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  1. Oh this is about to get fun:

    ” When the ball leaves Gabbert’s fingertips, he has very little control over where it goes. Less control than Kaepernick, if you can believe it.”

  2. Choice 1 a QB with terrible mechanics and no accuracy.
    Choice 2 a QB with a debilitating mental block.
    Sounds like a long year.

    1. Coach;

      Choice 1 a QB with terrible mechanics and no accuracy.
      Choice 2 a QB with a debilitating mental block.
      =with the 1st overall pick the San Francisco 49ers select……..

      I actually think the 49ers will be decent this year. Decent to watch that is. Yes they will not be a great team but watchable. Its a rebuild, what did everyone expect?

      1. Ponder is rusty, yet, in a new offense he scans the field and makes accurate throws.
        I do believe Kelly will make the right decision at the QB position.

  3. New coaching staff + New Playbook/offensive syst. + no huddle offense every play (only offense employing this for a full game) + New WR’s + New OL, TE”s, RB’s + Texans 1st game (Live Action) since last season = Rustiness

    1. An interesting undercurrent here is now Chip is backed into a corner. Kap is rehabbing still so Kelly’s taking it slow here.

      Driskel is a rook and Ponder is new, so although Chip needs to get Gabby his reps for reg season. Chip’s no doubt thinking no way now–I’m leaving him in more than 2 series until pre season game 4!

        1. Rodgers was no better out of college. He was fortunate and benefitted significantly by playing behind Brett Farve for or 5 years. Neither Smith nor Kap had that kind of mentoring available let alone a head coach and offensive coordinator that had the slightest ability to develop their natural skills into something professional.

        2. Rodgers was no better out of college. He was fortunate and benefitted significantly by playing behind Brett Farve for or 5 years. Neither Smith nor Kap had that kind of mentoring available let alone a head coach and offensive coordinator that had the slightest ability to develop their natural skills into something professional.

          1. If the Niners had drafted Rodgers over AS, they may have won a couple more rings.

            I watched AR while he was at Cal, and thought he was more accurate than AS. Still is.

      1. well for one alex smith is better than both of these street kabob venders at this time in everyone;s careers.

        And if we want the chiefs to take gabbert and kaep off of our hands we will have to up the ante.

        Overall- i was just being a smart ass.

        When we traded alex smith to the chiefs for two second rounders we thought we fleeced them!

        1. They did fleece them. Andy coddles Alex just as Harbaugh did. By the way, Harbaugh chose Kaepernick over Alex, and he’s picking Kaepernick over Gabbert. Have you been closer to the three quarterbacks to give a more professional evaluation? If so, please share….

          1. Razor

            Not really….you are aware that because of some of his picks and choices, Harbaugh is now coaching in college…not such a great talent evaluator……

            1. R e a l l y? You know why the 49ers got TWO 2nd Round picks for Alex Smith, don’t you? When everyone but myself was laughing at the mere notion of getting one 2nd round pick for him….

              1. Razor

                Well, that was YOU Razor …we ALL knew you were a better evaluator than Harbaugh that’s who I was referring to

              2. Sure, and Jimmy Carter put the fear of God in the mullahs in Iran. Why is it so hard for you to wrap your head around the fact that Harbaugh scouted and drafted Kaepernick, and polished Alex Smith into 2 second round picks? Gawd!

      2. lol. No he didn’t Harbaugh scouted Kaepernick and, like all bad scouts, fell in love with the QB athleticism without realizing there was no mental game there.

        When he got the chance to push Smith aside, he took it.

        But Kaepernick wasn’t better than Smith. As Grant pointed out years ago, Kaepernick sucks from the pocket. And he’s always sucked from the pocket. And his only success was a college crap offense the NFL figured out.

        Today’s QB problems go back to Harbaugh’s arrogance and bad decision making in 2012.

        Meanwhile Smith was Top-10 last year and carried the Chiefs into the playoffs. He also has the 4th highest playoff QB rating in NFL history and is 12 points better in the playoffs than Kaepernick.

          1. This statement right here show how little you know or have watched Smith or the NFL. From here on out, I will join the growing list of people who never comment on anything you write.

            1. Guess you did not watch his last playoff game.

              Its OK. I would rather be left alone, instead of being attacked constantly. I will return the favor. All your football knowledge could be put in a thimble.

            2. wait a minute, eM……….Alex Smith is no great shakes. You stack the box on that guy with some variation of the 46 defense and force him to beat you through the air downfield…..makes for a long day for Kansas City.
              Smith absolutely needs a great team surrounding him…………

        1. And he’s always sucked from the pocket.

          And always will because that’s not who he is.

          And his only success was a college crap offense the NFL figured out.

          That was a lie.

          Alex carried the Chiefs into the playoffs.

          Alex carried Harbaugh’s golf clubs and that’s it.

              1. Moses ZD

                It’s almost like trying to swim upstream, isn’t it ? there is no sense in discussing the QB picture with the Kaeperholics, in that they have spent the whole off-season making up excuses for his shortcomings and repeated failures. Hang in there…I’m with you….

            1. harbaugh was a good coach period he wins where ever he goes look at us before and after harbaugh i miss him he was a hell of a coach.

  4. Those of you left waiting for the Blaine Train to leave the station are more than welcome to join me on the Kaepernick Concourse…;>)

      1. Freekin Seb………….not that sunny side zu guy again………………..Patton would have put a whuppin on zoo, just as he did Rommel.

          1. I could just imagine you telling that to Patton’s face! Oh, I would give a years pay to see that!!!!

            Of course, Montgomery would agree with you……………

  5. This is a bit of a fast projection in prejudgment considering this competition has a couple of weeks to go. There is no doubt that Kaep should be better & win the competition based on 2012 & 2013. However based on last year and so far this year in practice Blaine has the upper hand because he is playing better in the system in practice by Grants stats and he is on the field-2-0 after this weekend. As far as accuracy goes I hate to say it, but neither guy is highly accurate. However, apart from last week Gabbert is usually better at swing passes to backs (check downs) whereas Kaep is better if you have a 3rd and 10. If Kaep gets healthy next week for the third and most important preseason game, the final determination for starter will be very interesting.

    1. You make an excellent point. The fact that Gabbert has had the upper hand, and has yet to be able to cash in, tells you all you need to know….

  6. i wish chip can have one year with a really good qb in the nfl before he gets banished to the college ranks again.

    ironically- smith and rodgers would’ve been great options for him.

  7. Gabbert is a game manager at best. Kap is a pro bowler at best. I don’t expect either to be at their best, but i’m pulling for Kap.

      1. Well according to u he cant do anything since all he has is a college system. Why don’t u post or plagerize a couple of articles calling chip and his system a fraud. Just sayin.

      1. Razor

        Methinks me hears a smatter of ‘cackling’ deep within the bowels of Indiana where they still cheer for Kaepernick who has clearly lost the comparative competition….still, they love him….Even with the new-found faults…Gabbert has still kicked Kaep’s a$$

        1. May the best man win. If Chip says it’s Gabbert, I will pledge to give him my support. Can you say the same if he chooses Kaepernick?

          1. Razor

            Hell no !

            We’ve already had THAT for 4 years, and he’s worse now… not better…are you related or something ? or are you just hoping for lightning in a bottle ? That’s just stubborness….

  8. I think your wrong about a couple things here Grant.

    A) Kaepernick’s not going to win this competition by default, i.e., by not playing. That’s a silly exaggeration.

    B) I don’t know what Alex Smith, you’ve seen over the years but it’s not the Alex Smith that currently plays for the Chiefs. Apparently you weren’t paying attention to his the years he played QB in the Bay Area, and obviously haven’t watched a lot of Chiefs games. I have. Alex is the same QB in KC as he was for the iners. That Alex Smith doesn’t have anything close to what scouts would call a “strong arm”. Alex is a game manager with barely, and I mean BARELY adequate arm strength. And, it’s one reason he misses a lot of deep throws, because he has to put his entire body into the throws, meaning there are more mechanical things that can can go wrong, which is why he went an astonishing 594 days without throwing a single TD to a wideout, while he was a starter. Think about that for a minute.
    Alex Smith is nothing more than a “system” QB, in other words, he doesn’t have enough arm strength, or arm talent, to play in some systems. How quickly we forget how poorly Alex played for almost his entire run with the 49ers, including his performance in the 2011/12 NFC Championship game vs the Giants, where Alex arm was so “dead’ he couldn’t hit a wide open WR any further than 10 yards in front of him! Could he? He made the Pro Bowl because he plays in a system that smartly takes advantage of his strengths, short throws on rhythm, and avoids putting him in a position to push the ball downfield. Perhaps that’s better than Gabbert at this point, but make no mistake, Gabbert has a far, far stronger stronger arm than Alex, who doesn’t.

    1. Smith has a strong arm. He’s just reluctant to pull the trigger. He wants confirmation a receiver will be open before making the throw.

      1. Grant:

        I’ve never really fully understood this concept of a “strong arm”. Are we talking mostly velocity here or the ability to sling it downfield. Alex Smith is a relatively big man who works out; so is Gabbert. Why would Alex have a relatively “weak” arm. What is it that makes it weak? They are both strong men, so ….. Is it more of a mechanics issue where the throwing motion of one is inefficient with regards to the transfer of power to velocity. Or perhaps they consciously take velocity off of the ball in an attempt to increase accuracy. I know it is what it is, but it just seems to me that there should be relatively straightforward methods for increasing the power transferred to the ball by the QB. These guys should have more than enough raw physical strength, it would seem.

        1. Your wrong Alex had quite a bit of arm stregnth in his younger days he ruined it when his shoulder was torn in half and Mike Nolan questioned his toughness. Alex is miles ahead of Gabbert in his ability to throw receivers open and he always threw beautifully with touch. He regained his confidence as grant said he is still a little weary of pulling the trigger

            1. I do not believe they could have. That bunch had serviceable backups or overrated busts.
              Both Rothlisberger and Rodgers need a #1 WR in order to avoid having an up-and-down season.

              1. Big Ben dealt with poor offensive line play for years, and has made many an average receiver look better….

              2. Which WR from that below subpar group would Rothlisberger have made better Razor? A.J. ‘I Can’t Beat Gravity’ Jenkins or Dwayne ‘Alligator Arms’ Bowe?

              3. We can agree to disagree MWD, but there’s no way in hell Big Ben or Aaron Rodgers go 594 days before they throw a TD pass to a wide receiver. I don’t care if it’s Shaun McDonald or Limas Sweed….

              4. Most QBs would have pulled the hair out of their head if they had dealt with that WR corps Razor.
                I am not really against Smith being at fault for that record; I am arguing over him being used as the scapegoat though. There were a good number of times that season the WRs dropped catchable passes, some of which could have been a TD. The OL was also not a big help along with Reid’s play-calling. It is no fluke that the Chiefs offense improved the following season after signing Maclin and Reid choosing to cede the offense.

        1. Again with this IDIOTIC statement. Do wr td catches count for more than 6 points?? Smith had 18 td passes that year…so dont start with this stat, when you have Travis Kelce (top 5 te) and Jamaal Charles (top 5 rb/receiving rb) you do not throw to Dwayne Bowe(who had like 5 receptions last year), AJ Jenkins, and the round robin of street free agent wrs they had last year.

          1. Alex Smith’s main attribute is relying on not mucking it up. Andy Reid threw the ball all over the place in Philly. Reid protects Alex Smith with safe throws, because he knows he’s the poster boy for ALEX….

            1. Razor

              You’re grabbing stuff out of thin air…in his last year in Philly Andy Reid was 4-12….”threw it all over the place”…baloney

        1. Sorry for confusion, this WRONG is a response to Grants “reluctant to pull the trigger” comment. Alex is reluctant to pull the trigger specifically because before, and especially after his shoulder injury, he never could put the type of pace on the football to A) Average many yards per attempt, B) Throw into tight windows C) Throw well under anything other than perfect conditions, especially rain and wind, but also a clean pocket to step up into his throws! In bad weather….. you could forgettaboutit, Alex could not deal with the wind or rain AT ALL (watch the NFC Championship Game if you want a laugh, before you remember how painful it was).

      2. That’s the problem with the York’s . They do little research on anything but business other than football. You would think a billionaire would find Competent WCO guys where throwing before the break is a requirement. And since the WCO guys are the people the York’s rode all the way to a new stadium they should know better than this the last 15 years.

      3. As corny as it sounds, that is a fatal flaw for a QB, as it is in life. Probably keeps Smith from the SB…………….

    2. I agree 49. Smith is only good when he has a good running team and a good te. His best year as a niner was when he had both VD and Delaney. I miss Delaney.

  9. I am not too worried. Even if Kaep has to start on the bench, Gabbert is adequate to run the Chip Kelly offense.

    Even though he has a record of only 5-27, all he has to do is get the ball into the hands of his playmakers. That might be as simple as handing off.

    Those first 2 passes were ugly, but I think he settled down, and that TD to Vance gave me hope. Gabbert is not as bad as Grant portrays him. I have seen him make those easy throws before.

    Of course, if he laterals to his RB, he should make sure the RB is watching him and expects the ball, and when a defender falls down, I hope Gabbert can spot the open man.

    With Kaep being such a question mark with his rehab/TC setback, I will root for Gabbert to succeed. I kinda expect a 1-4 start, but if Gabbert can at least be halfway decent, they could go 2-3. If Kaep plays, I am hoping for a 3-2 start.

    1. Kap didn’t have a “setback”. He had a great practice and Kelly had seen enough and shut him down. He wants him healthy and ready for game 1.

  10. I know you are a creative writer Grant, and sometimes that includes a few , shall we say, embellishments, for lack of a better word, in order to make a point. But this is a real bone of contention for me because I remember all of the woeful performances by Alex, while he played in San Francisco. All of the “gimme” throws where Alex threw behind his WR, or worse, airmailed it over his intended receiver and in the waiting hands of an opposing DB, for an easy, soul crushing, game defining, INT! And it drives me nuts how quickly some people have forgotten how poorly Alex played in San Francisco. The excuse was always, “well, Alex has played under a different offensive coordinator every season”, for the bulk of his career. Well guess what, so has Blaine. It wasn’t until Alex finally got some system stability at the very end of his run here, and in KC, that he started to play better.

    Let’s hope Chip can bring out the same in Blaine, or Kap, or both!

    1. And make no mistake, a very good QB in his own day, and very good QB developing HC, a guy named Jim Harbaugh, realized Alex was NEVER going to lead his team to the promise land, ever. That’s why he made the switch, not to sabotage his own career.

      Jim Harbaugh understood Alex was always going to struggle in the playoffs, because he couldn’t consistently hit his open WR downfield, even when he was playing his best ball here. Jim always had to give him easy throws and a smash mouth running game in order for Alex to “succeed”.

  11. Gabbert’s biggest weakness is crumbling under the pass rush. When he’s comfident in his OL his footwork is much cleaner and the accuracy issues aren’t that bad. Once he loses confidence in his OL protection he rushes everything and his footwork is horrible.

    1. When he’s comfident in his OL his footwork is much cleaner and the accuracy issues aren’t that bad.

      But still short of the sticks…;>)

    2. Scooter and anyone else who would like to answer, here’s an honest question: Besides Wilson, how many NFL qbs playing today would be able to lead their team down the field if their OL broke down consistently? I suppose the answer is as many guys who are skilled and absolutely fearless. How many of those guys would you say are out there?

      1. Not enough, George. Finding a QB that can stand tall in the face of a pass rush, stay calm and make consistently good decisions is hard.

  12. Blame Gabbert has and always will suck and we’re seeing it now like Jacksonville did. Trent couldn’t find offensive playmakers in the draft to save his life!

  13. Just curious Grant, were you ever on the “different OC every season” excuse train with Alex, because many were. And guess what, Blaine has gone through the same, exact thing.

    So, while I think it’s justified to criticise Blaine, it’s not OK to pretend Alex is some sort of strong armed QB who can make every throw, because he’s absolutely NOT THAT GUY and never was! He’s a dink and dunk, on rhythm passer who can pick up yards with his legs when he needs to, but has always struggled with medium and long range throws.

    And, if you want to chose to ignore your lying eyes when he played in SF, 594 days as a starting QB with the Chiefs, without throwing a TD to a WR absolutely PROVES my point!.

      1. He had 18 td passes that season, the team went 9-7, and all you can talk about is the fact that piss pour wr corp didnt catch a td. Thats on them, he had no problem getting the ball to his te’s and wr’s.

  14. Sorry kiddies but the opinions expressed on this site are clueless. Anyone who doesn’t believe Kap is going to start doesn’t know Kelly. He salivated over him for years and finally has him. Last week, before Kap mysteriously stopped throwing, he threw 4 TDs in the Red Zone in a 7 on 7 drill, busted a nice run off the option, and looked great. Kelly knows what he has and Kap will excel in this offense which may have been built just for him…

    1. Could be………..but he’s got to learn how to throw a 5-yard flare at less than flat out full velocity-consistently. He still doesn’t know how to do that.

  15. Gabbert had a QB rating of 86 last year, behind a porous OL, with no Carlos Hyde and bad coaching.

    Why is everyone so sure he’s going to suck? I’m not saying there’s no chance he’ll suck and I’m definitely not saying I expect him to be the 49ers future at QB, but there is a reasonable chance he could have a 90-ish QB rating this year and if the running game is good, the offense might be serviceable.

    1. This game will be the litmus test. Denver, with their fierce pass rush, will be a supreme test of the O line, especially the right side.

      1. This game will be the second 9er preseason game in 2016. Barring a catastrophic injury to a key player or a natural disater of gargantuan proportions in the Denver metro area, this one will be quickly forgotten. 9ers 26, Broncos 19.

        1. Considering their last opponent was shut out, I am hoping that the Niners at least score. I am hoping that the Niner defense rattles PL for a defensive score. Niners 10-9.

  16. From the article below (Rivers is Philip Rivers):

    “Arm strength can definitely be overrated,” said Rivers, “but it certainly can help. What it does is allow you sometimes to get away with being late. It allows you to think: ‘Let me take another hitch because I can get it in there; I can throw the comeback late and make sure (a defender) is not sitting on it.’

    When I asked a general manager I trust to cite the qualities he looks for in quarterbacks he listed the following: Can he make all the throws necessary? Mobility. Poise. Accuracy. And, is he a winner?

    I’m still waiting for arm strength to make the cut.

    “Arm strength,” said an NFC head coach, “is tied into the intelligence of the quarterback. If he is smart, understands defenses and anticipates his throws well — like a Chad Pennington — arm strength is not a big factor.

    “But if he is young or not the brightest guy then arm strength is more important because he will be late on some throws and need a stronger arm to get the ball in a tighter window.”……

      1. Mid: It seems to me that “arm strength” is in a similar category to the modern concept of a “running” QB. Most of the time a high level of these traits cover up massive flaws in the QB’s ability to read defenses, throw with anticipation and make good decisions.

        1. I would also say arm strengths is like being “athletic” as well. I always smile a little when a commentator questions an NFL starting QB’s athleticism.

    1. ALEX SMITH with 49ers:

      2005: 50.9 %, 5.3 AVG, 40.8 Rating. “Horrendous”
      2006: 58.1%, 6.54 AVG, 74.8 Rating. “Horrific”
      2007: 48.7%, 4.74 AVG, 57.2 Rating (thru 9 games), “Ouch”
      2009: 60.5%, 6.32 AVG, 81.5 Rating. “Better”
      2010: 59.6%, 6.93 AVG, 82.1 Rating. “Has he Plateaued?”
      2011: 61.1%, 7.07 AVG, 90.7 Rating. “Still pretty low AVG”
      2012: 61.3 %, 7.97 AVG, 104.1 Rating. (Best year by far and never duplicated in KC”

      Alex NFL Career: 61.0% meh, an absolutely WOEFUL 6.73 AVG (well below league avg!) and a 84.5 Rating. Blaine

      Gabbert 2015 stats behind one of the worse OL’s EVER assembled!: 63.1%, 7.20 AVG, 86.2 Rating

      1. Conclusion, Alex is certainly no Golden Boy, and his 6.73 yard AVG is woefully low, specifically because he lacks “arm strength” END OF STORY!

          1. I think it’s more of a mindset, Grant. Something is blocking these types of quarterbacks, whether it’s processing the field quickly, too afraid to throw the receiver open, or they need to see them wide open before pulling the trigger. They’re just too conservative and too reluctant to push the ball downfield and risk an INT….

        1. Decent arm strength before surgery, below average after surgery. Barely, and I mean barely adequate. And this causes him to play poorly in poor weather conditions. Or when he can’t step into his throws thanks to a nice pocket. Or when he doesn’t have a strong running game or a system that doesn’t ask him to push the ball downfield.

          Power ranking “arm strength” all 32 NFL teams:

          Alex Smith – 29th, only ahead of Dalton (30th), McCoy (31st) & Ponder (32), and 2 of those 3 are no longer starters.

          Bam, I win Grant!

          1. Grant, Above is a 2011 ranking by Bleacher Report, or are you telling me BR is often wrong?

            Go ahead, make my day. lol

              1. Your boys over at Bleacher Report called Alex’s arm a quote NOODLE ARM unquote, I would simply call in well below average!

        1. Why do I Wilson? Alex only began to play decently when he had one of the best OL’s, coaching stability, and a great running game to take the pressure off him and keep him out of many 3rd and medium/ 3rd and long situations.

          Blaine didn’t have that in Jax, and he had neither a running game, or a decent OK last season. I think that’s something we all can agree on. Nor does he have a lot of WR talent to target.

          However, I’m amused at how many posters on this blog simply discount the effect Chip Kelly’s offense has on a QB. Blaine started poorly in last weeks game, and the team still put up 300 yards and 50 plays in the first half. Think about that for a second.

          I am telling everyone right now, this coaching staff is elite. And football is a sport where coaching counts as much as talent. Mark my words, whoever plays QB this year, whether it’s Blaine or Kap, or both, they are going to put up points despite a depleted WR Corp.

          1. 49 because without BG’s total stats it’s an apple to orange comparison. Second the OL last year was like 16-18 in pass protection, where they were awful was run blocking. So your theory needs some work.

            I like Kelly and generalize what people think due to a few haters. I think offense will be greatly improved because we’ll run the ball well.

              1. Jack you’ve said this before, the QB’s were responsible for many of the sacks. PFF could be totally off base and worthless. How many times did CK hold the ball too long and how many times did BG sack himself running out of bounds. Your thoughts there were educational for me. I think our QB’s last season were more the issue than the line.

                Interestingly enough Pete Carroll after Wilson’s 4 sack outing said the sacks were on Wilson for holding the ball too long. When the NFL guys reviewed the plays 3 of 4 sacks were on Wilson. I think we’re similar.

              2. wilson,

                Without looking through all the numbers my guess would be that their ranking could be a bit skewed by the play of Staley, and maybe Brown over the 2nd half.

                I just don’t see how anyone watching this offense last year could say the oline was anywhere near top half of the league regardless of the QB holding the ball.

              3. That’s possible, I didn’t come up with the rankings. The Patriots were labeled 31st in pass protection to greater complicate things but their QB gets the ball out quickly. I guess it would help to find out how they are defining and quantifying the ranking.

                Tiller graded out well too last season. I do wonder how many of the sacks were on the QB’s though. Its surprising to me when we all watched DL run right through the combo of Martin, Devey and Pears.

              4. Speaking of running out of bounds, I remember Gabbert mentioning in a presser that in a number of cases the QBs had to run out of bounds in order to avoid a penalty because a lineman was downfield. I remembered it because in the past I’ve always blamed the QB for not throwing it away, but now I’m not so sure. I’m unaware of any stats that provide this type of information; i.e a QB was justified in running out of bounds rather than have the team be penalized.

              5. Good thoughts Cubus. I guess one who has a pass to all 22 could go back and watch the Brown’s game and look for downfield lineman.

              6. “I didn’t come up with the rankings.”

                Too bad, I’m still making you accountable for this nonsense!

            1. @Wilson

              I’ve got the 2015 49ers offensive line ranked at 31st in pass blocking and dead last in run blocking based on the Adjusted Line Yards chart. It uses these numbers:

              Losses: 120% value
              0-4 Yards: 100% value
              5-10 Yards: 50% value
              11+ Yards: 0% value

              The reason the Team Offense for DVOA rating for rushing differs from the Adjusted Line Formula is because they don’t include quarterbacks or fumbles, long runs are truncated, and a different set of adjustments is used which attempts to isolate line play rather than total team offense….

          2. You got my interest peaked on this 49. In 2011 the Jags and 49ers OL’s were relatively even. From there on the teams departed ways.

            2011 Rankings
            18. Jacksonville Jaguars (19th)

            Run Rank 9th, Pass Rank 24th, Penalties Rank 15th

            20. San Francisco 49ers (11th)

            Run Rank 8th, Pass Rank 26th, Penalties Rank 18th

            29. Jacksonville Jaguars (18)

            PB – 30th, RB – 25th, PEN – 13th

            Run Rank 8th, Pass Rank 26th, Penalties Rank 18th
            1. San Francisco 49ers (20)

            PB – 10th, RB – 1st, PEN – 19th

            31. Jacksonville Jaguars (29th)

            PB: 23rd, RB: 32nd, PEN: 29th

            9. San Francisco 49ers (1st)
            PB: 13th, RB: 3rd, PEN: 31st

          3. 49, I want you are are eating, but step on the brakes a bit.

            Please do not call this coaching staff elite until they have won 6 games. Both Modkins and O’Neil are pedestrian, at best.

            1. Not sure that’s a good metric Seb. Talent on the roster is important. Chip, Modkin’s and O’Neil can only do so much with who they’ve been given. I think we’re pretty talented at RB, DB’s, DL and some other areas. We’re deficient in some areas as well. OL is improving and we’re certainly limited by WR and QB.

              If the offense can put up closer to 21 points a game we’ll win a lot more. I’d say 8 wins with this roster would be good.

              1. Wilson, I was just responding to 49 saying that the coaching is elite. You are right, even Bill Walsh had a 2-14 season because he did not have the proper players.

          4. 49

            I have noticed that all of this ‘absolute’ talk gets spread out during the season and most of it just fades into nothingness by seasons end….you should talk to SEB….

      2. Smith was mentally tough to be able to stay in SF after all of the poor coaching and bad will he got from the fans. At one point, he was well hated. It would have been easy for him to have moved on in 2011. He wanted to be successful in SF. Even though he wasn’t signed, he led the team in practices during the lockout. To consider that a whole new coaching staff came in during a lockout in 2011 and then lead us to the NFC Championship game? Wow! That’s amazing! It wouldn’t have happened without Alex and maybe the team would have never reached the heights that they did from 2011-2013.

    2. Exactly, and though Alex was never great with getting the ball out in anticipation, AND you can add to that Alex’s glaring weakness, which is lack of arm talent, as his 6.73 career AVG and 594 days with a TD pass to a WR, pretty well proves.

      Does everyone here realize Blaine 1/2 season behind one of the worst OL ever assembled, had better statistics than Alex averaged his entire NFL career? For those who want to conveniently forget Alex’s epically low 6.73 YD career average, I’m not going to let you.

      1. Yes, Blaine’s career AVG is worse, however, that’s with JAX, and the comical 2015 SF OL, 2 of the worst coached teams in history.

  17. Here’s hoping Hyde stays healthy for the 2016 season.
    A much better article this time Grant.

  18. This competition is over. Gabbert will start the season due to pressure from the FO.. Kelly wants Kaep but part of taking the job was to make sure Gabbert opened the season as the starter. Balke and Jed wanted to get rid of Kaep. Writing is on the wall. I’m over this constant drama with this team. Either start Kaep or give him his walking papers. Let one of the two assume the QB job. This year will be a bad year regardless.

    1. Very telling Grime. Some wish one QB will do something he’s never done. Others wish another QB would return to form.

      1. I think many people were intrigued by the combination of Kelly and Kaepernick, but never thought there was a chance in hell they’d get to see it. Now that it’s a reality, I wanna see it!

  19. One of my rebuild scenarios…
    1) The 49ers clearly improve. The quarterbacking is decent.
    2) But the absurd schedule = a poor win loss record… and high 2017 pick.
    3) The 49ers draft an elite edge rusher, like Myles Garrett.
    4) 49ers extend key FAs (Lynch, Ward, etc.) and grab some new FA talent.
    5) The 49er defense makes a similar jump to 2010 to 2011.

    But if all the 49ers quarterbacks flop, an elite edge rusher will have to wait.

  20. Hey, SOMEBODY is going to start. Who the heck knows at this point?
    The QB Room does have a bit of an air of Used Car Lot. No, Previously Owned & Operated Motor Charriots; yeah, that’s it.
    Starting to remind me of the OL Room this time last year. They needed to call the Bay Area Air Quality Control Board to report the stench there.

  21. Remember the movie ‘Liar, Liar’?
    If Chip Kelly were compelled to be completely candid:
    >Coach, are you confident you’ll have a QB ready on Opening Day to run your offense the way you think it should be run?
    (Kelly)- Dang! I’m a football coach, not Merlin The Magician!

  22. Here’s what I’d like to see tomorrow. First, the offense needs to line up and keep the defense off balance by either running or passing. Next, Gabbert needs to confuse the defense by looking left but throwing right or vice versa. Once they do this they need to gash them up the middle.

    On defense they need to disguise some blitzes and coverages to confuse the QB.

    Last but not least, open the game with an onside kick. Denver will never see that one coming.

    1. FIFY. The offense needs to line up in a standard set, and either run or pass out of it so the defense cannot know what play is called by looking at the formation.

      The QB should look off the safeties by facing one way while looking in another direction.

      They should spread them wide with 4 receiver sets and gash them up the middle.

      Last but not least, they should kick the ball high in the air so it lands on the 2 yard line, then smother the returner inside the 10 yard line. This would be a lot better than kicking it into the end zone so they place the ball at the 25 yard line.

      1. Seb, bless your heart, but let’s let Chip handle those calls.

        After all, he’s 26-22 in the pros, with a division championship. Oh, and his college resume looks pretty decent, 5 PAC 12 titles, 4 consecutive BCS bowl game appearances, including a BCS Title Game, while breaking college offensive records along the way.

        1. 49, Chip is new to the Niners. I am just posting things I want the Niners to do, but so far, seem incapable of doing.

          Since Chip was fired from his last job, I bet he would appreciate all the help he can get.

          1. Except Chip absolutely didn’t get fired for his coaching. He got fired because of politics and poor personnel decisions, and I am certainly hoping he sticks to coaching with SF, and let others handle most of the personell decisions.

            Elite coach, not very good when it comes to politics and personnel decisions.

    2. Above all else, don’t be predictable, but always attack where the opponent is weakest. If all else fails, read If and the Art of War, at the same time.

          1. As long as they are winning, heck, they could recite Gunga Din for all I care.

            ‘But when it comes to slaughter, you do your work on water, and lick the bloomin’ boots of ‘im whose got it.’

    3. Check this out. What if the QB takes the snap,in the shotgun at say the 30 yard line? He then runs backwards as fast as he can and stops at his own 2 yard line and waits facing the chasing defense. They’re intent on sacking him, maybe for a safety, so they all chase him. One eligible receiver trails the mob of defenders. At the last second the QB lobs to the receiver who turns downfield and runs for an 85 yard touchdown while his homeiz ambush the redirected defenders.
      We’d murderize them! After the game trade our 6th WR and back-up long snapper for Aaron Rogers and a pick to be named later.
      I know it would work. It’s just that with all the suggestions from Seb and Tom to go through, the coaching staff may never get around to mine. Curses! Foiled again!

      1. Oh, this is so wrong. He just needs to retreat, put his foot on the half yard line, then sprint upfield untouched for a TD. It is really that simple.

            1. All this mocking… From Mockingjay…“Oh, Peeta, Don’t make me sorry I restarted your heart.”

              Wonder if Seb is a Peeta wanna be?

      1. Grant Cohn April 5, 2016 at 12:57 pm
        I just don’t see the upside with Prescott. He’s Drew Stanton.


        1. He’s looked great so far. Helped by having a very good OL and making use of screens and the threat of the running game.

          1. I’m just having some fun, I forgot what it’s like to enjoy watching a QB play. However I’m certainly not forgetting it’s preseason. It’ll be interesting to see how many pass attempts he’ll actually get this year and how well he does with them.

            1. Calhoun picked up his first sack for the Raiders last night.

              It’s fun watching all these great prospects on other teams.

        1. You’d be in the running except that you’re better at picking QBs – although it looks like Hackenberg still hasn’t taken a preseason snap.

              1. I never said they were all home runs. Maybe he just hasn’t found the right system or coach or OC or maybe he’s had bad o-lines…

                Jury is still way out on Grayson too so I’m enjoying the few successes I get when I can.

              2. Exactly.

                Can you please clarify. Your “spesh-e-al-o-tee” is hard for a guy like myself to follow….

              3. I was just agreeing that a guy who’s seen little action has no reason to have arm fatigue.

              4. What about a guy whose coming off 3 surgeries and unable to throw or workout for a period of time? Does arm fatigue present a concerning factor to be cognizant of when cleared for duty, Dr. Coffee?

  23. Hi Grant

    I think this is a great article and it is about 90-95% spot on. People look at Gabbert’s 63% comp rate and Kap’s 59% comp rate and automatically assume Gabbert is more accurate. This is false. If you take away Gabby’s checkdowns, he probably completes much less than Kaepernick.

    With Kaepernick I think his issue is maintaining composure at all times, even under duress. Unlike Gabbert he has shown that he can do things the right way, but his issue is consistency in what he needs to do. What I noticed about Kap is when he is confident about making a throw, his mechanics are in tact, and it usually leads to a completion. With Gabbert he is usually all over the place, as stated in the article, and he is scattershot in what he does. Gabbert has hardly showed proper mechanics and is even worse than Kap.

    With Gabbert I think his biggest issue is confidence. Even in 2015 I noticed a few subtleties in his game. He crumbles on 3rd down. Also noticed on throws beyond 10 yards, he stares down or contemplates the throw. Even noticed that he will double clutches on some of the bigger gain throws. I do recall Kevin Jones of KNBR recently saying on the radio that Gabbert does not trust him arm in this preseason and I think this was the issue last year from what I saw.

    One thing I cannot agree with is Alex Smith being a franchise QB. He is a guy who needs coaching and talent around him, much like Colin Kaepernick. A franchise QB is one who gives his team a chance to win even if there are holes on the roster like Andrew Luck or on the grand scale Rodgers or Brady.

    I also cannot agree that Gabbert goes through progressions. He has shown some instances of this and even Kap has, but I can see he eyes down guys or will just turn away when there have been guys open.

    In all honesty, I think teams figured out Gabbert by the time the Bears and Browns game came along. They know he cant beat them throwing over 5 yards and it was in the Browns game and mainly in the Lions game where I would watch opposing defenses stand beynd the sticks on all passing plays because they knew Gabbert was not going to beat them lol. I was doing a little statistical analysis not too long ago. In the first 4 starts, Gabbert had a 7.5 Y/A avg which is not bad but in the last 4 games he had a 6.9 Y/A. In the last 4 starts the team went 1-3. People will say Gabbert did not lose those games for them and that might be true but he also did not win those games either and I think Gabbert being gunshy had something to do with that porous record. For those reason mainly and what you wrote about, I think he will lose his job sooner or later in the regular season. If he continues this trend from last year, the offense will stall.

    1. I agree. Passing percentage is way overblown as an indicator of good quarterbacking, because I want the QB to throw the ball away if the receivers are not open or to avoid a sack.

  24. I’ll take my chances with Gabbert… At least he can see most of the field and progress through his reads unlike his competition who limits himself to half the field and his first read.

    Either way this season won’t be pretty… I’m thinking 7-9 would be a huge success while Baalke gets kicked to the curb at season’s end (one can only hope).

  25. I can’t stop laughing at you saying Alex smith is 1… Accurate. Ok maybe those 3 yard passes are his thing, but cmon over 25 yards and the guy is throwing to the benchwarmers.

    2…. He’s a franchise qb. I’d like to think a franchise qb gets you out of round 1 without a stout defense. Never has, never will!

      1. Without getting into a big Alex smith debate.
        Franchise QB’ win playoff games. You usually like to cherry pick stats Grant. I’ll give Alex Smirh one piece of love. He doesn’t turn the ball over.
        And this isn’t baseball. Wins for a QB is a bogus stat. The guy has had stout defenses and running game behind him. Stop with the team stats.

        1. >>Franchise QB’ win playoff games.

          Smith has a .400 record in the playoffs. Kaepernick has a .667 record, a better lifetime % than Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers or Ben Roethlisberger. Other than Seb, I don’t think any of us are arguing that Kaep is a franchise QB. In QBs playing more at least 6 playoff games Trent Dilfer has the best record at .833. Trent Dilfer, franchise QB?

          Clearly, that’s a big part of it, but franchise QBs do more than just win playoff games.

          1. Well, the Niners are paying Kaep like he is a franchise QB, not Gabbert.

            Doofus Dilfer is an exception to the rule, and shows how having an elite defense may make the QB position irrelevant.

            1. >>Well, the Niners are paying Kaep like he is a franchise QB, not Gabbert.

              Ah, so *now* the front office is doing the right thing? OK, got it.

              1. No, I hope you did not think I implied that the FO is a classy organization, or that they are infallible.

                The FO does seem to be leaking less lately, and Jed showed some leadership by slapping Baalke down for his petty temper tantrum about AD and now it looks like AD is doing fine and showing he is a team player, but they have a lot to do before I declare that they are acting like champions.

              2. >>No, I hope you did not think I implied that the FO is a classy organization, or that they are infallible.

                Nah, I just assumed you used them as an example of doing something right if and when it fits your preconceived notion.

                Don’t worry, we all do it.

              3. Well, I credit Chip more than the FO for them retaining Kaep and paying him his full salary.

                Just think that any QB getting 14 mill a year is by definition, a franchise QB.

        1. Not many. From a July 2014 article: since 2011, just three quarterbacks have notched more wins than Smith: Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees

              1. It’s all about concistency. Russell Wilson has won 46 games since 2012 so he’s right there too.

        2. With, what Bleacher Report called a “noodle arm”.

          Alex is anything BUT a franchise QB. He’s a game manager on a well coached, talented team, period!

  26. Seb says, “I wrote over 3 years ago that the Niners should run the hurry up offense.”

    I’ve got just one question for you Seb, what was the name you were commenting under on this board 3 years ago? You’ve done a pretty good job of spamming here this offseason, but really don’t remember you prior.

    Perhaps you’re a big fan of Deep Space Nine?

          1. Nine, that reminds me, I have another topic to discus. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reiterate something that I think is important, and may help the Niners win.

            Chip should strategize by putting a man in motion. Not every play, but often enough to be effective. He should study SB XXIV, and see how Bill Walsh used the MIM to put up 55 points on the Broncos.

            Chip should put a MIM so Kaep can read the defense’s reaction. It would help a lot if he sees the defender running with the MIM because that may signal man on man coverage. Then Kaep can shift to a play that will be the most effective.

            They should put a TE in motion, and have him pinch in the DE so Kaep can roll out to that side.

            They should put a MIM to threaten to run a reverse, then cross up the defense by using the MIM as a decoy.

            The MIM has a distinct advantage over a player standing still, since the MIM will be at full speed, while the defender has to start from the snap of the ball.

            The MIM may avoid the chuck at the line of scrimmage. so the receiver can get into his pattern cleanly.

            The MIM may be used to over load a side, so the offense will have a man advantage to that side.

            A MIM could help create mismatches, and target the weakness in the defense.

            A MIM may help with those fly sweeps.

            One thing Chip should not do is put a MIM, then have him stop, because that defeats the whole purpose of having a MIM, and it just becomes a time wasting shift.

            Using the up tempo offense may not always allow a MIM, but I have seen Chip use the MIM very effectively while at Oregon. If done properly and used judiciously, putting a MIM could help the offense immensely.

    1. Jack, since you so kindly asked, I will give you the exact time and place I wrote something. To be accurate, I should have said I wrote this over 2 and a half years ago. I wrote this as nynah at sfgate, on Dec 31, 2013. Its archived. Recent additions are in parentheses. Since you seem to want to parrot me, but get it all wrong, here it is for all to see.

      10 Ways JH (Chip Kelly) Can Improve

      1. Read Rudyard Kipling’s poem- IF. Stop being so demonstrative on the side line. It seems to tick off the refs and is counter productive.Use biting humor to get your point across. Channel Bill Walsh. Study the game winning drive before ‘The Catch’.

      2. Consider time outs to be precious, and used for (legitimate) challenges and the last 2 minutes (of each half).

      3. Stop wasting 10 to 15 seconds every play. Tell Kaep he can get at least 2 more sets of downs if he stops wasting time.

      4. Run the no huddle with quick snaps. This will eliminate delay of game penalties and stop the defense from substituting. (It could also catch the defense with 12 men on the field for a free play, which should be a long strike down field).

      5. Expressly forbid Kaep to call an audible with less than 5 seconds on the play clock.

      6. Use players so they can maximize their talents. Stop forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer. (Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit). Use designed roll outs to fluster the defense. (Accentuate their strengths and hide their weaknesses).

      7.Establish the running game, then use play action for long strikes down field.

      8. Do not run into the teeth of the defense. Hit them where they aint.

      9. Be unpredictable. Use deception. Keep them guessing. Put them on their heels.

      10. Niners will win If Kaep gets the ball in Frank Gore’s (playmaker’s) hands. Think screens, draws, counters, swing passes, shovel passes, (misdirection, Zone read, bubble screens, fly sweeps, slants, Pistol, naked bootleg, reverses, fake reverses, fumblefoolski) and even the statue of liberty.

        1. Dont know if I was banned. I just left, but could have been banned because I called Lynch a mental light weight.. Moved to NN. Then here.

            1. Prime, The storm is coming, and I expect a deluge.

              I plan on staying until Grant kicks me off, but the bigger question is- why are you here? I thought I saw you swear that you were leaving, and would never come back. Get lonely?

      1. Didn’t really mean to have you copy and paste that. Way too long to read.

        Reminds me of the old Cub Scout song, “have you ever seen a windbag like that”

        1. So you will keep on mis-stating my ideas even though you did not read them? You should take a minute to read them, so at least you can be a little more accurate.

          It is tiresome to have you spouting and bloviating wrong information, then having me have to set the record straight.

            1. Well, every time you post something of mine that you twist and misconstrue, I guess I will start cutting and pasting this list so you can see what I really meant.

  27. Alex hasn’t thrown a deep out in his NFL career. Moving on, I like the different approach on this article. Ur man crush on gabs was short lived, perhaps cuz u realized what some of us logical thinkers knew all along. Chip came to resurrect #7, and his coaching career in the process. Kap will start, end of story. Boom, just gave u ur next headline. My pleasure sir…..

    1. Thanks Darrel, that’s one throw Alex cannot make with any consistancy, which limits a route tree, wouldn’t you think. However, it’s not the only route Alex struggles with. He overthrows and underthrows his deep routes often and either airmails or throws behind WR on mid routes.

      However, Alex can certainly dink and dunk with the best of them, and he is somewhat mobile, so I’ll give him that.

  28. Gabbert has always been terrible. Some of the people on here have made asses out of themselves with their level of confidence in him. Kaepernick may never be a good QB again, or he could find success later on in a different environment. Gabbert may have a long career if he chooses but he will never be successful as a starter. Kaep shouldn’t be on the team and Gabbert should be grooming a rookie until he was ready to take over. Driskell is not that rookie.

    1. Those are as good of predictions as any BigP. When it comes to “nevers”, I would add that the 49ers will never contend until Baalke is gone. Also, happy talk will never change the elephant in the room.

  29. How do you just ignore the completion percentage? Kaep hasn’t posted over 60% completion percentage in 2 years. We play 2 of the top defenses 4 times a year and you want yup suggest he will win the starting job. Gabbert completed over 60 percent with the same offensive line, and he managed to move the ball. Kaep lost the gun slinger confidence that he display his first two seasons, and has failed to adapt. As a leader he is questioned and defenses know it.

      1. No one can prove it, but I think that if Kap were to have an O-line that can pass block (not a run first offensive line that relies on play action foolery), he could be elite. Since the Walsh days, the 49ers have not been able to just line up and pass the ball when needed. Defenses take away our running game and game over. The run can set up the pass and the pass can set up the run. Problem is that the 49ers have consistently not been able to pass without a HOF running back putting up huge numbers. (Good luck getting a replacement as good as Gore was!). Give Kap decent pass protection when the defense knows a pass is coming and I think he can be elite.

          1. Seb———–If Kap doesnt become THE best QB of all time this year……………far, far better-light years better-than Unitas, Montana, Brady, etc………….you are going to get blasted, and rightly so.

            Iv’e never seen ANYBODY worship a QB like this, ever! Not Montana, not anyone……………

            Your messing with people, I’m sure of it.

    1. Louis, you should look up the stats before posting. His Career Average is 59.9% 2015 he was 59% and 2014 60.5%, 2013 58.4%, 2012 62.4% and 2011 60%. Gabbert was better hitting short outs when he came in last year. Logan and Chryst lost their TE’s to injury so they had to amend the game plan and added a lot more screens to play to BG’s strengths. CK’s was never really any good at taking the short easy throws, BG makes a living on them.

      PFF has the 49ers ranked 14th in pass blocking for last season so either PFF is a lost cause or both QB’s have nothing to complain about.

      1. Go ahead Wilson, believe some abscure measurement and forget about what your eyes were telling you last season. I’ve been watching football long enough (intently for 36 years), and know a bad OL when I see one. They were horrible during the first half of the season, and marginally better the second half. Gannett is mobile, and is a pretty good scrambler, which is really th only reason that PFF measurement reads the way it does. However, there are many other ways to judge and quantify OL play. Take into account what a good run blocking OL does for a passing game as well, or did you conveniently forget that equation?

        1. 49, PFF is hardly obscure and like we discussed above OL sacks can be separated from QB induced sacks. Razor found another metric on pass protection that rates the OL having them 31st.

        1. I don’t know what Seb saw but on 9 attempts BG had 20yds and he was 3 of 9. His 10 attempt was a 15yd pass with a bunch of YAC. He was all over the place with his targets. Low and behind Patton, hit the dirt 6yds behind patton on the comeback route and the two to Hyde. From Kelly’s perspective some of that’s on Hyde for the wrong route but when the passes are that short QB’s should be able to adjust. The good things is with a great running game we can live with mediocre QB play.

          1. Wilson, I saw what you saw.

            I also agree with your last statement. A decent pass rush and stout O line will help, too.

            1. Seb I think our pass rush will be improved from last year but it seems O’Neil is likely to bring a DB, ILB or Safety on a Blitz to create pressure to. One day during the combined Bronco’s practice there we 8 players with sacks, most of them were DB’s, Safeties and ILB’s. We’re not going to pop off the charts and be a top tier pass rushing team. We’ll get more inside pressure from Buckner, Blair and Armstead. OLB’s are just weak outside Brooks and Lynch. Tank is improving but he’s not playing the 1’s yet. I think he’s probably better than either Harold or Lemonier.

              The OL will be better, as stated earlier under this topic the OL from 2015 was 14th in the NFL in pass blocking and were 30th in run blocking. If they just improve in run blocking it will take the pressure off the QB’s some. The 14th ranking in pass blocking shows issues with the QB’s mostly getting the ball out and some with WR’s getting open. It can also point to the lousy offensive scheme we had last year as well.

              1. Wilson, it was pathetic last year, so since they are at the bottom, they only could go up this year.

                I want more safety blitzes, especially against the smurf, who seems to be able to elude the defensive linemen.

                Ideally, it would be nice to be able to get pressure with just 4 defenders, like just a few years ago. I sure would like to see another season where they allow only a single rushing TD.

          2. Wilson,

            I agree that Sunday wasn’t pretty, but after those first 3 plays things turned around. A nice run by Hyde, nice completion over the middle. That TD drive was a good one in that they weren’t crisp, but still kept moving the ball down the field and scored a TD.

            Really looking forward to tonight. Another chance to get better and a top notch opponent to face.

            1. Yeah, well only P1 and Texans’ D wasn’t full strength, but Gabby Pop & The Stooges put up 300 yards in the first half. So, let’s see what they do. I could live with Dilfer-level play if I have to. Less than that, not so much (not there’s anything I can do but fuss about it.)

            2. The offense overall looked good Jack. I said earlier here that we’ve already seen a good defense and solid run game can over come mediocre QB play.

              I too am looking forward to tonight to see how our run game goes against Denver. I think we’ll see about the same performance as in practice this week from the passing attack. It’ll be tough sledding. Good test.

        2. Would be interesting to chart the first two pass attempts of every QB who started the first exhibition game over the last 45 years–all QBs. Namath, Stabler, Tarkenton, Staubach, Hart, Pisarcik, Spurrier, Shuler, Leaf–every one, good or ultimately horrible… First two passes, If first two passes are horrible, then guaranteed failure. Period.

            1. I’m only focusing on Seb’s veiled assertion that first two pass attempts badly thrown/incompleted = eternal failure.

              1. 5-27 just does not instill confidence, sorry, and those first 2 passes are just a continuation of many years. Gabbert started off poorly in Jax. He was 2-22 as a starter in Jax. Last year, they derided his passing skills in preseason.

                This year, he started by missing a wide open Hyde twice with what should have been easy short passes.

                Cassie, I could pontificate ad nauseum about how poorly those passes were, but I promised to be more succinct. If you think that any first 2 passes will define a QB, you will be sadly mistaken. Looking at his total career, Gabbert has not shined.

              2. Seb not even you could have won 2 games in JKV. And the fact you are judging Gabbert on those first 2 passes in a new scheme and new offense, in the 1st preseason game only tells me 2 things, one you are indeed Kaepernicks cuddle friend or you drink weed wacker oil. Which is it?

        1. “I have them 5-3 halfway through”

          Like your style md. Not many around here have any confidence at all so it’s a good change. Never thought I’d say your opinion is a breath of fresh air. ; )

  30. 1. Small sample size bias.
    2. 2015 Completion Percentage: Gabbert is up by 4.1%
    3. 2015 Splits:

    Behind LOS — tied at 83.7% (So Gabbert didn’t win by padding his easiest passes.)
    1-to-10: 64.5% to 58.1%. Gabbert has more touch and is quicker, not surprised to see this result.
    11-to-20: 49.0% to 47.7% Neither is really worth a crap past 10-yards, but Kaepernick is still the more pathetic of the two.

    Those are about 90% of your NFL throws. After that it’s whacking off to highlight reels instead of QB efficiency, the true driver of NFL offenses.

    21-30: 33.3% to 41.2%. Kaepernick finally wins something. Problem is sample size. Gabbert threw 12, Kaepernick 17. Nobody who understands small-sample size issues can hang his hat (legitimately) on that split. Everything else, sample size is too small to be even relatively pointless.

    Those are fairly typical numbers, btw, for Kaepernick except 2012 when he had a freak half-season and completed 80% of his 21-to-30 yard split and all you people thought he was a HOF QB.

    Point is, except for highlight reel plays, Kaepernick can’t QB. And you can’t win with an erratic QB unless you can be carried by the defense. Which is what happened.

    As for Gabbert, I have no illusions. Unlike Kaepernick he at least understands what’s in front of him. So there is some small hope he can be an average QB. With Kaepernick, I’ve yet to see him show any ability to solve NFL defenses. In short, he’s a running Rex Grossman, etc.

    1. The effect of a terrible offensive on the pass game is a factor in all of those stats you cite. Your analysis is sound as to a one to one comparison of the two QBs but I see a systemic issue that affects any QB in the 49ers system. The imponderable question is what would our passing offense be like with a competent offensive line that didn’t have to rely on run-first trickery to pass at all. Walsh’s teams could run and pass as they chose. Montana and Young could go the LOS and tell the D, “This is a pass play” and pull it off. When Montana hit John Taylor to win the SB against Cincy, everyone in the house knew it was a pass play. Our pass protection has sucked big time once we lost a HOF running back who will not be replaced anytime soon. Given adequate pass protection, Kap has got to be the favorite to be a better option.

      1. WhineCountry
        That’s true about all but ’81. That OL was leaky and I don’t remember them running the ball all that well. Lenvil Elliott. They threw a lot of flat and shoot routes and short circle routes to the backs for ball control. The kind of stuff fans like to scorn these days as dink and dunk, Cap’n Checkdown, but with BW calling plays (don’t forget how important that was to success), Joe dinked and dunked to the SB without a competent LT.

        1. Brotha, the money down being 3rd and 10 in the NFL, you more than double your chances when you throw AT or beyond the sticks:

          Sticks and beyond-45.1% conversion rate
          Behind Scrimmage-17.8% conversion rate
          1-9 yards-18.9% conversion rate

          There is no way an offense can sustain success consistently on 3rd and long with check downs. You still need to mix it up, but utilize the proven strategy with the best odds of success more often than relying on YAC or a broken tackle to make the line of gain….

          1. Certainly not on 3&L to throw a 3 yard pass, as we’ve seen done, but in my remarks below about ball placement I remind that BW routinely had the ball delivered 5-7 yds on 3&8 and had a reasonable success rate at converting. Currently our receivers are having to leave their feet to catch even routine throws.
            As to the money down, I’d argue that it’s 1st down. 3&3 or even 3&5 have reasonable chances. Converting 3&3 is just cashing in on 1st & 2nd down success.

            1. True, but I would remind you Brotha, in 2015, the most common 3rd down passing situation in the NFL was 3rd and 10….

        2. You’re absolutely correct about the line BroT (Dan Audick at RT!) But Dwight Clark caught 85 passes for 1,105 yards ,Freddie Solomon caught 59 for 969 and Charle Young 37 for 400 yards. 9 different players had 9 or more yards per catch. What we do now is dink and dunk but Walsh’s offenses never did that. My point really is that the 49ers when successful were not run first or pass first. They had the defense guessing because they could do both at will. The current group might as well put it on the stadium scoreboard: “We’re going to establish the run game and then try to confuse you so we can pass”. Game plan against the 49ers = load up on the run and stuff it – game over. People can cite all the statistics they want but the 49ers have not had an even average passing game since Mooch and Jeff Garcia. I think people are arguing about trees and not seeing the forest. Gabbert and Kap are just trees.

      2. I think we can all agree, being able to turn back the clock to the glory days, 2 decades of 49ers dominance, would be sweet!

        However, the game has certainly changed. Not that Joe and Steve wouldn’t be elite in today’s NFL, but it’s usually never 100% accurate to compare different era’s.

        Just saying.

    2. Except for highlight reels….

      You forgot he made it to the SB after 10 games. What other QB has done that? Took Joe 3 years. Took Steve even longer.

      Dont have amnesia about his playoff records. How many QBs have run for 181 yards in a playoff game? Just Kaep.

      Do you really think AS could have spotted Atlanta 17 points, then come storming back to win?

      Very few QBs have a 4-2 road playoff record.

      Yup, Kaep can make those jaw dropping throws, and finally, with Chip as his HC, he will be unleashed to do them again.
      Expect more highlight reels this season….

              1. So why are we still talking and hoping for a savior who hasn’t even been able to compete for the job? Oh wait, 3 years ago wasn’t all that long ago.

              2. So why are we still talking and hoping for a savior who hasn’t even been able to compete for the job?

                A savior? What is this, some kind of Canadian sermon?

                What does it say about Blaine Gabbert, if Colin Kaepernick hasn’t even been able to compete for the job, and the decision has yet to be made? Gawd!

              3. I was talking to Seb. According to the Seb, Kaepernick is the guy. I know you are a big fan too Razor but lets try for some perspective.

                Gabbert even if he wins the job by default says more about Kap and his status a football player then it does Gabbert who is working with his teammates competing. Not sure about you guys but I’m gonna rally around the guy who is trying to be better, a guy whos teammates will run thru a wall for and the guy who is actually playing!.

                I’m not looking at a guy who played well in 10 games 3 years ago and hoping he resuurects himself. There, hows that for a Canadian homily?

              4. Prime, a little shoulder soreness due to over working his passing shoulder should not send you into paroxysms of glee.

                Kaep, when fully healthy, will do just fine, because Chip wants him, and no FO conspiracy will derail him, no matter how much you want that.

                Even with his shoulder problem, I still wish we had made that bet. A clown would be so apropos.

              5. I will rally around the quarterback that Chip Kelly decides on, Prime. Yes, I have never waivered in my prediction of Kaepernick because I believe he gives the team a better chance of winning. Again, may the best man win!

      1. With all your pontificating, Seb——–if kap isn’t better than the best of all time, your gonna get nuked……and your cock-sure, holier-than-thou attitude is going to be fair game.
        In fact, the very FIRST time Kap touches the ball-just touches it-we all expect to see the stock market go up 1000 points–IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!

      1. Very true, Grant. Joe and Steve laid the ball in so that their backs and receivers could catch it in stride and get yards after the catch. It’s not a bad thing to hit a guy 3 yards short of the sticks if he then can add 3 or 5 or 15 yards afterwards most times. Ball placement can help protect receivers from big hits and can throw them open.
        When Jeff Kemp came to the Niners from the Rams he said (paraphrased)- I thought it was about passing to the right receiver, but here the target is a shoebox sized spot,on the right receiver.

      2. Good point. People confuse the two things. Ball placement is huge when it comes to run after catch and minimizing turn overs.

      3. That, we can certainly agree on Grant! Why do you think Blaine is struggling so much with a consistant release? Is it really uncoordinated? Or does he have a problem with muscle memory, or is it the same thing?

  31. The funny thing is I remember Gabbert playing 8 games last year and I never once saw him throw any passes as bad as the two he threw last week against the Texans. In fact, I remember that one of the things that stood out about him was… his accuracy. Maybe I need to go back and watch those games again to find all these problems with mechanics and accuracy, but I note that his completion percentage for 2015 was 63.1%, which is right in the middle of the pack. Dude may not be a great QB, but to say he’s doomed by poor mechanics and inaccuracy… I just don’t see it.

    1. I remember Gabbert lateraled to a RB who was not looking, and got rid of the ball so quickly, the receivers did not have time to get to the sticks.

      I still will be fine with Gabbert as the QB if Kaep still has soreness, but sure do not see him as the next coming of Joe Montana.

      When Joe threw, he led the receiver so he caught the ball in stride. It was poetry in motion.

      1. It’s also worth noting that in preseason, especially early, there is often miscommunication or mistakes by the receiver that appear to ba innaccurate passes, but are in fact more of a product of timing, a poorly run route, or a QB and receiver not being on the same page.

        Tonight will be better I hope.

    2. I youtubed BG at the Jags. Someone pieced together his throws from his first game against the Patriots. Go watch it. It looks just like what we see now. Some really great throws and some wildly inaccurate throws too. He was 5 of 10 at one point. But I think you’ll see what Grant is talking about with consistent placement and delivery.

      I think last season people were so disgusted with CK’s play that anything that looked like a pocket QB seemed great and caused people to overlook some of his bad throws. He made them last season.

      I do this sometimes too but I question the guy who watches the players up close in practice everyday based on my impression from games.

      1. “I think last season people were so disgusted with CK’s play that anything that looked like a pocket QB seemed great and caused people to overlook some of his bad throws. ”

        Agree with this. I lost all of my confidence in Kap when he couldn’t see a totally uncovered Torrey Smith on the LOS in the Rams game, I think it was. While great QBs will also suffer with a poor OL, they generally don’t completely fall apart as Kap did. Having said that, I hope he is able to play in the 3rd and 4th preseason games. I think Gabbert has the edge, but if Kap can beat him out that’s great. I trust Kelly (I don’t buy the theory that Baalke is deciding who will be the starting QB) to make the best decision in the interests of the team and winning. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be a losing team.

    3. Dnah, I don’t either. His main problem has been courage under fire, so to speak, which affects Kaep too, I believe, but Gabbert processes and releases faster. One would think a better oline plus Kelly’s scheme would help him markedly. If they don’t, we definitely need a new qb.

  32. We can only hope that our QB’s (Gab or CK) have decent games, but let’s not fool ourselves neither of these guys going become the QB’s that are going to lead the team to the playoffs and beyond.

    Gabbert will fold under pressure, and Kap was never a pocket QB dating back to his days in college and will never become one.
    Our future QB is not on this team. And he will be drafted next year by Chip Kelly not Baalke.

    Baalke’ futility (to find offensive skilled players) will come to an end this season. The Bill Parcells mindset will be overtaken by the Kelly Express.
    The only thing that I want see on this teams mindset that matches Parcells philosophy is that Kelly is allowed the autonomy to choose his type of players that fit his system.

    Baalke will need to go for Chip to flourish – unless Baalke agrees to only draft on defense.

    1. AES: I’ve said this a number of times but the one thing that stood out to me when Jed was interviewed following the Chip Kelly hire was that Jed emphatically said that Kelly would be the HC for the niners for a long time. He hasn’t said the same about Baalke. IMO, Baalke and team have shown no ability to draft skill positions. The lines appear to be in good shape. Baalke may get next year to do the same with the skill positions (both draft and FA). If he fails I think he’s gone.

  33. Grant
    When you talked about Kap’s failures you mentioned how he doesn’t plant his feet right about Gab you say he doesn’t use his torso right. Obviously you study and see how they use their body insufficiently and how it hinders their progress.
    How come the QB coaches don’t see the same things? Why don’t they this out and improve their mechanics?

    1. Dee Phiant

      You hit it right on the screws! The same thing passed through my mind when I first read Grant’s most recent piece…..Isn’t this why we have a QB coach ? At least we haven’t heard any talk( yet) about sending him to see Kurt Warner….We already know how that works out.

      1. I certainly wonder about this as well. People who work with trying to change body mechanics often say it takes at least 6 months for the change to become automatic assuming that the person puts in the time and effort (I’m not talking about a QB’s mechanics but people who need to change mechanics to alleviate back injuries or knee pain due to bad posture/mechanics). But during the season, I don’t think you want a QB thinking about his mechanics; there’s too much else going on during a play. The offseason would be the time to work on this. As I understand it, a lot of good QBs do work on their mechanics during the offseason with some of these QB gurus.

  34. Well, Fans,

    Time for my preseason QB prognostication:

    Our coach had 2 sayings:

    1. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Xmas……(Applied to Kap’s dilemma, If Kap was only on the field for more reps before falling too far behind to catch up).

    Now Kap is too far behind. Like Grant, I also believe it will take 5 reg. season games before Kap can claim the QB job.

    2. Second Coach saying: You can’t throw the ball while you’re laying on your back…..(Applied to Kap) Kap can’t win the QB position in the showers.

    Winner, and still champ, by TKO (not a knockout because Kap isn’t in the hospital rehabbing) Blaine Gabbert, your San Francisco 49er 2016 Champion of the training camp competition!!!!! CHEERS IN AUDIENCE….BACKGROUND NOISE PLEASE!!!

  35. Well, this game will be a stern test for the Niners. I will consider it a win if the Niners can allow less than 4 sacks, and if the Niner offense can score.

  36. The 49ers quarterbacking situation

    Gabbert has improved since he’s been with the 49ers, but his play so far has never justified saying “this is a good quarterback.” I am not predicting he will won’t be a good quarterback, but so far he has not been one.

    Kaepernick was a very effective in 2012 and 2013. He was a bad quarterback in 2014 and 2015. He is currently injured. He is not ready to play.

    Driskel is very raw. If he was a steak, he would moo the moment someone put a fork in him.
    His college footage reveals a Jekyll and Hyde passer. One moment his release is quick and compact. The next a a slow release heave staring down the receiver. Last weekend his pocket movement seemed stiff. He stared down his receivers. His release was not quick. He was not accurate. He did run very well.

    Reason for hope – Kelly’s offense is so unique, a quarterback that struggled in previous systems could thrive in his. He has a history of getting production out of previously unspectacular quarterbacks.

    Kelly burns through quarterbacks like Spinal Tap burns through drummers. I wouldn’t be surprised if he experiments with three in the regular season.

    1. B2W

      Spinal Tap, eh…In over 60 years of playing professional music, I am yet to meet a drummer who hasn’t played with Carlos Santana….LOL good metaphor….

  37. MWD’s Annual Fantasy Football League is full. If you wanted in and missed out, leave me a thread with your user name on here, and if anyone decides to drop out, you will be alerted. Here is the list of teams, and if you wish to reveal your user name from this blog for bragging rights, feel free to do so:

    Amsterdam Invaders – Razoreater
    Kaepital Punishment
    Mike Vik In A Box
    Alaska Falcons
    Raleigh Spirits

    Live draft which is set for Saturday, Aug 27, 2016 at 3:00pm PT(6:00pm EST), I will remind you again the day before and day of. Thanks and good luck to everyone!

    1. I had my first draft this morning. I think I did alright with my starters:

      QB: Ben Roethlisberger
      WR: AJ Green
      WR: Randall Cobb
      WR: Sammy Watkins
      RB: David Johnson
      RB: Jamaal Charles
      TE: Zach Ertz
      W/T: Kevin White
      W/R: Eddie Lacy
      K: Stephen Gosttowski
      DEF: Denver

      I’ve got Clive Walford on the bench, hoping he’s a sleeper hit at TE which feels like my weakest position at the moment. Also have Sterling Shepard stashed, might be a sleeper also this year behind OBJ.

  38. One thing about it, this blog can blow up when we talk about QB’s. Years ago there was endless debate/arguments about Alex Smith nothing has changed except the names of the QB’s. Feels good to see the blog once again exploding into QB controversy. Just like old times.

    I just want the best QB to win. Would really like to see Kaep in Kelly’s system at least once before he goes next year!

  39. This team won 5 games last year with the worst coach ever, Hydes injury and poor o line play. With improvements to both lines and an actual coach I’m thinking 8 or 9 wins.

  40. Alright guys, here are a few things I’ll be watching closely tonight.

    1)Does Blaine seem to be gaining chemistry with any of his WR not named Torrey?
    2) Will Jeff Driskel look any more comfortable in the pocket?
    3) Tank Carradine. Have we finally found a good #3 OLB? Tank is a strong man, especially for an OLB, so once he understands his assignments, I suspect he should be effective setting the edge, as well as providing QB pressures in the nickel? Will he supplant Harold by week 1?
    4) Bryce Treggs, DeAndrew White, or Aaron Burbridge? Who becomes Bruce’s primary backup in the slot and perhaps returning kicks?
    5) Trent Brown. The big boy has oodles of potential (a draft steal?), but can he hold of a veteran, 1st round pick to earn a starting spot? If so, would you consider trading A. Davis for a legit #2 WR? After all, Tiller and Garnett both look like legit OG’s, and Beadles provides depth?
    6) Christian Ponder, is he the real deal? (just joking)
    6) Will the entire RB corps continue to impress?
    7) Will Chris Davis put a strangle hold on the starting nickel back spot? He could be special.

    1. My way too early, 49ers 2016 draft class evaluation. Was this the draft that rurns the tide?:

      Rnd 1) DeForest Buckner: Looks like the real deal. I think he’s a lock to develop into a defensive force for years to come!
      Rnd 1) Joshua Garnett: I loved him in college and I like the fit. He’s a bully. He’s not there yet but his developing nicely.
      Rnd 3) Will Redmond: Developing right on pace, and shows great potential for a nickel back, but he’s certainly behind C. Davis on the depth chart at this point.
      Rnd 4) Rashard Robinson: I expect him to make the roster. He’s possibly the most gifted press corner on this roster in terms of potential, and he’s got balls!
      Rnd 5) Ronald Blair: Appears to be living up to the notion that he’s incredibly versatile. He’s been a revelation so far, and he’s got potential to excell as an OLB if need be. He’s a lock to make the roster!
      Rnd 5) John Theus: If the Niners were certain AD would return, I think this pick would be a do-over. He is a smart kid but doesn’t look strong enough to me.
      Rnd 5) Fahn Cooper: Versatile, and potential to be a solid backup. Definately worth signing to the PS for further development.
      Rnd 6) Jeff Driskel: Not a pocket QB yet. TBD
      Rnd 6) kelvin Taylor: The difference between last season version of Mike Davis, and this season is astonishing. He doesn’t look like the same guy, which gives Taylor a much tougher path to making the roster. However, I understand whythe 49ers drafted him.
      Rnd 6) Aaron Burbridge: Strong hands and physical , especially for his size. Could very well develop into a #3.
      Rnd 7) the Prince Charles Iworah: “Lightning in a bottle.” Very fast and very physical for his size. Loads of potential, but will that be enough to make a team with the 49ers obviously deep DB bench? I say he’s practice squad worthy!

      Perhaps I would have gone with a WR in Round 2, if I was certain AD was returning, in shape, and with a good attitude. Michael Thomas and Tyler Boyd both made my mocks, and they haven’t disappointed so far. And Theus was an unnecessary pick in the 5th, and probably a bit of a reach. However I absolutely love the top 5 picks, and though it’s early, this draft is looking mighty fine, and could help jump start the Chip Kelly era with a bang!

      Early grade: A-/B+

      1. 49reasons,
        Good 2016 rookie half way point of the presea analysis. Maybe a bit of a lean away from reality and toward fan – natics but that happens.

        What about a rookie free agent? Bryce Tregg seems to be ahead of Burbridge in making team at this point. Any WR that steps up and / or can contribute to special teams will make the 53.

      2. Maybe this Western Kentucky draft pick in Prince Charles Iworah may make the team or practice squad but I really wanted his KW team mate to be on this team.

        I still think that QB Brandon Doughty would have been a good inexpensive QB for the 49ers to try out. He and Vernon Adams would have been good low cost check and see and you never know you might find a gem type QBs.

    2. 1. I just hopes he connects with a wide open Torrey, unlike last game when he did not see him open.

      2. Hope Driskel does not get sacked 4 times.

      4. White.

        1. You sounded great, Grant! Agree with everything, especially the power struggle behind the scenes, and the ultimate victor(s) of that power struggle. Go Go Gabbert, seize your opportunity!

      1. Dang, I missed most of it. What I heard I mostly agreed with Grant, aside from the silly notion of Colin winning the competition without playing. If Colin doesn’t OUTPLAY Blaine in the next couple weeks, he’s not starting over Gabbert to start the season. Colin MUST play next week and he must outplay Blaine in order to “unseed” Blaine at this point, IMO.

        As far as the running game, yes, if it’s real good, they will win more than 3 games, as long as they are somewhat efficient in the redzone and the defense improves as much as I expect. And it sounds like you see what I see, that is a very strong running game, which gives Chip something to build on.

        Tough schedule, yes, so were talking maybe 7 wins tops, which IMO would make this season successful in terms of the coaching staff, and probably buys baalke one more season.

    1. He is serving a suspension, no? Think the Niners should pass on him, so the players in camp can play. Really do not want to cut any of them, except maybe Gaskins.

  41. Grant—no way Colin is starting. This current injury gives the Niners another out to not play him for most of this year. I think they will put them on the PUP or one of those strange injury list for the first half of the season. Remember Kaepernick is 29 years old and in managements mind has very little up-side. At least with Gabbert being two years younger he can hold The fort down till they find the real quarterback of their choice. If he does well this year it’s a bonus if not then we’ll go out and get the quarterback they want and let Collin go. Remember – Kelly is under contract for four years and this is year one of teaching his system and his style of play. And I do not see any of these quarterbacks on the roster other then the guy that got hurt last week (Thad) being one of “his guys”. As for Kaep, They’re not paying him extra money to stick around pass this year –he will be in bubble wrap.

  42. This game will have Kate Scott doing the play by play. Glad to see her moving up, and thinks she is pretty sharp. Hope she does well, and does more commentary, too.

    1. My condolences to the PC police, but my volume will be off. If there’s one thing I can not tolerate during a football game, is a woman’s voice calling the play by play….

        1. Most do and it irritates me to no end when I’m watching professional football, let alone college. Probably as bad as rap music. You put me in a room to elicit information, and all you’ll need to do is blast it and I’ll tell you everything you want to know!

        2. Her delivery doesn’t make it for me, sorry, and it’s too easy to think of her there because it’s politically correct.

          1. George, I flipped back and forth between the radio and TV. I thought she did OK, but could have been better. Kept on giving the direction of the play, and could have been a little more descriptive. On radio, she needs to paint a picture, and her chatter was a little restrained, but she is shattering a glass ceiling. She is sharp, with good sports knowledge, and put some emotion behind some Niner scores and defensive turnovers. Overall, I was impressed, and happy for her.

        3. If I am reading between the lines, Seb-and I believe I am-that is a very sexist thing to wish———that someone does good simply because of their gender. How stylish………..

    2. If I am reading between the lines, Seb-and I believe I am-that is a very sexist thing to wish———that someone does good simply because of their gender. How stylish………..

  43. Your Saturday article about Blaine’s weaknesses peaks my interest but leaves me puzzled. Grant you are saying that you have observed that one of the two reasons for Gabbert’s inconsistent passing accuracy is due to his body posture / mechanics not being right with his target. If you are observing that the feet are not aligned with the direction of throw much of the time then we have a fundamental problem here – not appropriate for a starting QB or any NFL QB for that matter.

    But unlike the other problem sighted, the hand eye coordination, this one can generally be fixed. Proper feet placement for passing is a critical fundamental and unlike other critical QB fundamentals this one can be taught and learned.

    So I am puzzled. Why was this not fixed years ago? Why is it not being fixed right now?
    It would be one thing if Blaine was a lazy or lousy student but from all indications that is not one of his characteristic flaws. The coaching staff should be on this now and everyday until this solvable problem is solved. When that happens we then can rule in or out a hand eye coordination problem but not until then.

    1. BruceZ
      Your well structured and explained question is based on accepting Grant’s critical analysis as factually accurate in regards to footwork and torso alignment. I mention that not to be snarky or to say that Grant is specifily wrong, I haven’t caught what he’s saying with my own eyes yet. I’ll be looking out of interest because the inaccuracies have been evident and there is some reason.
      My skepticism at just taking it at face value yet speaks to the question you and others have asked. If his fundamentals are that bad how have they not been noticed and addressed by the coaches in the Big League? Again with no disrespect, but Grant in limited exposure (but more film study than me), can identify what paid professional coaches can not?
      Or is the question more why BG can’t be coached up?
      Grant gave us something to think about and look for. The tv views don’t make that easy as directors tend to want to focus on the QB’s face. My point is let’s get some confirmation of Grant’s observations before we go spinning off in to speculative theories based on that premise.
      There are other things to critique the QBs on too. Anybody wincing or stepping in the bucket? Bolting too soon? Holding the ball too long? WTF was up with the rookie’s inaccuracy last week?

      1. Thanks Brotha Tuna,
        I left my skepticism as to Gran’ts reasons given for accuracy problems, implied by the very question by me that you sighted. Why has this not been addressed in all these years? In other words, I left my skepticism lurking between the lines.

        But now that you have blown my cover:

        Seems to me that Grant may be on to something but maybe the picture is a bit more nuanced than that – to better fit the scenerio as we know it. To that point let me pick up on content of your last paragraph and pose a question.

        Could it be that Gabbert’s mechanics are just fine until the heat of the battle when they fall apart in the rush and panic of the moment? Think opposite to Joe Cool who’s Bill Walsh assisted mechanics stayed tried and true throughout the battle. That would be something that would be much harder to fix.

        Or to a variation on that theme, does he revert back to old habits when he is hyper focused on the football action around him? Its like when the smart phone grabs the undivided attention of that driver in front of you. Multi tasking becomes the myth that it is. We have seen this problem with another 49er QB of late.

        1. Bruce
          I’m just out the door and may add to this later, but yeah, we talked about reversion under pressure with regards to CK’s mechanics too. Scooter has mentioned the wince factor. It was my impression of BG in Jax. I didn’t see it early on last year, but Scooter studies more film than me. Stuff to watch for. I’m off,to dinner at a restaurant that doesn’t do tv screens. It must be love.Ciao.

    1. Good link George, very informative.
      >”I think the easiest way to think of the defense is not to obsess over whether it’s a 3-4 or 4-3(Under), it’s a ((Rex) Ryan defense.”
      -Grant and AFFP please take note LOL!

    1. Was he smiling? Thinking Blaine’s going to get killed by this Bronco’s defense. Note to self remind me to pay my agent some more for this brilliant scheme.

  44. grant, decent article……the flaw… go out on a limb saying ” Kap wont be around next year”
    Ive bared with you a long time a long time, waiting for you to make the leap to REPORTER….!
    Instead, you continue to weigh down articles with your nonsense predictions and biased opinions!
    You constantly sacrifice credibility by going out on a limb with these opinions, that stem from a dislike of the 49ers!
    You constantly print what you assume, in hopes that you will be “right” and you can then say “i told you so”…….its as if your trying to hard to get out of your fathers shadow!

    You have gone out on a limb all offseason…..reporting Kaps demise……predicting he wouldn’t be on the roster after the start of the new calendar year…..then gone by training camp, then you predicted Gabbert would win the starting job…… you’ve come full circle, hat in hand…….and claimed what anyone who watches football has known all along…..Kap is the better qb, like it or not!!!!
    Instead of learning your lesson, you make another asinine assumption……that He will be the best qb we have this year but not on the team next year…….
    If that is to be the case…..its ’cause we will own the top pick and draft a rookie qb!
    considering that will set the rebuilding process back…..I would guess that the FO would prefer Ck & CK get the offense rolling so Baalke can take a defender in nexts years first round instead of Baalke’s replacement taking a qb and chasing Chip off!

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