Ahmad Brooks doesn’t exactly know what titanium is

ARLINGTON, Texas — Ahmad Brooks responded in the locker room to Jim Harbaugh’s post-game comments. I’ve always known Brooks to have a dry wit and a subtle sense of humor. This is a good example.

Q: Harbaugh says the team has titanium in the spine in terms of dealing with adversity.

BROOKS: I don’t exactly know what titanium is.

Q: It’s stronger than steel.

BROOKS: Stronger than steel?

Q: Yes.

BROOKS: Is it stronger than gold?

Q: Gold is soft.

BROOKS: What about solid gold? What about a brick full of gold?

Q: Do you have that in your spine?

BROOKS: Probably so. That means I’m expensive.

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  1. Brooks certainly isn’t very well educated. Plus he showed how dumb he is by getting the same penalty called on him twice in about a 5 minute span, and then making a third dumb penalty moments later. At least he got a sack eventually.

    1. Yeah. He also won the Saints game for us last season, which gave us home field throughout the playoffs and ultimately allowed us to beat the Denver Peyton Mannings 45-8 in the Super Bowl.

      Something like that.

  2. So we’re going to make fun of Brooks rather than mention the huge sack he had on Romo?
    It’s ok to mention his penalties but it’s not very cool to poke fun at him… Like he’s Forest Gump or something.

  3. I don’t care that Brooks is not well versed in chemistry – I’m more concerned that he plays at optimum level when he’s on the field.

    He had one bad series in the first half but settled down and played well enough to help the defense have a good game.

    Also, I’m concerned about having our starting CB’s ready for Marshall and Jeffery’ next week.
    Our pass rush needs to put better pressure on Cutler than they got on Romo today. And we need more stoutness against the run.

    But having said that, our defense did a good job in setting the tone for the game with the TO that Culliver took to the house.

    CK7 graded a B in my book today. No mistakes, a nice TD throw to VD after avoiding an ankle tackle, and looked focused throughout the entire game (even on the sidelines when the game was out of reach).

  4. Hey Grant, I’d be careful who you pick on these days. You might be accused of being something nefarious. Or better yet, Brooks might just smack you over the head with a beer bottle…he’s NOT above smacking people over the head with beer bottles.

  5. I thought it was a good warm up games. The D played ok. Got some pressure on Romo and had 3 sacks.

    The youngsters played exceedingly well. Was concerned about the lack of focus of Brooks and Iupati. Willis still looks very strong. Tackling, penalties and some execution issues but a fine job overall.

    Glad we have a few games to warm up to though…

  6. A win is a win no matter how it’s had… Brooks should only gotten called on one of the face mask penalties. Clearly a majority of NFL referees need retraining, even with all the new changes that were put in place to help out with calls.

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