5 things to know about the 49ers on draft day

Here’s a 49ers draft preview I wrote for the Press Democrat’s Thursday sports section.


Anquan Boldin will be a free agent in 2016. He is one of the best third-down receivers in the NFL, maybe ever. Twenty-seven of the catches he made on third down last season resulted in first downs — tops in the NFC. The Niners need a possession receiver who can replace him in 2016. Former East Carolina receiver Justin Hardy is one of the best possession receivers in the upcoming draft. The Niners can get him in Round 4.


The 49ers don’t have a long-term replacement for cornerback Chris Culliver, who signed with the Washington Redskins this offseason. After he signed, the Niners gave a cheap one-year deal to cornerback Shareece Wright — a nobody. A short-term replacement at best. Former Stanford cornerback Alex Carter would be a much better replacement. The Niners can draft him in Round 3 — the same round they drafted Culliver in 2011.


The Niners tried to prepare for Justin Smith’s retirement two years ago when they drafted Tank Carradine. If they still thought he could replace Smith at defensive tackle, they wouldn’t have signed 33-year-old Darnell Dockett this offseason. The Niners need a top-flight defensive tackle, and they can get one in Round 2. Former Ohio State Buckeye Michael Bennett is one of the best in the draft.


Now that Frank Gore is with the Indianapolis Colts, the Niners have just one running back under contract through 2016 — Carlos Hyde. His backups — Reggie Bush and Kendall Hunter — are signed only through 2015. Both are injury prone. Neither likely will be with the 49ers after next season. The Niners need a quality running back to pair with Hyde in the future, and they can find one in Round 1.


With the 15th pick in the 2015 draft, the 49ers will take former Georgia running back Todd Gurley if he’s available. He simply is too good for the Niners to pass on him. Some draft experts think he’s the best running back to come out of college since Adrian Peterson. Gurley probably would have been a top-five pick if he hadn’t torn his ACL last October. If some team takes him before the Niners, they will draft a replacement for Justin Smith — former Texas Longhorn Malcom Brown, a quick, powerful defensive tackle.

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    1. It would be nice to get the Wisconsin running back, and he would be there.. I’ve thought this over a lot, but have determined that Baalke would be admitting weakness to the other GM’s if he drafts another solid back., Most GM’s around the league would see the move as repetitive (something he should have covered with Hyde), therefore, a wasted pick when there’s other areas to patch up. But you’re right Grant. If Baalke insists on running this type of ground and pound offense he’s going to need two solid running backs. Even with Gore and Hyde last year Kap was sacked the most in the league, and their pass attempts were among the fewest..

    1. Does seem a tad extravagant. But, there is that BPA stuff…….
      NOT what I expect to happen tho!
      Trent may feel he’s more or less set at RB with what he’s got. Somewhere there is a synergy with WR-TE-WB-H/back-FB-RB that could be addressed.

    2. I would find it staggering if the 49ers risked a 1st round draft pick on another RB with a torn ACL. Look how well Marcus Lattimore worked out.

  1. Is there any reason other than your own speculation? I get that Gurley has not been an obvious choice… Which makes him an obvious choice in the world of Baalke, but what swayed you in this direction? I honestly think it will be Marcus Peters or trade back.

    1. I’m not against the notion of moving back in the 1st, but Baalke has never moved back in the 1st round so what gives you the idea that he’ll start now?

      1. Well first of all I think Baalke’s big board lays out something like this. 1. Amari Cooper 2. Kevin White 3. Devante Parker 4. Marcus Peters 5. Byron Jones 6. Dorial Green-Beckham 7. Shane Ray 8. Jalen Collins 9. Arik Armstead 10. Jaelen Strong. (Purely speculation)

        If the top 3 are gone, I highly doubt that he loves anyone that much to stay put. So instead of taking one of the remaining 7, why not get 2 of the remaining 7, I don’t see the pick being a D-lineman because of the lack of quality/class at 15, also Baalke needs an instant contributor. If we can parlay that pick into a late 1 mid 2 I can see DGB and Marcus Peters or Shane Ray and Byron Jones, with a shaq Thompson later in round 2.

        1. I’m hoping we can trade down into the early 20s and pick up an extra 3rd rounder. We may be able to get the stanford DE Anderson (who actually makes sacks and TFLs) with that extra pick so we wouldn’t be tempted to waste #15 on captain no sack Armstead. We can go WR in 2nd (maybe Funchess, DGB, or Coates) – a guy who could become great but needs a year of refinement on route running. Gurley could be great, but you have to be 100% sure about his knee.

    2. > “Is there any reason other than your own speculation? I get that Gurley has not been an obvious choice… Which makes him an obvious choice in the world of Baalke, but what swayed you in this direction?”

      The “sway” was when grant saw Mel Kiper mock Gurley to the niners. In that regard, it was an obvious pick.

  2. My lazy mans mock (Gurley at 15) was on how I hoped the draft would go. I’m afraid it won’t go that way at all.

    Not long ago I thought Gurley would be at 15 for sure, even after the optimistic knee reports. If not, he would bump another player I really like (Parker, Shelton) down to 15.

    But then Shane Ray and Randy Gregory had to ganja their way out of the top 15.

    And now Seattle’s shopping Irvin to Atlanta. Atlanta will retain their 8 pick of course… but they might be less inclined to take a pass rusher, and more inclined to take Gurley or Shelton.

    Pick 15 is (seemingly) a cursed no mans land. Its not just me… pundits around the country have mentioned the “2nd round” talent after pick 14. A few GMs too.

    If you want to trade up a few spots for Parker, or swap picks with Miami to secure Gurley, it will cost way, way over chart. And if you want to trade out, Baalke will get way, way under chart. He might have to do what Jerry Jones did in 2013… trading all the way from 18 to 31, and all he got was a lousy 3rd rounder.

    My official prediction:
    30% chance Gurley drops to 15. Baalke takes him, or gets a fantastic trade back offer he can’t refuse that he will parlay into 3-4 quality starters at RB, WR, CB, DT.

    50% chance Gurley/Parker/Shelton go before 15. He won’t get squat trade back offers. He’ll draft a guy everyone thinks is a 2d rounder. (he’ll turn out to be pretty good). Men in bad haircuts will give him a C-.
    He won’t trade back 46 unless its a chart busting offer. 46 is in a great talent/value spot. Men in bad haircuts will give him an A- for the 46 pick. They will say Baalke “rebounded.”

    10% chance Baalke does a sell-out trade up for Cooper. 15+46+79. It might even include Boone or Brooks.

    10% Semi-sell out trade for Parker, even if its only two spots up. Pick 79 won’t excite anyone. Baalke will cringe and offer 15+79+Boone… or 15+46 for Parker+later picks.

    1. “Pick 15 is (seemingly) a cursed no mans land. Its not just me… pundits around the country have mentioned the “2nd round” talent after pick 14. A few GMs too.”

      But the only thing I can guarantee about the top 15 is that it’s not going to go as everyone predicts, there’s always anywhere from 2-6 surprises so there’s guaranteed to be at least a few prospects sliding that rank near the top.

  3. 1. Replacing Kaepernick

    Can’t pile up the FD’s. Gets sacked while peering downfield too much. Can’t find receivers who aren’t the nifty route runners anyway. Just get those sweating palms and shaky fingers going and push in the chips, and get the guy that can do it. The guy that can go fast and not get called for not getting a play called in 30 seconds, but can do it in less than 15, and who can spot recievers immediately and get first down after first down.

    Other than that, looks just fine…:-)

    1. Pretty sure you just described Alex Smith to a T… I’m sure being a new Niner fan you don’t really remember the years from 2004 through 2011 but they were pretty dreadful.

      1. No, I think AS could move the ball in the dink-along where CK can’t, and Mariota does have an arm as well to go downfield to mix it up well. I was watching CK before the Niners drafted him, and thought a-w-k-w-a-r-d but did have the arm to throw it well. Nothing much has changed, and I have been especially a 49er QB fan since we had “all the way with YA” going on. QB is so important, as the years I was watching with two more HoFers doing their thing guiding the Niners to their one and only era and place in history.

  4. Gurley will be available at 15 and he might get drafted at spot 15, but not by the niners. Niners need a WR or DT in round 1. It would be drafting negligence for the niners to take Gurly at 15.

    Needs in order of need – WR, DT, CB, ILB, G, TE, S, K/P

    I predict the niners trade back to the mid to high 20s and take DGB. Broncos, Ravens, and Dallas all need a RB.

  5. Good Morning Faithful
    Happy Draft Day. Any updates? Any prospects get injured, indicted, arrested, or abducted over night? Do I have to readjust my Board? No?
    OK for now, but I’ll check back at lunch time just in case.

  6. My Final Mock:

    SF trades #15 pick to Carolina (Gurley), and receives Carolina’s 1st Rd pick at #25, Carolina’s 3rd round pick (#89) and Carolina’s 2016 3rd Round pick.

    Rd1 (From Car): Byron Jones, CB
    ** With your 1st rd pick you draft a player that can start this season

    Rd2: Sammie Coates, WR
    ** One of the most athletic WR’s in the draft class who fell due to depth of class and drops

    Rd3: Paul Dawson, ILB
    ** Too important of a position to wait much longer

    RD3 (From Car): Ty Sambraillo, OG
    ** Potential to be Boone’s replacement next year.

    RD4: Mycole Pruitt, TE
    ** Bon Voyage to VD next year

    RD4 (Comp): Leterrius Walton, DT
    ** Developmental guy, that has the frame to be a monster with some NFL training/diet. Might develop a “foot injury” in preseason so he can be stashed on IR for a year

    RD5: Kurtis Drummond, S
    ** Good value if he falls here. Will replace Bethea’s escalating contract next year or Reid if concussions persist.

    RD6: Deion Barnes, OLB
    ** A big Nittany Lion to shift to OLB and potentially replace Brooks in a year

    RD7: Cody Fajardo, QB
    ** System fit. Won’t make the 53 man roster, but a project and hopefully won’t get picked up in FA

    RD7: Barton
    **going with Grant’s logic here

    1. Coates dropped because he’s not a good WR….kinda a big deal if you can’t run routes or catch a football if you want to be a WR in the NFL lol

        1. I agree. I dispute the argument about his hands. Another plus for Coates: He seems already strong enough to compete his first year.

          1. I don’t have the numbers at hand, but its been posted on here what Coates’ drop rate was, and it was kinda high; like stand-out high. Now someone could do a detailed breakdown on what types of drops to drill down on the problem
            (concentration, hand placement, double catch bobbles, bounce off pads, alligator arms, looking to run before catch), but bottom line he’s been a litterbug.
            His speed and size will still get him taken in the 2nd, and I’ll keep mum if SF takes him, but be watching carefully.

              1. Seems like Devin Smith might be a better choice than Coates. Pollian was saying he thinks DS will translate well to the NFL as a deep threat.

              2. Smith tails off his top speed pretty quickly on tape which is a concern for me. I saw too many times when the DB he had beaten was able to catch up to him.

              3. Great link above, nice data… and holy smokes, Devin Smith might be the guy in round 2… his stats in limited sample size were great. He reminds me of Steve Smith, strong and feisty. Would be interesting to see Devin and Torrey Smith stretching the D vertically with Boldin working underneath.

              4. Interesting analysis, thanks for sharing.

                In all fairness, Sammie had a cornerback throwing to him him college. And their system was designed as such.
                Also, we’re talking about a draft position that is worth 1/3 the draft points of where a top 3 WR’s will go.

              5. You’re welcome Eddie, and I agree Mr. Coates did not have the greatest quarterback to deliver him the goods….

    2. Eddie D, nice draft. I’ll address just the first four picks, as I have no feel for the others. I like Jones, Coates, and Sambraillo. Not sold on Dawson due to “personal issues” but obviously could be wrong.

      1. Thanks George. Good point on Dawson. Having lost production out of Aldon and Brooks due to character/attitude issues, and losing Borland due to a change of heart, I’m sure there will be a heightened sensitivity on drafting a LB that will be on the team for the long haul.

        That said, if you were interested but concerned about character, the first thing you would do is set up a visit. And the team did visit with Dawson.

        We’ll see. Obviously draft speculation is a fools errand since he may not even fall to us, but

  7. So our 15 pick in the draft is gonna split carries with Hyde? Not gonna happen….he won’t even be there at 15 regardless and if so I’d rather trade down. They already drafted the best RB in the 2014 draft last year.

    1. The good news… that could bump Gurley or another top player down a notch…

      Or if Parker and Perriman are both at 14, maybe they’d be open to an inexpensive pick swap. 15+123 for Miami’s 14.

  8. Yay, draft day! Definitely one of my favorite days of the year. Some early morning rumors are going to force a last second change to my final mock. No more trade down partner for the 49ers if the eagles and brownies and titans are going to have a 3 way.

    1. Not true Coffee. Kansas City, Carolina, Dallas, and Denver are all trams that have been rumored as those wanting to trade up.

  9. A report on Rotoworld says that Boone is amenable to a trade out of S.F.

    “CSN Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco reports 49ers RG Alex Boone would be open to a trade out of San Francisco.
    Boone has no plans to show up for any voluntary workouts in hopes of a new contract, as he’s currently scheduled to earn $3.4 million in the final year of his deal. He’d welcome a trade in the event he gets a long-term contract. If the 49ers don’t trade Boone, he reportedly plans to attend training camp.”

    I guess I missed that sentence in Maiocco’s report yesterday. Maybe a good chance that he is traded today, which is why he’s not bothering with the minicamp.

      1. holding out for more money is costing him a lot of money. he played so poorly last year that he has no leverage, and his revised deal wasn’t even very good. Holding out now may cost him a starting spot if 3 of Looney, Thomas, Martin and Kilgore show up looking good. Backup swing tackles are cheap.

    1. Don’t understand his thinking. Held out last year.Got some money. Used the 1st half of the season as his preseason, then played OK down the stretch. Speaks up to stand behind Harbaugh. Now assassinates Harbaugh’s reputation. Skips 1st work with new coaching staff. Now welcomes a trade. OK, Alex, how do you feel about Ceveland?

        1. Boone has always been amenable on the outside. Now we might be seeing a demon within. Possible child of an alcoholic father. Only my opinion, obviously.

      1. PS- Matt M. seems to have a close relationship with Boonie, so this is probably accurate. Last year Matt was right in interpreting the reason for and stubbornness for the holdout. I think he was getting background info from the horses mouth.

    1. Gurley or DGB would be the best value for where they’re picking. If Mr. Hyde were to be subdued by injury, I’d really hate to depend on Bush/Hunter the rest of the way….

    2. Baalke’s past drafts indicate they won’t go that route because he has always drafted for the biggest need in the first round.

      1. Running back is one of the 49ers 17 biggest needs this year.

        Seriously, running back is a pretty big need. Right up there with ILB. And there really isn’t ILB talent worthy of a top 15 pick (that I’m aware of).

        From a strictly football standpoint, rotating two powerful running backs would have great value. Fresh legs vs tired defenses late in the season. The sticky part would be soothing egos.

        1. It’s a need but nowhere a big need Brodie, especially at the starting position. And a power back can be picked up after the first round.

          1. Yes, there is better running back depth in the draft for sure. If the 49ers skip Gurley, there are others on day two and three.

            But the talent layout in this draft is weird. He secure #1 need day one, draft ninja day two pattern might change this year. ILB might have to wait till tomorrow.

            Baalke might have to roll the dice and get a transformative running back on day one, and a serviceable ILB on day two or even day three.

            1. Too risky. BPA doesn’t always equal a winning formula. (See Dez Bryant and the Cowboys.) It also appears that the front office is content with trying to give Wilhoite a multi-year extension, possibly signing Briggs, and maybe drafting an ILB.

              1. I won’t be mad bro if they do take Gurley, but I’ll be mad as hell if he grabs Armstead….

              2. I wouldn’t either, but it would bring up the question of why they selected Hyde last season when they could have easily gone with a WR.

              3. If we select Armstead, I’ll probably feel more sorry for him than for us. The amount of hatred he’ll have to endure, through no fault of his own, from the 49er blogs and fans might be a mental liability for him in training camp.

              4. If Baalje is fooled by that, then we will draft Armstead because he put up his best numbers last year.

  10. With two top 15’s now ganja’d out of the top 15, walterfootball (for what its worth) has

    1-Winston, 2-Mariota, 3-Fowler
    4-Williams,5-Cooper, 6-Beasley
    7-White, 8-Dupree, 9-Scherff
    10-Peat, 11-Parker, 12-Shelton
    13-Waynes, 14-Gurley
    15-Armstead (a stunner)

    If a doomsday scenario like this happens, and there are no decent trade back offers… what’s the 49ers best option?

    Maybe Greg Cosell is right about Perriman? Gamble on DGB or Peters?

    1. In that scenario I would take Perriman or DGB, but I still think Baalke has Byron Jones in his golden envelope….

  11. Seeing that Boone isn’t the man I thought he was maybe just maybe an OL might be their first pick. I am still on board with a CB and feel that’s their best choice. By no later then 7:30 tonight we will know what the Niners did with their pick. By the way IMO if Kelly somehow gets his hands on Mariota I believe its the beginning of a new era in pro football.

  12. Since I only promised to stop posting crazy trade scenarios involving 2016 picks, I’m going ahead with this one.

    49ers do a sell out trade with the Raiders. 15+46+79+player (Boone or Brooks) for the Raiders 4 and a 5th rounder.

    Baalke makes this trade a few hours before the draft. Once completed, he puts word out he’s willing to trade down.

    As the draft unfolds, he could…
    – Accept incremental trade downs to recover the 2nd and 3rd and still be no lower then 11 or 12.
    – Accept one trade down to recover the 2nd rounder, and still be in position to select Cooper or White.
    – Grab Leonard Williams or Cooper or Fowler
    – Cash in big if Mariota falls to 4 with major trade back loot.

    1. Brodie:

      I’m thinking Washington might be in play as well. Reportedly they are looking for someone to trade down with.

      1. I was thinking that too. Both clubs have no secret they are open to trading down.

        Boone fits in with both teams.

        The Raiders have lost of cap space for both Boone and Brooks. If Boone can work out a sign-n-trade extension he’d fetch more, but that won’t happen if that draft is already underway.

        (How common are sign-n-trades?)

  13. 49ers top needs:

    #1 CB
    Just looking at Mangini defenses of yesteryear tells why.

    #1 WR?
    A Batman WR would be nice, but the team may be able to get by with a couple of Robins.

    Pass rusher
    Will Aldon or Brooks still be here after 2015?

    Davis is probably out no matter what after this season and McDonald is just a blocker.


    Should be a high priority, but Baalke and Co. seem content Wilhoite, Briggs, and maybe a draft pick.

    OL depth
    We have the starters but the quality ehind them leaves little to be desired.

    A shifty or power back would help.

    Backup QB
    A priority but the options available are not pretty.

    DL depth
    Wouldn’t hurt, but team has been able to find several diamonds in the rough in the the later rounds or as UDFAs.

    1. Assuming he’s cleared, won’t virtually every team have the same idea? Refresh my memory, UDFAs get to select who they want to sign with, right?

    2. I don’t think there’s enough evidence right now that could scare team away. Last I knew, he was being questioned but not labeled as a suspect. His agent has also said that he can identify Collins’ whereabouts at the time of the murder.

      1. C’ mon man, it’s not a good look. I don’t give a sh!t if he has an alibi, tell me he has no connection to the perpetrators….

        1. I agree that it’s not a good look and that I wouldn’t touch him if I was a GM in charge of making the pick, but I don’t think it’s enough to scare teams completely away from him. It could cause him to dlide to the third round at the absolute worst.

  14. Gurley may be great but Carlos Hyde is a top 5-10 NFL back as it is and Bush and Hunter are great complimentary backs=not an immediate need. I still feel it is corner, receiver or trade, but since Baalke has done such a poor job evaluating receivers I think his best bet is take the best available or trade up and grab a top end talent so that receiver won’t continue to be pressing need in the future. He asked this year would you trade Chris Borland, Jimmie Ward and Carlos Hyde for Odell Beckham I would take that trade in a heartbeat right now, then Gurley would easily be our top pick this year. I honestly think that Baalke is tired of hearing year after that we need to get a receiver and that will force his hand to grab DGB or trade for Devante Parker.

  15. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000489041/article/fletcher-cox-evan-mathis-on-eagles-trade-block

    Anyone else seeing this? We need an ILB, DE, and OG….

    Chip Kelley: “What a coincidence?! I just so happen to be trading….”

    Cox had a great year last year and could be the heir apparent to Cowboy. I’ve heard good things about Kendricks and could be better than anyone in this draft….

    For a Cox/Kendricks combo what would you be willing to give???

    I’m thinking it would definitely take an offer containing our 1st rounder.

    Would it be worth it? Are we really going to find anyone better at #15?

    1. Kendricks is looking for a big pay day after this season so he could be too expensive for the 49ers if they intend on keeping Aldon.

  16. http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/story/2015-04-30/nfl-draft-2015-mock-draft-picks-jameis-winston-marcus-mariota-browns-picks-trades-first-round

    “I’ll lead with the last report I received late last night: there’s belief that the Raiders and 49ers have a deal in place if the 49ers “player” is available at fourth overall. There’s some uncertainty, because there’s a chance Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie hasn’t guaranteed it yet, but it’s a strong possibility. I feel confident enough that I projected it in my final mock draft. The interesting dynamic is that it’s not completely clear who the 49ers “player” is. Leonard Williams makes the most sense, but I was told not to rule out Todd Gurley, Amari Cooper or DeVante Parker”.

    Anyone else buy this one? Cooper or Williams would be great to have, but obviously can’t see Baalke willing to meet the price.

    1. We don’t know what the price is, but that’s a big move up. For Williams or Cooper it might be worth it. For Gurley or Parker I don’t like it as much.

      1. I agree.

        This is an interesting year to be a 49er fan. I’ll miss Cowboy but I’m intrigued by the new generation.

    1. This is great stuff tkamb, thanks. There are certainly players we disagree on, but I also see a lot of players we agree are better prospects than the national media suggests.

      With the signing of Wheeler, do you still see the 49ers taking Anthony in round 2?

      1. Thanks Scooter. I’m pretty high on Anthony so I can still see it happening, but definitely a lesser chance that it does with no immediate need at the position now. I think the Wheeler signing means one of two things, either Baalke doesn’t like this linebacker class or he sees only 3-4 good prospects and worries about being forced to take one higher than he wants to. I think it’s the latter so like I said I still won’t rule out linebacker early but if I’m predicting, I’d probably change the Anthony pick to Tre McBride and drop either Bell or Smelter for a RB or ILB.

  17. Hawaii business and government going off-line at 2:00pm local time. Mariota fans already chanting “Please not Cleveland! Please not Cleveland!”

  18. Day two and three picks

    Niners – 46, 79, 126, [132], 151, 190, 246, [254]
    SeaRoids – 61, 95, 112, 130, [134], 167, [170], 181, [209], [214], 248

    49ers better be careful. Seattle has alot of leapfrog trade-up ammo.


  19. Ok, this will be the final release. Decided to remove the Eagles/Niners trade but left the Browns trade in place. It’s gonna hurt point wise if the Browns don’t trade but what the hell, if it does go down it’ll be a huge leg up.

    1. Bucaneers – Jameis Winston QB
    2. Browns – Marcus Mariota QB
    3. Jaguars – Amari Cooper WR
    4. Raiders – Kevin White WR
    5. Falcons – Dante Fowler DE/OLB
    6. Jets – Vic Beasley OLB
    7. Bears – Danny Shelton NT
    8. Redskins – Leonard Williams DT
    9. Giants – Andrus Peat OL
    10. Rams – DeVante Parker WR
    11. Dolphins – Todd Gurley RB
    12. Titans – Eddie Goldman DE
    13. Saints – Trae Wayne CB
    14. Vikings – Brandon Scherff OL
    15. 49ers – Breshad Perriman
    16. Texans – Dorial Green-Beckham WR
    17. Chargers – Melvin Gordon RB
    18. Chiefs – Justin Hardy WR
    19. Titans – Ereck Flowers OT
    20. Eagles – Phillip Dorsett WR
    21. Bengals – La’el Collins OT/G/Aaron Hernandez’s future cellmate
    22. Steelers – Landon Collins S
    23. Lions – DJ Humphries OT
    24. Cardinals – Alvin Dupree OLB
    25. Panthers – Shaq Thompson OLB
    26. Ravens – Marcus Peters CB
    27. Cowboys – Malcom Brown DT.
    28. Broncos – Cameron Erving OL
    29. Colts – Damarious Randall S
    30. Packers – Denzel Perryman ILB
    31. Saints – Shane Ray OLB
    32. Patriots – Nelson Agholor WR

    1. Teams reportedly pleased by Shane Ray’s forthrightness about his pot bust. Not sure how they feel about his toe, but it would be huge if he returned to the top 15.

  20. Trindon Holliday release bode well for Hayne? Maybe not. Holliday seems like the a bubble player that can frequently jump on, off and back into rosters with great frequency.

  21. Grant

    Isn’t Dontae Johnson simply a more polite version of Chris Culliver with better ball skills, i.e., Cully’s replacement? Same basic size/speed/weight combo, but Johnson’s ceiling is higher due to his superior character.

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