogfight, and the team that makes less errors will win.

  20. Grant honestly knows the 49ers are going to lose that’s why he writes this article so next week he can dog the 49ers with his negativity that the Cohn 9er hating way. Every NFL Network and so called experts has us losing big time. Nice try Grant but you can’t fool me LOL

    1. “The Truth” … is …

      All these so-called “experts” … know
      as much as the dumbest poster on this blog ..

      It’s always a crap shoot.. and they’re not right
      all of the time

      1. That’s why I put “so called experts” but my point is most of everybody has us losing and the odds of the 49ers winning are pretty slim to win at the CHEAT-LINK not even Jim Harbaugh could accomplish that feat, but I do think the 49ers can win at home against the Seahawks this year

      1. Niners have them right where they want them. Feigning weakness will make the Seahawks complacent, and hopefully the Niners can surprise them.

    2. >>Every NFL Network and so called experts has us losing big time

      Every NFL Network and so called experts is going to pick us losing every last single game. 0-16? I don’t think so.

  21. Hate to say it Cohn Man but unless our defense forces some TOs in Seahawk territory, 13 points might be a bit optimistic (minus garbage time of course). The Hawks defense is still solid and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gabbert baited into a couple pics… Unless Hyde can get it going and our front 7 can handle the Hawks 26th ranked OL, this game could get ugly.

    Hawks 27 – Niners 6

    Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

    1. They’ll shut down Mr. Hyde. Seahawks rank 2nd in rush defense, the 49ers 10th. Gabbert will be forced to make accurate dink n dunk throws all the way down the field, against the 3rd ranked pass defense….

      1. This is the game that Mr.Hyde proves he is the all purpose back that can carry the load.
        If not, add RB as off-season priority #2 this offseason!

        1. I’d say priority is fire Baalke, sign Jamie Collins and Jeffery. Draft Kizer number one. McCaffery number two and Carl Lawson number three. That takes care of QB, WR, ILB, RB, OLB….

            1. Our good friend Walter has McCaffery going 1-2 and Lawson 2-3, which is exactly where I feel they’ll go. That’s why I propose trading back up into the bottom first for McCaffery and back up into the bottom 2nd for Lawson….

              1. Come draft time I would be surprised if any of them fell out of round 1.

                CBS has Lawson the lowest ranked currently at 43. And injury history has a big part in his ranking being that low.

              2. I wouldn’t be too surprised at all. The medicals on Lawson’s knee will be important. Remember Jack was supposed to go top ten and fell considerably. McCaffery isn’t going at 13 where CBS has him. He’s going to be around towards the bottom. A lot can change, so it’s really a crap shoot slotting these guys this early….

              3. Jack missed most of his last college season with his knee injury. Lawson is now two years removed from his and showing he’s still highly disruptive. If Lawson plays the entire season without injury I would be disappointed if he doesn’t work his way into the first round, as it would probably mean he’s not as good as I think he is.

                I’m a believer in McCaffrey. I think a team will take him earlier than you believe, because more than one team will look at him as more than just a RB. He’s a Percy Harvin type weapon in the right offense.

              4. Btw, did you see Lawson had 2 sacks and 3 hurries against LSU? Big game, and his 2nd sack came at a big moment.

              5. Razor, if Ezekiel Elliot can go number 4, Mccaffrey can also be selected that high.

                One can discount his size, but one cannot discount his production. Mccaffrey is a true Swiss army knife.

              6. Scooter, yes I watched Lawson have a big game in which cat ate cat. As I stated, his medicals at the combine will have a big determination as to where he’s drafted. I would remind you his injury history includes a hip flexor too, so it’s not just the knee. Regarding McCaffery, I would again remind you Percy Harvin wasn’t drafted until 22. Sure, he’s a unique chess piece but I just don’t believe he’ll go in the top 15. Harvin 100 meters, 10.43/McCaffery, 10.89.

            1. I’d love to use him in a Pro Formation with McCaffery and Hyde in the backfield. You could motion him, run him and use him on a myriad of reverses, pitches, options and gadget plays. Split him out, basically move him all over, and of course Punt Returner….

              1. Razoreater – You nailed it. A big part of McCaffery’s value is the match-up problems for defenses.

                If a defense’s personnel groupings match him with an ILB I’d throw to him, motion or otherwise. If a defense tried to match him with a DB, I’d run him.

                I miss the old two back sets like Tyler and Craig. Not sure how it would work in Kelly’s system.

              2. I miss the old two back sets like Tyler and Craig.

                ’84 Niners was one of my favorite teams of the decade of dominance.

                Not sure how it would work in Kelly’s system.

                If you’re unwilling to adapt and develop plays that accentuate your players, then it’s not much of a system….

              3. I think McCaffery would work well in Kelly’s system as a single back. Spread the D out. McCaffery makes an ILB miss he’s gone.

              4. I agree Brodie, but why not add new wrinkles to make the defensive thoughts linger. Once you get them thinking too much, you’ve got them right where you want them….

              5. As for the draft chatter…

                Needs (not in any particular order) Edge Rusher, Receiver, Quarterback.

                I want Myles Garrett. He’s worth trading up for. If the 49ers don’t get a chance for Myles Garrett, a trade back works for me.

                McCaffery helps the receiver situation a little bit. This is supposed to be a really good draft for tight ends.

                I imagine much of the 49ers draft plans will be determined by QB play this season.

              6. Brodie, you wanted Goff last draft. I want Kizer with the 7th next year. I just pray to Walsh that the Browns don’t take him….

              7. I still like Goff. I’m not as wild about Fisher, his offense or receivers.

                I’ll look into Kizer as the season rolls along.

              8. I still like Goff

                I respect your conviction, but I’m going to assume your love for Goff has turned into “like”. How could anyone blame you, when he couldn’t beat out Mannion, let alone what’s his name? ; > )

              9. I defended the AJ Jenkins pick for almost two years. I have no problem hangin with Goff for a while.

                Goff’s 21. Let him hang in the slow cooker till he has some receivers.

                Hey, maybe the Rams will have buyers remorse, and cut their losses by trading Goff to… (2% serious)

  22. Can’t believe I’m agreeing with Grant ..
    (a rarity for sure) … but … I’m thinkin’
    he might .. be correct on this one …

    (another rarity fer sure … right ?) ..

    (Just razzin’ ya Grant) …

    If there’s any chance for the Niners to beat
    the SeaChickens .. up at the Clink … this one
    seems to be the most likely opportunity …

    Chances like this one don’t come around
    all the time … and my fingers are crossed
    Gabbert doesn’t blow it !

    I have a nephew up in the SeaTac area who’s
    a big SeaChicken fan … and I’m lookin’ for
    the chance to trash talk him after the game !

    1. Grant really manipulated you with this article and his 5 reasons are a bunch of bull Wilson and Baldwin practiced all week so he’s overstating how injured they really are.

  23. Off topic miles Garrett would look great on the other side of Aaron lynch.
    49ers will lose, they will force gabbert to win this game and he can’t do that in Seattle

        1. Yep I sure do Prime. What’s your point? Its a new season, slightly different team in Seattle this season, they’re always dangerous and why I don’t think we’ll see a huge blowout by the 49ers this week. It’ll be close.

          1. I don’t think you can predetermine a “demise” after 2 games. They have a lot of vet leadership up there and have been very consistent the last 5 years. Demise, CFC? Not even close!

            1. Its conjecture Prime not a prophecy. Dee asked “Who would have thought 3 weeks ago that the niners could win in Seattle?” I simply answered his question saying CFC thought that several weeks ago. I never said I agreed. Don’t over interpret this. Any given Sunday right?

              1. Thanks for your concern over my feelings. Again don’t over interpret.

                I know you have a penchant for sniffing out people who predict things. You might turn down that radar a bit or focus some on those who are predicting a 30-6 blowout.

              2. Sounds like you have a lot of experience untangling you’re own. Thanks for the tip.

                Its funny how you go on these crusades and then start telling me to relax. Nice tactic.

                Not worked up, but say prediction or demise and you’re on it.

            2. >>They have a lot of vet leadership up there and have been very consistent the last 5 years.

              Don’t underestimate the removal of the chess piece known as Marshawn Lynch. He was the reason, not Wilson’s chicken dancing, that offense gave opposing Ds fits. Sqawks are going to have a hard time finding his replacement.

              1. Rawls did a pretty good job replacing him.
                I’m not saying it’s impossible, byt until the 49ers go up there, win, which they have not done for a long time, let’s not prematurely talk about a demise!

  24. Niners need to go bold. They should pass when they expect the run, and run when they expect the pass. Chip needs to pull a rabbit out of his hat. He should spread them wide and attack the edges. He will negate the Defensive line if they can run around them. He will take what they give them, and hopefully will run an up tempo offense to negate the crowd noise.

    Chip should think 2 moves ahead and practice deception as much as possible. I hope he plays Kaep, just to act as a decoy at times, then allow Kaep to heave it down field on third down.

    1. Ok Seb, now if only the coaching staff would read your post. I like the rabbit-out-of-hat ploy. Extricating the Abrams tank from the hole is brilliant. Could we get the DBs to grab Seahawk WR legs to lift them out of bounds?

      1. Gosh, thanks Cassie, I forgot about that one.

        If the DB is defending against a tall receiver like Jimmy Graham, and the ball is thrown along the side lines, if the DB cannot disrupt the pass, the DB should let him catch the ball, but elevate him and drive him out of bounds.

        Good call.

      2. Chip should utilize his QBs properly. He should accentuate their positives, and disguise their weaknesses.

        The goal for the other team will be to contain Gabbert in the pocket and dare him to beat them with his arm. Gabbert, like Kaep, is a mobile QB. Chip should dial up more roll outs so Gabbert can be on the move and threaten to run.

        Last season, forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer was like putting an Abrams tank in a pit, and with an O line that collapsed like a house of cards, he was so injured he needed 3 surgeries.

        This season, the O line is light years better because they got rid of Devey and Pears, and may provide more than a nanosecond of protection.

    1. Well, I think I jinxed him. But looking at his play more closely – I do like the relatively good accuracy, but he is sloppy about throwing from a good stance often just throwing flat footed if a defender is even running at him. And now he has thrown back-to-back interceptions.

      I still don’t have a feel for how well he is able to read defenses. On those interceptions he missed defenders baiting him into the throw.

      1. I think Dawkins just won the starting job for Arizona. I liked the way he fended off the 300 lb. lineman around his waist, reset his mechanics and delivered downfield deliverance!

  25. well, i hope it all goes that well. it’d be great to see the Niner’s D-line maul Wilson for once.

    Christine Michael is a scatback? The guy is 5’11” 220 lbs! does he run like a scatback?

  26. Schefter: Thomas Rawls (shin) and C.J. Prosise (hand) will be inactive.

    Good luck to the team today. It’s all on Gabbert. If he’s off, we might not score a TD. I see a close game with Seattle winning on their home field.

  27. SeaBass just became the all time leader in 50+ yard field goals. 17 years with long range reliability a great return on 1st round investment. Couple that with Ray Guy pick on a Hall of Famer, RayDuhs have hit on those draft choices big time.

        1. I think it may be more of a factor of the weakness of the Card offense than the strength of the Bill defense. Bill D was not impressive the previous games.

          1. Weakness of the Cards offense? Are you daft? This was the second highest scoring team last season, averaging 30 points this season.

            Bills are relaxing as we speak, they’ll probably blow it.

  28. Inactive – T Anthony Davis QB Christian Ponder T John Theus DL Taylor Hart RB DuJuan Harris S Antonio Cromartie DE Tony Jerod-Eddie

    TJE out makes me guess Dorsey, Armstead are feeling better.

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