A stat to consider about the 49ers

Week 2 when the 49ers played the Seahawks in Seattle, Russell Wilson completed just eight passes and his passer rating was an abysmal 63.9. But the 49ers defense allowed 104 rushing yards and a touchdown on 14 read-option runs.

Russell Wilson averaged 5 yards per carry (10 yards on 2 read-option runs).

And Marshawn Lynch averaged 8 yards per carry (73 yards and 1 TD on 9 read-optoin runs). His backup, Robert Turbin, averaged 7 yards per carry (20 yards on 3 read-option runs).

Do these stats concern you? Can the 49ers defense shut down the read-option on Sunday, or is the defense vulnerable to that play against Wilson and Lynch on that fast, artificial turf?

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  1. Grant, the answer is no!
    The 9ers are just a better team than the Seahawks at this point of the season, hands down!

    The 9ers kick the Seahawks to the curb, final score 31 – 17! On ward to the SB!

    1. Agreed,

      In week#2 it was 5-0 late 3rd Qtr. when the 49ers Offense decided to the Givers & turn the ball over multiple times for easy scores that the Inept Hags Offense took advantage of.

      Lesson from week#2?

      Don’t turn the ball over & make the Little Man earn every point. Maybe the Hags get 10-13 pts. That won’t be enough.

  2. speaking of vulnerable…

    If Colin takes another helmet-to-helmet shot
    like the one he did while making the tackle
    after being intercepted up in Green Bay…
    well… he might not be able to spell the word,
    but he will certainly know what it means.

    a loss in Seattle = no Lombardi trophy… again.

    1. “the ballerina in kahki”?

      Can you be anymore Sophmoric?

      Well if that’s the case of Jimbo he’s the toughest ballerina to EVER play in the NFL. How many years did the ballerina play? 12 years?

      What does that say about your coach who never played in the NFL?

  3. I think this defense is an entirely different animal. They look fresh and in particular, Mr. Willis looks to be running much better after the groin injury. The defense has been great and I expect it to continue with a Lights Out in Seattle performance….

  4. Ironically, the Niners definitely have trouble defending the read option play. During the last meeting between the two teams, Lynch scored on a read option play. The Niners just have to keep hitting Russell Wilson until they knock him out of the game or until Carroll stops calling the play.

    1. I like that plan. What irritates me as that a personal foul call is inevitable against this team. RW is so darn short it is nearly impossible to not hit above his shoulders….stupid refs

    1. How is a stat that illustrates how many yards the 49er defense allows against a certain play, not a stat about the 49ers?
      Comment fail?

  5. Statistically insignificant. Bottom line is the Niners got their butts kicked. Hopefully Sunday won’t be a repeat.

  6. No none of these regular stats concern me.
    1) We are peeking at the right time.
    2) Kaep is playing a lot better
    3) Our defense is playing a lot better
    4)We have Crab back
    5) Seattle peek in early December and now looks vulnerable
    6) Russell Wilson is not playing so hot
    7) If the Cardinals can beat the Sea Cheats we can at their noise box
    8) Grant please take the Sea Cheats to win.
    9) Put all of these stats where the sun don’t shine because they don’t mean a thing.

  7. Stopping Lynch should be the primary concern. If they can’t force the Seahawks to back off the run on Sunday they lose.

    1. Jack,

      When you watch the 9ers these last few games, you see a team reaching their peak at the right time.
      They have the “LOOK” of champions. They are big, they are strong, they are confident.
      They stop Lynch. The Seahawks are toast!

    2. If the 49ers sell out to stop Lynch on the read-option, Wilson could have a big game running. Newton gained 17 yards on two read-option runs last Sunday against the 49ers.

      1. Not promoting selling out. They need to have strong gap awareness. Lynch has a real good feel on that read. The magic number is 25, as in number of carries.

      2. How important will the 49ers outside linebackers be to setting the edge for both Wilson and Lynch? HYGE.
        SEA ran that stupid play they always run with Lynch heading up the middle, then he cuts it back outside. I swear they ran that play 10 times in SF, and a half dozen times against NO last week.
        This game is all about our front seven. From the d-line to backers. Stop the run, be aware of play action, and keep Wilson inside.

      3. Sometimes I worry about how they play the gaps. Sometimes it looks as if the LB’s get stuck in cement instead of coming up hard and filling. If they decide to run the read option, the OLB need to be patient and NOT run up field at RW. One he will hold the ball longer. Two it allows for the MLB to flow. Forcing him to pitch too quick is the issue.

      4. FDM
        You make some good points. In the last game against Seattle, Brooks and A. Smith were setting the edge on read option plays to prevent Wilson from running wild. Brooks and Smith – for the most part – ignored Lynch and targeted the QB, but the rest of the D stepped up to limit Lynch to 72 yards on 20 carries.

  8. Hey Grant, I’ll play your game!

    One of Lynch’s rushes was for 21 yards. If you take it away, then he only gained 77 yards and averaged 2.85 yards per carry.

  9. The fact is: The 49ers are a much better team right now!!
    The D is playing great!!! Our LB group might be the best in the history of the game, Seattle’s is average at best ( but their secondary might be the best ever, while ours is slightly above average). The D-line will decide it! ours is better overall, but they have good pass rushers.

    Ill give them the edge in the running game, not to take anything away from Gore, but Lynch puts up #’s and breaks tackles…..like no other, even though the opposing team knows its coming. But dont count gore out!!!!!!!!!!
    Our passing game is light years ahead of theirs!!!!!!! Boldin, Crabb and VD are triple threat comparable to any in the league……and Kap is playing much better than Wilson.

    To be honest, i think we would beat this team 8-9 times out of every 10 on a neutral field!!!! The fact that the game IS IN Seattle…..just makes it a little interesting!!!!

  10. This is what Kap has to be concerned about, the 3 free agents who signed with the Seahawks 2013 off season.

    Kap will be like a deer caught in the head lights when he sees Tony McDaniel, Michael Bennett, and Cliff Avril charging him like super charged mac trucks.

    By Terry Blount ESPN…
    “All three men are veteran defensive linemen who signed with the Seahawks in the offseason as free agents. Seattle needed to shore up its defensive front and add pass rushers, and the Seahawks had something to offer this trio besides money.

    They all came to Seattle for the same reason — a chance to play in the Super Bowl. ”

    “That was everything for me,” said McDaniel, who played three years at Jacksonville and four at Miami without reaching the playoffs. “That was the deciding factor. This means the world to me.”

    “This is what it’s all about,” Bennett said. “But we still have work to do to get there. I’m here because this is what I wanted.”

    “I can’t describe how big this is for me,” Avril said. “It took six years for me to just get to this position. I didn’t win any games my rookie year [2008], so for me to be here right now it’s huge. We have to definitely soak it all in and have fun with it and make sure we go out there and play our best.”

    I believe we will see both QBs scrambling allot in this playoff game. The X factor for the Seahawks offense will be Percy Harvin (return from concussion?) just like Crabs’ return from IR was the X factor for Kap to throw deep.

    1. Wow, you spend a lot of time to go to another teams obscure blog at a small market newspaper that is just outside the bay area, and write this to tick fans off? Why?

    2. Well considering SF just played the best pass rushing team in the league and gave up a total of one sack, I’m not going to stress over a lesser pass rush too much. The key to this game for the Niners is running the ball and not turning it over. They do that and they have a great chance to emerge victorious, but it’s easier said than done.

    3. >> The X factor for the Seahawks offense will be Percy Harvin (return from concussion?) just like Crabs’ return from IR was the X factor for Kap to throw deep.

      Niners have had 7 games to re-incorporate Crabs into the offense. And the Seaholds are going to try and do this with Harvin in a single game? The Championship? Against one of the toughest defenses in the league? Yeah, good luck with that.

    4. Shouldn’t the SeaCheats be heavily fined and lose draft picks for endangering the health of Harvin by putting him back in when he clearly had a concussion. Harvin was hurt in the 1st quarter, went to the locker room, then came out and played the rest of the game. I didn’t realize Adderal was a cure for concussions. Someone in the SeaCheat organization should be severely punished for ignoring the league mandated concussion protocol.

  11. Grant the 9ers already made their adjustments to the read option in the 2nd game of the season. Now its the Seahawks move. How do they adjust to the way the 9ers took the run option away and how do they adjust to how the 9ers kept Wilson in the pocket where he is a very ineffective passer?

  12. “A stat to consider about the 49ers”

    Silly title for this article. In head to head stats, a stat about one team is automatically a stat about the other.

    And why are we reaching back to game two? That has about as much relevance as pre-season to how the 49ers (and Seaholds) are playing *right now*.

  13. In their most recent meeting at the stick they held Lynch to 72 yards on 20 carries and the Seahawks to 86 rushing yards total.

    Obviously they have had their problems in Seattle, but that game and the way the team has played the past few weeks, gives me confidence that they will do a good job against the run on Sunday.

    I’m really not overly concerned from a defensive standpoint, maybe wrongly so, but the Niners have done a pretty good job defensively against this team even in the blowouts. The issues have been on the offensive side of the ball with not being able to finish drives and turning the ball over. That is what needs to change for the Niners to win this game.

    Neal there should be no doubt Grant will pick the Seahawks to win, and frankly that should be the pick with how things have gone there recently. However, if they are ever going to win there, this will be the time with the roll they’ve been on and the fact the Seahawk passing game has gone MIA.

    1. Nice post Rocket,
      The second game against Seattle is more relevant than the game in week 2. I think the 49ers can and will shutdown Seattle’s running game. I’m planning to – if I can find some time – to go back and watch both games on NFL Game Rewind, but the way these two teams are playing right now, I feel confident about this game.

      1. “The second game against Seattle is more relevant than the game in week 2.”

        Not really. The 49ers have shown they can stop Seattle in SF. It’s been a different story the last two trips up there.

      2. Venue aside, the teams are different now as compared to week 2. CK7 is more experienced, Crabtree is back, and the team is peaking at the right time. Meanwhile, Seattle appears to be struggling in the passing game, etc.

  14. I believe the 9ers D will stuff the Seahawks O like they did at the stick. I believe the 9er O is just plain more talented than the Seahawks D. I believe that the special teams are a wash. My only concern is how CK will handle the noise and manage the game. If he looks calm in the huddle and at the line pre snap we will win by 9 pts. If we start seeing that deer in a head light look that we have seen the last 2 times he has played at seattle we are in trouble.

  15. I thought Lynch averaged 3.5 ypc and Wilson averaged 3.3 ypc in that game when you include all rushing attempts. It kind of paints a different picure than Grant’s when you do.

      1. That’s true Grant, you did, my bad, lol. But do you think the read-option is the only aspect of the Seahawk offense the 49ers defense will see on Sunday?

      2. Seahawks averaged 60.5 offensive plays per game this season, so you’re talking 25% of their plays being the read option, correct? That’s a large percentage, but it seems that the remaining 75% should also be mentioned for the sake of giving the whole picture.

      3. If I was Seattle Id use it a lot as well. The OLB for SF have not been as disciplined in setting the edge and with Brooks jumping off sides so much, Id right after him.
        I love those guys (Aldon & Brooks) but they are not great against the run.

      4. Grant i do’nt see the 9ers doing anything different from the 2nd game where they prevented Seattle from using the run option.

      5. I am a little bit worried about the read option, but not due to the numbers Grant posted here.

        In that last game, there were a couple times where Wilson just plain made the wrong read. He handed off for a short gain, when he had wide open space in front of him. We made a couple mistakes, but he failed to make us pay.

        We have to maintain good discipline on the read option so those opportunities aren’t there. We can’t count on Wilson making mistakes.

    1. Space – What up bro? Is your band playing Sunday? Song request…..remember song in early 90′s “Low” from band called Cracker. No particular reason…I just love the song. Thanks

      1. Crabs, this will be the biggest Sunday barring the SB! Last game was insane here. Started with breakfast for any that could haul their fannies out of bed at 7 am to get something in their gut before they the drinking started, lol. There were over 20 fans here and the party went on long after the game and into the night. And this Sunday should be even better! Anyway, Low is one of my favorites, so you got it!

      2. Space – Thanks bro! Good idea on the breakfast (before drinking) last week. I planned ahead and drank grape flavored Pedialyte before drinking and then again Monday morning….Pedialyte is closest thing there is to a hangover cure.
        Niners hold Lynch under 80 yds Sunday, that’s the winning formula…..Beat Pete!!

  16. Heres the SKINNY of it:

    the Seahwks best players are……SKINNY Db’s and a RB!!!! Skill players!!!!

    this game will be won or lost in the trenches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And that is where our best players are!!!!!!!!!!! There smallish front 7 is built for the pass rush. Our O-line will maul them!! Staley is the Brains, Iupati is the brawn, Davis and Boone are the enforcers and Goodwin is the old wily veteran.
    And dont forget about Tukuafu……..he didnt play in week 2. He will tip the pendulum in our favor as far as who dominates the trenches!

    And on the flip side: our REAL strength, our front 7! The best in football ( Carolina just found out they were a VERY DISTANT 2nd) will dominate that rag-tag O line!

  17. Fansince 77 on Kap 2 days ago – “he’s still not close to playing at a high level. He’s lucky to have a solid cast around him and he’s taking advantage of the situation he’s in.”

    Fansice 77 (or is it Fanuntil 2012)? ….You are making a complete fool of yourself with those kind of comments.

    Kap is one game away from his second Super Bowl in two years. In terms of preparation and work in the film room, Harbaugh has said Kap is a savant and a gym rat. As a starter Kap is 21-7, including playoffs. In his short career Kap has beaten Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rogers on the road. Niners have won 8 straight games, several in hostile environments. Kap is 4-1 in his five postseason starts! The pressure of the big stage has never been a problem for Kap… Are you kiddin me, he’s not close to playing at a high level???

    Kap’s base salary this year is $740,844, he is the 736th highest paid player in the NFL. Quite a bargain for a player with the most jersey sales in the NFL. Btw, Peyton Manning has the 2nd most jersey sales.
    Yes, Kap has a great cast of players and coaches around him but we are extremely fortunate to have Kap as our QB and we couldn’t win diddly-poo without him……..Go Niners

    1. Crabs,

      I’m thankful thst you guys are recognizing fan77 for what he is, DS! This clown has no clue and is tge only person left on this blog that still questions what Kap is made of. DS all the way.

      Kap is going to be a star. There is no question about it. He gave Cam a tribute when he scored that last TD. Cam was hurt and still could do nothing about it. We are going to maul Seattle.

      1. Stop Lynch
      2. Defend Luke Wilson.
      3. Keep the mouse in the pocket.
      4. Hit Harvin!
      5. Run at the edges!
      6. Take off Kap.
      7. Blitz Bowman!
      8. Play Lemonier, Skuta, Jerrod Eddie and Dobbs to keep our front 7 fresh.
      9. Put Brooks in the middle on 3rd and short.
      10. Andy Lee, try kicking one inside the 10 for a change.
      11. Carlos if you play, try tackling someone for a change, before the 8 yard catch you give up!

      1. 23J – I like #8…..I was thinking the same thing man, keep those suckas rotating in for 60 min! Relentless!!…By all means possible!!

  18. Seattle fans should just stick to worrying about their own team. They’ve lost two out of the last three games against teams with winning records…

  19. my bigger concern is that Seattle has gotten push up the middle against our DL (esp in the away games), which no other team really has.

    Seattle has also gotten big ST plays – esp the kick/punt returns.

    I think we’re adjusting to what they do, and the more experience we’ve had in their stadium (Kaep is a young qb after all) will help. if we keep RW in the pocket, tighten up the middle, and Kaep plays a good game, we got this.

    1. Yup, I think the real X factor is how well Kaep plays. If he can play at a high level, Seattle will be in trouble. They are relying on our offence self destructing. Otherwise, the game is pretty evenly matched.

    2. Need to be aware of the TE. PW was holding his focus for so long on Lynch that he twice reacted late on his coverage of TE. My memory is that mostly happened early and then the D adjusted better. It’s just that Lynch breaks so many tackles that PW/NB are always looking to help out, and so are tempted on the play action.

  20. You realize that Grant is the biggest troll in these poorly written articles? A few stories back Grant called Colins footwork “junior varsity”, then in another story picked Carolina because “they have the better Quarterback”. I wrote and asked Grant to acknowledge he was wrong but instead he just wrote another poorly written story and picked another team and reason for the Niners to lose. Hey Grant you gonna pick the AFC if the Niners win on Sunday? Because while I feel confident the Niners will get it done this week I know if they do nobody’s going to stop them in the SB. We Niner fans are on the cusp of maybe the franchise’s most special season ever if they finish this monumental task at hand. Go Niners!

  21. No. 1 Key to victory: Avoid Turnovers. It is the turnovers in Seattle that have killed us. If we turn the ball over less than two times we should win. More than two, we are in trouble.

      1. Totally agree with that, Ghost.
        Architecturally-enhanced noise has no place the world of good sportsmanship.
        Someday, when some other team’s new stadium takes it to the next outrageous level, the will be a collective cry of “foul”, and things will revert to the way it used to be.
        Let every game be decided strictly ON THE FIELD.

        Just my opinion.

  22. Russell Wilson – 10 total yards – 5 yards per carry.
    Colin Kaepernick – 87 total yards – 9.7 yards per carry.

    The relevant question isn’t whether the Niners can stop the RO, it’s whether The Seaholds can stop CK. The only chance they have is if they force him into another 14QBR game and that is *not* going to happen.

      1. Razor,

        The team that runs the ball better will win on Sunday.

        I’m excited for the game, but it seems like we’ve gone over it ad nauseum already. The keys are the same as they were back in week 2 and week 14. Can we speed up the clock a bit? ; )

      2. Here you go Razor:

        1) Do the Cohn’s have the best selection of hats or what? https://twitter.com/annkillion/status/423555743590002688/photo/1
        2) Will Harbaugh eschew his khakis/cleats for jorts/flip flops on Sunday?
        3) How many Beast Burgers will Bay down before halftime?
        4) Will Statler and Waldorf boo Russell Wilson? (If you’re not sure who Statler and Waldorf are refer back to the picture above.)
        5) How many Seahawks fans will do a Kurt Cobain imitation should they lose on Sunday?

  23. It’s hard to say how the team will handle the read-option, specifically, as I don’t recall the team seeing that play very often during the season. Other than Seattle, the team played Washington when RGME was hurt and not a viable ball-keeping threat. Against Carolina, our D played contain and Cam didn’t seem to run the read-option often – more like designed QB power or outside the tackles runs. If it’s about athleticism, our LB’s are the best equipped in the league, in theory, to handle the read-option. We’ll see.

    Regarding Lynch and, by extension, the running game with Wilson, Turbin and Harvin, our starting NT, Ian Williams, was injured in that game and it was Glenn Dorsey’s first game with us holding the point. By my eyes, he struggled in early games but came on strong as the season progressed. In base sets, I see our 3-man Dline holding the point much better, regardless of which starter of rotational player is in at the time next to Dorsey.

    Admittedly, the team has had trouble holding Lynch down in the past with just the front 7, but as has been mentioned, we stuffed (literally and figuratively) Carolina’s incredibly strong running game this past Sunday and I don’t see a reason (injury or other) to suggest we can’t do the same again. However, with that being said, I’m willing to be my first-born Harvin will play and if they utilize him well, I could see fakes to him or edge-running plays to him loosening up our middle and giving Lynch some room to run up the gut from time to time.

    -play contain against Wilson
    -Dorsey is much better holding the point now as the acknowledged starter rather then coming in off the bench for an injured Williams
    -don’t bite on Harvin runs to the outside, he’s fragile and while dangerous, he won’t get the ball as much as Marshawn. Key on Lynch

  24. National media:
    Brady Brady Manning manning Brady manning Seahawks manning manning 49ers Brady manning Brady Brady Harbaugh Carroll Belichek Brady Brady manning Manziel

  25. I’m not concerned. This team now is Faaaar different than the week 2 team.
    Again the only concerns I have ate turnovers and delay of games / burnt second half timeouts. I’m also eager to see if they can build on the 3rd quarter td from last week. Their 3rd quarters have been dismal on the offensive side for 6 weeks now. Defense has been solid but I hope we can continue to score after the half.

  26. Defense will not have a problem unless they are on the field all game. This game is going to hinge on the offense. Ball control, along with scoring TDs not field goals will go along ways toward victory.

    1. Under…. I agree. But even though we need td’s, carolina proved last week that 3′s come in handy. I just hope those 3′s come from 47yds and out. Because that would me we are scoring touchdowns in the red zone not field goals

  27. Quesion gentlemen, if Roman gets the Browns job, or any head coaching for that matter, will our offense change? Will we hire from within? What staff will he be looking to take? Just asking because sooner or later, like our players, our coaches will eventually get raises and promotions to move on

    1. Coach, do you think Chrysbaugh play calling would be different from Rombaugh? Stands to reason it would be different.

      1. I think he would bring a little of himself to the job the same way Walsh’s O coordinators brought a little of themselves to the job but no one changed Walsh’s offense and no one is going to change Harbaugh’s O.

      2. undercenter,

        Chryst’s brother is the head coach at Pitt and was part of ESPN’s coverage of the national championship game. If the brothers’ approach to offensive football is similar I wouldn’t expect much of a change in play calling.

      3. Was it not Geep who called the Vernon post against the Saints for the “Catch III”?

        I think he has some stones and might be a better risk taker/attacking style coordinator.

      4. Prime he designed the play. But Roman called it. Roman said they practiced it all week for the saints 2deep defense and it was the perfect time to call it. It worked.

      5. I heard it the other way, Roman designed it, Geep pleaded to run it. In any case, a great throw, catch and win.
        That win to me gave the Niners the confidence they needed to be a winning franchise.

  28. I have 3 areas that I feel are important for the Niners to get the win.
    1. Win the turnover battle, obviously.
    2. Penalties. No dumb retaliation penalties. There’ll be some talk and they have to keep focused on the task at hand. Also falling under that will be what will the refs call/not call.
    3. Get the lead with a td. The Niners seem to have started the last 2 games strong but stall out in the red zone. FGs won’t cut it.

      1. Jack,

        I have gone back and watched all of the 9er games and all of the Seahawks games from this last season. I am not a stat guy ,I’m old school in as much as I watch the game and the team as a whole. The 9ers have played the last six games as play off games and to my eye, have shown that they are the Big Boys in the play ground. They are manhandling their competitors. As coach would say “all arrows up”

  29. Note to Coach Harbaw:
    Las Vegas sportsbook sez
    your season ends Sunday.
    Seahawks favored by 3 pts.

    Sarah will take you shopping for new duds
    (anything but khaki) sometime next week.

    Me?? I will continue to pirouette about
    in my toe slippers and my khaki tutu….
    (the Super Bowl monkey approves of… yadda, yadda)

    1. Didnt the love of your life (Alex Smith) Get tossed aside by our coach “harbaw” Las Vegas can bite it, and so can you. Call smith and ask him if you cam cone over and watch the game, “FROM HOME”

    2. You do realize troll that those 3 points are only because Seattle is the home team…Vegas is pretty much saying that on a neutral field they are DEAD EVEN…try again loser…

      1. Prime,
        Would it make you happier if he went to Macy’s or Nordstrom and spent $60 on a pair of khakis? He’ll have an endorsement with Dockers by next year. It is pretty funny though, he is just a regular dude despite his wealth.

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